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    I don't see the need to get rid of her until Brexit.

    Rather than remove a leader and become a new leader of a divided party that will be unable to deliver a deal that will unite the party, or parliament and get passed..... and hence result in your own post brexit resignation...

    Let Theresa take the can for it.

    With 40+ votes all EU agreements can be blocked.

    This assures a WTO exit.

    Which is fine by leaver MP's and fine by the electorate.

    So, leaver MP's don't need to compromise or change anything to win.

    The others if they recognise this relationship can get on with preparing for a no deal exit.

    Lol. Fat chance. The others can keep remoaning ineffectually.

    Can Mrs May change tack?

    Is she sharp enough to say "I tried my best to get a deal. I offered them more than was reasonable to offer them and they still said 'no.'

    No one can deny that the British government did it's best to get a deal with the EU. But we are unable to and so we are now walking away".

    If she can bring herself to say that, she will align herself with the majority of the country and can keep office.

    But she can't do it, because she's not feeling it. She is a remainer and she hasn't had the honour to resign.

    I can see no real benefit to EU membership. All the things we gain from EU membership can be achieved in other ways, and much cheaper too.

    Even if the EU were truly democratic, allowing a group of countries (only one larger, economically, and the rest smaller) to have control over many of our laws, our money, our fisheries, and our borders is ridiculous in the extreme, and we pay a very high price for the 'privilege'.

    I may be denied the pleasure of seeing the EU trying to convince other eurosceptic countries that they need to pay more, or receive less, when the UK leaves.

    I don't think two parliaments are required.

    EU replicates Westminster.

    So if the EU is our democratic parliament, then Westminster has to go.

    And vice versa.

    It is the worst of all possible arrangements to have both.

    I'm sorry but I don't buy that the EEC is the EU.

    Or that the ECSC, The European Coal and Steel Community is in fact the EU.

    They have different names because they are different treaties.

    The UN maybe the evolution of the League of Nations but they are not the same.

    And the country knew the Lisbon Treaty was a new treaty and it demanded a vote on it and was repeatedly promised a vote on it.

    Just as other countries were.

    Only the polling showed 75% would vote against it and the the French and the Irish did vote against it.

    So they didn't give us the promised vote.

    And that happened.

    Major signed it, Blair signed it. Brown signed it.

    And pretending the vote to sign up to the EEC 25 years earlier counts as a referendum on the EU is to fully ignore what happened to democracy in this country.

    Is to pretend that there was no public will for a vote on EU membership. No public campaign for it and no repeated manifesto promises from all party's for it.

    But there was.

    And to deny it is dishonest.

    And every general election since this, it has been campaigned on. By all main party's and all winning party's.

    Referendum demanded and committed to. And upon election... denied.

    And UKIP won the EU elections.

    Every possible vote has given a no response to EU membership since the day it was invented. I kid you not.

    At all possible elections since the inception of the EU a referendum has been demanded and offered because people didn't want to be in it.

    Every single one.

    That happened. It's real.

    This is not a democratic country.

    I hope to see it become one.

    I think you're talking about the Lisbon Treaty, but as I'm sure you would know that wasn't the treaty that took us into Europe, that was done in the 70s and the specific treaty that created the EU was signed by Major.

    We've got threads on Farage, have a mooch around baff.

    I think Farage was underestimated and still is. He's still knocking around and lets see where he pops up next.

    It certainly did not happen. No one voted to leave the EU by putting Britain's economy and businesses into limbo land for at least 2 years, maybe even longer, with the result that private and corporate investment into Britain would shrink and that Britain would not be able to exit the EU without animosity, trading friction if not downright sabotage with exporting into the EU, and being made an example of so as to deter other EU member states from thinking of leaving. No one in Britain voted to leave the EU with negotiations for leaving being presided over and spearheaded by a mental case. Just because Theresa May suffers from Delusional Disorder (a.k.a. psychosis) that's no reason why we have to as well

    Sure we did.

    We voted to leave "whatever the cost".

    It was made absolutely excruciatingly and repeatedly clear what would happen to us financially if we dared to go against the wishes of our lords and masters.

    We still haven't heard the end of it.

    And just between you and me, we never will.

    This same argument will be being made by some oldies in 30 years time we vote to go back in.

    You are allowed to have your own opinion and it has been given equal weight to the opinions of the rest of us.

