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    He should face the full force of the justice system if he is found guilty of premeditated murder. I support that decision, no doubt about it....... What is nasty though is Mob Justice. The threats of burnings and violent riots by the braying mob is NOT justice. In fact it is an example of the evil underclass which is destroying American society.

    Indeed, and any one who takes part in that kind of behaviour or condones it is no better than Derek Chauvin, two wrongs don't make a right end of.

    My late mother used to work as a welfare assistant at a special needs school. They had a visit by Diana and all the time the cameras were rolling she paid attention to the children but the moment the cameras stopped she ignored them. It really annoyed my mum.

    Her public image was carefully crafted.

    Sounds about right one face for the media another for when they not around.

    Diana certainly knew how to play the simpering victim like a pro, Somthing she has in common with Megan I would imagine Megan has seen the videos and pictures of her dead mother in law so knows what she was like and how to behave maybe that's how she attracted gingers attention by mimicking his mother. 🤣

    I don’t believe Diana was sly she was a young woman and mother whose husband didn’t love her and was carrying on with another woman . She had a right to be angry . Later she learned how to work the press but they liked her . She was young and made mistakes didn’t we all when we were young ? Meghan is not that young and she is very aware of what she is doing a totally different t kettle of fish .

    No they are both manipulators and the press/media are the enablers.

    Diana always had a sly look about her she was another one who knew how to act up to the media and appear the victim, she was playing everyone and a lot have been taken in by her but any who is not gullible can see through as they can with the drama queen Megan.

    Charles ... Diana....Camilla?

    I won’t add to that other than to say that the circumstances of Diana’s death...let’s say, still suspicious in the minds of many.

    Sorry but I disagree it was just a tragic accident I don't buy into any of the idiotic conspiracy theories if any one was to blame it was the hounding paparazzi.

    The trouble is, Charles is just not popular. It will be a good time for the republicans amongst us to carry on with their campaign.

    I just don't get why Charles is considered les popular than the other royals but I suppose if we are told by the media he is then he must be, its not like we can make our own minds up and have to be spoon fed opinion from the media at every given opportunity, he's next in line so I'll except that.

    As for being a Republic I can't see the alternative that offers being any better it certainly isn't for a lot of countries.

    The present pope does not live a luxurious life and never has he practises what he preaches . He doesn’t live in the Papal palace I believe it has been turned into a hospital and occupies two room in the visiters quarters . He has turned another papal palace into a homeless shelter .When he was bishop of Buenos Aires he also did not occupy the Bishops palace residing in a small apartment instead and traveled by public transport .So he most certainly does know how to live in the real world .…e-francis-behest-n1123246

    Good for him. 🙄

    Here's one that Mike will like to get his chops around :D

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    More Money than sense sompeople.

    Quite why anyone would want to look like that kiddy fiddler nut job I don't know. 🤣

    Charles is next in line so if anything happens to the Queen it will be him and so what if itt is, I can't see any issue with it being him he will just be another king don't see why any should have a problem with him. 🙄

    "Charity Shops" is good enough for me. I have no qualms about shopping in them or contributing to them.

    Yes and why should anyone, also "Charity shops" are good for the environment as they essentially recycle/reuse items that would otherwise end up on landfill tips.

    And yes some of us would like to live in a world where everything and everyone was catered for when it came to support, health and care needs by the system, but we don't, and charities are there to pick up the slack and they do a bloody good job as far as I'm concerned.

    And anyone who goes into a charity shop and demands ( and yes I do mean demand as some of them do I have witnessed it) a bit of discount is essentially robbing from a charity in my opinion, all the price in the BHF furniture and electrical store I volunteer in are done using a price guide which takes in to account the condition the items are in and there are several tiers depending on the condition ranging from almost new to almost scrap, they have prices to suit every budget, but of course you will always get the tight mean and stingy people. :D

    Cameron proved what a shit he was gave voters the option of a Brexit vote which he really didn't want to do and only did because he thought people would vote ukip instead of tory and was worried he would lose his place at the trough.

    He didn't expect voters to vote leave the EU and when they did he threw his toys out the pram and resigned the spineless turd.

    volunteers used for slave labour

    Volunteers are hardly slave labour, they choose to do it, that's what volunteer means, I certainly don't feel like a slave, also charity's raise money to fund research that's what BHF does at least, research into heart and circulatory diseases, such as stroke, vascular dementia and diabetes, and also provide support for people with those. Looks like you need to do some research I suggest google is your friend try typing in British Heart Foundation there website will provide you with a whole load of information you might even learn something, if its not too much effort for you. :rolleyes:

    As for thrift store that is more of a American expression, majority of people I know do refer to them as charity shops. ;)

    So you win a pinch of pigshit. :P

    As for your invitation then, I'll take you up on that and respond accordingly.

    You can say what you like about me I'm not some snowflake who will get all bent out of shape over words somone who is insignificant to me has to say about me, chances are whatever you say about me will be completely wrong anyway as the assumption you have all ready made about is about a far away from being right as you can get and is quite laughable. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    I'd do it if it were a party I supported. You'll have to take my word on that though because I'm a member of the Green Party and unlikely to see them in office.

    A party doesn't necessarily need to be in power for there to be corruption within it, there could be for instance corruption within the party and how they run it and/or choose their leader or maybe how they obtain funding, there are many forms of corruption some obvious and some not so.