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    The Muslim of the U.K. are getting organised politically .They have infiltrated the Green Party and they are standing as independents everywhere .

    Unfortunately the non Muslims are nowhere near as focused on politics, they should be. If non Muslims take their eyes off the political ball they will be subjugated by Islam at the ballot box.

    Our country will become Islamic what then for our grandchildren ?

    The UK at some point will become a Muslim state, and the media/politicians are openly encouraging this by their own stupid denial. This isn't scare mongering, it's simple mathematics, as they are producing six children to our every one. They don't care if they have to go without a few trinkets, and they don't care if they sleep four to a room. They are actively trying to take major posts, such as Lord Mayor of London, and actively getting involved in politics. Fortunately I will be dead by the time it happens, but I fear for younger generations.

    Israel - JEWS have never instigated a non-provoked attack against Muslims.

    Militant Islam is a major threat to non-Muslims and a very serious direct threat against Jews.

    Such an ideology is a cancer, as alien to us as Covid.

    I would go further, they are a threat to all civilised countries, but unfortunately we have a minority of the non Muslim population who choose to ignore the threats

    I suspect there will be a few Rwanda flights in the coming weeks and the boats will reduce dramatically. Starmer will have a very hard time explaining why he wants to get rid of a policy thats doing what the majority of voters want. Then watch labour collapse in the polls

    There is too much ground to make up for the Tories at this late stage, however Labour's stance on immigration will definitely lose them some votes. If people just voted on policy, I am convinced REFORM would walk the election, however it doesn't work like that, and a large percentage of the electorate are quite thick

    I don't know why jew hating antisemetic racists don't just fess up and own their racism. Whats the point in pussy footing around and pretending you have sympathy for those you hate.

    Just own it.

    With regards to the Muslim protestors, this is most certainly the case. I don't believe the white protestors actually hate Jews, they are just virtue signalling. They have the weird idea that the Palestinians have been ill treated by the Israelis, and are victims of capitalism.

    Over 1600 scientists sign a declaration to say there is no climate emergency.…cy-declaration/

    I covered climate change in the video I made and posted. We have overpopulated the planet with our specie, so it's only logical we will have a negative effect. However, global warming is a natural phenomena, and our actions have probably just speeded things up a little. If the UK reached net zero tomorrow it would make no difference to the planet, just our pockets (in a negative way), and if the entire world reached net zero it wouldn't start to make a difference for 200/500 years. Net zero, like electric cars is a money spinner. This doesn't mean we shouldn't be mindful of what we are doing, but I really don't think there is reason to panic.

    To compare WW2 & the current conflict in Gaza is ridiculous

    There are certain similarities, and obvious differences. The initial attack on October 7th was an antisemitic attack, as part of Hamas's charter is to remove every Jew from the planet. The Israeli response can be compared to the response of the allies in the 2nd world war. Islam can be compared to the Nazis of 1940, and to pretend differently is a naïve

    Link isn't working ... looks like X has removed it for some reason.

    We have half an entire generation who believe this type of multiculturalism is great for the country. To be honest, the majority of the population are pissing against the wind. The GE election has just been announced for 4th July, which means we will shortly have a new government even more keen on allowing such scumbags to enter the country. Doomed, bloody doomed

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    I don’t recall any mass protests in London in response to the Hamas Oct 7th atrocities.

    You would think anti atrocity protesters would not pick a side.

    I think it fair to say these protesting mobs are pro Islamist, anti semetic, anti Israel protesters. They fly the flag of a proscribed organisation in open defiance of UK law and their protests are facilitated by the UK government and Police who allow these protests to become a normalised aspect of London life.

    This is what I have said all the time, this about about pro-Islam and anti Jew. If the people were protesting against atrocities they would be protesting against the Russian invasion of the Ukraine, or one of the many atrocities presently being committed by Muslims in Islamic countries.

    Exactly. The lslamic militants want to rule every country. They are in it for the long game. The accept it will take hundreds of years.

    Can anyone say - 5 or 10 years ago - London would be in the shit state it is in today? I saw illegal immigration was destructive but I did not envisage the level of dominance Islam/Muslims have today. Supported by our Police. This is disgraceful.

    We need to be worried. We should be worried and we should fight back in establishing a dominance of our culture and traditions. If others dont like it they can move back to an Islamic country.

    Regrettably both major parties are only interested in minority thinking groups and ethnic minority groups. If you're one of the masses with common sense beliefs you must be shut up because you're a filthy racist. You will be told you are scare mongering, despite the fact simple mathematics proves your point, and despite the fact large parts of our major towns and cities are being ghettoised. If we attempt to fight back we will be branded as far right extremists by all the major politicians, police, and media. Universities are preaching all sorts of crap, and our kids are being brainwashed. I believe it's all gone to far now, but at least I am of an age, and live in a place where it won't get to effect me directly

    You criticised Sofea yet you manage to draw an analogy between WW2 & the conflict in Gaza

    A gross misrepresentation

    Indeed there is a similarity. This is a war based on religion, despite what the woke may tell you. Muslims hate Jews, hate gays, want to take over the world, and are intolerant of other beliefs. All these things are reminiscing of the world war 2 Nazis. In this instance the Jews (Israel) are retaliating, because if they don't the holocaust will be rein acted, Israel need to dig out Hamas and remove them. They are, and will do their best to reduce collateral damage, but when Hamas use their own people as human shields collateral damage is inevitable. It's simple, if Palestine want peace hand back any hostages, surrender all weapons, and Hamas can step forward so each individual can be tried. Rightfully so, Israel will continue to destroy Palestine until their goal is achieved.

    The Israelis, during their search, have found three hostages taken by the Palestinians .. Needless to say the three were found dead. Just shows how inhuman the Palestinians and their Government ( Hamas ) are.. Murdering Bastards. !!1

    Bodies of three hostages recovered from Gaza, Israel's army says - BBC News

    That won't stop Owen Jones and thousands of his student mates protesting in favour of Hamas