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    The perceived value of high street retail units has been seriously overplayed for years. Unit rental value should be linked to business performance. Costs for business should be reasonable and predictable and landlords don’t get that.

    High rent cripples retailers, but ultimately the retailer has the choice to take the lease or not. Supply and demand makes the world go around. As a retired retailer, what always annoyed me is the fact the landlords have no responsibility for the condition of the building. If the roof falls in it's the responsibility of the tenant to repair it, unlike a private lease or rental. landlords of commercial property get so much tax relief they aren't even bothered to much if the property is left standing. Perhaps if this changed rents may come down.

    And I forgot the previous Chancellor who is I believe of Pakistani origin

    I should add that I welcome these appointments in our multi cultural society, it's the hypocritical Tories I detest

    If your still alive when they take over you won't be so appreciative, but I doubt you will be, so I don't suppose you care

    Pret A Manger is another one struggling and hoping to get its rent lowered on all its shops.

    I have the utmost sympathy for the retail sector, especially as I am a retired retailer. However, anyone prepared to charge £3 for a cup of coffee deserves what they get


    Seriously, it appears you love foreigners, well that's great. They are more than welcome to come in live in your town and street. Just watch the crime rate go up and the property prices come down, because that's what an influx of foreigners does. Whist they are their, why not invite some Pikys to live in your back garden. Fortunately I live in little England, and the infestation hasn't reached here yet.

    You come across as someone who discriminates between what's indigenous and what's foreign as well as how foreign "foreign" is. You're very loud when it comes to non-white culture but very quiet when it comes to the Americanism that has been subtly taking over the English way of life.

    If you are looking at it from a moral perspective, then it can only be fair if the UK were and had always been a hermit kingdom. Unfortunately, the UK has a history of colonialism and emigration.

    Foreign to me is anyone who isn't at least third generation British. I have no interest in historical British colonies, that was then and now is now. With regards to Americanism, I actually agree with you.

    Please spend 15 minutes watching this, it scares the life out of me, but you probably think it's great

    But as a descendant, you have profited and continue to profit from the sins of your ancestors. Would the British including the royals be in the same smug economically advanced position as they are now if it hadn't been for wealth "extracted" from the colonies? No.

    So while nobody is blaming the descendants for Britain's colonial past; at least, the prejudiced among them should show a bit of tolerance, if not welcome.

    Your talking history, and that bares no relevance in regards to today's dilemmas. I really can't understand why any wants more foreigners over here. We have more than enough people to keep the economy going, especially with all the unemployment we are facing. As a nation we should do everything we can do to make foreigners feel uncomfortable and unwanted.

    Now that you have vented your vitriol; what can you say about the (a) possible conflict between the Indian Madame Priti and her point-system immigration and the Czech Dominic Turnip Raab who is threatening your equilibrium with the arrival of 3M Honkies; and (b) the comparison that can be made between the treatment of the Gurkhas and other foreign ex-veterans and 3M Honkies who have never or may have never contributed to the UK in any way, some of whom may even be criminals.

    Look, I don't discriminate, I don't want any of them over here, and the includes the Gherkins. We don't have the space, we certainly don't have the infrastructure, and culturally foreigners ruin the country. They are all welcome to come here for a holiday and spend their money, but afterwards I want them to go home. Surely that's fair ?

    Although I am 62 years old, I have been a vegetarian since the age of 6. To make things worse, I don't like eggs, cheese, mushrooms, or cooked tomatoes. My idea of a good cooked breakfast is beans on toast with a few hash browns thrown in.

    The Indian, The Czech and Three Million Honkies: A story of immigration in the UK from the foreigner's perspective. "Out with Eastern Europeans; in with the East Asians!!???"

    UK offers plan for 'path to citizenship' for up to three million in Hong Kong as pressure ramps up

    The British government has broadened its offer of a "path to citizenship" to include almost three million Hong Kong residents, up from 350,000, as it ramps up pressure against China's move to crush dissent in the territory.

