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    On Sky, the short lived Sky 5* Movies was replaced by the return of Sky Premier +1. Perhaps there's some red tape to sort out and it might be coming back to VM too, so they don't want to scrub the data just yet?? There again, won't Disney/5* need it's own unique data to preserve recordings for a time?

    GB News set to join Freeview, but where will the space come from?

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    GB News looks set to join all platforms:

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    They seem to like to turn the encryption off when they can, maybe it costs them per channel to use it??

    TiVo automatically sets one thumbs up for things that you record (and obviously what we manually input ourselves). It would be interesting to know if it gets any other data about what we watch.

    In theory DMAX sounds like it should be identical to Quest...but it's just the offcasts and drivel (IMHO). Quest is by no means perfect, but it has regular sport, often live, like a mini Eurosport (which is appropriate in a way ;)).

    Apparently, the FTA Discovery channels are doing better than the pay ones (not sure if this means profit or viewing figures wise).

    Wasn't the original Sky / Discovery dispute about Sky not wanting to pay for the whole portfolio of channels? Maybe the agreement was to keep the channels for a short period, conditional on viewing stats improving.

    If VM keep the channels dropped by Sky, VM customers aren't really losing out. The free promotion of Discovery+ is something that happens from time to time. VM also has similar promotions and may even do the same when (if) Discovery+ eventually arrives.

    I read a post that said that the latest Sky/Discovery carriage contract was signed six months ago, so you may well be right if this is the case.

    I just looked at the Home & Health schedule... it's basically the same sort of thing as TLC, Really and Quest loose health now even. And with 3 other channels to show that I just have to wonder what took them so long (contracts probably). And current Shed schedule looks like a cross of DMAX, Quest Discovery and Discovery Turbo. So same for that, obvious closure.

    There's schedules for both Shed and Home&Health up to early on 6th January on my V6, no channel closing message which you often see in these circumstances. That's the furthest my EPG goes this morning.

    Given the Food Network and HGTV are the only remaining Lifestyle category channels on VM, I can see them maybe getting moved to General Entertainment like they are on other platforms.

    Right now, my V6 EPG shows programmes as late as 10:45 on 7/1/21 for them both.

    I wonder if they will stay on VM as zombie channels until the end of any contractual agreement like the Travel Channel, The Childrens Channel etc have done in the past??

    Discovery have given Sky customers their new Discovery+ streaming app for free for 12 months, perhaps this was done as a way of compensating Sky & it's customers for the loss of two pay channels mid contract??

    As usual, VM customers lose out again!

    Sky have announced the following channel name changes, closures and additions that I assume will also take place on VM:

    27th December

    Now Christmas > Now 80s

    Now 80s > Now 90s

    31st December

    Sky Cinema Disney HD/SD > Sky Cinema Five Star Movies HD/SD

    1st January

    Sky Cinema Christmas HD/SD > Sky Cinema Drama HD/SD

    3rd January

    Christmas 24 > Movies 24

    Christmas 24 > Movies 24 +

    4th January

    Sky Cinema Harry Potter HD> Sky Cinema Feel Good HD

    Sky Cinema Musicals HD/SD > Sky Cinema Greats HD/SD

    5th January

    Sony Movies Christmas > Sony Movies Classic

    MTV Xmas > MTV Classic

    BoXmas > The Box

    Sky Sports Darts HD/SD > Sky Sports Arena HD/SD

    6th January

    Discovery Home & Health removed permanently

    Discovery Shed removed permanently

    Discovery Home & Health +1 removed permanently

    Sky Cinema Five Star Movies HD/SD removed permanently [ex Sky Cinema Disney HD/SD]

    Sky Cinema Premiere +1 relaunches

    Nick Jr. Paw Patrol > Nick Jr. Too

    It sounds like the Sky UHD content will be for the premium film & sports channels.

    The VM UHD channel is broadcast in the usual way (easier for them as they own their own capacity), but I believe that Sky broadcast their UHD content via the internet.

