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    After years of owning a mobile phone I have sussed the perfect formula.

    I once stood in a mobile phone shop and eavesdropped on a conversation. A middle aged chap told the sales assistant he wanted the the latest iphone, which I would presume was around the £1k mark. The sales assistant starting to talk him through the features, and he stopped her and said "don't bother telling me all that, I only use it for phone calls and texting". I think you know where I am coming from here? The art of owning a mobile phone is down to three things. The first is owning the phone that best suits you, the second is to get the best contract, and finally is to spend as little as possible. For example, if it's just to make the occasional call or send the occasional text message, buy a £5 phone from Sainsburys (and they do exist) and put a pay as you go sim in it. For these people a smart phone is absolutely pointless, and half of them wouldn't know how to operate a smart phone anyway. If on the other hand you live on the bloody thing, play high powered games, watch videos, and spend two hours a day on facebook, your going to need something far better. For my own part, I don't make or receive many calls, and I only send about 100 text messages a month. However, I do use the camera from time to time, I do watch the odd video, and I browse the internet quite a lot. Therefore I need something reasonable, but it doesn't have to be the best. Even the cheapest smart phone will do as I want, but unfortunately they will do it slowly, and not particularly well. I have realised that the ideal time period to own a mobile phone is about 18 months, and it should always be bought outright. Believe me, this is a cheap way to own a phone, and it's also a good way to keep up with technology. If you buy the right phone at the right price, you will be able to sell it for about half of what you paid If cared for of course) . Example, my last phone cost me £94 and I sold it 18 months later for £45. The phone I just bought cost £112, therefore the cost over 18 months was only £67. I have a pay monthly sim which gives me 230 mins, unlimited texts, and half a gig of data for £3 a month, so my net spend over the aforementioned period is only £121, and I own a very good phone. I hear you saying, if he only spent £94 or £112 on a phone, how can it be any good? I do my homework, and strangely enough quite enjoy it. A combination of eBay and Youtube will get you the phone you need. My present phone if bought two years ago would have cost £500, but because it has now been replaced, it cost me £112 new. It is a reputable make (ASUS Zenphone 4), has 4gb ram, 64gb storage and a very good processor. Other than perpetual gamers, the phone would be suitable for anyone who isn't technologically retarded.

    So before you or a family member pops into their local phone shop to get ripped off, think about what I have told you. You know it makes sense. ;)

    The button has just been pressed on my back, and steam is now coming out of my ears. I don't hate America, I don't hate Americans either, but I do hate their imports. Prom nights are expensive and pointless, trick and treating should be made illegal, and all Americanisms should be diluted in acid. I am just wondering when we will start celebrating the 5th of July, and thanks giving ?

    I didn't realise I was talking to another who was educated properly, the 60s in my case.

    On an aside it always makes me laugh when people talk about 'saving the planet'.

    The Earth is perfectly okay, its us who have the problem.

    Your right that the planet doesn't have a problem, because it will be around a long time after us. Like I said in my thread, I don't really care about our specie, because we will only get what we deserve. What bothers me is the suffering other animals will have to go through as a result of our selfishness.

    I have your threads and am now sat on the fence. He needs Brexit to get votes for an election, but he needs an election to make Brexit more straight forward. Let's sit back and wait.

    In my world the entire legal system needs an overhaul. The CPS costs the tax payer an absolute fortune, and I wonder how many other countries have such a thing. Secondly, the quantity of police required should depend on the type of police we need. I have witnessed 20 traffic police at one speed trap set up, meanwhile somebody is having their house broke into. We should also take into account that crime changes. Few people now have their TV stolen, because criminals make more money by sitting in front of their computer screens. The world has changed, so policing has to change with it. We also need to look at the recruitment policies. It's now become more important to employ black people, Asian people, women, and gays etc etc, rather than employing the most suitable applicant. Finally, our insistence to ignore the will of the people and not to bring back capital punishment. I for one don't actually believe it is the ultimate punishment, as most people would rather a quick painless death than spend the rest of their lives locked up. Capital punishment makes financial sense, and the argument that innocent people will get executed is complete rubbish. I would also execute repeat offenders. We all know the people I mean. Criminals that continue to be a nuisance and cost the tax payer a fortune, whilst creating problems for dozens of good citizens. We don't need them, so let's get rid of them.

