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    There will always be wackos in society and there always have been. The difference now is that they have the means to broadcast their ridiculous ideas. This ability to broadcast to all and sundry brings them together and they appear to be greater in number than they are. However, the sensible ones will always see through them.

    I see a lot of young people and listen to what they have to say. Pretty well all of them appear to be polite, well adjusted and intelligent, and so I have no fears for the future on that score.

    Of course, there are other areas which are deprived and where many young people are out of control, maybe violent and erratic, but they are like their parents. I like to think that as we become wealthier as a country, we can give these people hope, a better education, and reduce the number of people who behave this way. That's what I believe Boris means by 'levelling up', which will pay dividends for us all.

    It won't happen old boy. It's a myth that if you give the deprived more money they will start acting in a responsible way, they won't. They will simply spend more money on things that don't matter, and continue to act in the way they have previously. I find it strange in a modern society you can't have what you want unless you can afford it, however, if you want children and can't afford it, someone else pays for them.

    So Hitler was the person who, on his own, slaughtered six million innocent people, bombed British cities and shot prisoners of war and indulged is horrendous medical experiments on prisoners----. NO -- Millions of German people took part in those atrocities. They are as guilty as Hitler .

    The majority of Germans had no idea what was happening with the Jews. We should forget about the past, or we will still hate the French because of Napoleon, the Italians because of the Romans, and the Danish because of the Vikings. It's time we started looking at the modern day threat, and that's Islam

    Agree with that, word for word. I don't think things will get any better, so see no reason why all restrictions can't be lifted straight away (apart from foreign travel)

    I'm not surprised. They've got a large population and I don't believe their population has been fully vaccinated yet.

    I had my second jab today and with my mum getting hers last month, our household is now fully vaccinated. :) I just hope I don't get that severe reaction again later that I had last time, but the doctor told me it might happen.

    My friend had a bad reaction on his first, and this lead to his head falling off when he had his second. Good luck, but if you don't make any further posts I know what's happened

    To add to that, I read somewhere that Dignitas will no longer take take the British because of legal cases. I simply don't understand the obsession we have with keeping people alive, especially against their will. We have over 67m people in this country, surely we can spare a few?

    The majority of people who attempt suicide don't actually want to die, its a cry for help and they want to be found before they die.

    Or perhaps we can simply fund better mental health services. Better than killing people...

    That kind of proves my point' although statistics prove men tend

    Or perhaps we can simply fund better mental health services. Better than killing people...

    I hate the term "killing people". Voluntary euthanasia is NOT killing people.

    Unfortunately that wouldn't work on a few accounts. Firstly, most people who want to commit suicide don't want to be talked out of it, they just want closure, and quickly. Secondly, even the best funded mental health service won't be able to give instant service. I would suggest the nearest thing to that would be the Samaritans, but again, someone who wants to end things will not contact them. People who want to die should be helped to do so, but that doesn't mean a councilor shouldn't be on hand at the crucial time, as long as the said councilor is prepared to help, not just to attempt to talk the person out of their decision.

    I regularly eat meat free meals and also meals of meat and appropriate veg. To me the full spectrum of available ingredients is the best way to enjoy tasty and healthy eating.. I've no time for those narrow minded people who think that theirs Is the only choice and everybody else has got it wrong. Just eat what you enjoy and ignore the doomsayers.

    Even as a vegetarian I don't suggest everyone should follow my path. However, I agree with you that many meat eaters should be more open minded. There are many meat free options that are very tasty, and I would suggest even the most adamant meat eater wouldn't notice the lack of flesh unless advised prior to tucking in

    It is but it can also be linked with Autism which is an illness. ADHD is perfect example of pigeon holing.

    I do believe we should should a Dignitas type place like they do in Switzerland but only for the terminally ill and it would have to be tightly controlled.

    The thread isn't really about euthanasia for the ill, as most people would agree with that. The purpose is to help people end their lives that have to go through the indignity and pain of poorly carried out suicides.

    If any good comes out of this pandemic it will be that more money is pumped into mental health services. Don't forget it wasn't that long ago that mental health wasn't even looked upon or treated as an illness. But it's so much more complicated than that because most of the work the Psychiatrists and Psychotherapists do is based on theory and lots of trial and error. Even something as simple as finding the right medication to treat someone with derepression can take years of experimenting with one drug over another or a combination of drugs and CBT or even lifestyle changes. They may even discover or diagnose as something more than clinical depression and it turns out to be ADHD, PTSD, Bipolar or even Schizophrenia or something.

    Finding a diagnosis can take years and many will go through life living with it and not even consider they have a problem. We also have a problem with labelling so many things, pigeon holing various ailments. Sometimes counselling is the easy way out for the doctor and it works for some but not everyone. They also prefer not to dish out drugs where they don't have to. We are still so far away from understanding the human brain and what makes it tick so mental health services is up there with alternative therapies. It's only recently that the NHS have accepted Acupuncture as a treatment. I'm sure there are some doctors out there that still don't accept mental health and it's a case of 'your just feeling a bit down, things will pick up again soon'. Brushed under the carpet.

