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    He's not very good on his history, he only knows the bile and poison that this murderous regime spews out. Persia too had an empire in the days when it was a civilised society

    There never was a Persia. Our country was always called Iran. Fars / Parsa is only a central province. Actually my home province. You brits were never really good in knowing nations names.

    What a load of tosh! I was born here, so I have a right to be here. I don't suddenly get on a plane to another country and expect the authorities there to let me live and work there.

    Can you not see that we can only admit so many people? There are far more people coming in than leaving. That is not sustainable.

    Did you ask the aborigines if you can settle their land?

    I am no lover of our health care system, but we need to look at it logically. We have an older population that Iran with a life expectancy 5 years more (76yrs against 81yrs). Our capacity only reached 41% so it wasn't a lack of beds. Our population although a little smaller than yours is more dense. You are right, Japan and Germany are ahead of us in most ways, and have been for some years

    You know whats not excuseable? You could do better, you have the rescources for it but chose to let people die for profits

    The bombing of Dresden was in retaliation to Germany's blitz on British cities like Bristol, Portsmouth, Plymouth, Southampton, Cardiff,Swansea, Birmingham, Belfast, Coventry, Glasgow, Manchester and Sheffield. ETC. We made a good job of destroying Dresden and gave the Germans a taste of their own medicine. Well Done the RAF !!.

    The war was over. Retaliations against unarmed cities is a war crime.

    You did not a good job. Dresden is completly rebuild while the british cities are shitholes now.

    Dresden in 2020


    But hey its all the past now, right. Now Germany rules Europe supreme. UK has become a minor nation, i think ranked 3rd or 4th behind France?

    The irony is, that WW I and II were fought, because the UK could not accept its loss against Germany. What made your country accept its new position? I mean in 1955 Germans already made vacations in spain and italy, while UK was still on foodstamps. Thats very unsual for a country that won a war compared to one that lost a war.

    I am not creating a fuss about this. I don't want free movement of people to live and work where they like, that's all. I want immigration control to keep the population in balance and to prioritise the skills and experience we need. That is what every over-populated country should be doing, surely?

    Immigration, like water, is a good thing. But you don't leave the tap on full.

    Why? Why do you want rights for yourself, that you did not give others?

    Did you ask australians, indians ect if you can come and settle their lands? Last time i checked that was not the case.

    So now when the tables have turned you say migration is bad?

    I honestly dont believe in the 21st century you can still decide about that. Your country doesnt have the power anymore to decide about its own.

    I would venture to suggest that you are being slightly tongue in cheek and attempting illicit a reaction.

    No, i just say how it is.

    The UK has neither the economical nor technological level of Germany or Japan. Simple fact.

    Regarding Corona, your health care system proved to be weaker than ours in Iran. Why is that?

    That you are right Darioush. I don't believe we will have a decent vaccine, although I suspect we will come up with something that is a little better than nothing. Once this vaccine is discovered, it then has to be produced, and then it has to be rolled out. At best the UK will be vaccinated by the end of 2021, by which time the virus may have burned it's self out.

    Germany CureVac already has a vaccine that worked with 100% sucessrate in a trial with 10.000 participants and has a 1.5 higher immune reaction than people who already contracted the Virus. They say they can produce 500 million doses till december. Its a new mRNA vaccine.

    I don't think most people have a problem with that.

    Then whats the fuss about?

    Both sides profit? The UK never was a valuable ,ember of the EU, rather a USA 5th column, used to secure american interests.

    The only problem is, that now uk as micronation is even more a slave of the great powers

    The worst that will happen is that those from the EU will need to log their details onto a electronic entry card system so we know who they are, their employment status, their intentions, ie how long they wish to stay and whether they have suitable medical insurance and money to cover their expenses. But until its agreed, we won't know.

    Actually, it may have been agreed in the withdrawal agreement, so I will check on this tomorrow if I can.

    Same would be applied on brits who want visit EU.

    I will believe that when I see it. There are dozens of vaccines being developed, but the reality is that any Corona virus is very hard to vaccine against. Let's not forget, the common cold is a Corona virus

    Wrong, Corona is an easy Virus to get a vaccine. Its Mutation rate is 10 times lower than the flu.

    It does not matter how many resources you have at once you can't speed up time trials unless your a time traveller.

    You have no clue what you talk about. Each flu vaccine is developed within 7 to 14 months.

    But hey you are from UK, thats another shithole country where COVID 19 went rampant.

    It takes on average 10 years for any vaccine to be developed and go through and be passed in proper trials and accredited with legit certifications for use in the main. Anything they talk about now is either political hype or is being rushed to the point where we might see worse problems than COVID as a result of the vaccine not going through proper trials over time. Many folk may end up developing a disability that they have to live with for the rest of their life. It's happened in the past and people have had to be compensated for it.

    What I can see happening is an increase in the anti-vax movement which TBH I think they are right to question. The problem is what could then happen is that we will need some kind of certificate or passport and if we don't have that we will be outcast from society, no travelling, no working etc. Maybe we will be required to be micro-chipped. The worlds corporate super powers want to find a way to do this and here's the perfect excuse to backdoor it in and persuade people through fear or being outcast. It may even be on a nano scale, so small and in the so called vaccine so we are chipped without even knowing, a biological device that attaches itself inside the body and then years down the road we find there is an increase in cancers or something. They may even combine it with other so called vaccines without telling us.


