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    Deary me. Have I hit a nerve? Trust means that Iran' agreements and promises would not be subjected to lots of checks. I doubt that can be avoided now.

    Look you say west dont trust Iran.

    Iran says it doesnt trust the west. Both is funded by facts. Since both sides dont trust each other agreements will be based on checks on both sides.

    Secrecy and hiding/destruction of evidence creates mistrust. If Iran doesn't want to be trusted then fair enough. They won't be!

    Iran gives a shit about your trust. They want hide it from our own population. I dont know what you dont understand about that?

    I believe one of the biggest problems in the west is, that they teach you your individual opinion matters and that you value for anyone. Thats not right in reality nd that the main problem you face with Iran, China, Russia and so on, who dont care about your opinion and roll over it.

    If nothing to hide, then why hide it? Share the black box data. It's too late to allow Ukraine to examine the wreckage!

    Amazing, you did not get a single thing i said.

    The iranian government right now does evrything to cover this up inside Iran. It gives a shit about public opinion in USA, UK or Ukraine.

    You can expect much more desinformation in next days. The iranian media will spill theory after theory into the world until nobody who is not into this topic will know whats going on. Russia is a master in this (MH17).

    Rather a silly thing to do. People will assume the worst possible scenario now.

    No they wont.

    You dont get one thing. This shot down was an accident. Most passengers were iranians from abroad. The government here doesnt expect any response from abroad., nor does it care. It doesnt try to hide from outside. It tries to hide inside. As soon you realize this, the sooner you understand.

    The Iranians knew they were going to start shooting missiles, so they could've closed down the airport for a few hours. It's tantamount to mass murder, the same thing that Putin did with the plane shot down in Ukraine.

    Pretty much bullshit.

    This happened as a communication error. Airspace in Iran was blocked from iranian air traffic control. Lufthansa and Emirates as well as Iran Air were grounded at Tehran airport. Somehow this ukrainian aircraft got permission to take off hours before the air space was official reopened.

    People who live nearby the crash site showed pictures of the rockets debris. Looks like a airdefense missile.

    They think here there was communication problem between military and civil air control. The military ordered a full block of iranian airspace. Air traffic control submitted this block to all aircrafts but Ukrainian Airways slipped through.

    They had the air defense activated and at high alert, when the ukrainian aircraft took off, it triggered the system which shot it down.

    It was a mistake and this will not cause a war.

    Whe has something like this ever caused a war?

    When USSR shot down Korean 747, happened nothing.

    When USA shot down Iran Air Airbus, happened nothing.

    When Russia shot down Malaysian Airlines nothing happened.

    All the cases have one thing in common. High tension military situation.

    Saudi of course is slowly moving into the 21st century, Iran is still in the 16th

    Actually not.

    Iran is far ahead of Saudi Arabia. Women can walk alone outside, study at university, play any sports. We dont crucify and we dont behead.

    Look, when you want make an argument against me, dont use the most vile shithole as example how it should be done.


    Im quite sure Trump also understands we mean business and dont bow.

    That said, forget Israel. Iran gives a shit about Israel. Its just bait for the arabs.

    You dont understand the region. No matter what we do, arabs will always hate us.

    Iran always has to rule with an iron fist over them. They either fear us or kill us.

    I prefer they fear us.

    What do you think is Irans core interest. What is important to Iran?

    I tell you. To be secure. We are sourounded by enemies.

    You may dislike Iran, but with all our flaws, we are an islands of civilisation in an ocean of terror and chaos.

    We believe we must keep the pressure outwards, so we stay secure.

    And please dont come with proxy terror groups. USA, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, UK. All support proxy terror groups.

    Its called Real Politics. If you believe we stop supporting hezbollah and watch the west support mad ISIS groups, you are mistaken.

    Powerful shia militia in Syria and Iraq crush ISIS and Al-Nusra there. As long that fight is fought there, its not fought here.

    In 2001 Iran joined USA in its fight against Taliban and OSama bin Laden. Experts say without Irans help, this would not have been possible.

    Many in Iran believed this could start something but then Bush called us axis of evil...

    A missed chance.

    There is a new chance now.

    As for our general...some are dead more useful as alive.

    Our government now has suddenly almost 100% support. Patriotism unites the people. He was incredible popular and even more popular than the supreme leader. He also did alot independend decissions contrary to what our leader ordered lately...

    Now that he is dead its obvious that USA will leave Iraq, Iran now holds more power in the region as before. The networks he build up work in Irans favor. He was a military genius indeed. Now that he is gone Iran can on one side harvest the spoils of his work but also has a free hand for cooperation.

    Diplomacy is a very dirty game.

    See all you did fear did not happen.

    All knéw Iran had to send an answer to the attack on our general. The today events show, that Iran is not interested in escalating this further.

