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    The problem is they can't ditch him, Ed Milliband decided in some move of absolute stupidity to allow the party to be held hostage by the nation's hard left for 3 quid each, unfortunately there are more of them than people who care about the Labour Party and doing good things in Government.

    This is why I think it must be allowed to die, with moderate Unions and the bulk of the PLP leaving the comedy show that is the current shadow cabinet so they can form a centre left party.

    It's not what happened last night in Sweden that matters, it's what's happening all the time in Sweden. Anyone who wants to deny it is simply trying to pretend it isn't happening. Sweden is suffering from its own misguided social engineering and Germany is soon to follow unless they boot out the midget and do something about her idiot years as the EU's little supremo..

    I live half my life in Sweden, so I bet I have a much better idea of what goes on in Gothenburg than you have.

    Are their problems yes; are they reported yes; do I feel safer in Gothenburg than Birmingham yes; do my wife and daughter feel safer in Gothenburg than Birmingham yes. It's a lovely country, and I do not know what this rubbish you write about social engineering as Sweden's refugee influx has had nothing to do with social policy but a policy that goes back to the 2nd world war where Sweden is justly proud of its policy of offering a home to refugees, be they the Jews from Denmark and Holland in the early 40s, the Vietnamese during the 60s and 70s, the Irainians in the 80s and so on.

    Did they allow too many refugees come in the last 10 years, probably, but this talk of Swdden being a rape capital as Farage and Trump is just rubbish as the link I gave proves, nothing but a lie and you sir are fool enough to buy it.

    I am sure he will crop up on Fox News and be wheeled in by the Shock Jocks to try and give some international credibility to the road crash that is the Trump presidency.

    The problem is Trump is Toxic and in the same way Blair will be never forgiven for costing up with George W, Farage will be never forgiven for cosying up to Trump.

    No, I think if we see a combined Moderate Union / PLP split then they will be big enough and why would they need the all but dead Lib Dems. In the same way Mandelson and Blair did not need the gang of four to turn the Labour Party into a massive electoral force. But that is no longer an option since Ed Milliband handed it over to a 3 quid nutters, you will not get an electable leader.

    I was not such a fan of spitting image, I preferred Week Ending, and whilst the Two Davids was funny it was wrong, relationship 180 degrees the otherway with Steele being the dominant one. They were also wrong about Major, whilst he may not have been the greatest speaker he was in reality one of the most passionate politicians of the modern generation. The puppets were an art work, but all in all the Week Ending scripts were better, I loved the idea of the Wets meeting in the House of Commons gents, as it was the only place they could escape Mad Mags.

    Is this a terrorist attack?

    The article its linked to suggest it is not, have you other evidence or is this just "Trumpist" wishful thinking the the misrepresentation of Swedish Crime stats by Farage and Trump. Below you find that the Fox News source was a BBC report that they deliberately misrepresented.

    We live in the dangerous times when our politicians no longer believe in facts.

    Not any time soon, the membership did not enjoy the realities of Government, they like being a nice party, nice people, nice policies. You see it in their policies ie a little more tax to pay for lots and lots of nice things, yes we should have nuclear deterrent but it should be smaller and cheaper.

    However the reality is as we saw with New Labour a little more tax only makes a little difference and as for the deterrent, it is as it is because that is as small as it can be to deter a nutter in the Kremlin, anything less and it stops working. I suspect most Lib Dems and even more so their voters know this, but they want to make a protest about how the world could be so much better, safe in the knowledge they won't have to deliver.

    However we may see a new SDP, if the Tories drift right to attract votes from an imploding UKIP and Labour PLP and moderate Unions splits from the hard left membership and Unions.