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    Insulate Britain protesters glue hands to M25
    Nine arrests are made on the eighth day of action on the motorway in the last three weeks.

    These scumbags have directly affected my family now. X(

    They blocked a part of the M25 this morning, which affected my brother coming to my house and in turn, the effect of this has been a old, sick lady (my mum) waiting for my brother to help her.

    Essex Police were quick to put out a statement saying that they got to the scene quickly and removed the protestors as fast as they could, but we were all still delayed by more than a hour. That had a huge impact on us.

    There's going to be a standalone app for Fire TV apparently, but it's not out yet.

    At the moment it's avaialble as a channel on Prime, but I looked on the firestick and couldn't find this channel under channels, but perhaps I need to go into the Prime app directly to see it, even though Prime is meant to be fully integrated into the firesticks.

    As far as Germany goes, I'm quite happy that they have coalitions. We all recall what happened when they didn't have I don't have a problem with the Greens in power over there. Not here though, of course. :)

    And it looks like Mrs Merkel stays until a new coalition can be formed, which might take months. And we used to think that the Conservative/Lib Deal coalition took too long to form and that only took three or four days.

    ps. I am aware that this situation may be of little interest to our English audience, but for Scots who care what happens to our Country it is just one of the very many incompetent failures we are seeing impacting the lives of the population.

    What this woman does or doesn't do, should be of interest to everyone throughout the UK, so please keep letting us know of what she's up to.

    I don't see how it could. These people are breaking the law. Things only go to the SC if there is doubts about the law itself. That said, if judges don't apply the law and don't send these scum to prison, who knows??

    I've never heard of a judge getting sacked, so don't know what would happen.

    I agree. It all sounds wishy washy and meaningless. They need to set targets, ie we'll level up the Norf by having more train and road links. And/or, we'll level up by creating 250k jobs.

    It needs to be clear and it needs to be deliverable.

    Gove sees new department branded 'the Department for Levelling Up'
    Michael Gove has dramatically expanded his Whitehall empire after emerging as one of the big winners in Boris Johnson's Cabinet reshuffle.

    In the recent Cabinet reshuffle, the Department of Housing, Communities and Local Government had a re-brand and is now called the Department of Levelling Up, Housing and Communities with Michael Gove as boss.

    Levelling Up can potentially cover so many areas from jobs and skills to new infrastructure like roads and trains, so is it possible that this can all be run from one department?

    Boris has been banging on about levelling up the country for ages, but is the government serious about doing it or is this just merely a re-brand of an existing government department hyped up to something else?

    Seen ep2 two now and have mixed feelings on this, so will need to watch more eps to decide.

    There has been some big changes to the story and as always these days, some male characters are now female, but its what they have done with the emperor which bothers me the most. The emperor is now three people who are clones of the original and are three different ages: a boy, a man (the main emperor) and a old man. I find this a total distraction and pretty sure this want't in the book. And also, unlike in the book (I think... :/) the main emperor is just a bog standard baddie. Very disappointing.

    In a nutshell, I do agree with another review that I read. The story was originally written in the 40s and is based on the fall of the Roman empire and this story just feels old fashioned. The tech is new, sort of...but considering this is meant to be set thousand of years into the future, the characters don't seem to have "evolved" in their thinking and behaviour, in fact the complete opposite.

    George Lucus used Foundation as the basis for Star Wars, but unlike Foundation, he made his story very accessible by having the young farm boy rescue the princess from the evil lord. There's a bit more to Foundation than good and evil. There's lots of shade of grey and it will be interesting to see whether that is explored or not.

    I can't say too much in this review, otherwise I'll ruin it for you, but I think this tv series maybe straying too far from the source material, but we'll see. There was a brilliant scene, I thought, between the boy emperor and his "nanny" in the second episode and as soon as I saw it, I said, "That's Foundation! Yah." One of the key themes of Asimov's books, is, what is it that makes us human and this scene touched on that. There should have been a lot more and most people unaware of Asimov's themes will completely miss the point of the scene. So, perhaps its just early days. I read most of the Foundation books when I was young and perhaps I might reread them to compare this to this series.

    Another major issue I have is that I think the key point about psychohistory and the planning of the foundation settlement, has been rushed and its not clear to the tv series viewer what the foundation is about and who the members of the foundation are. I fear there maybe too much emphasis on special effect laden space battles in future episodes, rather than key Asmiv themes, but I'll see.

    A few other irritants: the cast is split between Britons and Americans and I found this distracting and at least at the beginning of episode one, there was quite a bit of American style "explaining the story" literally, rather than letting the story do the explaining, but most people probably wouldn't even notice this.

    Apple are planning to do the whole foundation series, so that's a whole eighty episodes of television over a eight year period or so, quite a feat!

    The series looks great, so I'll see how this goes.

    China declares all crypto-currency transactions illegal
    Trading Bitcoin and other crypto-currenices is a criminal activity, China's central bank says.

    The Chinese government has been working on this for some time, but now all cypto currencies are illegal in China. In fact it's surprising that for such a centrally controlled country, it took them this long. Even owning something like Bitcoin is illegal in China now.

    The majority of cryto currencies are mined in China, so at least this should be good for the planet as huge amounts of electricity are used to power all the computers that are doing the mining for these cyptos, but what next for Bitcoin and the other cypto currencies?

    The American government is to publish a report into the future of money, possibly this may come this week and its speculated that the Americans may want to ban cypto currencies too.

    The point of these currencies is that there is no central control, but governments control their economies through the control of money, so the likes of Bitcoin severely undermine this as cypto have risen in popularity over the last decade.

    Should all these cypto currencies be banned?

    Serbian troops on heightened alert at Kosovo border
    Government in Belgrade accuses neighbouring Kosovo of ‘provocations’ by sending special police units to border.

    Our main media outlets haven't picked up on this yet, but this could turn into a major conflict.

    Decades after the bloody break up of Yugoslavia, tensions are rising again, in fact they never died down to begin with. There is no Serbian dictator now which does help matters a lot, but Serbian nationalism is still high with many Serbs wanting "their" country to be united. Serbia still claims that chucks of other ex-Yugoslavian states are part of its country, especially where a majority Serb population lives.

    This latest flare up has been caused by a new national holiday in Serbia calling for Serb unity. Nationalists want this unity to be achieved through force.

    Watch this space.

    The first ep was released on Friday and each episode will come every Friday thereafter, although if you know where to look ep 2 is also available.

    Just about to watch ep 2 now and will post a review later.