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    NOW~ for all guests AND members of course,

    you will find that I HAVE indeed seen to it that I TELL the admin of this Forum about my other forums 1st i.e. before posting a 3rd time. HE all being well WILL confirm THAT... in next post.

    OH~ and yes I DID SAY *i* was NOT LOOKING to poach members from this forum....AND *i* MEANT IT !

    My Forums are very, VERY selective.. SO IF any of you do in fact visit BE AWARE. MEET NOT there requirements will have bpth DRAGON & *I* coming DOWN upon *U*... very hard indeed.

    I.e~ just ban, for all time ... the ip address of any attempting to do so !

    I mention guests because 'in the main' this forum seems to be aimed at THE English only.... and seems too also have a number of members over the age of 65.

    AND~ because it is to them that I, in the main....

    WELL~ you will need to register... in order to see that... on a Forum slot... not visible to Guests.

    AND~ I do want *U* too... BUT NOT, repeat NOT before declaring in your Profile page... just Who AND Where AND WHAT sort of member *u* will BE.

    I sorry Horizon*sss But I can not abide absolutely to your BAN on Special characters...

    a} because I am indeed looking for such


    b} Better, time management wise... to get BANNED NOW... rather that... down the line.

    iO REsearch... 190 views NOW.. still only 2 likes.

    I would like to note however, that> ON THAT " We'll Ban post or the next one or so... I put a AT TOP a series on numbers ~ which are meant to show JUST who and how many... actually... agreed... with a LIKE... as well."

    Please go and revisit it.


    LLOYD Davies

    a.k.a~ iO REsearch

    Views 271 ~ 08/02/2019

    NOW~ regarding my own Profile ( page says its to long ) so here is what it would have said;

    It is not that it is very difficult to provide a meaty history that has led me to post this, after having made such an issue of introductions on the Forum 1st.

    It's that~ very little of that history will make more than a superficial impact, without 1st understanding that:.

    The following is a statement that is quite literally true.

    Everything I do, ....... I do for a reason.

    .................................................. ...............AND~ yes i know it’s a statement that trips of the lips of others on a regular bases and both you and i have been taught to take it with a pinch of salt.

    In my case however, consider it true, ....... only and i do mean *only*...... if you can see and accept, " that~ I don’t know why i did or do some things, to be an integral part of my and i believe everybody's else’s makeup.....TOO "

    There is a reason for doing things .....inexplicable.... in other words! It can and has found an awful lot of interesting things…… not a few or which, have benefited........ all of us.

    The trick of course is to realise that and THEN~ incorporate it into your own matrix, along with the understanding that everyone, equally so….. wants it all … AND~from the get go as well.

    ~From the day they were born in other words, .........something all loving mothers know very well indeed, .......and then spend the rest of their lives…….trying to moderate.

    Please forgive those 2 offending stars around only BUT I don't think that only without them would do either me or you any justice.

    i think i actually do owe you an apology Ron Manager.

    just taken another look at the profile page associated with the user name

    AND seen upon it the following

    SO~ please accept said apology. I do NOW with that information indeed now have, as I had thought not... some idea.. of just who I'm corresponding with.

    AND~ do indeed wish for you to continue. In fact very, very much so, as my Pm to you tried to show. Forums in common.


    i O i too- MOM said.

    will duplicated and post to PM as well.

    "" How about you just cut out all the bullshit and say exactly what you mean""


    Insults ?


    1] fact; member with no interest in providing any meat to personality, skills or interests.

    2] supposition; icon only info available. " must mean something. Seems to look like an English Comic, can't be sure though.

    3] Question; how the hell does he actually expect anyone to a] take him seriously and b] hold any sort of worthwhile conversation.

    Deduction; better to suppose, until proven~ eye to eye and tongue to tongue...a SAD waste of time.


    O i O Moms-too

    just curious Ron,

    Is there indeed something of a Comic in you.

    I ask because whenever I've had the opportunity to ask those who feel so naturally inclined. ALL~ have said that its Art be... in reading between the lines.

    " (I do intend to spend a considerable amount of time looking at it~( & yes, *I* do not say this lightly)..... IT *is* worth it )"

    But perhaps you did not see it, or perhaps you think your own curiosity does not carry a very insistent ...RED FLAG, bull of course, always a thinking mans ... OUT look. Comics too... so those i've had the fortune to question on the matter, have said.

