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    What USA hates is the EU power in market. The EU has nogotiation power that blocks Trump to dictate his orders. The UK alone has zero negotiation power and will have to take what is give to it.

    Funny how the british dont see this divide et impera tactics.

    China buys our oil. India want buy it as well.

    We dont negotiate. We dont need to. We also dont need consent of USA. We are proud people.

    We had a deal, USA broke it.

    The good thing is, USA is not the superpower anymore. We have other options. The west is dieing. We look east.

    Iran maybe the "most" democratic country in the region, but it is not a democracy.

    Can Iran's elected president overrule the supreme leader? (It's a rhetorical question, I know the answer)

    Can Saudi Arabia elected president overrule the king? Oh wait, there is no elected president. There are not even elections

    Maybea elected president could have told saudi arabias crown prince to stop to cut journalists in embassy in pieces and erase the body parts in acid.

    But hey i´m sure the UK would break with Saudi Arabia with its extreme barbaric customs... uhh wait...

    Your crown price joking with MBS (Mr Bone Saw)




    Nonsense. One kind of dictator, the royal kind, was just replaced with another kind, the religious fundamentalist variety. Either way, the Iranian people got screwed.

    Says someone who never stepped a foot into Iran. We have elections now, infact Iran is most democratic country in the entire region.

    This kind of arrogance which is often shown from british just led to your humilation at Gibraltar. Please adjust to tze fact that UK is not a great power anymore.

    I didn't respond to this because you keep (deliberately??) misquoting me and it's getting tiresome. No, the Shah shouldn't come back.

    I never said Iran was evil, the problem is with the regime of Iran, it's leaders, not its people. And if you believe that your country follows the rule of law, then I disagree. How it can it a lawful society when the "law" is decided by one person, the Supreme Leader?

    On the transponder issue, the Americans say that the Iranian revolutionary guard are using some kind of jamming signal which messes up all the GPS (satellite) signals making the tankers go off course.

    When evrything was decided by the Shah the UK was fine with that. You were big friends with this dictator. We are far more democratic now than under the shah.

    In Iran not just one man decides. The supreme leader has much power but there are elected entities. Under the Shah was just the Shah.

    Do you think we should become like Saudi Arabia? Afterall you are great friend with those.

    I just would like to understand.

    And i can calm you down, there wont be a war. A war with Iran would mean the complete destruction of Dubai, end of Saudi Arabia and propably some sunken american aircraft carriers.

    Also dont forget Iran has hundreds of intercontinental rockets that can reach as far as London.

    Its best for both sides to stay reasonable.

    A judge issuing a warrant that is recognised under international law and treaty.

    Rubbish. No fishing vessel was rammed by us. What's your news source for this? Presumably Iranian which is State controlled.

    And your regime doesn't go by any kind of law, not any kind that is recognised internally, it's a State sponsor of terror which is why we're all in this situation to begin with. It seized the British tanker illegally in international waters.

    In Iranian media the commentators are actually surprised the the UK finally stood up against the tyrant and acted like an independend nation. We did not expect that here honestly.

    Once our tanker is save back home, the british ship will be released as well. You will see Iran keeps word.

    In Iran all this is celebrated as big victory. Not against London but against USA and Trump.

    We also see it in a way that we help to free your country from a tyrant.

    You are a wonderful country. You dont need to follow them. Step out of their bullying and be a free nation.

    A judge issuing a warrant that is recognised under international law and treaty.

    Rubbish. No fishing vessel was rammed by us. What's your news source for this? Presumably Iranian which is State controlled.

    And your regime doesn't go by any kind of law, not any kind that is recognised internally, it's a State sponsor of terror which is why we're all in this situation to begin with. It seized the British tanker illegally in international waters.

    Dont you think thats kinda one sided?

    So you say we are evil and you are good. Its all our fault we are in this situation, if we would bow and become vasalls all this ends, right? Should we reinstall the muppet Shah to please you?

    That Stena Impero switched off transponder is a fact.

    I have news for you. You dont solve a conflict peacefull when you accuse the other side as evil, state sponsore of terror and lawless.

    You know what terror is? Depriving iranian cancer patients from their medication, thats what your country does.

    The French elite, rather than the actual people, are far more anti-UK than the Germans and that's all down to historical rivalries between the countries. Prior to the world wars and as a Germanic people ourselves comprised of originally three German tribes, the English and Germans were natural allies.

