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    Folks, just a reminder OB has updated his tv guide for the week and there are top picks in that. Monday night seems to be particularly strong if you like tv drama.

    As always, thanks for doing that OB. :thumbup:

    The heavenly bamboo is full of scarlet berries this year. I think it must be all the rain we had last summer. I just looked up into the drizzly sky and saw a lone swallow. :?: Looks like it didn't leave this year. Usually the sky is totally empty of swifts and swallows till spring.


    Looks fantasic LW and the spiral patterns of the patio in the foreground give that picture even more interest, not that it needed it! :)

    Is that a Triffid 8| bet is scares the hell out of the cat next door

    Yep. I intend to knick it one day. :evil: Hope it doesn't bite me. ^^

    My banana palm is getting away, relishing the heat

    What happened to its leaves, Heero? Is that wind damage? Certainly seems big enough, so obviolsuly can't be that big a problem for it.

    A record swing of the vote in Tiverton & loss of a red wall seat in Wakefield is strong evidence that people have had enough of Johnson, many of his own MPs have voted to get rid of him.

    It is becoming clear that they won’t win the next election with the clown in charge

    Indeed and this was all foreseeable, yet a majority of his MPs voted to keep him knowing that these by-elections would turn out as they have done.

    Boris has said he won't step down, so it looks like we're stuck with him for another year.


    What the Russians are doing to Ukraine is disgusting.

    Western rocket launcher systems are now arriving, so although the numbers are small, they have a range outside of Russian artillery, so should be safe and make a difference.

    Didn't Sky do some deal with Disney+ which is maybe why the streamer is absent from VM for the time being? Or, is that my imagination?

    Sky have form here over the last three decades of ringfencing the best stuff for themselves.

    It's just a very bizarre way to do things.

    As said in other places, why have a horror extra when there is no main horror ch and why does reality get so much attention?

    Like many sat/cable channels, I don't think these channels are long for the world in the streaming era and this just seems a temporary measure by AMC as the CBS branding has gone and probably the CBS/Paramount programmes will go too at some point.

    In eighteen years time, I would imagine that most people would have internet access of some kind and for the majority, it'll be at least 1gb speeds. So, although I want universal free access to some tv to remain, I'm not sure by then that terrestrial would be the way to go or a viable option anymore.

    As for radio, not sure on that one.

    Thanks Norra.

    I'm not worried about the passwords. Most of them are just for other forums or news type sites. What I am worried about is losing email access if and when I ditch VM and I don't want any service connected to Big Tech which harvests all our data.

    I'm currently in the process of changing my email over. It's a long slog...

    I've had had the cable company's email service since when it got installed in 1991 and my current ntl email address for about twently years.

    As my current VM deal ends later on in the year, I might switch to another company as Openreach is finally installing FTTP in my area, giving me choice of fast providers at last. That would automatically mean I would lose the ntl email address and most ISPs now like BT, don't provide a email service for new customers.

    I've gone for a free, encrypted email service called Mailfence based in Belgium which basically has nothing to do with Google, Microsoft etc. Google are getting a lot of flack for essentially handing over customer data they gleam from their email service to third companies and VM offloaded their email service to Google yonks ago, so Google is really my email provider not VM and I'm keen to be rid of it.

    I wish there was a simple way to transfer email, but there isn't, so I'm basically going through all the saved passwords that Firefox collects for all my favourite websites and then going to each site in turn, unsuscribing my ntl address and signing up with the mailfence address. That way, I won't lose any newslettters, bank statements, offers and promotions etc.

    Someone needs to invent a easier way to do it!

    I had a good ole chop down on Monday too, but it was cooler then.

    I'll update the thread soon about my garden. I've obviously had a pause... but the garden rennovation was largely completely earlier in the year and I'm starting to see some of the results now, although what was a old, very mature garden, is nbasically a new one now. So, everything needs to grow and develop a bit first.