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    Haha. You really take the biscuit. Iran is very welcome to you. I am certain you fit right in there.

    We live in 2019 and i guess adjusting to the new realities might not be so easy for you. The UK is not a nation with much international power.

    I think China said it as first openly and called the UK an old museum.

    There wont be any war. The risks are too high. Iran made clear it would destroy evrything around us. The desalination plants in Saudi Arabia and the Emirates, the oil infrastructure. Attack Israel and burn down the entire region.

    The UK doesnt want that and without US support, UK does nothing. USA already chickened out. All we get are empty threats.

    So what will happen? UK will release our ship. We will release the UK ship. And all is fine.

    Iran learned, that the west in general only learns from pressure. As soon we appear weak, we get exploited. We have the UK 14 days to think about its mistake. It did not learn. So now we teach a lesson in respect.

    You see yourself as you wish to see yourself. It isn't reflected in reality. Bye now.

    You dont own reality and you are not the center of the universe. You may accept, that your point of view is not universal. In the end, the UK is a small country with little international power. Brexit shows that even more, since it reduces the UK to a mere american vasall.

    The UK lives in the illussion, that non europeans must bow to them. Iran doesnt bow. India hates you and has more international power and China laughs about you as well. Russia poisons people in your own country without consequence. See our action as medicine and accept your international status, which is like Switzerland or Italy.

    yes we have political forums in Iran. Like

    I like to talk with people from other countries. Im also in a russian forum.

    That said, you see im never agressive or rude to anyone here and find the way you talk to me not very respectful.

    I looked google for a british politic forum, when our ship was taken.

    Im thankful for your words. It shows how much your so called exchange of ideas is just words. You want boil in your own dogma and you dont have the ability to think into others.

    A core problem is, that UK breaks international law. And we feel powerless if we dont act against that.

    Remember it was UK taking our ship first. Thats the core. Now UK is in same situation. We want our ship free. Thats what matters for us and i hope the UK can give us our ship back.

    The moment our ship is free, the british ship will be free as well.

    If we release the uk ship and the UK does not release our ship, we would lose our face.

    You don't know what your government get up to, the same as we don't know what out government get up to.

    I agree that negotiation is the best recourse, but that should have attempted before you took a ship in retaliation. Retaliation leads to more retaliation, and can lead to war. IF (and it's a big if) the UK took the Iranian ship illegally, then why didn't Iran use diplomatic means, or even mediation before taking a UK ship? C'mon .... tell me why!

    I find it very difficult to believe that the UK ship 'was on the wrong side' or that it rammed an Iranian fishing vessel.

    Iran tried to use diplomatic solutions for two weeks now. But nothing happened. What are we supposed to do? When the UK said they will keep our ship 30 days longer, we snapped.

    I dont want war.

    You are defending your country, we are defending ours. Why do you come on here? We have zero influence with our government. Your government is doing plenty to inflate tensions so why not try to influence them instead of wasting your time here?

    I love to travel. I visit Europe for my competitions and also was already in Chile, Peru and also India and Sri Lanka ad even the UK. I was in a city called Southampton. I like hear other opinion but also show how i think.

    You say why i´m here? When all this started i wanted show how i think about it.

    I think exchange is important dont you think? You hear my opinion, i hear yours. If you are only stuck with yourself. you end like North Korea.

    When UK took our ship, it felt sooo bad. It feels like a kick in the belly. Of course people are not happy then and demand an answer.

    The thing we want most is respect. We want treated like equals. And be treated with respect.

    What i want? I think best is UK and Iran negotiate. Our foreign minster said, the Uk should stop to act like a vasall of USA.

    Let our ship go and we let yours go.

    Evrything can be negotiated.

    Help us to sell our oil. Like evryone we need income. Why you think we sell oil to Syria?

    Look...we have all stuff. IPhone, Samsung, Nike Shoes, Mercedes cars and so on but evrything has to be smuggeled through Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey and so on. That makes the price high. This must end. And it would be better for us.

    There is NO evidence that the UK ship rammed an Iranian fishing vessel. The UK and the EU were very lapse in not providing protection for ships in International waters. Then again, it isn't a British ship, it just carries the UK flag. Keep it and we'll keep yours.

    Its a fact that this ship did drive on the wrong side of the strait.

    It is a british ship. It carries the british flag. According international law, you are rsponsible to protect all ships sailing under your flag.

    You had the chance to get yours back. Iran had long talks with british officials. When you announced our ship will be held for anotehr 30 days, it was time to act.

    For you obviously debate means 100% agreement with your side. Thats a typical idea from westerners. I can give you my debate.