    So why isn't the thread about the Germans who murdered millions of Jews. The Italians (Romans) who nearly conquered the entire planet. The French, the Danes, and even ourselves. My guess is that you are a socialist, and hate the USA because of their political strength and size. The USA are the best example in the World when it comes to success. Let's not forget, without the USA it's possible we would have ended up part of the German empire. Of course, it's no utopia, but I think you will find their people are far more patriotic than us, and for good reason.

    Yes, we desperately less people, but our government think it is a good idea to encourage people to have more children, rather than give people some sort of incentive to have less children. Their focus is to build a bigger and bigger economy, and they know this can not be done without the growth of our specie. Of course, this will have a negative effect on climate change, but despite politician after politician claiming they are concerned, it's rubbish. What the planet actually needs is a smaller population, with people who don't live to a ridiculous age. We need a smaller world economy, and people need to be less consumables focused. What we actually need is to step back 50 years, but keep today's technology. Will this happen, of course not. Apparently the world population will level out at about 11 billion, by which time most of the planets remaining species would have died out. Instead of focusing on the problem in hand, our governments would rather tackle the effects of the problems

    Not sure exactly where to put this thread as it covers so much. Like most sensible people I am concerned about climate change, and genuinely believe that what our specie have done is effecting our planet. That said, whilst we may kill off many other animals, as well as our selves, the planet will be around a long time after we have gone. I also believe that being such a small country, what ever we do will be a very small piss in a very large ocean. Anyway, to the point. Every element related to our destruction of the planet is directly to the size of our population. In short, the more resources we need, the more emissions we create, and the more damage we do. The strange thing is that even the most green of green political parties have chosen to ignore the most obvious fact, but why ?????????????????

    I too bought into the housing market when property was still reasonably affordable. I now own my place outright and also having inherited I don't have to work that hard. I do things to keep my hand in as it were.

    It does seem unfair in a mixed development to have recreation areas that are for the exclusive use of the privately owned properties. A sort of income apartheid.

    I think we disagree on this point. We can put our heads in the sand and kid ourselves that the standard of person who lives in social housing is equal to those who have purchased their won property, but in the real world that just isn't the case. Of course, there are exceptions, but I am generalising. Even though I live in area where property is is very reasonably priced, I pay a premium for living in a nice area. Why should I have to live next door to some unemployed lager drinking scrote because some government official thinks we are all equal. He probably lives in a 5 bed house in the middle of Chelsea, and has never actually met a social housing tenant.

    Well I live in social housing it used to be council housing owned by the local council until it was sold off to a housing association, I pay the full rent and also the full council tax and am quite happy to carry on doing so until the day I snuff it, I had the chance to buy the house I live in but declined as I would have required to borrow money and I simply dont like being in debt to anyone regardless of what its for, everything I buy I save up for and pay in full and I am quite proud of the fact I do so, my philosophy is if I cant afford somthing and its somthing I can manage without then I dont need/want it.

    I have seen what happens to the houses people buy from the council they usually end up going to wreck and ruin because the person buying it doesn't have the spare cash to maintain the property as well as pay off the mortgage for it.

    Like I said, not everyone who lives in social housing is a scumbag. However, I do disagree with you about purchased council housing. In my experience council house areas that have become private of the years are generally well kept, however that can't be said for areas that are primarily still social housing.

    I am like you, I don't buy what I can't afford, but never thought of a mortgage in the same way. Owning my property allowed me to retire at 57, something I could never have done if I rented.