    Yeah, but in the meantime let's give them a better way out. The majority of people who commit suicide don't even ask for help first, so better mental health support wouldn't matter anyway. Of course, my idea won't be adopted, so in the meantime thousands of people every year will kill themselves in the most horrible manner

    Finally, ADHD is an excuse for bad behaviour, and is an illness that only effects kids from bad families. Otherwise I get your point

    Every year thousands of people commit suicide. In 2019 5691 people killed themselves, with younger men being the most common to do so. The methods can be horrible, with hanging representing nearly 60% of suicide deaths. My late father had seven attempts, five through drug overdoses, and twice he stabbed himself in the groin. To be honest, they were all a little half hearted, but if he had an easy way out I think he may have taken it. Many people do unrepairable damage to themselves whilst attempting it, and as a result end up living an even more miserable life. Attempting to get any sort of help is quite pointless, as NHS funded counselling sessions are few and far between, and can take months and months to get an appointment.

    With a population of over 67m I don't think we should be over worried that we are going to run out of people, however it's about time we showed some compassion. If we can't be bothered to help people, perhaps we should consider helping them. A simple trip to a clinic accompanied by a letter from the doctor could end these poor soles lives without pain or risk of them handicapping themselves for the rest of their lives. It's crazy in this day and age people who don't wish to live any longer have to endure the potential pain of a poorly handled suicide, so pray tell, why can't we help them ?

    The crazy thing is that even if we all gave up meat the animals would still be killed so the ingredients can go into making other things like clothes, soap, make-up, food additives, pet food etc. I don't believe that becoming a vegetarian or even vegan should be forced upon others. The problem goes a lot deeper than the meat we eat. We should be thankful that the meat and kill does not go to waste like sharks killed only for their fins and rest chucked back in the Sea for others to eat.

    I am not suggesting that anyone should be forced to be a vegan or vegetarian, I propose this will happen naturally in civilised countries over a period of time. This will be for reasons of health, ethics, and the environment. Your other point isn't correct. There is nothing we can't produce without killing animals, even pet food. My son's dog lived to 15 eating a vegetarian diet all it's life. Cats are a little harder to appease, but far from impossible. The slaughter of sharks is indeed vile. For everyone one human being that is killed by a shark, one million sharks are killed by human beings.

    In a normal slaughterhouse animals are stunned before being killed, so those should be allowed to continue only where they not stunned should be outlawed.

    Still doesn't answer the question why people are offended by gm crops from a laboratory, but not artificially produced meat from a laboratory.

    I was talking to a vet a few weeks ago. One of his jobs is to attend slaughter houses to check everything is done correctly. According to him they find it simpler to kill the animals the Halal method, and this is the way most of the poor creatures end up. This appeases Muslims, and the rest of the meat eating community don't know any different. Horrible, but true.

    For the life of me, I can't see why any meat eater would have a problem eating lab grown meat?

    Artificially grown meat all sounds a bit Frankenstein to me, we are told that over processed food is bad for us, well as far as i am concerned nothing sounds more over processed than artificially grown meat, funny how everyone fears GM crops and the like yet we are supposed to accept artificially grown meat, :/Artificially grown meat has already been developed. Like any red meat it isn't a

    Artificially grown meat has already been developed, albeit red meat isn't very good for us, regardless of where it comes from. At least it doesn't involve some poor creature having it's throat cut in order Mohammed is appeased. That said, our liberal woke culture would continue to allow Muslims to do as they wish in order nobody gets offended

    If everybody turned vegan our landscape would change for ever. Pigs, sheep, deer, cattle, ETC. would become totally extinct. That would be a sad state of affairs.

    Deer of course wouldn't become extinct, they run wild. Pigs, sheep and cattle as we know them are man developed creatures anyway.

    The thing is if everyone was to convert to vegetarianism there would be a whole industry that is geared to meat based food production that would go out of business putting an awful lot of people out of work, yes some of them could adapt but it would still mean a lot of people out of work.

    It will happen, but very slowly. Meat production will slow down and related companies will down size and diverse.

    My diet won’t change. Mind you, I only have a limited shelf life!

    I don't expect or want it to. Our diets will change as generations and opinions advance. In the mean time, let's respect our fellow creatures

    Apparently these days "thoughtcrime" and even "lookcrime" is a thing, you can be as guilty of thinking about something as much as you are of doing something or so it seems, and "lookcrime" is where you are not allowed to look at someone in certain way, it can be as simple as casual glance in someone's direction which they will take offense too and you will get a confrontational "what you looking at?", just be careful how you respond even just saying "nothing much" can be taken offense at, just better to say nothing and certainly don't make eye contact. :D

    Not so long ago I watched a quite well known Asian doctor being interviewed on TV. He told how he had been racially abused on a regular basis, but not verbally. The example he gave was being looked at in an accusing manner when he entered shops. Honestly, I ask you?

    Your facts are indeed correct. Even as a life long vegetarian I concede we have evolved as a specie, and our tolerance of meat has probably changed. Our diets will change, and it is my belief civilised society will reduce the intake of meat, both for ethical and environmental reasons.