    I dont want my country negotiate with USA ever again. USA is an enemy in an absolute way. They broke the deal and are untrustworthy. They are also a sinking power and can be ignored.

    The west doesnt dare war with us, so its best, that we get trade with europe running. Since europe is kinda coward, we need pressure to get europe to that point. Beside that we need russia and china on our side.

    I want respect. That we get treated with respect. Good example is UK, which treats us not with respect.

    What did UK think when they hijacked our tanker? No moatter if i support my government or not, i will always want my country to defend our interest. There was gigantic pressure from the people of Iran, that UK gets punished for its behavior. Now that a uk tanker has been taken by us, we are equal.

    We dont want, that we get treated in a bad way.

    Trump was against the Iran 'deal' even before he considered becoming President. He promised to get a more balanced deal, and has tried to keep his promises. Iran hasn't kept it's side of the bargain, so they literally invited Trumps intervention.

    Tell m please, where have we not kept our side of the bargain? :)

    The UN says Iran followed evry single step of the contract. You now make stuff up to fullfill your worldview?

    Trump wint get a new deal. we dont negotiate with USA any longer. They are not trustworthy.

    What complete and utter bollocks , every bloody word !

    Why you say so? What exactly is wrong about it?

    Fact is, that the british ship is in iranian hands now, with its crew. Fact is, Iran will release it, when our ship is released.

    Its also a fact, that Trump doesnt help the UK. The USA told answered UK, they advice you, your ships should avoid the area. There you have it now, Iran kicked out the UK of persian gulf waters.

    Iran wants to be taken serious. That your country treats us as equal. Deals with us as it does with France, Germany or Russia.

    We want that you change your behavior towards us and treat us with respect.

    Your crew will be treated good. This can be solved in a peaceful way. So far nobody got hurt. Im sure our countries can solve this and have better relations in the future.

    But one thing...its interesting your european friends have forsaken you. Germany, France, Spain, Italy and so on...stay silent.

    Because US sanctions, we depend on the EU alot. The EU could really hurt us. But chose to do nothing. I think thats the more important thing seen here.

    Press TV says the british tanker stays in iranian custody and all 23 crew is not allowed to leave the ship.

    The ship broke several rules. It did shut down its transponder while crossing through iranian waters. It rammed a finishing vessel and did not stop. The fishing vessel then informed our coast guard.

    Im sure they find a solution to solve this.

    Right now UK holds one of our tankers near Gibraltar. It does hold it illegally in an act of piracy.

    Now we are even. And i think a solution will be found. We get our ship back. UK will get their ship back.

    Looks like we got our british oil tanker. The british oil tanker Stena Impero was breaking maritime laws and is now brought into iranian waters.…l-tanker-strait-of-Hormuz

    Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) has said that it has captured a British oil tanker for breaching international maritime law while crossing the Strait of Hormuz.

    The IRGC’s Public Relations Department said in a statement on Friday that the vessel named “Stena Impero” had been confiscated “at the request of Hormozgan Ports and Maritime Organization when passing through the Strait of Hormuz, for failing to respect international maritime rules.”

    The oil tanker was transferred to the coast to undergo the required legal proceedings, the statement added.

    IRNA says there is a crew of 23 on the british ship.

    I think now Iran and the UK can hold equal talks and im sure our nations can reach an agreement.

    Once our ship is free, i´m sure the british ship will also be released.

    Oh news say we also have catched a 2nd british oiltanker caleld MESDAR

    Oh but you are wrong in that. Our civilisation was stronger thany any "invasion". Iran is totally different to all nations in the region. We are proud persians. Our culture is absolutely different to all others and based continously on our history. Just look what names many of us have. Why you think my parents named me Darioush?

    Why you think we have as biggest festibal in Iran Nowruz? Why we speak our own language and not arabic?

    I think the arabic world was changed more from the islamic conquest than we did. Art, culture, science came from Persia and changed the islamic world forever. We on the other hand did not change much.

    And one 29th octobre we have a national day to honor our founder. King Kourosh and thousands go to his tomb to celebrate him



    Also at Nowruz:


    No problem. The place in 3rd picture is called Naqsch-e Rostam. These are the tombs of some of our greatest kings


    You can visit if you want. Iran has many visitors from Europe and numbers climb evry year. We are a very save country for tourists.

    Hi :)

    Mazandaran province is for me one of the most beautiful places.

    Are you from Zoroastrian descent, or have you been converted to the religion of the Arab invaders? ;)

    Mazandaran is awesome indeed. The entire region near caspian sea is very beautiful.

    All Persians are from Zoroastrian descent. We were all Zoroastrians after all, before the invasion.


