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    Problem is they dumb down the news so much, I'm surprised they don't have nursery school style books to explain things to viewers, and as for the expressing an opinion rather than just reading the news and telling people more or less how they should be outraged about something, and then you get the obligatory shot of a reporter if they are say reporting about a story from the US being stood in front of a building with a picture of the US flag on it, they should just say something like "This is happening in the United States of America that's that big country that has the stars and stripes for its flag!" :D

    Where would you suggest we get it from, Ron? I’m afraid the BBC’s credibility was flushed away a while ago now.

    I very rarely watch any TV news find it all far too opinion based rather than just news being reported, so what makes you think I am any more likely to take any notice of BBC news than any of the others. If I really have any interest in the news I tend to look online for it reading from several sources rather than just one or two, and too be honest very little of the so called news interests me anyhow so I tend to avoid it.

    You're wrong on this one Ron.. This country needs people like Morgan who are unafraid to question and stand up to the growing epidemic of Marxism and Wokeness which is adversely infecting the fabric of our society.

    Sorry I have no respect for a liar and a fake, who tried to discredit British troops with faked photos and stories about them mistreating prisoners of war.

    It just seems like we are striving to stop man from interfering with nature as in the case of farming animals for consumption by selective breeding by replacing it with interfering with nature by growing synthetic meat in a laboratory. :/

    We know that over the years farming methods have changed which has effected the way the countryside looks, so a what if scenario would be if it we did ever go from eating farmed animal meat to meat grown in a lab how different would the countywide look then, because all the farm animals we see now as we pass the through the land would disappear, would the fields just be allowed to return to nature or would it end up being built on with the factories needed to produce the artificially grown meat? :/

    Web sites that bear a grudge forever, what I'm talking about is sites that you get a ban from for some reason or other and its essentially for life, in particularly forums, I have to admit I have been banned from a few and in particularly Digital Spy is the one that immediately springs to mind, as far as I know I am still banned from there for what reason I am unsure as it was never fully explained, the only thing I can remember is I made a comment on a thread about not knowing who someone was and was immediately pounced on by other forum members as being insensitive and rude, I think in response all I said was well if I never heard of someone I have never heard of them I'm not going to say I have just to please people or something like that, the next day I tried to log in I was greeted with the message that I have been banned for being disruptive and flaming or something like that and the ban was permanent, well in a sense I guess it did me and this forum a favour as that was How I ended up here, although some on here might disagree. ;):P:D8)

    Its the announcing to the world they want to quit the royal life style due to too much publicity and then immediately seeking attention by appearing on the Oprah Windbag show, what they should have said was is they don't like the publicity that they or should I say Megain has no control over as that is nearer the truth as for all the fake tears and claims of racism the bint is an actress so is trained to turn on the tears and glum looks for a performance just shame for her everyone with half a brain saw through it for what it was. :P

    You will be able to do both.

    If you look back on this thread, we talk about synthetic meat. Meat that is grown in a lab, where no animal was ever born and killed to produce it. Whether it will be synthetic meat or veggie meat that wins the day in the end, depends on a lot of factors like taste and all importantly the price.

    Its still the aspect of it essentially being over processed which we are told is bad for us, well surely anything that is synthetic and grown in a lab rather than nature intended is over processed so therefore bad for us. :/

    While I do congratulate her, I didn't watch as tennis just doesn't interest me, to me it is just hitting a ball backwards and forwards until one of them misses it. I'm sure there is way more to it than that but beyond that I have no interest so I don't bother to find out.

    I have to laugh at the vegetarian insistence in having veggie burgers and sausage rolls only if they taste the same as the proper ones. Just as well ordering the proper ones. I'm an omnivore and enjoy meat products and vegetable products and enjoy the taste of each.

    Totally bizarre, just proves what nut jobs vegetarians are. :D

    I am quite happy to ignore anyone who considers that I don't like them for any reason, on the understanding that if they don't respond to anything I post I wont respond to anything they post.