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    Have just heard on the radio that they plan to scrap having to wear face coverings in public places from next Thursday, haven't had time to find a link to it to post.

    They also plan to get rid of the isolation period in March. This variant is very mild (I know, I just had it) and we don't lock people away when they have a cold

    Simple. I have always believed we should euthanize old people, then we wouldn't have the problems we have now. I wouldn't trust a refugee with my dog, let alone my grandmother

    I have just been isolating because of Omicron. You are absolutely right, it is no more than a cold, in fact, I have had far worse colds. All the time I was locked in I was thinking the same. We don't isolate or close down an entire country (Wales) because of colds

    I expect that the public information films about opening windows to allow the covid particles in the air to escape, was dreamt up by somone with an interest in the energy companies. :/

    That would be my guess, after all, my mate recons the whole covid thing has been dreamed up by politicians with an interest in drugs companies

    Nicola Sturgeon wants face mask wearing to continue forever. How will that go down in Scotland? That would be a very unwelcome policy in my part of the world.…la-sturgeons-plan-living/

    For those who don't know the science behind cheap face masks. Prior to the latest version of Covid, the virus had to attach its self to a water/vapor molecule. The latest virus is more contagious because is happy floating around the air unaided. Face masks are pointless against Omicron because the virus will simply pass through the fibers of the mask. In actual fact, there was some research done in India. One village didn't wear masks, one wore cheap masks, and one wore surgical quality masks. There were marginally less infections in the village wearing surgical quality masks, but no noticeable difference in the other two.

    Meanwhile, I am still locked in the bedroom on day 7, as my tests are still coming up negative, albeit have haven't had symptoms for the last three days

    Fake news my arse this is a tribunal where Congress are questioning the WHO who are behind it all and funded the lab in China. It's all there in black and white. As black and white as any court case goes. Your so blinded by you own bias that I bet you haven't even bothered to watch it. This is really problematic as it brings into the question science and the way they go about their business. Scientific research has basically accidentality released the virus on the world. You may say that's the US but like it or not (and I don't) what happens in the US reflects on the rest of the world especially the UK.

    You folk are like trolls that hang out on Facebook or wherever with only a mindset off slagging off and disparaging anyone that does not go along with your closed thinking or join your clique. From a psychology perspective you do make interesting study but you have no depth to you and it's really sad. No wonder this country and humanity is such a mess.

    I have to ask, do you believe the world is flat?

    Despite the Fake news that the virus came from a live animal market, which is understood to be conspiracy theory to hide the truth,... the most popular and reasonable theory is that it was a virus being developed in a Biological Warfare Laboratory in Wuhan which was not properly contained and escaped into the surrounding area. Movement of people did the rest and infected countries all over the world.

    That's right, and there is an number 57 bus on the moon's looking more and more like the virus started out of a Chinese lab funded by the US scientists using bats. The same scientists that have developed the vaccine. Congress are not happy and the whole wet market story was a cover up. 16million was given to the Chinese lab and they are still trying to cover their arses and weasel their way out.

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    That's all evidently proven fact. What is not fact and falls more on the so called conspiracy' side of things is that the funds may have come via the Bill and Melinda foundation. I certainly would not trust them as they are also buying up all the agricultural land (proven) and possibly pushing GM crops (unproven).

    The W.H.O carried out a very in depth study last year. It almost certainly came from the wet market. This natures way of telling us to leave creatures alone, that we shouldn't be having contact with. The lab theory is just conspiracy

    Sorry to hear that Bibbles hope you feel better soon. Don't forget the vax was only ever about reducing hospital numbers it was never a cure or to stop the spread. They said that from the very start but then latched onto the rest as propaganda to drug push so folk should not be surprised when they catch it. Folk seem to have forgotten about that after months and months of having an alternative drilled into their head.

    The bigger picture of course is that it was designed to cause divide, disruption to society so not only could certain types make lots of money but government could bring in new laws, powers and control.


    Sorry Nora, although the vaccine may not be as good as I hoped, all the facts point at it being better than nothing. That wi;; do me thanks

    So glad your friemnd came through it. We know several who died from the earlier variants before vaccinations were available. Just heard of another one this morning.

    That is sad. but the vast majority of people who died were either old or unwell already. Of course, there are exceptions, but this virus is here to thin out a population that desperately needs thinning out