    Indeed, leaving the EU will give Germany far more control of Europe, something that other European countries are very nervous about, but that'ss their choice. They can stay in the EU under German control or leave. The longer they leave it, the harder it will ever get for them to leave the bloc and the euro is the mechanism that makes it almost impossible for them to leave now as it will destroy their economies going back to their old currencies.

    Germany will always be the dominant power in Europe. They have most people and strongest economy. Its natural order of things. Just like Iran will always be regional power in our region.

    You dont run by law. You get orders from your american masters.

    As said, we watch with great interest. As long you keep our ship, we keep yours.

    We too go by law. The british ship rammed an iranian fishing vessel and tried to escape, even shutting down its transponder.

    Its up for the UK now to show if they are independend or not. Iran has patience. Meanwhile our waters are closed for any british vessels. Your BP already had to close down its activity in the region because of this.

    They said here in TV if you seize our ship and oil, this is seen as theft. You want to steal the oil and you should know Iran will let the UK pay for that.

    We got several new A320 last year and their engines are leased from R&R. So if the UK steals our oil on this ship, R& R will pay for the oil in engines.

    We will not bow infront the american tyrants and certainly not infront their poodle.

    I don't want to turn this into a thread about the EU or Brexit, but the problem with the Germans is they want to dominate the European continent. They are a powerful country and they want to flex their muscles.

    They have tried it before with major wars and now their main method of attack is the Euro and the European Union. They hold the purse strings of the EU which gives them de facto control of the continent and it's something the UK will never accept, hence why we're leaving the EU in a few months.

    It appears the french are far more anti UK than the Germans.

    Btw the UK leaving the EU will give GErmany even more power in Europe.

    Lets see if the Iranians release the British tanker now, they could just keep hold of it...

    So far the Grace 1 has not left Gibraltar. The deal is that the Stena Impero leaves Bandar Abbas once the Grace 1 is free.

    It looks like the USA right now pressure the Uk to keep our ship and oil. Iran watchs with great interest how free the UK is.

    We live in 2019. What have the German people of 2019 done to you to deserve such words?

    Do you know what gargantuan crimes the UK did? Thats the past. Dont hold people of the present accountable for the crimes of their ancestors. The UK, Germany, France have all blood on their hands. In the mines of Potosi alone, the spaniards killed more people under horrible conditions than in Auschwitz.

    And i dont exclude us. The persian empire was not founded with flowers either.

    And then what?

    Before the tanker seizures, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard was attacking various tankers, including a Japanese one just as the Japanese PM was visiting Iran.

    If both tankers are released, its just back to square one with nothing resolved.

    Do you have prove for such allegations? Why would Iran attack a japanese tanker? Qui bono?

    You know what a false flag attack is?

    Lets see if the Iranians release the British tanker now, they could just keep hold of it...

    We will keep our word. We are very happy about the behavior change of our british friends. Even more so they stood up this time and did not bow to american pressure.

    Our president said, we will release the british ship when ours is free and im sure we will release the Stena Imperia in next hours or days.

    You talk about vassals, but if you'd read the article which I linked to a few posts back, you'll see that is exactly what might happen if this deal that Iran has done with Russia is true.

    If you think once the Russians have troops, warplanes and ships stationed in your country, that they'll ever leave, then you would be mistaken. And any conflict between Russian and the West would then be fought in Iran turning your country into a battlefield. Is that what you want?

    I agree and always said so, that Trump shouldn't have ripped up the nuclear deal, but with the Iranian regime as the biggest sponsor of worldwide terrorism, that is a policy decision that he made. He wants to curb all of Iran's unwanted activities, not just the nuclear stuff.

    Do you see us or Saudi Arabia as bigger sponsor of Terrorism? Or do you say we should put our terror sponsorship on the level of Saudi Arabia, so its fine for you? Just ask for understanding. Since Saudi Arabia heavily finances ISIS, Al-Nusra, Taliban and Boko Haram.

    Can you name exact numbers? How are we bigger sponsor of Terrorism compared to others?

    We want curb all unwatnted USA and UK activities in the middle east. And we are more sucessful than you.

    We crushed your regime change in Syria. Assad is hold in power because Irans support. We cut Yemen away from your Saudi croonies.

