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    This post was put on a while ago, so just wondered how things have gone. Are they still with you, do you hate each yet, and have they eaten your dog etc etc. The trouble is that Ukrainians are very similar in culture to the Russians, and whilst it may appear a good idea at first, I honestly can't see it working out well for the majority of people.

    I have to be honest, I would rather offer someone from our own culture who is presently homeless a roof over their head.

    I was listening to a union leader complaining about the countries poor distribution of wealth the other day, and whilst I thought he was an out and out plonker, I also realise that our distribution of wealth needs looking at. Apparently 1% of people have 30% of the wealth, which can't be right, but what do we do about it. Socialists would like to tax the rich till they scream, but that only takes away the incentive to be successful, and ultimately these people may move to another country where they are appreciated. I can't help thinking that it's wrong that the Chief Exec of a bank is earning millions of pounds a year, whilst the teller is on £9.50 an hour. At the same time I think it's wrong that someone on disability is driving around in a fully expensed brand new car, whilst Mr & Mrs Smith who both work full time can only afford a 20 year old banger. You see, the distribution of wealth is almost as a bigger a problem at the bottom of the scale as it is at the top. Of course, we could increase the minimum wage, but this only drive up inflation and is likely to bankrupt businesses.

    You see, I know things aren't right, but for the life of me can think of a way things can be made better

    And there lies the problem. Until someone can come up with something better, we should not tamper with it.

    I believe the problem lies as much with the voters as it does the system. In my experience more people I know agree with the policies of the reform party than any other party, but wouldn't vote for them because they believe it is a wasted vote. I believe very few people hold a high regard for either the Labour party or the Conservatives, but will probably vote for one of them at the next election just to keep the other one out of power. Of course there is proportional representation, but this comes in several forms and generally means we would end up with a hung parliament.

    Unfortunately politicians are out of touch with the general public, and listen to those who shout the loudest. This is why people with minority opinions tend to get their own way. If the silent majority wasn't so bloody silent then perhaps political decisions would make more sense to us.

    If I was an Eton educated person and thought I had the right connections and had a chance I would, but then I would not have the same intellect and intelligence levels I have now so wouldn't be me. Sadly Internal terrorism or civil war is probably the only thing that will fix this country not a new politician stuck in the same system.

    To believe that the system can or will ever change is naivety. My son is an out and out Liberal, wokey communist, and get's frustrated because the UK isn't interested in adopting his beliefs. He hates anyone who is rich, doesn't believe people who don't want to work are a problem, and wants to tax the hell out of everything and everyone so we can have a better NHS and benefits system. What's more, he believes it is the right of anyone who wants to live here to come and do so. I on the other hand am very right wing, want to euthanize the over 70s, bring back capital punishment, and not just for murder, aim for zero immigration, and am convinced the answer to the world's problems is over population. The difference being that I know things won't change, whilst he is constantly angry because so few people share his beliefs. Ultimately we are stuck with what we have, and as much as I don't rate out government, I know it's the better of two evils, and by a mile. The perfect political system doesn't exists, and it never will!!

    My non-expert view is that the NHS is a massive organisation and clearly reform and changes are needed. We all know it’s always under a lot of pressure and like any organisation of its size, it needs to adapt with the times.

    However I’m a strong believer that the publicly funded model free at the point of need must persist. I can’t even begin to imagine what an America/style privatised insurance-based system would be like, where those who can least afford it would not be able to use it.

    The NHS has many problems but I still think it’s a wonderful organisation and one which we should defend and that should still give us a huge source of national pride. It’s lasted all these years and we need to make sure it lasts many more years into the future.

    We pay the second most per capita of any public health service in Europe, and it is amongst the worst. I for one have no pride it in at all. From personal experience I found it dreadful, albeit slightly better than nothing at all. Of course, depending on where you live, or what health issues you may have had, will alter your opinions.

    You two are such cheery old souls!

    Yeah, but Norra is right. OK, we won't be around when the problem really hits, but it will. I don't agree with him that nature will sort out the population though. We have become to clever, and when ever it throws something at us (like COVID or AIDS) we find cures.

    A few years ago I refused the annual Flu Jab I went down the Flu the worst I have ever felt in my life it took nearly two weeks to get rid of it, I had Covid in April I felt under the weather and a few aches and pain got rid of it in 4 days

    People get flu confused with a cold, and the two are VERY different. As you may have found out Flu makes you want to die. I also had Covid, and the symptoms were similar to a mild cold, but that was the Omicron variant. What's worrying is that I contracted it 6 weeks after my third jab

    Yes people should die. The more the better for the rest of us and ecology and life on earth. It would save the human race rather than drive us all to extinction. We humans are a plague on the planet. How we decide who lives and who dies is the difficult one but if we hold out long enough I'm sure war will sort things out somewhat. How we decide certainly should not revolve around money and privatisation is definitely not the answer. Maybe we should reverse medical tech 100 years because it no longer benefits us as a species.

