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    It was the higher resolution on that multiplex for the Sony channels. I remember seeing it on my TV settings a few times and thinking it was good for Freeview outside of the PSB channels.

    DigitalBitRate shows resolutions for those multiplex channels, so I very likely saw it there too.

    AngusMast on Digital Spy confirmed that it wasn't my equipment at fault for not getting any more than the EPG for the new channel on the Local multiplex. They weren't getting it either.

    According to them it started broadcast here yesterday however, so I'll have to check for myself (and then delete it as it's of no interest).

    Another poster, peter_sharp1uk, has said the resolution has dropped from 720 x 576 to 544 x 576 on all the existing channels except the local one. So that explains how they fitted it in.


    I wonder how many people actually watch these?

    I was watching some of the Trace channels a few nights ago and also Clubland, which seemed to feature an awful lot of Scooter tracks. I'm not sure if that is compelling enough to hold onto an audience over time.

    I believe Trace shut down two of their channels recently, so that may given you an indication. They mentioned something about an app, I think, as alternative to the closed channels.

    H&C (linear) lasted longer on VM than other UK platforms, don't think they deserve your rage.

    Just learned that Sky have a test EPG, though it's not accessible via a Sky box as It's tied to the viewing card in the same way that regional services are.

    It isn't encrypted, so can be accessed via a customisable box.

    Do we know if VM has an equivalent?

    There's bound to be one, of sorts, any time they introduce a new box OS.

    JJ20X will probably have to correct me on the next bit...

    The difference these days is (I think) the V6 EPG is downloaded from the internet and doesn't have the streams that Tivo and Liberate tuned into.

    Sky will be constantly broadcasting their guides, whereas the V6 will just ask for it every so often.

    Actually that might have been an avenue they could have tried for. STV tried it briefly with the Scottish Local channels when they were branded STV2 when they broadcast a Polish crime drama. And back in the day Channel 4 used to show what I think was an Indian soap.

    I agree with much of what you say there JJ20X.

    I know it doesn't have the best coverage, but it can adjust accordingly. It doesn't have to be new content outside of the "local" content. There are shedloads of archives worldwide, you do what Talking Pictures/Forces TV do and pick shows that haven't been on for forever (or ever if you go global), they'll be dirt cheap (relatively). Doing simulcasts like CBS Reality adds an extra level of revenues going elsewhere.

    They don't have to go too old, Howards Way, House Of Elliot, Lovejoy, Bertha, Family Affairs, Night And Day.

    I specifically didn't suggest BBC and Local Newspapers as that suggestion has been given by many before. I just gave it as an alternative.

    Well, VM said that they were here to stay. AFAIK, Vice is to remain on Sky and it was clearly only a two year carriage contract (in my experience these are usually longer than two years, three at a minimum), so I think that jj was correct in his prediction.

    All that means is it wasn't going to disappear the moment the dispute resolved, and it didn't. No channel is guaranteed to stay, the closest to guaranteed are the 5 PSBs because they are PSBs and obligated to be available in exchange for guaranteed prominence.

    The coverage is too patchy for a national channel. Not much thought went into the original concept to be honest.

    I think he meant what Old Boy said, that it should be a channel like Channel 3 (ITV/STV) that had the same shows on every station ouside of regular "local slots". I don't think Richard was suggesting an established channel reverse into the capacity.

    Someone like Channel 4 should've done it in conjunction with ITN.

    I still think it could have worked, but only with a nationwide set of watchable programmes, with intervening local news and other local programmes of interest. A bit like the old ITV, but with more local programming.

    Even London Live didn't work, which really surprised me.

    I agree. :thumbup:

    Needed to be a nationwide channel as a backbone.

    Some Vice UK content is available via the All4 app anyway. I haven't checked the VM TV version of the app but it is on the mobile one. Sadly Vice section doesn't include the animé... though All4 does have different animé.

    A glitch with DBR monitoring perhaps? I've seen the overall bit rate drop on some of their logs before then revert to normal after a few days.

    I wouldn't pay too much attention to it unless the results are repeated across other sites. Other transmitter sites aren't currently showing a change.

    That was my thinking too. :)

    Was reading the Digital Spy Freeview forum and it was mentioned that there had been a broadcast change on PSB3 showing on DigitalBitRate.…=BBCB-PSB3-LONDON&nav=mux

    I assumed it was just them tweaking other areas to the settings that PSB3 has in Scotland (which I'd been told were slightly different)...but it's seemingly not. There's been a reduction in bandwidth! Or that's what it looks like. Seems strange thing to do on a permanent, widely available, multiplex.

    Any ideas from those technical minded of you?

    No, but many other companies have sensibly amended their plans in response to Covid 19. For exampe, some people may have been worried about being infected from new equipment coming into their home.

    I'm currently being shielded and there's no way that i'd risk my life for the sake of a new STB!

    VM aren't immune to taking current circumstances into consideration...just recently they postponed closing Mobile PAYG, people only found out as they accidentally published a webpage with broken links (though I'm still not clear how they found it as there were no links to it I could see).

    Many of whom will be cutting the cord and going to streaming only services. In difficult times they need to be careful who they annoy.

    People hanging onto old equipment bring in a guaranteed revenue stream, often priced above the level offered to users of newer kit.

    Quite. :) Much like those that are still on the same electricity and gas providers since the Beginning of Time.

    I didn't post the on screen messages just for your information. I had been sent the javascript hex dump file before you posted.

    I get what you mean about the Covid-19 timing but, as VM have been removing services from Liberate middleware boxes for quite some time, the situation wasn't really unforeseen for the customer.

    I realise that. Much appreciated, I'd not seen the wording anyway, just people paraphrasing it. :)

    I wasn't talking about the customer when I used the word "unforeseen", and I thought it was obvious in the context at the time I posted it. But clearly I was wrong.^^

    I said what you said re: the customer having plenty warning on another forum earlier as it happens.