    Meanwhile we still do all our "unwanted activities", while sucessfull kicking you out of the region.

    Trumps "policy decission" seems not to work, since Iran even denies to talk with him.

    We see the west as weak. The future is China. We continue our politics but trade with China. This means another defeat for your group of nations.

    You have nothing to offer anymore.

    Nothing you have cant be sold better from China. You appear old, weak and your old Queen is a perfect representation for this old, and broken weakness. Now you have a clown as PM.

    You had the chance to get Iran as partner. You threw it away. You chose your way as vasall from USA, a dieing country itself.

    There wont be a conflict between West and Russia. You are too weak for that. You dont even dare a conflict with us. Russia uses weapons of mass destruction in your own country and all you do is throwing a tantrum.

    I believe its a iranian core interest to join the alliance with Russia and China. Thats the future. Your old and weak system has nothing left to offer.

    And we see the west not as a weakling block.

    We see european countries which appear strong and independend. France for example or Germany with its economic might.

    But you?

    What a terrible waste of such beautiful scenery

    Oh i have no doubt you would want our land and kill us. It must burn in your heart to know we are too strong so you cant put us into cattle carriages and deport us into gas chambers like your kind likes to do with others.

    You know why we have normal borders?


    Because we are very good in defending our nation. Contrary to our neighbors we were not british colonies, since we were very good in killing british colonialists.

    The fact that we were never a colony is a thing for great pride here.

    One would think the UK would have learned its lessons after so many humilations we served to them.

    We still hold your ship. I just heared its a very new one. Not even a year old.

    You will get the ship back when we get ours back. We dont negotiate.

    I think your government still doesnt understand how this all works.

    Our culture is about honor. By taking our ship, you insulted Iran. Evry Iran expert said, that Iran will now take a british ship in response. Your country was to weak. Our forces took your ship even so one of your war ships was nearby. They released the calls between your war ship and our command. It makes your military appear weak and shy. For same reason few years ago they showed your soldiers crying in TV when we captured them.

    Its about humilation. And then an act of mercy to let them free. Again with them in TV apologizing and show how greateful they are for our act of mercy.

    Its now about humilation UK. Your country even send an envoy to Iran, ignorant to understand how this is shown as begging. The UK appears helpless and weak. And this image is shown all around the world.

    I know your queen is to old to kneel, but maybe she can read a message where she asks for forgiveness.

    Typical racism here again.

    Sand buggys? Has anyone here a clue what Iran looks like?

    I give you a hint:









    And you wonder why you lose here? Your "sand buggys" propably got stuck in the dense forests or snowfields.

    And yeah sure, we hate the west commercially. Because of that we wear nike shoes, use iphones and Mercedes.

    Your problem is different. You want slaves and vassals. In the past that worked but you have become weak and others replace you.

    Im proud that our goverment busts your rotten politics. Trump canceled the deal because he believed we would crawl to them and beg for a new deal.

    That we ignore them, move on and do as we please freaks them out.

    Its said trump threw a tantrum when our foreign minister was in New York at UNO but denied a meeting with Trump.


    We had a deal with USA and the West. trump cancelled the deal and believed he gets a better deal. But now we have no deal and we dont even meet with them. We move on, enrich uranium again and move trade to russia and china.

    Trump tried the same game with us he did with North Korea. He expected at end he too gets nice pictures with our leadership.

    What he got now is that Saudi Arabia and Emirates are silent, because we told them we will destroy them and his british poodle humilated.

    Leaving aside the "goodness" of the Chinese regime Darioush, how do you see things playing out between Iran and the West now?

    Very bad, i feel ashamed how naive i was. Hardliners here said westerners are treacherous snakes and can not be trusted. I and many young people in my age did not believe that. We thought thats angry rants of old people and now evrything they said happened.

    Well that will be an interesting perspective when you're sitting down to afternoon tea with Shinigami and the remains of your country that hasn't been turned to glass is in low earth orbit.

    Good luck then to hold Jorda, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Emirates, Israel and Afghanistan alive.

    If we go, millions will go with us. Iran has the ability to destroy the entzire region. Our rockets can reach as far as paris or Rome.

    We have several hundred kg high enriched uranium. Its in powder form.

    You know how much 3.5% enriched Uranium escaped chernobyl? Just 60 Kg.