    If you did not see it or now as I suppose from your own reintroduction HERE, would you, could you please do so now.

    (as in read between my posted lines AND then post your reading.)

    I do and am aware of THE FACT that it is your opinion only. AND have never rejected those from others, and or until they insist that- their opinion -is in fact my opinion.... never will.


    O i O U-too.

    FROM ONE~ 1st seen 69 + 2 ..>..2nd look 100 + 2 .. >..

    Okey Dokey

    But I feel I really must log my disappointment. Most of which lie in the following.

    1] Twice (here thrice) I have ask for those that feel as you do to be specific in and where such infractions of have happened.

    2] To me an off putting style 'is not in the members agreement'.

    3] Art of communication does actually have Art, as its operative word and not communication.

    4] I have not but once used any foul language, and even then I believe no other word would have been accurate and to todays common palance.

    5] Any long standing Forum member will have heard the following said countless times and by her own admission ("other Forums have it on offer, blocking that is & if you feel as you say you do... it is and has often been said, do not view said post)

    6] to me, it is extremely difficult to be both Protagonist and antagonist, without someone feeling insulted.

    7] even more so without some actual matter specifically designed to get, not one or the other but both at the same time, to post with content their views on the value on such a devisory set of attitudes.

    And~ having already taken that to a State appointed mental expert ( & you could not have known that ) When asked of him " what would 2 or more antagonists be called? ~ Co-constructors answer received

    And~ what would 2 or more protagonists be called? ~ Co-constructors answer received.

    SO then ~ thought and said~ " getting to Co-constructions successfully would be solid base... of a healthy mind"

    Answer~ from him~ your sure have a way of packing a punch twixt tip & base tongue lloyd but in essence correct.

    Ahhh Fidget.

    ( and from tip to base of Tongue *i* thank *U* for your post. You may not be aware of it BUT~ to find a Female on a male owned Forum is indeed a rarity. Or so at least has mY REsearch found )

    'To Appease'

    1] make calm or quiet, esp-conciliate ( a potential aggressor ) by making concessions.

    2] satisfy (an appetite, scruples.

    NOW~ how on earth did *U* get that from mY posts ?

    ""Sorry, but I can't be bothered trying to understand your posts. I come here for discussion, not to appease. If you want discourse, then best to make it short and to the point, if possible.""

    AND THEN~ *U* go and gainsay yourself --- By bothering further AND with wish to block as well. A WOMAN THING *i* know ( and glad indeed am *i*, that *u* feel that proclivity *ought* to SIT FAST... within mY Thinking. IT DOES~ believe mE.

    As for short and to the point~

    My dear, (to mE) mY post reak of short and to the point.

    Cases in point;

    1} AND~ just who the hell be *u*~ To want, expect, accept and not to mention Demand.....anything less ?

    2} Look UP..see stars. Look DOWN... see mud- often offered as way to deal with negativity. { LOOK up~ NO Horizons }

    3} Artists nightmare (as in hoping for *Dis-course*) ~ that's nice!

    (much like- I don't understand it / *u*. When it is impossible {if a long time user of English Mother tongue} to not take *something* from anything read in that Mother tongue. Besides suggesting blankety blank (which is batantley-not the case) It also flies in the face and stated purpose of FORUM itself- Discussion / *Dis-course!*

    4} *Dis-course* [ a connected series of utterances MEANT TO elicit responses BUT/AND.... NOT CLOSED …..until SO SAID ]

    5} & 6}

    Discourse~ 1-a conversation; talk~ 2-a dissertation or treatise on an academic subject 3- a connected series of utterances.

    Discuss~ 1-hold a conversation about 2-examine by argument.

    BUT perhaps *U* feel the need hold a conversation without any content to argue about. Interesting trick if so...AND please... elucidate if so.

    "as I should be able to alter everything here."

    don't I know it. Fully customisable is the reason *i* purchased vB5. ( & of course they were right about it BUT~ not at all clear about the need to be a Goddam programer To Boot.

    Anyway~ I'd love to explore that *with* you further~ perhaps in the Philosophy / History Section ? feel well cheated do *I*.


    Brightness / contrast setting LOL~ should have thought that myself.

    It will however, a be not... on mY own forum, For all my current images have an alpha channel. In the meantime~ good practice to limit my penchant TO TALK as well... in Images.

