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    Ah! So, Project Kangaroo is back more than 12 years after it was first proposed by Mark Thompson who was the then boss of the BBC.

    I wonder what he would think about it now, probably something along the lines of "too late guys"!

    Here's a article about Project Kangaroo:

    Project Kangaroo blocked by Competition Commission
    Broadcasters shocked as online TV joint venture between ITV, Channel 4 and BBC Worldwide not allowed to launch. By Mark Sweney

    But dealing with the here and now, it it ultimately means less streamers that we have to mess around with, then that's good in my view.

    Gas price rise: US boss holds crisis gas talks with UK
    Meat producers and supermarkets fear a shortage of CO2 will hit the availability of fresh produce.

    Don't Panic. Actually, yes... DO PANIC!

    Here we go again.... On top of shortages with lorry drivers, cheap labour and now rising gas prices, the news channels have let off a bomb this morning. C02 (remember the issues from last time...) is running low and will run out at the weekend.

    The representatives of the meat industry which use CO2 in the slaughter and packing of meat have been on the news channels this morning and they said they have enough supplies until the weekend and then they're out. The owner of Bernard Matthews says chicken production will be cut by 10% at the weekend.

    Here's the story on that:

    Aukus: France recalls envoys amid security pact row
    The "exceptional decision" follows a pact between Australia, the US and UK, which scuppered a French deal.

    If the Aussies did sign a contract with the French, then I don't blame them for being seriously pissed off. It was just whether the deal was formalised or not, if not, tough shit.

    What was more important was the Chinese reaction, they're furious, as summed up by this article and commentary:

    Furious China could NUKE Australia after sub pact with UK, claims state media
    CHINA has warned Australia will become a “potential target for a nuclear strike” amid fears a submarine pact with America and Britain will fuel a terrifying…

    China blasting AUKUS defence deal is proof that it was the right thing to do
    THERE were moments over the past year when this country looked in a tight spot.  We had voted to sever our alliance with the European Union. Partly because the…

    China needs to understand that there will be pushback to its actions, but I wonder whether Boris has decided how much pushback.

    At PMQs, Mrs May asked Boris this and whether this deal would lead the UK into war with China over Taiwan and she got a non-reply to that. Watch this space!

    Sky's UK TV via IP Broadband Service Set to Launch This Month
    Last month, we reported that Sky (Sky Broadband), which is owned by Comcast, were gearing up to launch their long-awaited TV via broadband (instead of a satelli

    A bit like the buses, they all come along at once!

    We already had the announcement that VMO2 is about to launch a IPTV service, but Sky have been planning one for ages and now announced that the launch is imminent.

    Sky has already launched a full tv service over broadband in some other countries, so its been a long time coming here. The question is, if Sky do launch their full SkyQ service over broadband, how will that sit with their existing Now TV service and Peacock, when it launches in the UK? And with the rise of other streamers and the gradual decline of linear tv, is this new service past its sell by date before it even launches?

    Enough of the sniping folks, back to the subject which is GB News.

    And talking of which, did anyone see Question Time last night?

    Andrew Neil was on the show and got asked about why he left and he said that he didn't agree with the direction that the channel was going in, but another very aggressive panellist ambushed him with a article from six months ago, which stated that GB News won't be woke and it was Neil that said that. So, what did he expect?

    You saying cracking on OB, but I wasn't aware they were planning to launch a IPTV service anyway. Unlike Sky, they have a cable tv service, so I'm unsure of the benefit of this service to VMO2. Perhaps it's to expand their tv service into areas not served by the cableco, but what will that tv service look like soon with the ever rise of the streamers?

    I await details of this service with interest.

    Folks, I'm changing this thread back to it's original purpose which was to discuss the future of the BBC and licence fee.

    Although I thought having a central thread on all things to do with the future of tv was a good idea, there are just too many different topics in here, which are interchangeable, but really do need their own topics.

    I'll rename the thread by the end of the week and possibly move some posts out of this thread elsewhere.

    And people mustn't think that I'm anti-German either, because I'm not. This site is hosted in Germany using German technology and software.

    And nor do I think stormtroopers will goose step their way into other countries, but Germany is powerful and it's only natural that the next step will be to expand its military via the EU. Everything is via the EU... And that is why I am glad we're out of the EU. Taking orders from Brussels is bad enough, but taking orders from Berlin would be beyond the pale.

    But this is why I'm so glad we're out of this mess. (the EU)

    First it was about trade, then common policies on various things and laws and now its heading (perhaps, but I doubt it) to a military alliance.

    As we have always said, and some laugh at us when we go on about it, as soon as you get a flag, an anthem, a foreign minister (or whatever the hell they call it) it starts to look like a country.

    German election: who is standing, what are the issues and who will win?
    Germany’s election takes places on 26 September after which Angela Merkel will stand down after 16 years

    In Germany’s election, the fate of the EU is at stake | Timothy Garton Ash
    After Merkel, the incoming coalition will have to prove that democracy can meet Europe’s great challenges, says Guardian columnist Timothy Garton Ash

    Germany and indeed Europe, is coming to the end of an era as Mrs Merkel steps down and Germans will choose a new leader. But who will they choose? Will Germany go down the populist route and the AfD ascend to power, or will it be the CDU/SPD dominance as usual?

    What effect will the German elections have on the rest of the EU, if the AfD were to gain the Chancellery?