    You know why Saudi Arabia and Emirates are so silent now? Because they are in absolute fear.

    Maybe we are dead in low earth orbit and glass but you will slowly die from radiation sickness. Evacuated from your big cities, while the radiation creeps evrywhere

    We might not have a nuke for now. But enough material for hundreds of dirty bombs. Even if you shot a rocket down, it would spill its poison

    We know very well that neither you nor the americans will attack us. Why you think we took teh british ship? We will have little skirmish and thats it.

    The Saudis and Emirates are our worst enemy. Their silence out of fear sings the song.

    They are much more crazy than you are. That they are scared tells much about you.

    Well, good luck with China then. Like half of Africa now, you'll soon be a a Chinese colony.

    As for the first bit, international recognised waters do not belong to Iran. Your regime has no right to seize vessels sailing in internationally recognised waters.

    I´m rather a chinese vasall than a western slave. China tends not to interfer in interior things like the west does. China also is not genocidal like the west is.

    we dont fear british navy or americans, they wont attack. We have the right to block ships from entering our waters.

    Beside that China offers to buy our oil. If that starts working well, the west is dead for us. There is no need for negotiations when someone else gives us what we need

    But we do negotiate. We tried to negotiate two weeks with UK. Only when they extended to hold our tanker for 30 more days it was time to act.

    And as you see, now new dynamics are created. The UK send an envoy to Iran and we will most likely simply swap our ships.

    Why was this not possible before we took the british ship? I find this unfortunate.

    As for USA, we do negotiate. We even open up informal channels. But several points are not negotiable.

    1. We will never give up our rocket program. Nothing will change that.

    2. We will never give up nuclear program. Like all nations, Iran has a right for nuclear power.

    You say we are opressive, bestial and psychotic. Iran did never do crimes like the USA or UK did.

    Ever heared Fanny Corchrane Smith singing?

    She was the last tasmanian. This recording the lst and only recording of the tasmanian language.

    The british killed evry single tasmanian, erased a culture from this planet that lasted over 60.000 years.

    Its just one of your peoples many crimes. The british starved millions of indians to death.

    In our 2500 years as a nation, we never did a genocide.

    The UK did countless genocides.

    The USA did extreme crimes in Iraq, Afghanistan and other nations.

    The USA are still a great power. The UK though is a midget and we just show that in the persian gulf.

    We are equal humans and we believe we must show the british very well, that we wont play games.

    Call it robust diplomacy.

    I wonder what Trump will offer us. Because we will not offer anything substantial above wat we have already offered

    Grow up and act like an adult would be a good start, instead of the 'I want, I want', and 'aren't I wonderful' rhetoric.You don't talk 'to' others at all. You talk 'at' them. We Brits are quite modest but you just tell everyone how wonderful you and your country are and every other country is subjected to insults by you. You obviously haven't read the good book of 'how to win friends and influence people'.

    You act as if you are a victim but you behave like a bigger thug than those you criticise. If you want respect, then try giving some, instead of hurling insults at all and sundry and retaliating in an aggressive manner, just like your government.

    Now bog off! I have lost patience with you. Your attitude drives people away and this is the result.

    The UK and USA made a coup in Iran, toppled our PM and installed the Shah. A tyrant who murdered tenthousands, tortured and was corrupted to the core. As he ruled, BP got billions of $ from Iran.

    After the Shah was kicked out Iran, the UK and USA supported Saddam Hussein in Iraq. He attacked Iran. It was a 8 year war. The UK sold Iraq weapons, even poison gas. 800.000 Iranians died in that war.

    How modest was it from your Maghret Thatcher to sell Sarin to Saddam Hussein?

    We could do no crime big enough to match what UK and USA did.

    We are no victims. Victims are weak. We accept what happened and make sure this will never happen again.

    You take our tanker? We take yours. You use violence against us? We will do same to you.

    The behavior you see, is the result of historic events.

    We dont want win the UK as friends. We expect the UK to act rational or pay the price

    Same old, same old. Twist everything people say! You carry on parroting yourself, as you aren't interested in any other persons views.

    I am not knocking Iran. It's you and your attitude that I reject. I hope your government are not like you.

    Im a liberal young man. We have people in our government you cant imagine. If you have a problem with a young iranian who travels alot loves all countries ad talks with others, i wonder what you think about some of our leaders who are absolute hardcore.