    Dear Horizon

    ( a short aside)

    Having a bit of trouble getting the image below into mY Profile page. Perhaps *u* can take a screenshot of it and then post it on mY behalf.

    Might *i* also at this juncture ask you to take a look at your forum setting~ to see if it is at all possible to to view THE Forum upon a Dark screen. I do intend to spend a considerable amount of time looking at it~( & yes, *I* do not say this lightly)..... IT *is* worth it )


    Deducting- being 1st wish of every Mother *faced* with child preferring, SHE *wipe its arse for it, infinitum*

    AND presumming SHE was successful with *u* too, *i* thank *u* for that curiosity, IT's why SHE~ put its smelly ? , to your nose in the 1st place.

    I note that *u* have made your profile unavailable to any but those *u* allow.

    So am left with nothing but fact, *u* expect all here to base any conversation ... on what..exactly ?

    I (think, I'm seeing) an Icon, that suggest there be something about the comedian ... *in-U*. Not something *i* can claim for mYself. SO SAD- am *i*, at your reluctance.... To Teach mE.

    Who knows..." may still get to the other side of Horizon- & *u* will furnish an explanation...for doing so."

    Hello Ron,

    yes *i* can offer an explanation but to understand it you will need to RE-consider your value for Precision- using the scientific method and answer as honestly as only *u* can, the following set of perspectives.

    Look UP..see stars. Look DOWN... see mud- often offered as way to deal with negativity. { LOOK up~ NO Horizons }

    Artists, (as in hoping for *Dis-course*) nightmare~ that's nice! (much like- I don't understand it / *u*. When it is impossible {if a long time user of English Mother tongue} to not take *something* from anything read in that Mother tongue. Besides suggesting blankety blank (which is batantly-not the case) It also flies in the face and stated purpose of FORUM itself- Discussion / *Dis-course!*

    " Look outside THE BOX... you idiot ".. when in 99% of the cases I've seen THE PROBLEM / ISSUE.. is *in*... THE BOX.

    As to why I've from start used them, rather than introducing them later, *u-will* no doubt see ~THAT ALL *is* built in and around a Dictionary THE ENGLISH Dictionary in this case.

    AND~ also in this case- I have no idea, (without there being a personal introductions page) whether any of *you* be a Dictionary Head. Nor if *you* or *u* will grasp the 1st fundamental of Dictionary construction.

    1st *rule* same as Last *rule*.... Pedantic, pedantic, pedantic..

    AND~ I deliberately ~ flying in THE FACE of *them*... will / should ... from start.... tickle / tackle those rules. So bringing both Mother tongues usage, value of *rules* and Pedantic Construction & Constructors (if any, to the fore).

    As for *u* Mr/Madam ? Revo.

    From tip to base of tongue, *i* thank *u* for your welcome.

    Would Revo, by the way, mean *u* are a native to this Mother tongue. If so_ *Face value- is* why this Mother tongue~ constructed THE DICTIONARY in the 1st place.


    Master? Ignorant.

    Perhaps it would be better if *I* take a really GOOD example. It's an attitude that suggests, at least to me, that the poster is, at least in part, aware of just how difficult it is to conduct any sort of Discussion *with* anyone not up to giving the viewer @least...some meat.

    A *mind-field* ~ rather than a minefield, such as knowing that He is *NOT* just a conservative. Which as i'm sure you all know is a ..latitude...all of it's own.



    Currently have Virgin Media as my broadband, phone and tv provider. Have Freeview, Netflix and Amazon too. Had cable services since the beginning when they first became available in my area which was 1991. Was also a Sky subscriber for over 10 years too. Also had a giant 1.2 metre satellite dish at one point which was popular with the neighbours.8o

    If you need any help, or have any feedback or comments for this site, please let me know by posting them here.

    Looking forward to great discussion with you all! :):thumbup::thumbup:

    Site Founder

    An example of it would be mentioning THE MULE -supposed -within THE FOUNDATION trilogy. Something none, but those who have read them will get.

    THE MULE~ Beast...*with* Burden.

    Much like *i* ... with ...*you*.

    Burden: YOU & just how slippery *u* individuals are with that difference.

    To quote "No,no I didn't mean *u* as an individual BUT general."

    just googled`The Foundation' and can find no reference to THE MULE.

    Its been over 50yrs since I read the series so may have placed that character from another book. don't think so...BUT

    Basically THE MULE was THE EXCEPTION to Seldons psychohistory.

