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    I haven't murdered anyone and neither have any of my forebears. You sound like a raging western lefty, to be honest.

    You know, picking on specific targets instead of having any knowledge of the subject.

    I don't support murderers. Who are all these terrible killers everyone talks about? Not the colonists. They built civilizations that the people who criticize them now would not trade for all the tea in China. No matter what they say.

    UK was the main reason for Operation Ajax, which destroyed iranian democracy. We never forget and never forgive.

    What civilisation did you build in Tasmania? After killing all people there?

    Your empire was an achievemnt? Your empire murdered millions. In north america 16 millions alone. It destroyed cultures, erased entire civilisations from the face of the world. My country is the only country in the middle east, that was not colonized, because we sucesfully fought against your empire. Others like India, Egypt, Iraq ect were not so lucky.

    In Australia you murdered 90% of the original population. On tasmania you erased an entire people from the world.

    Maybe some self reflection would help you to understand why your country has such a bad reputation in the world.

    The wars we see in africa, syria, iraq, the comflicts between India and Pakistan. The israeli-palestinian conflict are all based on your empire.

    It's called "trolling"

    Its called common sense. I dont care If UK stays in EU. Its just outside observation. UK is a rather small country and has no negotiation power compared to USA or China. So it ends up as vasall anyways. Within EU it could at least counter trumps rampant trade madness. Outside EU the UK cant.

    Little Wing

    And of course UK is weak. Iran is a regional power and managed to punch the UK down in the tanker game. What can UK do against China or USa then?

    I'd like to see some sort of agreement to allow the Brexit party to attack Labour's leave voting constituencies where the Torys are unlikely to win the seat.

    I'm very wary of the fact that uness the next parliament has an overwhelmingly leave profile that the WA will be tampered with and slowly converted back into being in the EU as a vassal state but still paying through the nose.

    It's the reason I preferred a no deal exit as that is final.

    The UK is so small and weak international, no matter what you chose you will always be a vasall state of greater powers. The EU might be the more friendly option.

    In your dreams sunshine

    Why in my dreams?

    What about what i said is wrong?

    So you say we should have a hyper corrupt king that tortures and kills at will, sells out our counrey and does what usa orders. Then it would be good?

    I would like to know what exactly Iran should change and in effect what UK should change to establish positive relations. Please dont bring up things though that dont bother you on Saudi Arabia.

    Up until 1979 Persia/Iran was sensibly ruled by the Shah and respected by the world

    Then the loonies took over and it was all downhill

    The Shah killed over 140.000 people during his reign. He was extremly corrupt. Large parts of iranian population lived in poverty. He killed evry oppossition. He tortured hundredthousands in secret prisons.

    Our current government might not be perfect but the fact stands, that they spread wealth more equal to the people. Iran is the only country in the region with a educated middle class and a functional social system.

    During the Shah era, Iran was not respected. It was ruthless exploited.

    Also i dont understand one thing, why you critisize Iran for something that obviously Saudi Arabia does thousand times worse but for them, its ok?

    Also you should not forget one thing. The west is going down. China is rising. So far Iran has not given up on the west. If we form an alliance with China, your days in middle east are over. So i expect practical politicians sooner or later will find solutions, Trump fired Bolton for a reason.

    I would not trust them or trade with, they would only trade if it suited their pernicious and evil regime's agenda of hatred and violence

    And as for their human rights, they don't have any respect for any. Imagine being gay, if they caught you they would hang you

    You trade with Saudi Arabia. Gays get crucified in Saudi Arabia.

    Iran in evry aspect is far more moderat than Saudi Arabia. Women go University here in large numbers, have business ect. Irn has a massive young and educated population.

    So i honestly dont understand why you want no better relations with us. People in Saudi Arabia could only dream to reach the status of Iran.

    Horizon Saudi Arabia currently leads the most perverse and sadistic war on this planet in Yemen. You obviously have no problem with that.

    In Syria it was Iran, that fought ISIS, while UK still called them "freedom fighters". Only because Iran, chistians and other minorities are still alive in Syria.

    I think the UK should realise reality. The future of the middle east is Iran. Iran always was the dominant power in the region and was so until 1979. What we see now is the reestablishment of the normal status.

    And here I was thinking this person didn't have a sense of humour


    Uk says it wants trade deals and Iran would like to make trade deals with Europe. For example we want new aircrafts for Iran Air.

    We are a gigantic consumer markert. People here want buy stuff. You need contracts and oil.

    Iran is the regional power in the middle east. Right now France and Germany try to get deals with us. I doubt UK wants to be locked out of this.

    So if BREXIT is done somewehere in the future, would a trade deal between Iran and UK a good thing?

    UK needs customers and Iran has a large consumer market, something that no other middle eastern country has.

