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    Wasn't she one of the "gobs" on The Apprentice some time ago?

    I've heard of her antics since, but taken no interest in the woman.

    There just seems to be a lot of these reality tv people about these days and I don't give any of them a second look.

    ..... at least they are working, I suppose.

    Unfortunately there's not much sign of an great financial wizardry on offer right across the board.

    Continuing to put our faith in the selection of idiots on offer hoping for a non idiotic result simply completes the idiot circle - it's why i'm probably going to have to be dragged against my will to a polling station come the next electoral cycle - something that's never happened before. I'm usually one of the first one's through the door on polling day, but I'm so disillusioned with all things politic these days (at home and abroad) I'm at the stage where I can't help but think there's no-one worthy of my vote anymore - and voting for what I consider the least worse option is no longer something I'm prepared to put up with doing.

    My thoughts exactly.

    I don't know what I'm going to do on election day.

    I don't know.

    I'm seeing lots of youtube vids which seem to be against grains, so that does seem to be the "thing" now.

    But if you've been eating your cereals all your life and haven't seen any side effects, I reckon I'll continue to risk it.

    My cereal of choice is 'Eat Natural Nuts and Seeds', which is surprisingly tasty.

    No good for me. I'm allergic to nuts.:)

    LOL .... don't forget Sunak is on the ropes while Starmer is getting positive news reports.

    AND >>>> The College Of Policing is pushing a Bill for the use of Facial Recognition.

    Next time there is political controversy or something they want to get past us they will announce - "Pension Age to Be Raised to 80"!!

    Remember: "Young people to be enlisted to fight in support of Ukraine" (Conscription) because the British military can not get enough volunteer recruits???

    That was another of these fake news items intended to cover real news.

    What has this nonsense got to do with added vitamins being put into food?

    If you can't reply to a thread with a proper post relevant to the thread, then don't post.

    Well, after all this time, we are closer to the end game now for Julian Assange. Will the UK deport him immediately if he loses his appeal or will we drag our heels while we wait for his further appeal to the ECHR? Does anyone feel sorry for this rather strange and curiously annoying man?…tradition-to-us

    I don't feel sorry for him, no, but it's been such a long time that I've forgotten the "crimes" he's been accused of.

    I'm just thinking about all the money spent on the policing for this, coming out of British taxpayers money.

    The VP job is just a nothing job. I don't know why they bother with it.

    I was watching Biden live during his speech about Navalny the other day and it didn't make good viewing.... Biden looked confused, lost his train of thought and I am 100% certain he has dementia now. I'm not sure that he will last to the end of the year, going by his rate of decline which mirrored my mum's condition, almost exactly.

    If the vp job were a genuine one, Biden would be removed from office by now and Harris put in his place.

    Vitamin added to breakfast cereals could be linked to heart disease
    Niacin, found in breakfast cereals and other 'fortified' food products was recommended to lower cholesterol. Dr Stanley Hazen, of Cleveland Clinic in Ohio said…

    What do we make of this?

    I eat cereals every day, what else am I supposed to eat for breakfast?? But it's not just cereals, sliced bread, pasta and anything with fortified wheat has the "killer" vitamin in it.

    Is there anything safe we can eat?:rolleyes:

    What's he done wrong ?

    Everything!! How about inciting a riot to begin with.

    Even for those of us who agree with some of his views, I cannot see how anyone who is even remotely sane, can support him. There's beyond the pale, then there's beyond The Donald.

    There. I've just coined a new phrase.^^

    The absence of originality seems to be a problem these days, I agree.

    If they want to make a show about magic, why not try something new? I just don't see how ten different shows can be gleamed from this, I assume with all different casts and storylines. Although I guess if you're a parent of a child of a certain age and living within commuting distance of Warner's North London studios, you maybe seeing lots of pound signs now...

    And on the plus side, this will be $2 billion coming into the coffers of the UK film industry, so not all bad.

    What do you think?

    You make good arguments and I agree with all of them, but when I read that, which was just before I went to bed, the name Jeffrey Epstein popped into my head.

    If, if, it could be shown that those who choose to be prostitutes are doing so with their eyes wide open, then fine, but I reckon in nine times out of ten, the prostitutes are exploited, like those flown to Epstein's island.

    Which takes me onto another point of this, I assume most prostitutes are not women or men in their 40s or 50s. I imagine most of them are young, very young, with the majority being teenagers. If I were the father of a teenager, I wouldn't want them doing this at all, it would feel very wrong.

    And further to that, what about the moral element here? It turns something which should be part of love, into something purely mechanical.

    I am not sure. Not sure at all.

    ALISON BOSHOFF: Harry Potter gets $2bn bonanza with TEN new series
    Britain is to get a $2 billion Harry Potter bonanza, as Warner Bros will film TEN series - at its studios in Leavesden, Herts - of a new TV show about 'the boy…

    Wow! I suppose if boy magicians is your thing, you'll been in heaven.

    I loved the first film, but only seen the next two or three. Clearly, the films were shot some years between each other and so the actors aged, yet they played the characters as if only one year had passed between the films and so when Harry was meant to be 14, it was clear that the actor was an adult. Looked ridiculous to me and the stories seemed to be repetitive, which gets me onto this...

    Are they going to kill this franchise like what was done with Star Wars and Marvel? Ten new shows seems totally overkill, who is going to be interested in that much Potter?

    Will you watch these shows?

    And the Ukrainians have continued to target the Russian oil depots and refineries, so the Russians should start to feel the "pinch" soon. However, Putin got his "little" victory...:

    Avdiivka: Ukraine troops leave embattled eastern town
    President Volodymyr Zelensky says the decision was taken to save the lives of Ukrainian soldiers.

    Putin ordered months ago that everything but the kitchen sink be thrown at this town as he wanted a victory before the election, so he got what he wanted. But the cost in lives has been terrible. The Ukrainians have really ground Russian forces down, not that Putin cares about that.

    Zelenskyy looked utterly fed up today when he spoke about this at the Munich conference. We really need to be giving him as much support as we can.