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    I think the vote for the amendment is...

    Do we want to leave the EU without a deal.... but leave no deal on the table.

    It’s all very childlike. If I was the EU I would have told to us to get our coats and leave.

    Cash is still king.

    It’s the finance company’s pushing for the slice of cake. Credit controls the population, want and greed drive the population, shoving 10 grand in cash over the counter feels very different to sliding a card over.

    Dear Mrs May & others who want a deal.

    Here is your new manifesto speech.

    “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

    I hate this for all it stands for and those who believed in it.

    But this rings so true as far as Brexit is concerned.

    It’s mostly full of promises about the backstop in the future, with the onus on us to sort out free movement across the Irish boarder.

    Nothing solid, let’s say it’s 3 fluid documents weighted in favour of the EU.

    Let’s take a step back, 17.2 million people know how and have seen how to change the way politics happen, more importantly they have seen how politics denies the will of the people in detail and railroads them into something they did not want, for many politics stopped at the poll booth, I believe the spotlight on Brexit has opened up avenues for changes, the next election will be dominated by Leave or Remain, this issue isn’t going to go quietly into the night.

    The only way to move against this lot is at the ballot box.

    It’s not about manifestos or polices, neither is it do with any traditional territorial voting or history.

    It’s changed dramatically, the British public are waking up to the utter craps that spews out of parliament.

    Brexit encompasses a whole array of issues that can be sorted in one party for the majority of leave voters.

    Voting just to get them through the door is enough.

    Let’s get what we voted for first.

    Like a jigsaw they put some pieces together, I know it sounds all Mi6 but it was easy.

    Innocent information joined together.

    They found them and that was enough for the law to step in, but only because the case had online history.

    I could lay out how they did it, not rocket science, no IP pinging or channels or any of that, just joined the dots from innocent posts.

    The town was Bolton so not so small.

    A true story of a stalker as told to me by my son ( a case he investigated a few years back)

    I’ll keep it simple.

    2 people on forum actually it’s MSE site so that’s massive to start with.

    One starts to stalk the other with PM’s

    Other reports to admin.

    Member banned.

    Banned Member knows the area roughly of where they live.

    They know they drive a red car and have 2 children under 10.

    From the weekly spend dairy’s the member posted, the stalker found them.

    Scary stuff.

    They would argue they are not supporting terrorist activity, just their daughter.

    It is important to note that in order to be convicted of a terrorism offence a person doesn't actually have to commit what could be considered a terrorist attack. Planning, Assisting and even collecting information on how to commit terrorist acts are all crimes under British terrorism legislation.

    I would say they are Assisting there daughter.

    Begum has already said she would not let her son ( who’s father is also a terrorist ) come to the UK to be with her family.

    Personally it would make a perfect storm for her martyrdom in his eyes if they allow him home, one google when he’s old enough would be all he needed.

    When you’ve Cut the head off the snake everything should die with it.

    Basically would you cover the windows of your home with pictures of your family for all the neighbours and passers by to look at, would you stick pictures of your children in underwear on the side of your car, or have a video screen attached to the roof playing all your home movies.

    I’d put that to a vote, but I’m guessing the answer is NO.

    I’ve sent one to mine.

    The public voted to leave the EU, translated that means *GO* one letter would suffice.

    Dear EU

    We’re going.

    Regards UK.

    We asked you to do nothing more, what part of leaving don’t you get, what part of doing nothing don’t you get.

    You manage to do nothing all year round in reaction to requests from your constituency what’s makes this so difficult or different.

    Lately MP’s have voted with there feet, I can Replicate that at the ballot box aligning with a party that will give me the mandate.

    Remember Brexit is not just for the negotiation period. It’s for life.

    Ms Begum told a reporter.....

    "I wasn't born in Bangladesh, I've never seen Bangladesh and I don't even speak Bengali properly, so how can they claim I have Bangladeshi citizenship," she said.

    Bangladesh said Sod off.…sMDS&ust=1550899882322278…as-infiltrated-by-police/


    First picture emerges of Shamima Begum’s husband, who fled to Syria after his terror cell was infiltrated by police

    Yago Riedijk, 27, left Holland, for Syria in 2016 and was in contact with a gang believed to be planning a terror attack.

    Netherlands say Sod off to the baby as well.

    So it’s a Sod off all round.

    Counter terrorism strategy.......

    The aim of the strategy is "to reduce the risk to the UK and its interests overseas from terrorism, so that people can go about their lives freely and with confidence." CONTEST is split into four work streams that are known within the counter-terrorism community as the 'four P's': PREVENT, Pursue, Protect, and Prepare.

    Begum’s family should be held to account as they are trying to support a terrorist.

    It won’t last, flash in the pan.

    I believe May is quietly astounded and a little unsettled by the silence of the leave side.

    She knows something is out there, we’ve not been rattled by any of the provocative comments dealt out daily by the remainers.

    I can do all my business online with courier support, or from Leeds which is an hour away by car.

    I’m sure they won’t miss my 4 trips, but every little helps.

    I could alter the way I do business and ring fence to the north only, I’m glad I don’t have to do the journey daily.

    See what pans out with this.

    Honestly though talking about starting legal proceedings about the Home Secretary’s decision is really lighting the touch paper, they just don’t get it, or they’re collaborating with the enemy.

    I go to London about 4 times a year the off peak saves me a packet.

    10.30 from Manchester to Euston 2 hour 10 mins on the 3 stop virgin xcountry.

    £76 return

    Then come back after 7pm.

    I walk from Euston down as far as Piccadilly Square all my business is around that area, spot of lunch and dinner on the way back.

    Earlier trains are stupid money.

    I think they can only do this because she has duel nationality??

    Otherwise it would have been

    All peters and lee.

    Just found this subsection

    “Conduciveness to the Public Good” means depriving in the public interest on the grounds of involvement in terrorism, espionage, serious organised crime, war crimes or unacceptable behaviours.

    Philip Green’s walking a tight rope then.

    Japan has signed a tariff free trade deal with the EU.

    The real story is we’ve been shafted again by the EU and we’re still a bloody member.

    I’m going to boycott Japanese products, so I’m going to put my Sony telly in the back of my Toyota take a picture of them on my canon camera and download the pictures on my Toshiba laptop..... and flog em on eBay.?

    I think the main gripe is about the fruitless point of voting for a third party.

    FPTP is loaded towards the 2 main parties, A referendum style would be much better taking the UK as a whole rather than system that just puts the same old same old in power.

    Obviously a bit more subdivisional counting would have to take place.