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    Even 20 years ago, there was much talk about "The Islamification Of Europe" . Islamic Terrorism being one of the means that this would be achieved.

    Is the prediction coming to fruition?.


    The dangers to us come from within, not some external alien force.

    Those who want to shut down free thought and speech are the real enemy, not a minority of nutcases who want to blow up people for their religious beliefs.

    Yes, the greys are the nice ones, apparently.

    Seems to be 50/50 and there are supposedly different groups of greys. The Zeta Reticulans from the Orion constellation are meant to be the baddies.

    No the Anunnaki where the good ones.

    They may already be governing the Earth and set us upon ourselves to self destruct then take over the planet.

    Seems a long winded way to do it. They could just poison us or something and be done with it. If they need help, the Chinese are good at virus'. ^^

    It's all good fun this, I'm glad I'm not the only mad person here who has a interest in this stuff. :D

    They cannot be that advanced if they needed our help, or as many suggest, we were created to do the mining for them.

    Not that we have many mines left in this country, but in other part of the world, robots are already being used, so this all seems far fetched to me.

    I’m quite sure they exist, but what their intentions are, it’s hard to fathom.

    However, if they were hostile in their intent, we would know it by now.

    Depends what their intent is. If Earth is a equivalent to a farm, you want to keep your livestock healthy and happy until they're needed...

    One of the more troubling aspects to this whole thing, is, the many thousands of people who go missing each year and sometimes bodies are found and sometimes not, but all too frequently, there are odd aspects to these disappearances like strange lights or sounds being heard at the time of the disappearances.

    Surely we have moved beyond asking 'do UFOs exist'. The question now is, 'Who are they and what are their intentions?' NASA have discovered things which they are not making public, (according to the book I have just read).

    Read the Old Testament. There are descriptions there of craft which sound like spaceships and 'angels', who appear to be almost like policemen, fiery chariots, ladders to Heaven.

    The three objects mentioned in the Pentagon report were all seen by US naval personnel in areas of sea where are designated military training grounds, so the yanks could be playing games on us here and their own pilots too.

    As for all the old testament stuff etc, if you watch shows like Ancient Aliens, they state that all of that comes from the Sumerians or even more ancient civilizations, ultimately perhaps crated by aliens.

    So, we have definitely moved on yes, but the question is still very much out on whether these things are man made or something other worldly. At least it seems that finally some serious scientists are starting to look into all of this now.

    Blimey, it must be cold where you are at the moment. In London, its warm and sunny.

    Got my new heatsink today and installed that, but it hasn't worked. Most of the time, the PC isn't even switching on at all, althugh the heatsink fan does spin though.

    Looks like back to plan b and a new PC. An expense I could well do without. I don't even know how to connect my various hard drives to my lapteop yet, so that I can see what programs and settings I had on the PC.

    If the case and PSU are OK I'd consider upgrading the Mobo and processor. Remember that Windows will need a reinstall if you change the mobo. Unfortunately that probably means that most of the programs will also need upgrading. Could get expensive.

    Another alternative is to source a replacement mobo of the same type as is currently fitted. This was the route I took when a PSU fault trashed the mobo in my main XP SP3 system. I was still able to find a used but warrantied replacement even though the mobo was 15 years old. I didn't want to "upgrade" the OS as everything that is currently installed works fine for me including the latest ARM processors IDE (Integrated Design Environment) that is on the project I'm currently working on.

    I've decided I don't want to change onto a different Windows and like you, I like everything as it is. So, I'm just going for a new heatsink and hope for the best.

    I think the PSU is fine and so is the case, but its black and my eyesight isn't great, so I'mm thinking of getting a white case. It's got to be big enough to house at least 10 hard drives, so it looks like I probably will go down a mostly new PC route and just keep some bits like the PSU which are okay.

    My problem is time. If I need to build a new PC from scratch and install Windows (probably 11...) and then have to reinstall all programs, that will probably take me a day to do the lot and I don't have a day, let alone a free morning or afternoon and I don't fancy building a new PC in the bits of time I've got.

    Looks like my main PC has died on me.... :( Currently using my laptop.

    The PC starts up for a few seconds with one bleep to say everything is okay, then usually goes off before windows can start up, then it tries to start up again, sometimes sveral times, but Windows can never finish (or start) loading before it goes off.

    I ordered a new motherboard battery a few days ago which came today and I had expected to solve the problem, but it hasn;t and when I was fiddling inside the PC I could see that the heatsink was loose, so probably need a new one of them too.

    My PC is over ten years old now and using a processor (core 2 duo) from my computer from 15 years ago. What do you reckon, should I try and fix my PC, or just get a new one altogether?

    Sky has gone, or I should say Comcast, in a direction that I would not have expected. Even Apple and Amazon don't have their own branded tvs and certainly not ones where you cant rent them, so I just find this move totally bizarre.

    Netflix, despite all pundits analysis to the contrary, is still the streamer to beat above Disney et all and on devices, Amazon are fighting it out with the likes of Google and Roku to be the "gatekeeper."

    I just don't know where Comcast think their positioning themselves now between these beasts. But if you had said to me last month, that Sky is going to come out with a tv rental option, I would've said you were barmy.

    It's rental, or at least that's one option.

    Many people used to rent tvs and video recorders and other white goods from the likes of Radio Rentals, but that was something in the past. I don't understand why Comcast/Sky has decided that this is a model to bring back.

    Netflix keeps things simple. You pay a fee for a month and you can either continue with the service or cancel at the end of the month. Easy. Likewise, devices like firesticks are simple to use and relatively cheap and if new tech comes along, it's not too expensive to replace them. Yet Sky has chosen this very complicated way of doing things. Firstly, making tvs, then having the SkyQ tech built into them and then having rental options. What a mess.

    What I had expected from Sky was a merged Peacock and Now tv service. One streamer for a monthly price that can easily be cancelled and one little streaming stick/dongle. Instead we have this.

    It will be interesting to see how successful this service is.