    If multiple steps are done at same time and with enough recources it can be done within 8 months.

    Its quite easy. The old way was Step A-> Step B ->Step C

    Now Its Team1 does StepA

    Team 2 does Step B and Team 3 does Step C. Since gargantuan rescoruces are poured into this project.

    Btw the only positive thing about COVID-19 is, that it crushs Trump. That fool is at an end and i think it gets dangerous now, since he acts more and more erratic and crazy.

    Your right Old Boy, but unfortunately not everyone is as clever as you and I. It needs to burn it's self out, as the likelihood of a vaccine appearing within a reasonable time is quite remote. Short term pain for long term gain I call it. Unfortunately few governments are brave enough to take this strategy, knowing full well they would be blamed for every single death. We already have people criticising them because they feel they didn't lock down early enough, so what do you think it would be like if they didn't lock down at all. I live in a very safe area with very little covid, but the way I see it there is loads of fuel to burn here, if you get my meaning. In other words there is no herd immunity. What isn't helping is the refusal of people to do as their told, so I fear the worst

    You call morons like Trump and Bolsonaro brave?

    How many additional lockdowns will it take before governments around the world recognise that lockdowns only slow down the rate of infection for the duration, thus delaying, not preventing deaths?

    As long no vaccine is ready thats the way to go. Nobody want end like shithole USA which has a complete collapse of its healthcare system and 180.000 dead now.

    Oh, well done changing the topic when you are losing the argument! This is the Brexit thread, remember?

    I'm not answering all that additional crap you've just introduced as it is so transparently risible it doesn't deserve a reply anyway.

    Yes, Germany is part of Schengen, but that doesn't give illegal immigrants to barge in and work there. Merkel welcomed them to bolster her aging workforce, as Bryan said.

    Bullshit, those migrants are not even allowed to work.

    Fact is, Germany wipes the floor with the UK economicly amd in evry other field as well. Amd your very poor handling of corona shows your you ae a failed state.

    You dont need to answer it. Your streets speak for themself. You bet flooded by syrians, afghans and africans. You destabilized their countries. Its just fair you give them a home now.

    London looks lovely now


    Tell me, how has the boot licking paid off to you?

    With plenty of room for more. That's why our Ang opened her borders to all those immigrants. At least, that was her excuse.

    I think you live in the past or you might have problems to follow the news. Merkel did not open the borders.. They were open. The migrants walked through Greece and Italy northwards. It was Merkel who locked the borders down in 2016.

    Migration to Europe dropped by 97% since 2016.

    And one thing? You want to know who is reponsible for the mass migration to Europe? It was not Merkel. It was shithole UK, americans poodle.

    bootlicking since 1945, dropped bombs on Iraq, Dropped bombs on Syria and Libya. You bombed Gaddafi away and then cry about migrants?

    You deserve evry single syrian, afghan and subsaharan african who made it to UK for your american boot licking behavior.

    You know that Germany is the only western nation that is respected in the world. They dont follow that imperialism shit.

    The funny thing is, USA, Israel and UK are seen as our main enemy. The thing is...while we respect USA and Israel, we have zero respect for the UK, since it is patheticly weak and does even follow orders that hurt it.

    You create your own problems, migrants and terrorism and then act suprised.

    I give you an advice. Maybe look to Germany how to be. They are popular. They have higher security and the better economy. You have become the laughing stock of the world. Maybe grow a backbone and stand for your own.

    If you listen to what Brexiteers in working class areas have been saying, you should be in no doubt that the reason they want immigration controlled is to protect jobs and put a stop to immigrant labour driving down wages.

    That makes no sense.

    Germany is the higher developed country, with more economic power and higher imcome. The Germans who go UK, are usually management jobs

    The point I am making, it's the people that need to be checked. We will not have free movement of people when independence day arrives.

    Hope you doesnt mind that the other side doesnt grant brits free movement as well.

    Im quite sure that Germany, France, Spain will demand that Britts can only enter their nations with Visa.

    Well well, look who is back. I thought we had got rid of him once and for all

    What a pity

    Your insults are as dull as is your prejudice against Iran.

    Dont be so bitter, because young man lectures you about something.

    Painting a large airliner takes up to 2 weeks.

    What i do wonder though is, why it costs you guys 900.000.

    Painting a massive A380 costs usually 200.000 $. Your government jet is much smaller.

    You should let Emirates or Lufthansa Technology do the job. I think you guys get pulled over the table.

    Nice to see you back, I missed you. What do you think about all this "Black Lives Matter" madness ?

    Its rubbish, like all of the western hysteria.

    Wonder why tehy demonstrate in London and New York but not in Libya where arab war lords sell blacks on slave markets.

    You give India nothing.

    Did you never ask what "foreign aid" is? Bribing corrupt regimes abroad to get contacts for your corporations.

    If Germany pays more "aid", Germany gets teh contract. If UK pays more "aid", UK gets it ect.

    For the same reason you still pay "aid" to China.

    We know the "Aid" system in Iran very well. The UK paid alot of "Aid" to the Shah, in return he bought 3 Concorde for Iran Air