    Firstly, I grew up in a very small council house in North London. It was a different world back then, as the vast majority of people lived in what we now call social housing. These days social housing means something very different.There are those who have decided to work, make cuts to their standard of living, and buy a property, There are those who just can't afford a mortgage, but will not be given social housing, and therefore rent privately, and there are those who live in social housing. Of course, not everyone who lives in social housing is a scumbag, but an awful lot are. A government spokesman on TV said this morning that developers have been separating the social housing aspect of new developments in order they sell more properties, and this is upsetting the people in the social housing. Let's get something straight, the majority of people in social housing do not work, and therefore their rent is paid by the tax payer. In most countries around the world they would not be given a free house to live in, but over here the government are worried that the tenants may not be happy. Meanwhile, Mr& Mrs Smith who have been working 50 hours a week to pay their mortgage, are forced to live next to Mr & Mrs Slob, their 4 feral brats, and their scraggy dog. The government want to put a stop to segregating such people and sticking them in a corner out of harms way, and let them ruin the lives of hard working good citizens.

    When I lived in Milton Keynes I remember having a conversation with an estate agent who was attempting to sell some luxury flats. It started off well until the social housing tenants moved in. All of a sudden dirty washing was being hung from the balcony, and the lifts stunk of urine. Needless to say sales came to an immediate stop. On the estate I lived on there were a dozen or so social houses at the end of a particular street. The houses were the same as the rest of the street, but it was obvious who lived there, and where the private ownership stopped, and the social housing started. Beaten up cars, uncut hedges, grass not tended, peeling window frames, dirty windows, etc etc etc. It's OK for a government spokesman to condemn developers, but he isn't the one who has to live next to these people. GOD, my blood is boiling !!

    That's great Bibbles, how did you get into that?

    When I retired I wanted to put something back. I far prefer animals to people, and the sanctuary is only 10 minutes away. I have done this for nearly 4 years now, and made a few friends along the way. Of course, there have been some sad parts along the way

    I very much like horses. As it happens I volunteer one day a week at a local donkey sanctuary, where they have a few cobs, four mules, three zeedonks, and about fifty donkeys. We also have the world's second tallest donkey called Derek. On the off chance anyone is ever in the area, it is open to the public on days dependent to the time of year. Fifty pence a bucket of carrots, and we sell nice food. No entry or parking fees.

    We used to talk about stuff like this in the past LW, but when people commit animal cruelty like this it's a precursor to actually doing these things on people too. Their brains are wired wrong and they are psychopaths, plain and simple.

    Take a look at our thread on artificial meat, it maybe of interest to you:

    Veggie Egg anyone?

    Yes, I know about this product. It's a great idea, but light years away from going into manufacture. There are some very good meat substitutes available at present, and it surprises me that many meat eaters don't try them. If nothing else they are healthier.

    A man and his wife were playing golf when she got hit by a ball. She dropped to the floor in pain, so the husband rung 999. He was asked what had happened, and he replied, "my wife has been hit a golf ball between the first and second hole. The operator replied "that doesn't leave much room for a plaster, does it?"

    Don't get me started on the Beckhams again, I'm already hot, bothered and tired.:evil: But maybe just a little rant...^^

    The online version of the Daily Mail is bloody obsessed with them and as you say, it is brand Beckham. They just pimp their kids and use them as one would use props for a shop window.

    He was a good crosser of the ball though !!

    I think it should be on par with human sentences too, but I don't see this happening yet. Perhaps a few generations time, it may.

    Yes, things are changing slowly all around the civilised world. 12% of the UK population is either veggie or vegan now, and despite my hunch, it is meant to rise. Of course, this is quite regional, as where I live I am considered a real nutter. I think more and more people are concerned about blood sports, and even out in Spain as we talk there are campaigns to put a stop to the Pamplona festival. Regrettably the third world are generations behind us. We have countries so stupid they can't purify water and use contraceptives, so asking them to stop murdering animals is generations away.

    I watch very little television, but not because I don't like watching it. Basically I just don't like what is on. I am deliberately avoiding saying that everything is now crap, because many people enjoy what is on. I absolutely hate crime drama of all description, I despise reality TV, and believe talent shows could be decent television if not ruined by the people who produce it. I like to watch football, but won't pay the price SKY and BT want ( so I stream it, naughty me). The wife likes Coronation Street, so I watch a bit of that, although I know that is a bit sad. My favourite TV is good comedy, but that is now so rare. Programs such as Friday Night Dinner,and Plebs are excellent, but the BBC and ITV prefer to make politically correct comedy such as MY Family, which has no comedy value at all.