    Can't say fairer than that really.

    On the plus side, don't worry about it.

    All these wild eyed predictions of doom have turned out to the be opposite of what has occurred so far.

    I think you'll be fine.

    Mate, I watched him sign the damn treaty live on TV.

    He promised he wouldn't before giving us a referendum as long as we would all just elect him.

    He was elected and then he signed the damn thing.

    Said it wasn't the same treaty. They had changed two words out of 10 million so it wasn't the same treaty.

    But I read both. It was the same treaty.

    And it's not just him either. Every other party elected since promised a referendum too, before the EU came into effect and ever after, and they all repeatedly lied and when they got elected simply didn't do it.

    To even imagine that we live in a representative democracy after this is impossible.

    Nigel Farage needs to be honoured. But he won't be. Because there is no honour in our political system at all.

    They have done the deal on passporting already.

    They have no choice.

    No one else is able to lend them that kind of money.

    They did the deal last week. Deal or No Deal, please can the UK continue passporting arrangements.

    It was in the financials. I'll see if I can find you a link.

    Edit, here's one.

    I haven't read it.

    Should be OK.


    25 Jul 2018 - EU firms will be able to continue passporting into the UK if the Brexit transition period is canned, according to the UK's Financial Conduct ...

    The tail does not wag the dog.

    Almost all EU governments depend on UK banking to stay afloat. They run deficits.

    A little bit of "can do" is all you need for all these fake problems to go away.

    Same stuff exactly.

    What Cameron wanted was the Golden Goose.

    The mythical good deal with Europe.

    Why we joined and what we will never get.

    A single market for goods and services.

    All services. Even ours.

    So the EU has tariff free goods into the UK.

    Earns them loads and in exchange, to get a balance of trade, we need tariff free services into the EU.

    But they won't do it.

    And this is why.

    Banking and insurance work on very tight margins.

    The bigger the bank. The more money and customers you have, the lower the overhead you have.

    Economies of scale.

    So a London Bank or insurance company can out bid any European rival because they are so much bigger.

    In just one year, using price comparisons all EU rivals would go out of business.

    The London whale would dominate every domestic European insurer and bank and wipe them all out.

    In about 12 months flat.

    People would simply accept the cheapest insurer or mortgage on offer. And that would be one of ours. Every single time.

    And so they just won't agree it.

    And so we have been stuck in a bad deal. A welched deal.

    What was promised was never delivered and we pay through the nose for what we haven't been getting.

    That is the deal Cameron went for. The Holy Grail. The mythical Good Deal With Europe.

    He came home with... Tampon Tax. (Maybe).

    That was the concession the EU was possibly wiling to give for us to stay in.

    And negotiations with the EU cannot be flexible today either. Because you can't get 27 countries to agree any changes.

    So EU red lines are inflexible. They can't be expected to be able to pass any changes. Their parliament is way more divided than ours.

    We can't and they can't and so good bye.

    There are things I liked.

    Credit card refunds. Great.

    But even those things the EU did I liked, have been passed.

    We don't need to remain to keep them.

    We don't have to keep paying them for reforms we have already done.

    I don't think you are in a minority on the economics of the EU.

    The trouble is I don't trust any of the economists.

    I was always royally pissed off by the way we were joined to the EU against our wishes.

    Typical Blair. That has rankled me from day one. Got my back up to have democracy cheated so blatantly.

    But I rebelled against this for a while. Gave it a chance.

    When we first joined the EU I recognised the good things and figured as Brits, we could reform it from the bad.

    And now, I don't believe we can reform it from the inside.

    I think we have more power and influence over them externally.

    I also no longer see any policies I like. And it's been decades since I have.

    I don't think there is a lot of training required.

    Customs deals with international trade currently.

    There are no new systems required. Plenty of staff already doing the job.

    Maybe some extra staff at Calais to cope with the greater numbers of goods that will be tariffable.

    All these problems are "no problems" to anyone with a can do mentality.

    You have to actively want to fail at these things before you will be able to.

    I just think the negotiations are deliberate acts of obstruction.

    Their aim is to make us rethink our decision. To make leaving as hard as possible, and to punish us if we actually do.

    I don't think they are honest in the intent to deliver a smooth transition.

    So it's OK to just play act until the end. And then say "no thanks".

