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    What has the colour of her skin got to do with what she achieved, why was it relevant to mention it in the news report?

    Because it's the BBC, silly Ron for not knowing that..... :whistling: :P

    Anything which is to do with black people, asian people especially Muslims, gay people although they have been pushed out in favour of transgender people and of course their favourite, the Irish, will always get top billing.

    Interesting spot there Norra. :thumbup:

    Clearly the Germans have told us to stay out of their airspace if we are supplying weapons to Ukraine. Now we know, as if we didn't already, which side they're on.

    The story says the opposite in that the UK never requested access to German airspace to begin with. This is most likely because someone in the UK told the Germans through backdoor methods that there would be a weapons run to Ukraine and we were told via the same backdoor to stay out of German airspace. That way there is no official dispute.

    I am not waiting for Gray's verdict, Horizon. I'm waiting to see the facts, because all we have right now are allegations.

    Only then should we be making up our minds.

    We have facts OB, muliple ones. From all the photos, to that Allegra Stratton incident and Boris himself apologising in the Commons. If nothing happened, what was he apologising for? Of course he didn't mean it, as I already said earlier.

    Ms Gray is not going to go against her boss and I'll eat spinach for a week if she does. ;) ^^

    How many people watch all the channels that they pay for on sky?

    Probably no one, I'd imagine, so fair point.

    Do we really want the kentucky fried chicken coronation of king charles III?

    Certainly not, although I don't want a King Charless at all, but that's a different point.

    Good points again for this bit.

    the bbc is the envy of the world and it is something we should take pride in, but the alt-right want to defund it because it doesnt kowtow to the liars in the government. and then they call it bias because it tells uncomfortable truths and exposes those lies.

    The reason why so many people object to paying the licence fee is because the broadcaster does reflect the views and culture of the majority of this country. The BBC is all about minority interests and look what a mess they made over Brexit.

    What would be wrong with the deputy pm taking over until the next general election if they must get rid of Boris, as far as I'm concerned a pm should only be chosen by the voters not by members of a political party.

    I wouldn't want Raab in charge, but in answer to your point, I'm not aware of anything legally that would prevent that.

    On the Gray report, she reports to Boris OB. He pays her wages. Do you really believe if she finds him guilty of misconduct, she will state that, explicitly? I think not. And besides, the facts are already known and Boris has "apologised" for them and then made a moan about it in the Westminster canteen. That's how sorry he was.

    We are not being dragged into this by Starmer et all. They've nothing to do with this, apart from their own misconduct on breaking the rules, but they are not driving this. Even, Cummings (spit) is not driving this either. He can stir the pot, but he can only stir if there is something to be mixed.

    This all stems from Boris. Full stop. The conservative MPs knew what he was like before he became PM and many warned against him, as did I on the Brexit threads, but what choice did we all have with the mess that was Mrs May and her Brexit plans? We got Boris, he's partially got Brexit done, the largest bit, on financial services, is still up in the air, but legally we are seperated from the EU now and now is the time for this country to be separated from Boris too.

    You cannot, to address your first point, have someone leading this country who is a proven liar, you just can't. And lazy. And disorganised. And, and....

    Firstly, let me just state, I can't stand Nadine Dorris. She emphasises perfectly, for me, what's wrong with this country. Right, rant over. :)

    The pandemic has shown clearly, I believe, that we need public service broadcasting in this nation. GirlAgain spoke aboout coronations, but there are also other national events and yes I would include sports in that, that should be available to all.

    So, my first problem with this government statement is that it does not include the wider question of all public service broadcasting, it should.

    If it were to be decided that the BBC should be privatised, it could become a subsidary of Amazon, Apple, Disney etc. Is that what we want? I don't think so.

    Apart from the licence fee, there is the question of bias and the fact that the entire output of the broadcaster, not just the news, promotes a ultra liberal central London view of the world, one I can't stand. I'm not sure how that can be addressed.

    Therefore, I do think we need public service broadcasting. That needs to be paid for and "controlled" in some way, so I think there needs to be a broadcaster that is funded mostly by direct taxation, in effect becoming a state broadcaster, but be allowed to pursue private ventures as it wishes. But it's primary purpose should be to service us, not a global audience and as the BBC and its infrastructure is already there, then I guess that would meet the criteria.

    So folks, in case you missed it, I think the BBC should remain, the licence fee should go and be funded and controlled by the State.

    Frankly, the 43p per day argument is a strong one, whether we like it or not, it just needs to come straight from the exchequer.

    The solution to this is simple, send a message the French will understand.

    Lets not forget and there has been multple videos and pictures showing this, of French police/border forces either turning a blind eye to the migrants as they leave French shores, or worse, helping them on their way.

    The Royal Navy should tow these dinghys back to Calais. If the French want to shoot out our boats fine, we can shoot back. Some of ships are identical to French ones by the way, because they are of the same type, originally called "Horizon" (like the name!). I digress... ^^

    The French have open borders and that's their choice. We don't and that's our choice, as made clear through the Brexit vote. All the French are doing with their migrant problem is offloading it onto us. It's not our problem and the sooner we get a decent government to stand up to the French tossers, the better.

    We have a natural border, The Channel. About time we start using it, safetly, but effectively.

    Cummings claims Boris 'lied to Parliament' over lockdown-busting No10 party
    DOMINIC Cummings tonight accused Boris Johnson of lying to Parliament over the party-gate affair. The rogue Brexit guru said he warned the PM directly that a…

    Cummings claims he has photos too. Personally, if it were me, I would send all these narcissist, arrogant wankers off to Siberia and be rid of them.

    I think any future prime minister will want to choose his/her advisers very carefully and most definately stay away from misfits and oddballs like Cummings.

    No, because it's important Mike.

    Those who make the rules need to abide by them too, otherwise we just have anarchy.

    Wait a minute you are beginning to sound like a leftie! =O

    Also didn't hear Starmer speaking out against the rules so maybe he did agree with them even if he didn't make them, but I supposed that's just a case of agree with the rules but don't follow them as they don't apply to you. :/

    I think Starmer is bang out of order Ron, but that's a different magnitude to the prime minister of this country breaking the rules, repeatedly, the very ones he created.

    With Blair's government, it was clear, because as we now they wanted uncontrolled immigration to weaken the conservative vote and to quote, "run their noses in diversity."

    But what the policy is now, who knows. I suspect there isn't one.