    We want new aircrafts for Iran Air for example.

    It appears our president has good relations with UK president so i assume it could be possible

    Young people want stay EU. I know a guy from Brighton who is 24 years old and applies for a german passport. He said he dont want be stuck in this shithole. His girl is italian and he says he will need visa to visit her. Half your population fiercly fights against brexit.

    You want prevent germany dominate you? So its simply anti germanism? You should have said earlier thats its just racism-

    London is nothing compared to Singapore, Tokyo or New York. You produce nothing and depend completly on good will of the great world powers.

    Look maybe it helps how a foreign country see the UK. My country Iran sees UK as a weak vasall state of USA. When USA ordered UK to take our oil tanker, media here said we deal with a weak country and should strike back. The UK will back off. Our leading military figures said the same and then happened something we would not have done with a russian, french or chinese ship. We simply send a special unit and took your oil tanker, while a british war ship was nearby. We assumed the UK would be to weak for a strong response...and this assumption was right.

    We forced our own ship free and made the UK fullfill our demands. We are a regional power and we bullied you into submission. What you think will world powers do with you?

    You dont lead in tech, bio sciences ect. In Europe Germany and France lead. Infact UK plays only a little role nowadays.

    You become a US state, just without voting rights. How thats called? protectorate?

    I'm neither old or demented and have a very long time until retirement.

    I voted to leave the EU.

    Why? You will still be Europe. Or do you also plan a continental rift?

    I would like to know one thing. How much influence does the UK have in the world? Trump spits on your country. By leaving the EU, you lose your market power. You lose the ability to stand up against the great powers.

    Your country rips apart internal. You give up NI. Scotland wants independence and your society ripps apart as well.

    And for what? That you can lick Trumps boots?

    I dont understand it.

    Try not to join the idiot brigade, Darioush and talk bollocks. Without the elders and their knowledge and experience no generation has any direction, heritage or meaning in life. The group that teaches you to hate your elders is a Marxist group. Kick it up the Jacksie, it's evil.

    The big majority of young people in UK want stay in EU. They will face the negative effects worst to be a slave of Trump and China. To live in a mico nation bullied by the great powers.

    I dont need marxist groups to know its idiotic that i have to hike in the mountains to be able to spend time with my girlfriend.

    Lets specify this, the reason is demented old folks who live in a fantasy world and are unable to change.

    In UK they want Brexit and believe the british empire still stands. In Iran they believe in a fairy tale to govern evry way of life.

    I fail to see the attraction and argument of Brexiteers

    Within the EU we have tiny unemployment, growing economy, security and safety, and freedom of movement

    Why jump into this untried and untested wrench to so called independence (which basically rellies on a buffoon in the White House's whim, because of the dogma of basically anti German philosophy and xenophobia

    Because old people. No matter how this ends, once the olds are dead UK would rejoin anyways. Its always sad, that old people ruin the future of young people. Be it in UK or my own country.

    Or Iran could just engage peacefully engage with the world and just use your vast oil supplies instead of having anything nuclear.

    Burning oil of creating electricity is idiotic.

    Nuclear power is more effective, creates no CO2 and is more stable. Beside that nuclear power is also needed for medical treatment. Where you think comes the stuff from used in x-ray machines and cancer treatment?

    You also want that we treat cancer patients with our "vast oil supplies"?

    The UK has 15 nuclear power plants. You have not a single plant burning oil to create electricity.

    You too have vast amounts of oil. So tell me, if oil is good enough for us to create power, why is it not good enough for you?

    I just read UK wants build 8 new nuclear power plants. Why dont you build oil power plants?

    By "engaging peaceful with the world and have nothing nuclear" you mean Iran should be a poverty ridden 3rd world country without advanced energy production? I really would like to know.

    I agree about Diana, H. I think if she'd had any inkling of what was to come she would have run a mile. In fact, both confessed to being sorry about the marriage but were pressured into it by elders.

    Diana will always be the girl who was used. That is the tragedy of her existence. She tried but she wanted to do it as a team with her husband and he only wanted to bonk Camilla. Fair enough, but there is a lesson in there for those who put more significance on protocol than on human reality.

    Harry has a problem with wanting to be one of the emotive masses whilst still living on a royal demesne. Having his bread buttered on both sides at the moment, with Meghan standing by to slap him if he falters. The last thing she might want is a collapse of the social power and esteem that came with marriage to a Prince. It's something no genuine feminist would ever do, give up her job and marry a royal. So I think they would both be better off in the USA with Fergie, as you mentioned. Another unsuitable match and now Andrew has got himself in a tangle and the British monarchy is being scrutinised by yet another scandal. Dump 'em. X/

    I must admit though your monarchy lacks the pomp and glitter of ours ha ha


    Iran already passed the nuclear treshold. We developed evrything needed to build a nuke. We enrich uranium and even up to Plutonium.