    Not more bloody foreigners, let's just hope they go to Scotland

    It has been that way for years. Safety professionals will be accustomed to the ALARP (As Low As Reasonably Practicable) principle where the safety benefits are balanced against the financial outlay, time and trouble required to achieve those benefits. I would imagine that ALARP will be applied to the process and decisions related to releasing the lock down restrictions.

    Anyone interested in how ALARP is applied in the real world might find this interesting…rp-principle-and-examples

    Your right. The less intelligent in society don't have the ability to look at what is best long term. A health economy and saving lives aren't inclusive, they are closely related. Going full out to save people from COVID now will undoubtedly result in far more deaths as we move forward. Of course, attempting to explain that to Labour voter is close to impossible ^^

    I see that eminent scientists who sit on SAGE are now openly criticising the decision to ease lockdown, and fear there will be a spread of the virus

    So it is a political decision and a move away from "Acting on the advice of scientists". No doubt the sycophants will call this a lefty liberal plot

    Johnson will properly carry the can :)

    Scientists are only interested in the deaths COVID is causing. It is not their job to look at what is happening to the economy and the increased amount of deaths caused through future poverty as a result of a weak one. If our only interest was to save people dying from COVID we would lock people in their houses for the next two years whilst the country rots, is that what you want Bryan ?

    My view is the lockdown should remain while loads of people are still dying, but what will be, will be.

    A very short sighted view. Firstly, there aren't loads of people dying, there are only a few hundred a day, and most of those are old or vulnerable. Secondly, don't you realise that the lock down is indirectly killing for more people than it is saving. Having a weak economy will drastically reduce investment in the NHS, and as a result far more people will die than COVID will ever kill. I should also mention the detrimental effect a lock down has on peoples well being and mental health

    Private landlords charging an arm and a leg in rent, subsidised by the LAs in Housing Benefit. Typical Tories

    That money spent on HB could well be used to build more social housing but since the Thatcher days the Tories don't build social housing

    Right, so we build more social housing. First of all, who will these houses be given to? Is it going to be Mr & Mrs Smith who both work full time doing low paid jobs, and WILL pay their rent, or is it going to be Mr & Mrs Brown who have never done a minutes work in their life and live on benefits. You know the answer to that one, don't you Bryan. So, ultimately the tax payer spends billions building homes for scumbags who will never actually contribute towards their construction. The building of social housing is pandering to the lowest common denominator. The best thing for anyone is to own their own home, and that's only going to happen through a strong economy, and a change of attitude amongst the younger generation.

    The most accurate chart is the deaths per million, and even then it's not that accurate. As you all probably know we come out 4th in that one with Belgium, Spain, and Italy above us. We need to take into consideration population density, age, and health. For example, we have a lot of overweight and black people, both of which are more likely to snuff it if they get the virus. Whilst our health service wasn't over stretched, we have lot of foreign doctors and nurses who don't really know what they are doing. Blaming the government is just politicising matters unnecessarily, as I think it is fair to say there has been little more they could do.

    As a matter of course and of principle, the US gives green card and eventually citizenship to every foreign recruit. Citizenship is always available but not automatic. You must ask for it and see it through right up to that "momentous, tear jerking" ceremony in front of a judge where you recite "I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States......" and sing "oh, say, can you see..."

    The INS can revoke your green card holder status and very rarely, naturalisation if you commit crimes like drug trafficking. This must have been the situation with the deported veterans. And if these veterans didn't bother to switch from green card to passport, it would have been easy to deport them. They committed crimes and since Mexicans are Trump's pet hate ..... ????

    Schmaltz, all these bloody foreigners you want over here, where to do you plan on putting them ?