    I´m interested in your views. What should Iran do?

    Tell me please.

    Don't you think Darioush has been a useful education for us? He is I'm sure entirely representative of the Iranian psyche. There is no arguing or debating with him. He's like a sex-changed or body-snatched Theresa May, although more articulate. It's not that either side is in the right or blame-free. It's that the door and the mind is closed on the Iranian side. There are other countries like that around the world but I'm certain they do not include Britain or America

    It has been useful for us in the West to understanding why it's almost completely futile to try and reason with such a country that contains people of that mentality.

    About 30-40 years ago I saw a paperback in Heathrow with the title: "Understanding the West's problems in the Middle East in 50 pages". I found the title very tempting and almost bought it. At the last minute I stopped because I already realised I had the answer: "they're mad buggers". Nothing has changed my mind. All the sophisticated analysis of Middle East political structures and history and tribalism and religious enmities has not altered, except that after 9-11 and all that has followed, I must add to my 3-word prognosis: ".... and they want to kill us"

    I dont want kill anyone.

    There are basic principles. We want respect. Iran already accepted harsher controls over our nuclear program than any other nation in the world. Far above what the IAEO suggests. IT was not easy to do so, but we accepted it and hoped for better relations.

    The hardliners here said teh west is not trustworthy...and then we saw they were right.

    Trump broke a deal we made. He broke it and demands that we accept even harsher conditions. No nation with self respect can let this happen.

    He broke the deal and put pressure on us. If we accept this, the whole world will laugh about Iran. We will be slaughtered like a lamb.

    1. We dont negotiate under pressure. You either negotiate in a respectful manner with us or no negotiations at all.

    2. What you do to us, we do to you. The UK can learn this right now. they took our ship, we took theirs. They get their ship back, when we get ours back.

    You say the door and mind is closed on our side. What do you want from us? That we kneel? Is that the open mindness you expect from us?

    The UK send an envoy to Iran they said. Our president said we can make a swap. Our ship for theirs. I hope the UK is open minded and follows the proposal.

    On a sidenote, i want to know one thing. If we do back off and start a new negotiation with trump, where will be the limit to humilate us?

    What is positive about this, is how we showed how things are.

    The USA is afraid to go to war with us. The UK is too weak to protect its own assets and stands on worldstage humilated.

    And our ultimatum is running as well. The west has 60 days to fullfill its comittments from our deal or we go back into high enriching uranium

    There is your problem! You make unrealistic demands and then act all aggressive when your demands are not met, but yet you would criticise the USA if they took the same approach. It's called double standards and means you won't get an amicable agreement.

    I have great sympathy for anyone trying to negotiate with someone that holds your attitude. You are losing support, because of your attitude.

    So its an unrealistic demand to be treated fair and equal.

    Fact stands, we dont negotiate under pressure. USA can come back into old agreement and then we talk or not at all.

    Who said that? I said NOBODY should accept a bad deal, and that includes Iran. Stop being so bloody prickly!

    The deal as it is stands. If USA want a new deal they first have to come back into the old deal. We only accept talks with respect. Breaking the old deal is disrespect. And as it looks now, Trump melts down, because we ignore him.

    Regardless of who broke the deal, if it is a bad deal, then it should be changed. Regardless of who is involved.

    We want to break our deal with the EU because we got a bad deal. It is legal to do that, otherwise nobody would ever agree anything as it would be for perpetuity with no escape.

    If Iran thinks it is illegal to break the deal, then sue the USA instead of using threats and all the posturing. The fact that Iran is so keen to keep the agreed deal indicates it must be a very good deal for Iran, and very bad for the USA.

    And you want a very bad deal for us. If we bow now, we would lose evrything. We would show that we can be pushed into vasall status.

    Do you realize that we are humans? We will not deal with USA. They broke the contract we had.

    Tell me how we can still look in the mirror if we get humilated like that and then do as ordered?

    Our givernment made it clear. We start negotiate with USA, when they accept the deal we had.

    If we do as Trump wishs, we will be slaughtered like sheep. Who says the americans will not cancel new deal as way and make a even worse for us. And then again and again.

    No. USA is a deal breaker, contracts not worth the paper written on them.

    USA cant attack us. They fear war and we know that. Its better for us to keep status quo and show how weak trump is.