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    Very disappointing results in Peterborough. The Brexit Party came close, but didn't win. I don't understand how anyone who is interested in politics, and the well being of their country, can vote for Corbyn's party, especially over the embarrassment of Corbyns insults and snubs to the President of the USA. I thought Corbyn always claimed 'talking with them' was better?

    Who would benefit most from alienating the UK from the USA? Could it be the EU?

    OK I understand what you mean, but I don't think the results were 'very' disappointing. I mean the Brexit party took 29% of the vote, which is an incredible result for a party that's just a few months old.

    Nigel Farage’s Brexit party has surged into first place as voters’ favourites, according to a new poll. It is the first time the party has achieved top position in a national poll -…oll-conservatives-opinium :)

    This should not be legal. Either we have equality, ie. all laws apply equal, or we don't, and at the moment we do not because no way would you be allowed to have a recruitment advertisement for white, English speaking only, applicants.

    What was it Powell said? The black man will have the whip hand. He was almost right. These days it is ALL minorities who have the whip hand, and they rule, in more ways than one, and the majority may as well not exist (except to pay taxes).

    I agree, a young man recently took the police to court for discrimination because he was turned down on the basis that he was white. (As my son was a few years ago, that's another story) Hopefully the case will set a precedent many others will follow.

    Can you imagine what would happen if a young man was told he couldn't have a job because he is black? Racism is a one way street in this country. And yes, Enoch Powell was before his time. Even he never predicted a politically correct minority appeasing 21st century UK in which enforced diversity is a race to the bottom.


    Well I don't know what part of the country you live in, I suppose you may live up a mountain with no access to the outside world, unlikely I would have thought but it's a possibility.

    Ron, the overrepresentation of black & minority ethnic people is so obvious it's embarrassing and it's been going on for some years. If you cant see it it's because you don't want to see it. Are you an outraged lefty Ron?...The link below is from 2008 and since then it's been getting steadily worse because it's an issue the white majority dare not mention in case some benighted left wing snowflake type starts screaming racist, the word of our epoch.

    Do you think the BBC are racist for advertising specifically for black and minority ethnic job applicants? How about the police & fire brigade telling young white men that all places for white applicants have been taken and they are invited to reapply in two years time, at the same time the police & fire brigade openly advertise for black and minority ethnic recruits. The Met police even lowered the standard of written English required for black & minority ethnic recruits and the British Transport Police banned white job applicants from attending recruitment workshops in London Birmingham and Manchester.

    BBC ban white job applicants -…for-trainee-role-7243601/

    Police ban white men from recruitment workshop -…ruitment-workshop-1642925

    Is it me Ron? Am I a racist for having the temerity to mention the staggeringly obvious? The overrepresentation of black & minority ethnics is not a secret, I accept it's not openly talked about lol perish the thought, but it's hardly a secret.

    Answer to title question: No.

    But I am a huge supporter of diverse ethnicities. They have a right to exist in peace and protect themselves as much as they like. Pity politics uses us all to do things that haven't the slightest thing to do with people and everything to do with the maintenance of expense accounts.

    I don't think anyone should be ignored on the basis of ethnicity or skin colour, minorities should have representation, not overrepresentation. But thanks to political correctness and diversity, that is exactly what we have in this country. The white English majority are frightened to criticize or even mention it in case they are shouted down as racists.

    Trump's the archetypal bull in a China shop, but then he is a super capitalist and a businessman. He's probably the right stuff in that world. I thought it was rather funny when he leapt into the hot seat. He possibly didn't think he'd win!

    That's right, and I think sometimes people forget that. Trump is a hard nosed businessman who shoots from the hip, he is not a politician. I mean can you imagine any previous US president saying in front of a global audience he would sue the EU lol. In many ways Trump reminds me of Boris.

    We have people staying at the weekend, I was rather hoping we could sit in the garden but that's looking a tad dubious at the moment. Fingers crossed. It's not exactly cold here right now, but it's not sunny either. No wind but dull & grey and about 14C, not exactly a good summer, yet.

    Good for you.:thumbup::)

    When I was putting out some washing on the line last week, a bee got stunned by me accidentally and fell onto its back on the grass. It must've been on a nice peaceful sunbathing perch on my washing line, until I came along and I knocked it off.

    I didn't give it anything to eat, but I did turn up the right way and after ten minutes, it recovered and flew off.

    Yes indeed, bee's are incredible little things, and so important. I watch them as they fly around the garden from plant to plant, then suddenly they come across a coleanthus and they're on it like a rash. They get their back legs so thick with pollen it's wonder they can take off. Regarding the sugar solution I revived the aforementioned bee with, I was going to leave the saucer out in the garden for passing bee's to have a slurp from. Out of curiosity I got a bit of advice from the internet and it seems that's not a good idea! It's OK to revive a tired bee with sugar solution but the advice was not to leave it in the garden because it will attract bee's away from their hives. Not sure whether I believe that tbh, but it's advice I followed.

    If Farage was a Tory I would love to see him at the helm, but he isn't. In reality my first choice is Gove, but my guess is that it will be Boris. I like Boris, but he is a little to left for my liking.

