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    Steve13 and others who might be interested

    Shall we start a dedicated thread for long suffering Man Utd fans and general sports chat. I have a broad span of sporting interests from F1 and motorsport in general through to Golf although I admit I have always struggled to have an interest in Rugby which I know many here love, but hey ho we are all different.

    A dedicated section for sport in which we could keep all related threads separate would be a great addition Horizon as we no longer have conversations what do you think about that as an alternative?

    On the Man Utd thread, great idea.

    On a separate forum for Sports (I think that's what you're asking for) if there is enough demand for it, sure. At the moment sports goes into the Entertainment forum and I think there are only 3-4 sports related threads in there. If that increases and the demand is there for a dedicated sports forum, then I'll do it.

    A couple of thoughts here:

    The article says that static boxes are being replaced with boxes that enlarge to give more info, as we can see on the preview in the article. But... yes, there are static boxes, but the whole of the top of the screen is filled with info and a preview of that static box or any other title when scrolling. Is that going. If it is, that is a very retrograde step.

    I see no main menu option for new and upcoming content.... hmmm.

    Will there be still categories/genres? If not and I've got to start keying in sci-fi into search, I don't see how that would be an improvement for me.

    I think Netflix has already started to roll out this UI for me, at least partially. On the home screen, there is a Coming Soon pane and the static box expands into a much bigger one. Whereas before the info and preview played at the top of the page, the info for the show/film is now within the expanded box and the preview plays in the background for the whole of the page. I don't like it.

    Unlike the PO boss's testimony the other week which was full of tears, this woman is as cool as a cucumber and in my view, totally evil.

    Aren't women meant to be the caring and listening ones? It's odd that most of the senior people at the PO during this scandal were women and listening seemed to be the last thing on their minds. And as for caring, forget it.

    Another gotcha moment....

    The PO chairman, Alice Perkins, is currently giving evidence at the Inquiry and basically she shut down the PO's top lawyer, Susan Crichton, and prevented her from telling the PO board about Horizon bugs.

    I don't know about anyone else, but I think Sunak won the first part of the debate.

    Labour has plans to tax the state pension according to Sunak and he based Starmer over the head with it very effectively.

    Cyber-attack on London hospitals declared critical incident
    Urgent and emergency care at the hospitals may not be able to access quick-turnaround blood test results.

    I wonder why operations had to be cancelled. Why would an operation need access to a server? If a surgeon couldn't access a computer, how about the old-fashioned way of writing down a note?

    As for the perpetrators, this smells of the Russians or Chinese doing to me.

    Farage has just done his shindig in Clacton on the pier and he got quite a crowd show up for him. Let's see what happens next.

    Clacton was one of the biggest Brexit voting areas in the country and for a while UKIP had an MP there, aka Douglas Carswell, the conservative defector, so I reckon Farage's chances of winning this seat are good.

    I think it's good that Farage has entered the debate, because he will liven things up from the stale old political junk that is being fed to us. Maybe it will spur the Conservatives on to adopt some of his policies - now THAT could be a vote winner!

    The other thing is, the electorate is probably so fed up with the choices they have, they might just let some Reform MPs in this time, although I fear that all they will succeed in doing is taking away the Conservative vote, which of course will let the wrong ones in.

    He had Holly Vallance with him and that Pimlico Plumbers bloke (from the referendum) amongst others, with him yesterday. So yes, expect lively.

    What's that saying H " reap the whirlwind" not something I could consider.

    As things stand Labour will believe themselves invincible and initially they will be. A blank cheque to do what they want and they are not averse to changing direction when it suits them.

    THEN WHAT, in comes the Tories, the safe pair of hands to put humpty fikking Dumpty back together again. Sound familiar?

    I somehow don't believe that's the sort of "sort things out" you had in mind.

    I don't disagree CL, but for the first time in my life I cannot vote for the conservatives, who have utterly failed. I do not reward failure.

    Of course Labour will be a disaster, we're getting hints of that already with what's in store, but I will not give the conservatives my vote this time. They don't deserve it.

    Personally, I don't believe he will stay 5yrs as he promises unless he gets a HoC seat. WATCH OUT CLACTON.

    He may not do the full 5 years even if he does win a seat. Let's face it, he's got his massive EU pension and GB money and he doesn't look like the kind of person who's ever done a day's work in his life, so he might struggle a bit.

    But as for me, I don't see any other option other than not voting.

    I'm hoping if Reform win some seats at the GE, that might open the doors for someone else to come along and sort things out.

    Looks like the Paramount saga may be coming to a close.

    Skydance has upped its offer to buy Paramount and as the Sony offer was already rejected, then it looks like Skydance is poised to buy Paramount.

    Expect Paramount+ to be shut, if this goes ahead, as Skydance has said they will use Netflix.