    No. I believe that murdering one of these animals, or treating them badly should hold the same prison sentence as it would a human. As masters of the animal kingdom we should act as custodians. Despite what Moslims may think, animals were not put on earth for our purposes

    I watched some of it on TV and I would never go somewhere with such large crowds, although I went to concerts in my youth and it didn't bother me then. It would give me the heebie Jeebies these days!

    If you enjoy large open spaces with very few people, have ever considered going to watch Arsenal ?

    This butterfly used to spend the day hidden behind an old rag hanging on a little rack outside the back door. Every day in the winter I'd see it fly out at about ten or eleven in the morning and sun itself on the wall. Later, if I looked behind the rag, there it was, back in its hiding place. This went on all season. I looked the butterfly up and it turned out to be one that has an orange stripe in winter that turns golden in summer.

    Sure enough, come summer, there was the butterfly at the pond waterfall rocks, with a golden stripe on its wing.

    You could have got it with a fly swat if you were quick enough =O

    Even as young person I always said I would prefer a weekend in prison than a pop concert. Surrounded by people off their heads on drugs, using dirty chemical toilets, having your tent stolen, and paying £4000 for a dirty burger. To be fair though, it is a bit unfair painting every attendee as a green ban the bomb banner barer as a tad unfair. Glastonbury is attended by all ages and classes, what's more the tickets are hard to come by, and cost about 4 times the price of my first car.

    Unless Boris screws up Brexit (which as Boris is totally lazy and incompetent, is entirely possible) then I don't think Farage has a political future, no. He has always been associated with the EU and more recently Brexit and if Brexit happens, then people will move on from him. The only chance for him and its a big risk is if he lurches more to the right and becomes a "legitimate" Tommy Robinson and that might interest a lot of voters.

    I don't see Boris forming any kind of alliance with Farage, but if Boris does screw up Brexit, Farage won't need the conservatives, because the Conservative Party will not exist at that point, leading the way for PM Farage.

    If Brexit is successful under Boris, then voters won't care how weak his government may become, they'll just be glad that Brexit happened. The details of which will take many years to sort out, anyway, so we'll be talking about Brexit for many years to come yet!

    It's my belief we need a PM/political party at least as right wing as Farage. Our politics lacks common sense, and you can't exercise common sense when you have political correctness

    I'm going to have to get my map out and check things out. Without saying exactly where you are, are there any towns/areas you could point me in the direction of?

    I live between Skegness and Mablethorpe. Both of these resorts aren't places you or I may want to spend time holidaying in, but there are many villages between the two that are quiet and away from it all. Of course, jump in the car and you may be 20 minutes away from the hustle and bustle. I am about 1.5 miles from a beach that doesn't even get busy in high season. My nearest town is Skegness, Boston is about 40 minutes away, Lincoln and Grimsby are about an hour. On the down side, the transport infrastructure is lousy, and some other facilities aren't great either. Lincolnshire hasn't as yet been struck down with political correctness, and English is still the only language spoken. It's certainly not utopia, but is 1000% better than living in any big city.

    Yep, I remember you saying that before Bibbles. The only thing is, as well as hating the heat, I hate the cold too and and anything north of the M25 I find is too cold for me. Something to consider though.:thumbup:

    The other "little" issue, is I'm a long way from retirement, even though I feel very retired, if not rested, at the moment.

    You can't be to young to retire if you can afford it. I would have happily retired in my twenties if I could. Regards the weather, I moved up from Milton Keynes, and the temperatures are about the same, but we have less rain on average. Linconshire is only the Midlands. This isn't directed at you, but many people can do exactly what I did, but the fear of moving to somewhere they don't know, with people they don't know, puts them off improving their lives. Other than what I read, I knew nothing about the area I moved to, and I knew nobody here. Within weeks I had made friends, and within months it felt like home.