    Boris is too left wing for you Bibbles? ^^ Good man. Personally I dislike Gove, I think he would keep us in the EU. He comes across as someone who is very competent, and equally sneaky. I don't trust him. My choice for next Tory leader would be:

    a. Boris

    b. Raab

    c. McVey.

    No, to answer the question, no. I have no desire to be fired into the stratosphere. Life is short enough and the chances of getting to a ripe old age unscathed are slim, I have no wish to shorten the odds. I've seen enough, I'm perfectly happy to spend my days looking up at the celestial teapot from mother Earth.

    Did you see the last programme? Brian Cox said that Mars at some point in the distant past may have been a blue planet just like Earth. He claimed all the indicators were there. Evidence of oceans & rivers and evidence that Mars like Earth has biochemistry. I concede I may be getting in over my head, but it's all very interesting. One thing is for sure, Earth time and space time are two very different concepts.

    We have a couple of Coleanthus plants in the garden which are absolutely covered in bee's, in fact we revived a bee this morning. He looked as if he was on his last legs so I quickly made up a sugar solution and put it down for him on a saucer and he really got stuck into it, ten minutes later he was gone. [I mean he flew away, not died] :)

    Wild animals are so brave. They can teach us a lot about survival.

    Watched a programme last night about a reserve in SA who specialise in looking after rescued big cats from all over the world. The programme focused on a beautiful lion who needed quite extensive dental treatment. The photographs of him when he was found in captivity in Rumania were horrific.

    Back after five and a half hours of blackout.

    Oddly enough we had a power cut a few days ago, nothing serious (Unless you're on life support I suppose lol) we were only down for 5 mins but it did evoke memories of the 1960's when power cuts were fairly common.

    I've tried to watch the new Top Gear but with the best will in the world, I just don't think it's as good as the origional. I doubt any trio will be as good or as funny as Clarkson May & Hammond. I still watch the repeats and although I must have seen the Bolivia special a dozen times, I'd still watch it again. I particularly miss Clarkson's unpc and often ham fisted approach.

    Yep. My little town, which is part of a much wider London conurbation mess, is all takeaways, betting, charity, sun parlours (I'm in Essex, innit...) and other rubbish.

    Had a woolworths once, but as my town is part of a bigger town, I've not had any of the brand name retailers immediate to me.

    I have fond memories of 'Woolies' mainly because of the pic & mix sweets, which is why Woolworths was important to the average 7 or 8 year old. I'm going back long before the chain went bust, in fact to the 1960's. Mum would occasionally allow my bro and I to pick a small bag of sweets, I think 2oz each, and we would always discreetly eat one before we took them to the counter to pay and thought we had got away with the crime of the century. Talk about the age of innocence.

    That's nice, I like your plants & flowers. I may not be a gardener but I like a nice garden. Fortunately Mrs R likes gardening, as you obviously do. The first pic looks a lot like the bottom of our back garden tbh. She has lots of pots on a patio area as well, too many imo but for the sake of marital harmony I keep me gob shut.

    I can think of one Labour leader who likes to suck up to American presidents...

    Oh man, yes that was embarrassing. In fact on the political cringe scale of 1 to 10, Blair was 10. Bush Jnr will go down in history as the most incompetent US president of all time, and Blair was his lap dog for the world to see. Christ I'm cringing thinking about it.

    :rolleyes: It had to happen at some stage, I suppose. I made a pets thread.

    This is Big Louis the African Grey parrot. We've had him for 25 years. He is not tame but is very chatty and friendly to those he chooses to like. Loves action and noise. Goes ga-ga if anyone does building or uses a noisy electrical tool anywhere nearby. Shouts and hoots and chatters to them all day. If they answer him back, he goes ballistic with joy. Love him to bits.

    'Big Louis' lol, I used to know someone who had an African Grey, quite remarkable how clearly he spoke. It was almost like a person mimicking a parrot and sometimes you couldn't get a word in, he could be quite vocal bless him. Obviously intelligent birds. You've had him for 25 years, good heavens, is that because he's in captivity?..

    I honestly don't know how Bercow is managing to stay as Speaker. The accusations of bullying should be enough to at least suspend him, but his blatant bias towards Remain is totally contrary to the role of speaker. He doesn't even bother to hide his bias these days.

    This Brexit saga has made me realise just how difficult it is to remove bent, dishonest, fraudulent and dishonourable politicians.

    Sign of the times Fidget. Sadly a majority of MP's are pro EU and are likely to support Bercow, however odious the little toerag is.

    Osbourne is playing pure politics here. Here believes that if politics swings to the extremes, that opens up a major opportunity in the future for those people (like him) who are centralists, the same centralists and elites, we rejected with the Brexit vote.

    I tend to agree, but in all honesty I think Osborne would say anything to discredit embarrass and ridicule Mrs May for sacking him. I have no doubt he has one eye on a return to front line politics and I wouldn't be surprised to see him back at some point. But it's a return I wouldn't welcome.

    Mrs R has had me putting up hanging baskets this afternoon. Oh man, hanging off a ladder as she says go left a couple of inches... go down a couple of inches...ooh I don't know, put it back where it was! When she started talking about moving bird feeders I left her to it. I'd had enough.