    Music to my ears Norra, somebody who understands the issue. We have far to many people living in the country, and on the planet, but the plans of the more advanced countries appear to be focused around making us live longer and produce even more children. It is a massive problem, and all we do is attempt to cope with the symptoms, rather than the illness. Reducing child birth won't work because we end up with an older population and a smaller work force. In reality the tree needs trimming from the top, but society would never embrace my idea of a Logan's run scenario. Alternatively we could take a softer approach and enable voluntary euthanasia, but I don't think that would make a significant difference. It's a massive problem, and although I know the answers are complex, nothing will ever get done as long as the leaders of the world pretend the problem doesn't exist.

    And surprise surprise it's most of the things called out as a conspiracy that is turning out to be the truth including COVID passes.

    We don't have an effective vaccine for COVID which is the whole point. It's all a gaslit illusion and who can say that the regular flu vaccine would not have worked or even straight forward heard immunity as the gov originally wanted to do back in Cheltenham race days. As much as we where told that COVID is not Flu and not to be compared to Flu for the majority when they caught COVID including after having the so called vaccine they only experienced Flu like symptoms. Most who died as far as we can gather where either elderly or had pre existing conditions. Anyone else, especially the younger healthier and stronger immunity generations may have died from the contribution of the so called vaccine. The truth is starting to come out now but there will always be lots that is still kept from us or we will be manipulated (gaslit) to think otherwise.

    LOL, ONLY flu like symptoms? If you have ever had REAL flu you will know it's bloody evil, and nothing like a cold. I had Covid, and it was a walk in the park compared to flu

    But it did work Armitage.

    It prevented loads of deaths and people getting seriously ill, which was its purpose.

    That's what the scientists told us. Either we believe them or not. I believe them.

    I got Covid 6 weeks after my third jab. Don't get me wrong, I will have the 4th jab when offered it, but do I believe it is any good, umm, I'm not convinced.

    Quite right they have worked at giving us our freedoms back but they have not worked as vaccines and to what expense.

    I tend to agree. I got covid six weeks after my third jab. I only got Omicron and was n't bad. My friend who is anti vaccer also caught it and was not particularly ill. I will have a 4th jab if they ask me, but I have big reservations whether they work or not

    With what its doing to the economies around the world, I just hope it ends quickly, regardless of the result. I just drew my private pension and started my annuity seven months early, because the pot was shrinking by about a £1000 a day, yes, a £1000 a day. Others won't be in my position, and there will be hardly any pension left for them soon. On top of this, oil companies have had a windfall tax put on them, which will also effect peoples pensions.

    Prince Charles is perfectly entitled to voice his personal opinions at this moment in time , however when he does become King he will not make his opinions on Parliamentary matters known to the public

    I actually wrote to the BBC about this today. As usual their reporting is totally bias, I wonder if they would have reported it if Charles said it was a great idea. Anyway, here is the letter

    Prince Charles alleged comments on asylum seekers 

    Once again I feel obliged to complain about the BBC's left wing and woke bias. The show reported that Prince Charles was heard to say that he was appalled about the governments plans to deport asylum boat people to Rwanda.. Firstly, this is tittle tattle, as the Prince has no right to comment on political decisions. I wonder if the BBC would have reported it if he was heard to say what a brilliant idea it is? You filmed two people stood outside a court with banners condemning the governments actions, hardly much of a turnout. You also interviewed a campaigner, who for what ever reason preferred these people live here, rather than one of the many safe countries they crossed to get here. At no stage did you bother to interview anyone who was prepared to condemn the Prince's alleged comments. As usual the BBC are totally out of touch with the opinion of the vast majority of it's viewers. We have a crowded country with little housing, our infrastructure is failing, and our NHS can't cope. However, the BBC are making it obvious that their opinions lye with the alleged beliefs of Charles. Perhaps just for once the BBC should consider backing the government and supporting the opinions of the countries people. Ultimately, if asylum seekers realise they will be sent to Rwanda on arrival to the UK, they won't bother to make the hazardous trip, and as a result lives will be saved.

    I am sure Charles has been heard to give opinions on many things over the years, so stop hand picking what you want the country to here, and attempt to either remain neutral, or support the beliefs of your viewers. Thank You 

    Old boy, as long as China, India, Russia, and the USA aren't bothered, anything we do is a tiny p155 in a very large ocean. If anyone actually believes our example will encourage the aforementioned countries to follow suit, they are kidding themselves

    Think we all know though that he was at other parties not just eating cake. There are pictures of him raising a glass at a work leaving do for a start.

    He also presided over a party culture which Sue Gray’s report said senior leadership must take responsibility for.

    The whole partygate issue is a lot bigger than Boris eating cake. In contrast Starmer had a beer and curry while out on the campaign trail. Durham Police had already originally investigated and found no wrong doing. It doesn’t compare.

    There is a war on, fuel prices are going through the roof, and inflation is crazy, so why the hell is anyone bothered whether people had a drink after work. For God's sake, they were sat next to each other all bloody day. The police don't have time to turn up when your house is burgled, and they have virtually legalized shop lifting because they don't have time for that either, however, they do have the time and resources to spend millions of pounds investigating a breach of rules during lock down. That's madness!

    Macron is and always has been a nasty, back stabbing individual. His cosying up to Putin and financing Russia's invasion of Ukraine by buying Russia's fuel shows what a two faced character he is.

    I was prying LePen would get in. I really can't understand the Frogies decision to vote Macron in again