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    It's something I used to love to watch with my family, but as I'm practically living on my own now, in a way, I just don't enjoy the show now, plus I don't know who the so called celebs are these days.

    They weren't trapped a long way from home . Guiffre not only came and went as she liked when Epstein was in the states she recruited other girls to go there because it was very easy money . When she was in London she only had to leave and go to the US embassy or any police station .. She herself said she enjoyed the lifestyle and allegedly got 15k s for having sex with the sweat less one .she was hired to train as a masseuse with the knowledge of her own father who allowed his daughter to travel with them . I don’t think Epstein felt guilty but who knows I think he was murdered .

    I agree. He was killed. By who, who knows. He had a lot of dirt on a lot of people.

    They where hired as hostesses as in waitressing, handing out drinks and entrée's at parties, nothing more. The teenage girls probably thought what a great job in a nice place away from home where they could have some fun on the beach when not working. Once there they where trapped a long way form home and the madame, Ghislaine Maxwell groomed them for Epstein's pleasure. It's possible that Epstein knew nothing about it but went along with it anyway once the girls where handed on a plate which makes him guilty. I suspect he knew exactly what was going on and was in cahoots with Maxwell.

    Well, exactly.

    Andrew can claim innocence on one occasion, but it starts gets harder after several such incidents and much harder when your "mate" is convicted of child abuse. Of course there is nothing illegal in having such mates, as long as you don't engage in the kind of activities that they do.

    There's lots of talk of tarts on here and such, but lets not forget that these girls and they were girls, they were not adults, probably did feel trapped especially on that island. There is a reason why these rich folk have homes on islands and its not always just to do with tax avoidance, it's to do with other things too.

    Ms Maxwell, like her father, is an extremely unpleasant person, but I'm sure the FBI will do a deal with her to turn against Andrew, so although its wrong to say this, this court case could be the best bit of entertainment this decade.

    I am sure Andrew will have remarried Fergie before the court case starts, just so that the "optics" look right.

    I was going to create a separate thread for that, but as we've started, here's some news links to begin with:

    BP starts rationing fuel & Tesco shuts forecourts amid trucker shortage
    BP started rationing petrol last night as the trucker shortage shut forecourts. Some Tesco stations were also closed off amid calls to rip up immigration laws…

    Hauliers and poultry workers to get temporary visas
    Some 10,500 foreign lorry drivers and poultry workers will be able to work in the UK until Christmas Eve.

    And to sum up events over the last few days, someone from the haulage industry who attended a government meeting leaked that there would be fuel shortages due to lack of lorry drivers and so yesterday there was panic buying for fuel.

    My brother was low on petrol and must have it for work and to take my mum to hospital for her thrice weekly dialysis sessions and all of the local petrol stations at 7am had run out of fuel, so he had to go further afield.

    Hopefully, this issue will now be resolved, but frankly this is a monumental government screw up. The pandemic stopped the testing of the HGV drivers last year, so that should've been made a priority this year and clearly it wasn't.

    I strongly refute the case just made by Ron, that everyone queuing for fuel lacks common sense. Some of them, maybe, but not most and I've just given why in our case.

    If you get the time OB, check out the select committee featuring Davie. It's on iplayer and it was on about a week ago.

    He maybe supposedly conservative, but he has gone "native" and all in on the woke agenda, as far as I'm concerned. He, like his predecessors, is obsessed with having quotas of people from certain backgrounds. Doesn't matter whether they are qualified or not, just whether they have the "right" skin colour, or disability etc.

    He mentioned Vigil in front of the MPs, so the very fact he was so proud of it, put me off it straight away!

    There is definitely UFOs Mike, but whether they contain little green or grey men, is entirely a different matter.

    Is it? I thought the Nazi designed an anti gravity craft and there was those round UFO looking consumer based hobbiest craft in the US in the 60's that never took off. Scuse the pun.

    If anti gravity were real, or at least in the public domain, we'd be using it, so still sci-fi for now.

    If people want to know what's coming to Netflix over the coming months, go to their youtube channel now for their "global event".

    Edit: they've just said its a three hour event and they will be going through all their new shows and films including foreign language shows.

    I think I'll catch the highlights later! :)

    Blimey! Yeah, I agree Norra, that is one very stealth looking craft.

    Clearly, the American government has done this deliberately and wanted this made public and as the article says, this craft is probably one of UFOs that the Pentagon was talking about a few months ago.

    Now, will they state whether this is "just" a conventional craft, or whether its something else, like using anti gravity, which technically is still sci-fi at the moment.

    Thanks for that Cheeky and I know that BBC Parliament HD was mentioned on Cable Forum recently but only on Iplayer, but on that BBC schedule page that you linked to, they are giving a 21st Oct launch date for that too, so I would've thought that would be a linear channel rather than just being on iplayer alone, but we'll see.

    I'm watching the select committee right now on BBC Parliament about the gas market and it's worrying, very worrying. There's a clear inference being said that the entire industry is at risk here and although there is a mandated process in place to deal with failing companies and transferring customers to other suppliers, that process is only for normal conditions.

    One of the speakers said it can cost a supplier several hundred pounds per customer to "acquire" that customer, as they have to purchase the energy and all the admin costs in getting that customer. So, if multiple companies fail at once, as appears to be happening, the existing larger companies simply will not be able to cope and there is also the matter of they themselves are struggling.

    The Ofgem spokesmen was asked how many companies are in danger of collapse and he wouldn't be drawn on it, but the Business Secretary said in the worst case scenario that the current crop of seventy companies supplying energy could go to ten. The Ofgem spokesman was asked by MPs how many of those seventy are in profit and again he wouldn't answer and emphasised that some companies spend heavily on infrastructure, but the clear inference was that the entirety industry is loss making, or that's what I read into it. 8|

    Winter of Discontent here we come. X/

    And :!: It was only touched upon about why this has all happened and although there are several reasons for the gas price rises including a worldwide increase in demand, the current massive spike in August when prices rose 70% are due to you know who.... our favourite autocratic leader who has been waging a cold war against us for years, including using a radioactive weapon on our soil. I've heard a new term used in the committee, we are in now in a Grey War with Russia. :cursing: Putin has manipulated prices via Gazprom.