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    I may have to venture out into the garden later today as the bird table we bought recently looks like it will have to be moved a bit further from the house as the birds don't seem to like it where it is, will probably have to give the grass a trim too while I am at it.

    I voted remain. And I'm glad that I did! You speak of remainer Jihadits which I find rather amusing. But while you think of them as Jihadists you'll be pleased to know that one of the main contributers to the Brexit lobby group was a Saudi Arabian intelligence agent. Hmmm... Remainer Jiadists indeed....

    But did you accept the democratic result of the referendum which was the majority voted to leave even if it was a comparatively small majority, that's the important question. ;)

    If people don't vote it implies they are happy whatever the result. Better to spoil your ballot paper than not vote. Non-votes are ignored, but spoilt papers are counted. It would give a strong message if spoilt papers exceeded actual votes.

    While it's true spoilt ballot papers get counted the reason they are spoilt is not recorded so it could be that someone marked the ballot paper in the incorrect way, maybe even chose more than one option or wrote on it that all politicians are corrupt incompetent arseholes, so we should be given the none of the above option as that would someway to show what voters really think of them.

    I disagree , we seem to have arrived at a crossroads for parliament , people are very, very angry , we need huge changes in our system or millions will never see a purpose in voting again .:cursing:

    Quite a few people have felt that way for years, but just get dismissed as being lazy and apathetic, when in reality it's the politicians that are being lazy and apathetic.

    It's true that democracy in this country has been screwed over big time, maybe they need to add a "none of the above" option to ballot papers because as it stands none of the present parties can be trusted on delivering promises and giving the public what they want.

    As for Bercow, funny how some people see a man that when he runs for election in his constituency stands virtually uncontested due to his speaker of the house privileges, as some kind of hero. :D

    The Tory party missed its opportunity when she blindsided her own Ministers and forced Chequers upon them. Naturally, the sycophants went along with Chequers while everyone else knew it was a loser. She has filled her Cabinet with Remainers who can do no wrong, no matter how undemocratic and disrespectful they are, while forcing out those who want a real Brexit.

    She really has no sense of reality!

    It's the Tory party just being the Tory party not wanting to rock the boat otherwise they may get pushed out it's all about self preservation, they know die hard Tory supporters will always support them when push comes to shove, come the next general election it will be the same parties topping the polls, because the die hard stick the muds will always remain faithful. :rolleyes:

    I am in no doubt that the EU will agree to a delay, as for leaving with no deal and then having to sort out WTO I honestly have no faith whatsoever in this government being able to do that either based on the cock up they have made of the so called Brexit negotiations.

    I cant see the EU letting the UK leave without a deal as that will more or less give the UK the right to say you ain't gonna get the bribe money, so the only other option the EU has is to allow Brexit to be delayed and for the UK to pay for the privilege of them allowing us to delay it, but I suspect we will have to wait and see as we have been doing since the referendum result.

    My main concern is how this has managed to become law with very little mention of it by the media, I heard mention of it a few months ago but then it was only at the stage of being mentioned, of course the main focus of attention of the media of late has been Brexit, which makes you wonder what else will be slipped through while the media and the general public are being distracted by the Brexit circus. ;)

    What we need now is the EU to say no to an extension of Article 50. Monsieur Macron, Irish PM, do your stuff. Throw the spanner in, please.

    Remember the EU doesn't want us to leave so they will grant an extension with the hope that we will eventually ask for Brexit to be halted altogether which they will no doubt allow.

    Remind me again, when did we vote to come out of the EU? Getting close to three years now since we voted to leave the EU, yet we'll still in it.

    And it's evermore likely that we will remain in or at least leaving will be delayed, you can bet the EU will agree to the delay especially if it involves the UK having to hand over more moolah.

    Oh it could be any of those reasons or a whole raft of other reasons, maybe it is because the wind was not blowing in a favourable direction when the CEO of BMW left for home one day.