    Suggestion NOT that *i* be the exception but that each of you consider EXCEPTION from the following viewpoint.

    IF *all* humans be unique( & we are )---- how can there ever be an Exception?

    Hello all 0f you,

    NOW~ presupposing is NOT an Art~ It *is* a Human Necessity { AND one that started months before *U* were actually BORN.

    .....How you do so however, is said to be an art.

    Personally I, as a past artist, have found ART itself to be the ugliest 3 letter AND 4 letter word ever invented.

    point in case;

    Art of War

    Art of Politics

    Art of denial

    but please let's keep that for another day.

    So taking that 'necessity' as now understood,

    Dear Sir Horizon,

    Might I ask if it is policy to greet newcomers by private message. I ask because I note you have done just that with me.

    It is not that I object to private messaging as such, just that I~ like *u*, I thought...looking to Horizons have found an awful lot of stumbling about in the dark (as in not upfront & fully transparent) tends to make the reaching of that or any Horizon for that matter.....a REAL and often painful experience.

    SO ASK` if *we* could forgo said practice, if indeed a policy.

    As for~ the understanding of what I have written~ I have noted before~ SO would again ask that;

    1] You ignore any * *(stars) place, again for now~ it is a part of my approach to Horizons and i know, until fully understood, allows for those so inclined to then dismiss...... whatever *i* have to say.

    2] If as you say~ my method be hard to understand~ Might *i* ask that *u* and OR...YOU...point to just what it is you are failing to understand.


    lloyd davies

    a.k.a~ Master? Ignorant.

    I note too~ that *u* did not as asked, wait for my 2nd post. (not a complaint- just so that others don't pick up on it... and

    Man! have I found...

    the subject of forum greetings and introductions be a minefield...much underused {to mE much abused} and sadly, have run across (as yet-but hope still..) no forum that is willing to PIN there members to a SOLID INTRODUCTION page.

    I suspect that that be due (in the main) to every profit making /company forums being not as interested in quality of members posted substance BUT more in measuring the number of members ready to claim, THEIR Icon to be of real Substance. ( I think Horizon alluded to that difficulty-finding even 12 members)

    I suspect too, since i've yet too, to find any member on any forum, ready OR willing to raise the INTRODUCTIONs issue, that that be due to the quite natural reluctance to PUT YOURSELF out there 1st ( out there~as in ready to accept all comers, as in even those with a derisory bent )

    I have found however, that an intro on a forum, DOES NOT allow the eye-to immediately sus-out another person ,as in face to face (right or wrongly) , for best bet on best method to make 1st approach to that other person or group.

    ALSO FOUND~ each icon used, has upon questioning......has not stood up to it's supposed claim. ( *U* may beg to differ_& *i* hope *u* do! )

    It is almost like the *real worlds* penchant for *U*-1st, is also prefered & insisted upon on & by forums and this, despite the fact that what follows is supposedly the intent of Forums-person-related.

    Now please me, with only about 3500 days left to my life- my penchant *is* to seek a real FORWARD-LOOK at just what *i* can expect to find....IF *i* & Or *u* get to be so lucky as to be granted a-further attempt to enjoy another life, rather than having as a new born Human, to again HAVE TO deal with Humans seemingly never ending desire for.... *F..K You*....


    MOM *E*s~Lexicals

    from~ lexicon ( 1-a dictionary~ 2-the vocabulary of a person, language, branch of knowledge, etc )

    Discourse~ 1-a conversation; talk~ 2-a dissertation or treatise on an academic subject 3- a connected series of utterances.

    Discuss~ 1-hold a conversation about 2-examine by argument

    Disease~ 1- an unhealthy condition of a body or of the mind, 2- a corresponding physical condition of plants, 3-a particular kind of disease with special symptoms or location.

    Discriminate~ ( Impossible (as a human) not to do so. )

    Disembarrass~ ( free from embarrassment )

    *Dis-course* [ a connected series of utterances MEANT TO elicit responses BUT/AND.... NOT CLOSED …..until SO SAID ]


    now I am tempted at this point to do just as *i* say...

    BUT~ as I've already said, other attempts to raise said subject *albeit not the same way as here...* have led to the upset of members AND *i* would rather await... your thoughts on both the matter at hand as well as any thoughts, on just how to go about getting YOUR in depth fingers to help resolve mY~ new born human- issue.


    lloyd davies

    a.k.a~ Master? Ignorant.