    In that army base are german soldiers stationed. Iran warned Germany 15 minutes before the attack was launched. Our military knew full well that while the germans alert all others, that human victims are not possible.

    15 rockets were send. 10 hit the base but at remote areas, 5 outside.

    Trump ceased his extreme twitter rants and made a very modest speech, even reaching his hand to Iran, saying we should negotate and work together in fields with common interests.

    Our media report 80 dead. Which is of course fake. People here know to take propaganda with a grain of salt.

    So what we have now? Iran had its revenge. USA made a minimum answer and from now on i hope diplomats of our both nations are able to solve this.

    It also shows something else very clearly. Germany is one of the few western countries Iran trusts. Germany and France opposse USA in many aspects and that allows us to have open channels to both sides. It also explains why the UK plays little to no role here in this conflict. UK is seen as same as USA and not credible.

    Now that the steam is out i hope a solution can be found for the future.

    Sky News breaking....

    Iran launches missile attack at Iraqi airbase housing American troops.

    If the missiles kill American troops, the Iranian regime has just slit its own throat.

    No, it has not. USA knows the price of war. It would mean that also Saudi Arabia, Emirates ect would cease to exist. USA has not the military to occupy Iran.

    anyways im just a kid amd all i can do is watch and see what happen

    I cant follow your rationale. When the British and Ireland were emersed around murder/terrorism.... Not once did I ever wish for any British person to be harmed. Not once did I or do I have any bad feeling toward the British or Northern Irish. I have been angry and frustrated but never had hate in my heart or mind. You do have hatred... You do want Americans and Jews to be killed. You have a deep inner hatred. Not from no reason. But the aim should be for peace. No more killing.

    What? It appears you live in a fantasy world. Never did i say anywhere that i want jews killed. I even said i have no problems with Israel.

    What about Hezbollah?

    It was a targetted attack, of course they knew he was in the car.

    On that we agree.

    Hezbollah is different. Lebanon has shia population that would be without protection without Hezbollah. Wizhout Hezbollah, Shia would get slaughtered in Lebanon and i dobt UK would save them.

    As for the car, it was used by the iraqi resistance leader. USA targeted his group days before. Killing our general was retarded and USA can only lose from it. When one see how much Trump is in panic now, now USA lose in Iraq. The chaos in their ranks.

    Their entire military is in chaos. Their generals now send letters to iraqi government that state that they leave. An hour later that is said to have been send by mistake.

    You dont like Iran but i assume even you must admit our government plays this like art, very calculated while the US regime acts erratic, without any planning or tactic.

    I know trump is an idiot but i dont know if one man can have such a corrosive effect on an entire system.

    Of course Saudi Arabia is a vile, medieval regime. Back to you on Hamas etc.

    As for your second remark, I am not a mind reader and only read a fraction of the posts on this site, so if there is a specific post you are concerned with, then use the report function. However, the report function should primarily be reserved for serious matters such as threats or anything adult or illegal in nature. If you feel you are being subjected to a continuous amount of insults from a poster, you should use create a thread in the Help and Feedback forum. I will not act on one off insults or little spats between members, ever, only continuous harassment. The best option is to use the ignore function and block the insulting poster.

    I say again since you obviously did not see, Hamas is definitly a terror organisation. I dont care about Palestinians.

    I also give a shit about Israel. I see it as waste of our tax money to be spend on palestinians. Our politics regarding that are fucked up.

    Im an athlete. If i encounter an israeli at competition, im supossed to leave and lose. And im not willing to follow that idiocy.

    Btw as you posted the F 35 link, nobody in Iran fears that.

    Our government is ruthless, powerhungry but smart. They think many steps ahead like chess. Trump is an idiot who decides from one second to next.

    As you see the situation develops pretty good for Iran.

    Some believe USA did not even know he was in the car. The paniced way how USA rwact now appears uncontrolled and erratic

    I thik best would be for us to make a cold peace with Israel. Our enemy is Saudi Arabia

    The country is still ruled by a vile regime, no matter how many nice pictures our Persian friend posts here, or declines to get into a debate about Hamas etc.

    Is Saudi Arabia too ruled by a vile regime? Yes or no. You want answer from me, so i also want an answer.

    And you are admin here, i want you to protect my personal rights against the insults from "Casablanca". Im not willing to accept this constant ad hominem attacks any longer

    Look what's in their hands, iphones, so perhaps a bit more recent.;)

    Darioush again you present us with your picture perfect postcards of Iran. Let me ask you again:

    Are Hamas and Hezbollah terrorist organisations?

    Hamas is definitly a terror organisation. I dont care about Palestinians.

    I also give a shit about Israel. I see it as waste of our tax money to be spend on palestinians. Our politics regarding that are fucked up.

