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    I actually don't mind that they show an episode a week, having said that I don't mind doing a bit of binge watching either, problem is it's too easy to over do it and attention can some times wander when doing so.

    Anyway I have watched the first episode and really enjoyed it, this series runs for 13 episodes.

    It could be that May has played a blinder by getting the Withdrawal Act completed BEFORE she presented the EU Withdrawal deal, knowing that the EU would overplay their hand (encouraged by UK Remainers) and it would fail. Has she outmanouvred the Remainers into a WTO exit?

    I live in hope.

    Funny because I am convinced she is doing the opposite in that she wants the threat of a no deal Brexit so she can convince everyone it's better to stay in the EU so the withdrawal can be stopped and the UK stays in.

    I'm just trying to catch up with events of today, I gather there's been lots of goings on... But the lhe law is the law and the law is that we leave on the 29th March. The MPs can change the law and get an extension to article 50, but that would need the government to allow the time in parliament for this to happen.

    I'll see what's happened today, then comment further.

    Well it wouldn't surprise me at all if they did attempt that.

    Well today is the day when The Grand Tour returns to Amazon prime, each episode will be released every Friday with the first one being available today and I will be watching later today. :thumbup:

    And if it is extended, all the EU countries have to agree on that, which may not happen, so may not be a option either.

    Well the other day you seemed to be pretty certain that it couldn't be stopped or extended and that the UK would be definitely leaving the EU on the 29th of March, now you seem to be saying "if", which kind of suggests you are not so sure that leaving the EU can't be stopped or extended. :P:D

    The twenty traitors should be sacked from the Conservative party , they are a disgrace and deserve all the abuse they get , the EU leaders must be rolling around in hysterics .

    Well anyone who voted to leave and has one of them as MP should be seriously thinking about not voting for them at the next GE that's for sure, problem is if the alternative is no better they may have a hard decision to make.

    I saw another article recently which gave a very different reason why Cameron went ahead with the vote and it was shocking, I'll try and find the article and post a new thread about it. Suffice to say, he was VERY pro-EU.

    I got the impression that Cameron went ahead with the referendum to stop the rise of UKIP, there was no way he actually wanted us to vote to leave and certainly didn't expect that result it was all about shutting people up if the vote had been to remain he would have had the ammunition to say well look you had the referendum the vote was to stay now shut up about it, sadly for him he failed and hence him throwing his toys out the pram and quitting as PM and also as a MP. :P:D

    Yes. It would require further legislation to prevent us exiting on 29th March, which means the government (not Parliament) would need to introduce new legislation, or amend the Withdrawal Act.

    I'm sure that if someone wants to delay leaving they will find a way too, also didn't someone from the EU legal bods say somthing along the lines that they see no reason why article 50 couldn't be revoked and Brexit stopped, so that will have given the remoaners a glimmer of hope which they are no doubt clinging onto with all their might.

    Apparently our so called representatives in parliament won't allow a no deal Brexit and plan to "shutdown" to prevent it happening, be interesting to see what will happen, because isn't the default that if they can't agree a deal then no deal will just happen anyway come the March deadline day.

    The somewhat controversial plan by the Tories to replace a whole raft of benefits with a single blanket one size fits all called Universal Credit has taken yet another step backwards, the plan to roll it out and transfer over 3 million people on to Universal Credit has been delayed yet again, what with the distraction that is Brexit this may have gone unnoticed by some so here is the story:…tion=live-reporting-story

    I agree with your comments, however, some people do choose a lifestyle that puts them at high risk of a disease, ie. unprotected sex in countries that have a high incidence of HIV and AIDS, going abroad without the recommended vaccinations, and drinking tap water in countries where it isn't recommended, etc.

    Oh you will always get idiots who take risks either they are too thick to realise the implications or they simply don't care.

    And now we have a show about some z listers prancing around on ice skates, just happened to catch the end of this when I switched over to watch the last show of "Who wants to be a Millionaire?" and saw what can only be described as a hippo dressed in gold tinfoil on ice skates. =O

    I agree that it starts off as a choice, but as people become more "used" to that choice, especially with drugs, it turns into a addiction, although as Fidget says, perhaps prop would be the more accurate term for it.

    But we are not debating whether it's an addiction or not, the question posed was "Should an addiction be treated as a disease?" and in my opinion no it should not be treated as a disease, while the effects of some addictions may seem to be disease like, it's unfair to compare them to diseases as I don't know of anyone who would actually choose to have a disease.

    Ever watched a film and thought if I was the character in it I wouldn't have made that choice well Black Mirror Bandersnatch allows you the viewer to make certain choices throughout out key points of the film, so it's somthing a little different.

    The sooner people realise those arseholes coming from France are not actually so called Asylum seekers the better, they are not fleeing from a country where their life is at risk since they are coming from France and have already travelled across several countries where they could have sought asylum, the lazy French authorities are all to happy to let them continue on their way and don't give a fuck if they are having to cross one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world and that some scumbag is fleecing them for the privilege of using a not fit for purpose rubber dinghy.

    Well I have always said the so called Brexit negotiations were never really about negotiating more a case of the EU telling us what they would let us have and us agreeing and then having to pay for the privilege, so the best and only deal that would really benefit the UK is no deal, our government should have concentrated on that right from the start rather than just waste all this time if they had of done it could have been done and dusted by now.