    And i believe for Iran thats the best option. Chose the japan option. To be a nation capable to build a nuke but dont actually do it.

    As far as the island of Ireland goes, what constitutes foreign is not always clear.

    Would South Korea allow North Korean officials to perform tasks for them?

    as a EU citizen i would not want foreign officials do tasks. Its that simple. EU offcials must be present at any time to control whats going on. Or a

    switch model. One week british, other week EU officials.

    It does look like Boris capitulated to the Irish PM and Northern Ireland will stay in the Customs Union, but with the possibility that EU customs affairs in NI will be handled by British officials.

    As Fidget says, lets wait and see what the agreement says, if there is a agreement, but to me it looks like it will be a worser version of May's deal.

    The EU already rejected that. EU matters cant be performed by non EU officials.

    We are the 5th biggest economy. That alone gives us market power. We have everlasting friendly links with the Commonwealth, which comprises many substantial countries. Britain has, and enjoys, many advantages over other countries.

    What is Iran, but a hotbed of aggression and is very VERY untrustworthy. If the UK is 'a small country in a world of giants', I hate to think where Iran would appear! Somewhere near the bottom? Try looking at your own dismal country before you criticise others.

    You appear not have understand what i said.

    What Iran is? An isolated country that stands alone in darkness. Sourounded by enemies with no friends in the world. We are in constant fear and it is reflected by our politics. We are captured in constant paranoia.

    You are not 5th biggest economy. You are nr. 6 behind India.

    And your assumption to have any market power is wrong. Not even Germany has market power in inetrnational scales and they have twice your power. USA can dictate you around.

    There is no place for UK in trumps MAGA.

    You have not "evrlasting friendly links" with the commonwealth. Ever spoke with indians or pakistani what they think about your legacy? Africa is currently steamrolled by China. What have you left? Small countries that China can take from you.

    As for Brexit and such stuff in general. I deeply believe that people above 50 should be banend from voting about things that affect the younger generations. Its same in Iran. Old people ruining young peopels life with decissions about things, old people have no affection with.

    Beside that, UK will not leave the EU without a deal. I believe the UK wont leave the EU at all.

    Its visible. Your parliament blocked a no deal scenario. The UK is to weak to divide the EU and faces a united Block, gets no concessions.

    You will have a new referendum and the old people get overpowered. All indications show that.

    Johnson will call the EU to prolong the debate. This goes on and on untill a new referendum is made.

    I am aware of the origins of my people, but lets get back onto topic here please.

    This is the topic. You cant exist without France and Germany ect. They are what you are. You are one.

    What is the UK? A small country in a world of giants. Your market power is small. The americans pull you over the table. The chinese will do same.

    You mean nothing for the americans. They will get your a horrible deal and you have to accept.

    We stand alone and all around us are enemies. Thats the reality of Iran since millenia.

    The problem in my country is the same as in yours. Old people with their bizarre ideologies ruin evrything for the young.

    The BREXIT idea was flawed from day one and is even today. All assumption made were wrong. They told you the EU will give by. The EU did not. They told you Merkel will put her own economy infront and give UK a deal. She did not. They told you, UK is important enough to divide the EU. The UK is not.

    And now you stand infront the ruins of that politics. The Uk has become the laughing stock of the world. Your PM? A clown. Your parliament? shattered. Your nation? Divided and ripped apart internal. And for what? Because old people still live in an imaginery empire that died 70 years ago.

    They're not brother nations. Just like your region, Europeans have been fighting each other for ages and the EU is a incorrect way to "force" the peace.

    you are brothers. You even speak a german dialect mixed with french. British are a germanic people.

    Here ist different. We are persians. They are arabs. We are not just a different ethnicity. We are totally different kind of people. Iranians are indo european people and saudi are semitic people.

    You are the same as french or germans. You have no alternative than a union with the rest of Europe. Alone you are a tiny country and a slave of USA or China.

    Brothers beat each other and become friends with each other again. Iran has no brothers. We stand alone and thats our problem.

    Of course not, because everything is rosy in the EU and being outside the EU is like freezing (or is that burning) in hell.8o

    As i said, i dont understand this. UK is part of Europe. Nothing would change for ZK. Its still would always have to make good terms with France and Germany. So why all this?

    A Remainer think tank, by chance? It's being reported by the BBC, so I will assume so. Out of curiosity ... has the BBC mentioned the German recession yet, the mass unemployment in some EZ countries, or the dire state of EU banks?

    The UK is Europe. Was Europe and will always be Europe. I visited Germany and UK and your people are same. Both in culture and behavior.

    No matter what, you depend on good relations with them and they depend on you. Your nations are brothers. So i dont understand that animosity.