    I think we should deport these who favour some sort of dystopian society where there are all blond blue eyed residents and those in need are killed off

    My issue has always been with culture, the lack of physical space, and infrastructure. I don't give a toss what colour anyone is. Because I don't care for foreigners much doesn't make me a racist

    I assume you mean quotas. But, anyway, No. To say there are recruitment quotas is wrong as well. According to reports, the reason why the MOD has been recruiting foreign nationals from Fiji, for example, who have not even lived in the UK is because of the shortage in local recruits. It looks like only a few locals are willing to risk their limbs and lives for ER.

    Well, now you say it's because of an ageing population; but this is what you posted previously -- the one to which I was replying: "As you well know, the only reason we have foreign people in the NHS is because we have so many bleeding foreigners in this country to care for." So. Is the NHS pushed by an ageing population or because we have so many bleeding foreigners to care for? Or both?

    It's both, too many old people, too many foreigners. So you genuinely believe that we have to recruit soldiers from Fiji because our young people don't want to do it, sorry that's rubbish. Like I said, there are quotas, and that includes girls.

    I used to live in Milton Keynes, and had a friend who was a Fire Fighter. They had two vacancies in his station for apprentices (or what ever you want to call them). His son was interested, but he told him not to bother because the fire service was only interested in people from ethnic minorities. People were asked to attend the station to pick up an application form and have a brief chat. There was a queue a mile long, almost solely white young males. Guess what, the two people recruited were from ethnic minorities. The army are the same, and youngsters from ethnic minorities will rarely be interested in joining a BRITISH army.

    Back to the point in hand though. So do you think that it right that once someone from Fiji joins the British army they should have the right to use the NHS and move here when they wish ?

    According to an MOD report; as of January 2018 recruitment was 5.7% below target and that the we're short of 8,200 bodies. I know the report is over 2 years old; but I believe the trend has not not changed.

    If you do a bit of internet research and google NHS patient statistics? -- you will find reports invariably telling you that the over 65s make up the biggest group of NHS patients. In terms of ethnicity, native whites make up the biggest group of patients.

    You're just an angry man, aren't you? Seeing comfort and vindication from your anger and prejudice.

    Firstly, like the Police force and fire service, the MOD has quotes. So many gays, so many black people, so many nutty transsexuals, etc etc. Needless to say this makes it hard for themselves.

    Regards the NHS, you are stating the obvious. I have said many times that the NHS is pushed because of an ageing population and a very large population, and that's why I want the over 70s euthanized, and a halt to immigration. If we did that then try telling me we need foreign doctors and nurses.

    IOW Liars and wafflers

    I think your getting Tory MP's confused with all MP's. The thing is people say they want MP's to be honest, but when they are people don't like it. The only politician I have ever believed is Farage, and some people don't like him either. Think what you like about Trump, but at least he says it as he sees it, whereas Obama never gave a straight answer to anything, and never actually did anything, but many Brits thought he was an American God

    Well. The Ministry of Defence and the NHS actively recruit foreigners, so obviously, we do need more foreigners. That's according to them, of course. Obviously, you don't agree. Why don't you write or call them. Tell the MOD to stop actively recruiting foreigners; introduce conscription and give the military posts to locals who'd be willing to risk their lives for you and me. And maybe order the NHS to stop contracting foreign medical staff who would look after these local boys when they come home with limbs missing; suffering from PTD.

    That's how crazy this country is. There aren't enough spaces for young people who want to sign up, yet we still have bloody foreigners in the BRITISH army. As you well know, the only reason we have foreign people in the NHS is because we have so many bleeding foreigners in this country to care for. I would also point out that just about every foreign health care worker I have ever had dealings with have been useless. We have foreign doctors in my surgery, and to be honest I may as well talk to doctor Google

    A vote against Corbyn; rather than a vote for Johnson.

    I am not a Tory, but they were by far the most credible potential government. Socialism is dead and buried, so that took out the Labour party, the Lib Dems, and the Green party. To be honest, until there is another credible right wing party the Tories have nothing to worry about.