    Saudi Arabia will soon have MBS (Mr Bone SAW) as king, since their old king is demented. The Saudi Regime is plain and simple the lowest form of society imaginable. They have no history, they are simply savage in evry aspect.

    As much as you dislike Iran, you will never see us supporting things like Daesh (ISIS). What we saw unfolding in Iraq and Syria was absolute disgusting.

    Syria is an important thing for us. We showed that it is possible for us to kick western influence out, to make alliances against the west and that we gain not only the upper hand but win. It also shows that US times are over. The US are too weak to win.

    Iran made it possible, that Syria has a future. future where all people can live. No matter if muslim, christian or non believer. The western backed islamist groups like DAESH or Al Nusra made it a hell.

    Iran and Russia form a natural alliance, since our interests are similar.

    You say the UK and Iran never have been enemies? Do you think we forgot operation ajax? That the UK with the US made a coup against our government and installed the Shah?

    Our president is not irrelevant. As you saw the change in politics when our current president was voted into office.

    I think the next one will be an absolute hardliner. Rouhani failed in his approach to the west. The people see that the hardliners were right.

    As for the tanker, it appears your media lie to you. You have no EU sanctions against Iran. You have sanctions against Syria. Because of that you robbed our tanker. You dont stop russian tankers, because you fear the backlash. I advice the UK to let our tanker free, because we always send a message back. Its part of our cultre to respond equaly.

    You call our election a sham? How about yours? You are run by corporations and oligarchs. You have two parties with identical politics. They work against the normal people an follow a globalist agenda. They flood your country with africans. They burn your soldiers in wars for some corporations.

    That one guy above you posted a link about Amnesty International and let me say this.

    I hate all NGO, they must be crushed. They follow no politics or laws. Just their rich sponsors. They flood europe with 3rd worlders and say thats "Human rights".

    NGO must be smashed. Hungary, Russia, China do it right.

    When you let NGO run free, you end like Europe. Flodded with Africans, 1000 genders and madness ruling over reality.

    As for the movie, i think it was an Alien movie. They had a scene there that played on Iles of Sky at beginning. It looked nice,

    The seizure wasn't piracy, it was done under EU sanctions. If the vessel has not been in EU waters, no seizure would've happened.

    As for the people "demanding", when was the people allowed to demand anything of the Iranian regime?

    1. Iran is not member of the EU. The Uk does not stop russian tankers that deliver oil to Syria. Too afraid?

    2. We have elections in Iran. The government of Iran has to answer to its electorate.

    I think what you dont understand is, that the hostility and contract breaking of the west makes the conservatives and hardliners in Iran more and more popular.

    The UK actually weakens reformists and liberal forces in Iran and strengthens the hardliners. The next election here will be a desaster for reformists who always said we can deal with the west and can trust them. The hardliners said the west are treacherous snakes. It turned out, the hardliners were right.

    Do you understand that very basic concept of patriotism? And to stand united against an outside enemy?

    Iran is one of the oldest nations on this planet. Actually the oldest empire the world knows. And we never were colonized. In a way we are the only historic nation in that area not based on colonialism. We dont bend our knees.

    We did not bow, when USA was only superpower in the world. And we wont bow now, when USA is weak and falling more each day.

    USA is out of the game. We negotiate with Germany, Russia, China, France and UK. We wont negotiate with USA and i hope your country can have a positive effect and our nations get better relations in the future.

    I would love to visit Ile of Skye. I saw in a movie and it looks very cool.

    Dorood is farsi (persian) and means Hello.

    My name is Darioush. I´m 22 years old and come from the city Shiraz.

    Shiraz is the capital of our Fars province and its basicly the cultural center of Iran. Here was our old capital Persepolis


    Also much other and younger palaces


    Our old kings are buried here


    My hobbies are my sport (bodybuilding and snowboarding...yes we have Ski resorts in Iran), cars and technology in general and also nature and history.

    Im super interested in my countries history and it is evrywhere here. You find old temples, ruins, cities and tombs.

    I also like to travel. Countries i visited are Germany, UK, Spain, Italy, Egypt, Greece, Turkey and Madagascar.

    That said: ;P


    If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

    The Iranians tried to seize one of our tankers on Wednesday and are continuing to make threats. Good job we have a large Royal Navy to protect all out shipping in that region..:rolleyes:

    Do you advice with that, that Iran also guards its tankers with war ships against british pirate activity t Gibraltar?

    The fact that the UK hijacked an iranian ship is no issue for you?

    The people in Iran demand, that our government does evrything it can to make the UK pay for that crime.