    Im an athlete. If i encounter an israeli at competition, im supossed to leave and lose. And im not willing to follow that idiocy.

    I thik best would be for us to make a cold peace with Israel. Our enemy is Saudi Arabia

    You are told facts. Opinions are owned, facts are not. The United Nations had that General listed as a wanted Terrorist.

    I would love for Iran to seek peace. It can not seek peace because the Islamic leaders hold the power. Islam sees USA as Satan....and always has... So there is your clue. I dont like how the Chinese controls its people but China does not go around killing Brits and Americans supported, as a matter of policy, by their government.

    Show me where the UN had our general listed as terrorist. Show me the UN list.

    I ask agan, do you want us to become like Saudi Arabia? Why you hold Iran to different Standards than Saudi Arabia?

    I dont know. It appears im open and what i see here is nothing but hate against me, my people, my nation and what we stand here.

    Im not a troll. I say what i think and what i believe in. I love my nation with all my heart.

    You have no clue about my nation but spill your onesided views about it. And i see that as unfortunate.

    The ironic aspect is, evrything you claim my country does bad, is thousand times worse in Saudi Arabia.

    Women in Iran:


    Women in Saudi Arabia are not allowed to leave house without men.


    While women in Iran study at university, have jobs in government, science and engineering. Women in Saudi Arabia are absent from outside world.

    Saudi Arabia beheads people. Thousands each year. Saudi Arabia even crucify people.


    Saudi Arabia supports global terrorism. Funds ISIS and is engaged in a murderous war in Yemen.

    Saudi Arabia own crown prince murdered a journalists in the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul, cut him into pieces and dissolved them in acids.



    This is not for human rights. This is not about women rights or terrorism.

    Its about power and influence.

    If Iran would bow and accept american supremacy, you would say nothing. We could crucify and behead people. We could take the rights our women away and push them back on Saudi Standards. We could wage horrible wars and kill journalists in the iranian embassy in London.

    You would ignore it. But we opposse your dictat. That is the problem and the core of it.

    If im wrong, tell me why your country has perfect relations with a nation like Saudi Arabia.

    Tell me, what should Iran do, that you treat us like Saudi Arabia?

    As long you cant solve that logic conflict, you will always fail.

    Im an open person. I see the opinions of others and you have a gigantic chance in the conversation with me. You see the insight of an young iranian.

    Iran questions the western colonial order. That is your problem.

    You can insult me personal all you want. You call me even dog now.

    Another aspect i want add. Im critical to our government, im not religious. But im patriot. I will always defend my nation. And as you can see now in Iran joins behind the regime.

    You hate that i love my nation. You expect me to hate my country and love yours. That united patriotism of Iranians is the problem why western propaganda fails.

    Our nation is not perfect, far from it.

    But i would never stand against my country. I swear that by evrything that is important for me.

    A country ruled by religious heads. Superior to the government with every citizen forced, under threat of death, to conform strictly to the Qur'an and Hadith. Women are subservient to men, oppressed by Islam. Gays are killed for being gay. Men have as many wives as they choose.

    If Iranians and Hollywood actors and the radical lefties want to OPPOSE Trump and speak out publicly in support of Iran then they are devoid of sound discernment and should move to Iran, they have the money. Then lets see how many skinny fake vacuous Hollywood women survive. It is chronic to hear the radical feminists speak iin support of Iran just because they hate men and hate Trump. That dead General killed British and American people as often as possible. If they see USA as Satan then we must be on our guard. Even Dariosh, as with all matters of religious extremism, is in denial and says that Islam has nothing to do with it. That is the lie of Satan.

    Not true.

    It's the cowards way to target civilians! I am ashamed on your behalf, because you obviously aren't.

    USA just announced they leave Iraq.

    as for civilians, Trump twittert he wants hit our civilians. Only then it was published that Iran targets him personal now.

    It appears it worked, USA retreats from Iraq. This morning Trump made wild threats towards Iraq. As Iran targeted his business and family suddely he leaves.…move-200106195552545.html

    We appear to win on all fronts.

    That truly is shocking. To make targets of family and children that had nothing to do with the decision is the act of a truly evil person. Then again, the Iran Regime doesn't care about it's own people, so why should they care about anyone else.

    I can imagine if they are successful, the whole western world will be knocking on Irans door! We hate people who target innocent civilians like the despicable terrorists they are. It would be a very good way to get your country razed to the ground.


    Iran targets nobody. Iran issued a price. Trump brought this over himself as he said he wants target our historical sites.

    As it looks now, our governtment will strike against his family and business.

    They are just murderers and don't like it when it happens to them

    Not all Iranians are saddened by the death of this general and his entourage. There are plenty who applaud this action, they remember when he turned his wrath on Iranians when they tried to protest

    You believe your own propaganda. He was never responsible for internal affairs.