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    No WW3 is not inevitable, and there is no certainty that Putin wants to invade any where other than Ukraine, but it will become a certainty if us and uk start shooting at russian planes, he will retaliate against us that's for sure, we have to tread very carefully and war should be avoided, you have to consider the bigger picture, and maybe turn away.

    I agree, but you can't blame the Ukrainians for trying! After all, if the Americans hadn't ultimately come to our aid, Hitler would have taken control of our country during WWII.

    Let's just hope that our decision not to get involved doesn't result in Putin deciding to invade other countries. What did he mean when he said 'the worst is yet to come'?

    I guess we'll find out soon enough.

    It's speculation at best that if we don't get involved that Putin would invade other countries, but it's more or less a certain he would attack us if we did get involved and then it would escalate into WW3 that's for sure.

    And apparently those specific reactors are some of the biggest in Europe and would have been a bigger disaster than what Chernobyl was. This is the true danger of this war and there's still plenty of contaminated land around Chernobyl that does not need disturbing from ground explosions. Funny how it's the commercial nuclear power that is the bigger threat than nuclear weapons which are highly unlikely to be fired. This is precisely why nuclear power stations are not the way to go for future energy IMO. Then again if every country had them would they act as a deterrent against warfare. Think about it!

    That's a thing with war no one gives a damn about the wildlife and environment its just all one giant pissing contest to the humans who instigate it all. :rolleyes:

    But the rub is, we’ve lost a friendly country, which is now the enemy.

    Which will be the next domino? It won’t take long before we have more enemies than friends, with all the implications that entails for our security and our economy.

    That’s too short-sighted to ba a practical solution. You can bury your head in the sand for as long as you like, until you are blown out of it.

    I don't believe the propaganda being spread by the media or our politicians, other country's will stay our friends as long as we trade with them its all about the money its that simple, we are not the worlds police so don't need to fight everyone else's war for them. Just protect out own country when it is threatened that's all.

    I disagree the attack was not directly on the UK, my opinion is our armed forces should be defending the UK from direct attack nothing more nothing less, as for aiding other countries we should not be selling them arms which could then be turned on us if they so decide, we maybe provide humanitarian aid if no one else will and that goes for any country, but that doesn't extend to letting them infest our country.