    I find it amusing that westerners somehow believe that leaders in Iran are not under pressure to act, when Iran is treated like that.

    That is it , no more from me , i try and talk to you and tell the truth but you would obviously prefer to get your news from the maniacs ruining your country or press TV .

    We send ships where we want to , our ships are on station and being used wherever they happen to be , so cost us no more than if they in in English waters , we have no masters unlike you and your mad leaders.


    You dont try talk to me, you write rubbish like there is no poverty in UK or that you are Independent from USA and act like their poodle out of own interest.

    We have warships all over the world, this will cost us nothing as it is an asset we already have, please keep sending your lunatic republican guard , at least they are not persecuting women and Gays when at sea!

    You dont have war ships all over the world. You have war ships where your master USA orders them. You are not an independend nation that can decide about such issues.

    And yes, having a ship in persian gulfs costs your tax payers several million each day.

    Your anti iranian rants are almost comical btw. Like a caricature.

    You couldnt be more wrong about your assumption about the iranian people.

    We are not arabs. We are calm people and always calculating. We love calm and harmony. Nature and symbolism. Do you know our art, history or literature?

    i doubt it.

    Its very telling when someone joins a forum and the only thread they make is an aggressively confrontational one without any attempt to introduce themselves whatsoever. :/

    I was angry how UK treats my country. Our news are full with reports about our stolen Tanker. I googled uk politics forum and ended here and wanted tell our side point.

    If you want learn something about Iran, you are free to ask me. Or something about me.

    3 Iranian boats warned off by HMS Montrose in the Straits of Hormuz as the attempted to interfere with a British merchant ship , presumably they were only trying to say hello!

    No hello, we will take an oil tanker of you until ours is free.

    Its called an eye for an eye.

    It costs you millions now. You need to send an escort war ship for each british tanker, you must drive around iranian waters.

    As soon you release our ship, your wont be threatened anymore as well.

    Thats your main problem, that Iran never bows. We stand our ground and treat others that way, that they treat us.

    You want other nations in middle east act like slaves. Like Saudi Arabia, which does horrible things, but thats ok for you, since they kiss the floor infront you.

    Oh dear, let's see do we have rough sleepers , yes , most are drug or alcohol dependents if not both , just like most civilised countries , as for poor , nobody needs to be poor in the UK , I'll leave it there, as for the Queen and her family , I do not care less about them but at least she doesn't issue execution orders like your illustrious leaders do .

    You have 3.7 million children in absolute poverty according to the UNO. You obviously have not told them yet that they dont need to be poor.

    Who signs the execution orders for your soldiers when they bomb entire villages flat in Afghanistan?

    I like nothing about Iran , when you treat women and Gays the same as you , perhaps I will change my mind .

    Poverty in England?, rubbish , you are indeed a troll.

    I saw homeless people sleeping in subway. People who use drugs ect.

    So this accordingly to you dont exist



    according to the UN, poverty in UK is systematic and tragic

    Number of children in absolute poverty in UK hits all time high…nservatives-a8843381.html

    So im a troll to point up facts, while you just insult my country but obvioudly dont even know your own?

    While you have 3.7 million children in absolute poverty, you have a inbred queen pampered with millions. And dont denie she is inbred, she has children with her own cousin.

    Please learn facts before writing rubbish , our monarchy has NO POLITICAL POWER , it has ceremonial usage and attracts millions of tourists here every year , nobody is poor as you describe it , our unemployment levels are extremely low and mainly only the useless or lazy are out of work.How come we have boats full of young Iranian men , obviiusly as women are second class citizens in Iran, trying to get into Europe and the UK ?

    If the European countries love Iran so much , where are your new aircraft and vehicles?

    As for the USA not being the world power , now you really are being silly .

    I advice you the same to learn facts.

    You have massive poverty. I visited London and Southampton. I saw misery there that i have never seen before in my life.

    Your unemployment is low? Many get exploited like slaves in low paid jobs.

    People are never useless.

    You have not boats young iranians. Most are afghan or iraqi who lie to your officials about their heritage.

    USA is not the single worldpower anymore. Its influence shrinks more and more. USA lost in Syria, lost in Libya.

    Airbus delivered several A320. As for vehicles, we get evry car we want. Why you think Streets in Tehran are full of Ferrari, Bentley or Lambo?

    I drive a Toyota. My father bought me last year. Im proud for my car :)


    Where you think i get samsung phone, ipad and nike shoes from?

    We get evrything in Iran. Most is brought in via Azerbaijan but also Armenia and Iraq

    But i have a question for you. What you like about Iran? What do you want to know?