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    We're in a difficult situation now as who will replace him. There are no suitable candidates. It's a shame Philip Davies has no chance of replacing him. I suspect with his military background he will have some moral integrity and discipline unless being around Parliment for so long now has brought him down to the level of others. There's more moral integrity amongst some of the back benchers. Even if Boris stays and brings the whole party down so at the next election Labour get in we will back at square one with another politician who will soon show their true colours with the same old lies, corruption and manipulation for a smash and grab befofore they are replaced. The House of Commons is like a school playground the way they all behave. It's disgusting that any of these degenerates should be leading a country.

    And therein lies the problem they are all as bad as each other and when it comes to an election its like trying to pick out which pile of shit stinks less than the others.


    Brexit is not about racism, despite efforts by remainers to marginalise those who wanted to leave the EU by attributing that slur to our cause.

    You can say it again and again (and no doubt you will) but it does not make it so.

    Its the typical response of some that if a discussion about Brexit and/or controlling immigration starts they scream racist in the hope it will deter those that disagree with them will shut up, another word they like to use is "Nazi".

    That’s true, Ron, but of course it’s one thing using nukes when you are the only ones who have these weapons - it’s quite another when your enemies have them too! That’s why the possession of nukes by both sides is the ultimate deterrent to their use.

    Yes but during the height of the cold war both Russia and the US had enough nukes between then to destroy the world several times over, and extremely itchy trigger fingers hovering over the button to set them off.

    Is all the paranoia from the cold war starting up again, did it ever go away, remember how obsessive the yanks were with building all their nuke shelters and hating on anything they perceived as communist and therefore anti-USA. :rolleyes:

    Ironic that it is actually the yanks who have used nukes to kill thousands and not Russia. ;)

    Well yes I get that, been around the block enough times to know, but all this changing leader/pm stuff goes on far too much for my liking, it's just a distraction from what they are paid to do which is run the country iin the countrys best interest.

    I wouldn't want Raab in charge, but in answer to your point, I'm not aware of anything legally that would prevent that.

    Well that's kind of it, we have all this rinse and repeat pms being OK until they fall out of favour it just goes around and around, distracting them from the job they are supposed to be doing. We had Cameron give us the Brexit vote he didn't like the result so we ended up with the wishy washy old hag may until they realised she was about as much use as a chocolate teapot regards Brexit so along came Boris who actually got us what we wanted eventuallybut is now another liability so must go, and so the bollocks goes on, how long before the next becomes the pain in the arse.

    But would you prefer a proven liar to stay on as PM, Ron?

    There's two options here, get rid of him or keep him.

    What would be wrong with the deputy pm taking over until the next general election if they must get rid of Boris, as far as I'm concerned a pm should only be chosen by the voters not by members of a political party.

    I for one am fed up hearing about last year's Partygate.. There's more important issues affecting our country just now. Time for parliament to knuckle down and get on with the day job of running our economy and security.

    I agree and if Boris is forced to resign we then have the added distraction of them finding somone to replace him and however long that will take. 🙄