    My advice to UK negotiators has from day one been to get pissed very day at the EU.

    Drink as much as you can eat as much as you can and have 2 years of maximum perks.

    Turn up as Drunk as Junncker.

    Farage's job is to make sure you do.

    It's all just theatre.

    Negotiations took place before the referendum. Not after.

    There is always plenty of teaching jobs.

    I tend to only take the plum ones these days.

    My job opportunity as export controller in China has since past.

    China will fold to America is my bet. And soon.

    They have announced the budget for more customs officials. No idea where they advertise those jobs however.

    For me the deal comes at a price of 39 billion in return for absolutely nothing at all and opens us up to transition periods that can result in the referendum being overturned for longer.

    And I don't really see that EU membership is actually good for us financially anyway.

    I think the case for it is way, way, way overblown.

    I appreciate there might be some kind of downturn to come with leaving, but my bet is the opposite. An upswing.

    I just don't buy into Project Fear at all and never have.

    Vote for me and you will be rich.

    Vote against me and you will be poor.

    Righto. Lol.

    I think I'll take my chances thank you.

    Farage has been cracking on about it on his radio show for months.

    I fully agree that it's an obvious trap.

    I get the need for implementation time. But I don't trust the government enough to want it.

    I think they need to seal the deal instantly. And then spend the next 6 months implementing as much as they can.

    For the cheapest exit bill, I hope they argue until March 28 and then leave with nothing.

    I think if they agree No Deal today.... Chancellor Quisling has just offered to pay them £36 billion anyway as part of Project Fear.

    For things to work it all has to stay out of their ability to control.

    I teach, but I also wanted to work as an export checker on the side.

    You know, that guy at the dock's who checks that the goods are what they say they are before payment is made.

    There is just so many job offers for me in China. It's easy and close to Japan where I'd like to retire.

    I don't want to just teach. China is the land of opportunity.

    The plan is to end up in Japan, but at that time, the Chinese prospects were looking like fun and exciting.

    I'd like to take a lot of money with me to Japan. Soften the culture shock.

    I agree, that's the problem.

    However it seems they can't agree.

    Which is an acceptable solution to this problem.

    And really pretty reflective of the nation as a whole I think.

    But we did vote for the nuclear option of leaving without a deal in the referendum. That did happen.

    I think more of them will get murdered. I think that's imminent.

    I'll go that far.

    I'm not really sure the UK will break up Ukraine style. But it could do. though I think not.

    I don't really see why anyone should obey the law if this isn't a democracy.

    Civil disobedience. And a new culture of it.

    I wouldn't raise my kids to respect and obey the law for example.

    Wouldn't encourage anyone to vote or be socially conducive towards people who worked for the state.

    I can't see myself hurting people or breaking things. Or marching anywhere.

    But I could see myself not paying taxes, and ignoring court summons and bailiffs.

    Not shopping people to the police and not condoning violence against the state.

    The smartest thing I could do is leave.

    Renounce my nationality and reflag.

    That would be a bitter pill. To quit without a fight.

    For me, weedkillers, passports.

    How much of my tax gets spent on foreign aid.

    How much of my tax gets spent on a lot of things.

    How many foreign nationals I have to compete with for a job.

    I think I crippled myself over a 6 month period to beat 300 much much younger people from abroad for my last placement for example.

    Taxes are high, rents are high. Tariffs are high on imports I like.

    How often my elected representatives tell me they can't do as they are told "because the EU".

    My Japanese girlfriend is less welcome in this country that a random criminal from Romania.

    And worst of all, some random a=holes tell me I am their "citizen" that I must do as they say and pay them royally to tell me what to do.

    They fudging insult me daily.

    But I am not. And I will have my revenge.

    I will sack those fools. Please help me to do so.

    It is my best guess that there will be a No Deal Brexit as both our parliament and the EU parliament will never be able to agree anything.

    By default if nothing is voted through... No Deal exit occurs. Or "Brexit" as we like to call it.

    I also think this is what the referendum voted for.

    And what the country wants according to the polling and also what I want.

    I think if they declare this now, there will be more time for "certainty" and preparation can take place.

    But they won't. They will keep trying to shaft us.

    And even after Brexit, they will keep trying to sign us back up to bad deals.

    It will never end, but at least some of our enemies will be unemployed soon.