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    I suggested it is past its use-by date on the basis that the situation or context that informed the vote changed soon after, ie the validity of the vote become overtaken by events. You could argue that those events were either the unexpected intractability of the EU or the incompetence, ignorance and duplicity of Parliament, which has exceeded even the worst expectations.

    Do you not remember Project Fear? People heard all that guff from Osborne and still voted Leave.

    No deal with EU was on the table then, and it still isn't now - same same. Hence, time to Leave as the people asked for.

    absurd isn't it, because 'populism' really just means the 'winning side' - don't recall the lefties moaning about poplulism when Labour were winning elections or the US Democrat party etc..and basically that wanker Macron is a populist, why aren't the leftie libs complaining?

    and what about populist Jimmie Krankie - why aren't the SNP getting slammed for populism here...

    Are you trying to say that peple without high qualifications should not be allowed to vote? Sounds like that to me.

    The only justification I can think of for a second referendum is what has ensued over the last couple of years, which has rendered the last referendum way past it's use-by date.

    The idea of looking at two sides to a question doesn't seem to be a notion that you are able or willing to get to mental grips with.

    Sure, both sides were well and truly examined before the referendum, and the people chose Leave.

    Past its use-by date? you say, well that would only apply once the referendum had been acted upon - but so far, all we've had is sabotage from the losing side that refuse to concede.

    the Tories are just way too polite full stop , part of the reason we've ended up with such a potentially shite deal

    let's face it, the immigration card could have been played to great extent in trying to get a 'deal' - for example, let's say the Eastern EU countries give us something or take back their hordes of workers to work in their own countries - doubt the govts there want an army of unemployed on their streets somehow - it's actually a great item of leverage we should be using