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    Let me just just address that specific point about Taiwan. What never gets mentioned is that before the Han Chinese ever landed on the island last century, the island was already populated by a separate people with its own language. So, really Taiwan doesn't belong to either "camp" of the Chinese.

    On the rich country point, yes there is a element of jealousy, but there are far more serious concerns the West has with China beyond the Taiwan issue like the genocide of their Muslim population. The suppression of Hong Kong. The close monitoring of its people that the Chinese state employs and of course all the island/military base building in the South China Seas.

    If that's how the Chinese communist party treats their own people and neighbours, imagine what they would be like if they were the top dogs in the world?

    Anyway lets get real here. Russia fly and sail into the borders of our space almost daily and we do the same to them. I see no difference with what China have done with Taiwan. I fear the media might actually push us into a war or are the media working for someone higher and painting a picture with propaganda.

    Russia has invaded at least two of its neighbours with military "adventures" in others and as I see it, China is on the cusp of doing the same.

    Neither us or the Russians sail into each other's waters or fly into each others airspace, but we do go close and that's what the Chinese are doing. Next step will be to send a plane into the real Taiwanese airspace and see what reaction that gets.

    Yeh maybe but then China has not been flying planes over our countries or building an island in waters just offshore our countries. Were sticking our beaks in again in other peoples business.

    That's a fair argument which I'm sure many people feel too, but as we know from the Germans in 1930s, these autocratic regimes will be a threat to us eventually, so better to try and deal with them now than at a later, more dangerous time. In fact, they needed to be dealt with ten or more years ago. They have a much more powerful military now.

    A teaser trailer has been released to wet our appetites:

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    The West has been pushing them into this. We want an excuse for war on China after COVID, especially the war monger US and then there's their hanger on's like the UK and Australia etc.

    The time I checked Norra, we haven't been flying tons of planes near China's airspace or building artificial islands off their coastline and building military bases on them, so I disagree with your take on who has been pushing who.

    Why US will lose a war with China over Taiwan island - Global Times

    The thing that got my attention from that article was this:


    But the Chinese are different. China's history of the whole-of-society commitment to core national security priorities is legendary. The rebellions and unrests in the 19th century cost millions of Chinese lives. Twentieth century Chinese civil war losses ranged between 5 and 8 million, and 360,000 Chinese died in Korea, while routing and humiliating US and UN forces. In each case, the dynasties emerged stronger.

    When they're talking about they can "easily" accept losses of millions of their own people, which is what they are saying, I think we should stand up and take notice.

    I think the Chinese Communist Party is the biggest threat to the world now since Hitler.

    If they sent countless warships close to Taiwan, how would the West respond and for how long would they be able to keep that response alive? It could become hugely expensive for us and deplete our resources in terms of tackling problems elsewhere in the world.

    Depends what the warships are doing, doesn't it? If they start shooting at each other, all bets are off.

    I doubt they aould do such a thing, actually - the virus would hurt them just as much as it would hurt us.

    I tbink their tactic will be to continue to push our resolve.

    This was my thinking too OB, but I've been reading their official mouthpiece newspaper over the last few days and came across a worrying sentence which gives real insight into how the communist leaders think. Give me a sec and I'll post it.

    They are probably brewing another virus as we speak…

    There's been lots of speculation about this in the papers over the last few weeks, but some reports are suggesting that they have weaponized coronavirus' as bio weapons. I hope this is wrong. If they did that and assuming the current virus isn't a weapon or at least one not intentionally launched against us, then it would be into WW3 territory.

    Talking of which, our carrier strike group is now back in the South China Seas and joined by two American carrier strike groups and a Japanese naval group too. Some firepower there, if it were needed.

    Taiwan: China flies record 56 warplanes toward self-ruled island in show of strength
    Beijing sent a record number of planes, including fighter jets and bombers, to the island nation as part of three days of sustained action, according to…

    The Chinese are really ramping things up now and although they haven't sent their jets into Taiwan's air space, they are close and no doubt are testing the waters. Don't be surprised if they do something sneaky like send a warship in "distress" into Taiwan's waters, which they could then somehow use as an excuse for an invasion a la Putin style.

    This chill weather reminds me to service the gas fire in the front room. No skill required here: Just take out the jets and make sure they're clean and then make sure all the air vents are free of cobwebs, dead moths etc.

    Doesn't sound like a skill-less task to me. I wouldn't even know where the jets were in my gas fire, assuming it even has any.

    Chavs idea of luxury transport for their family no doubt, also looks like they are still wearing their nightwear which is normal attire for that type. :D

    Unfortunately, I now have lots of those types where I am. X/

    I have by accident got 'The Holden Girls' on Chanel four with Amanda Holden and her Gran. OMG I'm not sure if it supposed to be serious or some kind of Black comedy but it's hilarious. I haven't laughed so much in ages.

    Never heard of that, so thanks Norra will check it out sometime.

    I tuned in (very briefly) to some rubbish on BBC 1 yesterday evening which was meant to be a comedy, but I could only stomach thirty seconds of it and that was enough. Some bunch of idiots singing Shakespeare songs, or something like that. Total rubbish.

    Constant rain in London too and like OB, I put the heating on yesterday too. Not for myself, but I'm not going to have my mum in a cold house, especially when I need to get clothes dry too over winter. Sod the rising gas prices, cross that bridge when it comes.

    It seems pretty good to me considering its free.

    For an average sized 90min film, there seems to be only five ads and at the moment they are all Amazon ones and not just rubbish either. There's Lawrence of Arabia on there and The English Patient to name but two.

    Fishing rights row: French anger as UK rejects most permits
    The UK grants just 12 licences from 47 applications for smaller vessels to fish in its territorial sea.

    Well, it all seems to be kicking off again with the French, but this time it looks like that despite French complaints, the EU isn't interested. Good!

    Again, the French are threatening to cut off electricity to the Channel Islands and other measures like blockading their ports.

    It's sometimes hard to understand why we want to do any trade with them, when they act like this.

    I looked at the carousel of stuff you get at the top of page on the firesticks and there was nothing there, however I have scrolled down several rows on the home page and can see references to IMDB tv for different tv shows and films scattered all over the place, but cannot see a channel for them.