    If VM do it their own way for this new content, maybe we will see something in the scans in preparation for it??

    I don't think there will be much, if any, change as a result of this 'consultation'. Johnson has decided to delay a decision on decriminalising non payment of tje TVL until at least 2022:…s-plan-decriminalise-non/

    Maybe this is a sign that this Government is softening their approach to the BBC, there again it might simply be because they have one or two more pressing things on their mind at the moment..

    I meant why do those with obsolete hardware who now only get channels 1-5 get a choice of SD or HD for ITV only. They have to have BBC1 in SD, BBC2 in HD, Channel 4 in SD & Channel 5 in HD (apart from Scottish viewers who have to have STV in HD only).

    It seems odd that VM didn't just give them ITV HD on 103 and be done with it, like they have with the other 4 channels.

    Ah! I didn't mean ITV2 SD, just the ITV regional SD channels. Unlike STV, which closed down the SD slots after putting the HD version on 103, ITV put the SD channels on 113.

    161 will still be BBC Alba in the other nations.

    As 113 isn't used in Scotland, I wonder why 113 is available for ITV SD on the old boxes everywhere outside of Scotland. These people don't get a choice of SD or HD for BBC1, BBC2, Channel 4 or 5, so why is ITV any different??

    The quotes I saw would suggest that it was staff but not someone I've actually heard of before.

    The arrogant one was told by SP that his box had old software on it and was not representative of customer facing boxes, thus channels would appear to be available on the EPG, but would not actually be accessible.

    When I said that I thought that only channels 1-5 would be viewable, interestingly SP said that some of these boxes were still on the network because these channels are all that these customers want and that there were no plans to force them onto more up to date hardware. SP also said that channel 113 was xtill available to them, for what reason I do not know.

    Presumably these customers must still be paying ths minimum TV subscription; you'd think they'd want what they'rd paying for.

    I love how VM staff posting on other forums don't seem to know how pack codes work. :D

    I guess it makes a change from them arguing amongst themselves about which channels legacy boxes can receive. The recent claim that legacy MPEG-2 boxes can still receive channels that have subsequently been upgraded to MPEG-4 was very interesting. 8|

    Ahhh you saw that 😃

    A mistake??? By Ofcom??? Surely not!! 8|

    Yeah, they do make a few.

    The GOLD licence is still listed on the Ofcom website. It does have the same reference number as Dave and DaveJaVu and it is normal for some broadcasters to list several channels against a single reference number. UKTV, however, usually lists new channels on new reference numbers. Unusual though, the original licence is for Dave and DaveJaVu, so how on earth did it get listed as GOLD (as well as the Dave channels)?

    Could be a mistake, but with the quality of advice & information you get these days it could well be a mistake in saying It's a mistake!

    Yeah. As it wasn't confirmed I decided to only post on the Freeview thread. I was surprised, I've been expecting Eden for aeons. 8o

    If they do bring it (and maybe Eden:S) to Freesat I can see them officially adding the various +1s they've gradually being making FTA at the same time.

    Yes, i'm also surprised that it's GOLD, I thought that it would be a poorer performing channel to get the ratings up. Maybe Sky are kicking GOLD out of the Sub Club??

    Looks like GOLD could well be coming to Freesat. UKTV usually put their channels onto Freeview before making them FTA and it now has a licence to broadcast on Freeview.

    With hindsight, could this have been for the TV360? Also, SP said at the time that it was unlikely that the 2 unused tuners on the V6 would be utilised with the TiVo software, but "who knows after that". I wonder if the TV360 (SP said the other day that this is what the new box is now referred to as they no longer use the H word 😄) will eventually have 8 tuners?

    Sounds about right. So Sky Animation didn't increase the number of Sky Cinema channels for very long. Even Premier +1 in HD isn't going to increase the number of movies available.

    True. On Sky Netflix is now £2 A month, so why anyone would pay for their now awful movie channels is beyond me. I keep being offered them for half price and refuse. I had them for free the other month and there were only a handful that I fancied. I didn't enjoy any of them!