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    I think this was announced on the 23rd, based on the replies I received referring to an email VM apparently sent when I posted a thread on Cable Forum on the 24th.

    Your final paragraph is pretty much my idea of integration.

    When I commented elsewhere as to whether the newly launched Connected TV Children's iPlayer would be coming to Virgin Media I had been under the impression it was a separate app.

    It isn't. All you do is choose Children from the Select who's watching account screen.

    It has the label Children and a big picture of a cartoon monster.

    I'm sure many of you will have discovered this already, as it's visually prominent, just thought I'd give a heads-up to those who hadn't noticed yet.

    I assume it's the same if you go in via the apps menu too, I haven't tried it yet.

    And of course they''re not new, if its existing channels like History and Love Nature getting a rebrand.

    Quite. Though Sky Documentaries isn't an obvious rebrand, though maybe that launch will coincide with a closure. Maybe Sky2, as it has poor ratings and no identity.

    I'm keeping open-minded, it may be a surprise, and maybe nothing Sky related.

    Thanks JJ20X. Amazed VM are allowing SD versions, assuming the assumption is correct that these 4 are basically 2 with different resolutions as the naming suggests.

    Assuming it's the "new" Sky channels they may just be making an exception for them due their size as a supplier.

    It was clear.

    My original point was that, with production of new material halted, it's unlikely that there will be major changes to content over the next few months, with channels less likely to rebrand or refocus. You were right that other platforms will be affected too but my point, for this thread, is that the current situation will, possibly, have an impact on the number of changes on the VM network in the coming months. Similar points could, indeed, be made on the threads for other platforms.

    It will be interesting to see how the likes of Sky Witness differentiate themselves from the likes of CBS channels and the Channel 5 stable, if they all end up showing repeats of NCIS, Law & Order SVU etc. But that wasn't the focus of my comment, more the impact this will have on changes to the VM network over the next few months.

    Fair enough. I thought you were saying VM were somehow different, but this clears things up. :)

    Really? At the moment, there are nine programmes on catch-up and the same on box sets. Where are you looking?

    Compare that with what's on Vice, for example, and it's pathetic. I expected more than this when the announcement was made.

    They were bought by Discovery, so don't count. Sorry, couldn't resist. 8o

    I haven't looked at Yesterday for a month or so.

    However, I think the reason it looks low is the low base UKTV had. So for example, to my recollection, Yesterday had like 1 show on Catch-Up. Now it has percentage-wise much more. Low starting point. Doesn't take much to have a large percentage increase.

    And regards Vice, they come from a website/video background. They are culturally used to having "all"* their content simultaneously available. It's part of their business model.

    * I don't literally mean all their TV schedule. They have 3rd party content like animé. I mean 1st Party content.

    ....And while we're at it, where is all the extra content we were promised with that UKTV deal? Virgin Media promised at the time:

    "We’re also increasing our on-demand programming by more than five times, including more hours of catch-up and significantly more boxsets for Virgin Media’s Full House bundle customers."

    At the time of writing, I see very little on demand content for the UKTV channels.

    The only UKTV channel I really paid attention too re: on-demand content was Yesterday. And it has had much more than it used to. I'm not Full House BTW.

    Not a recent change on the VM network but a very real indication of future changes to the content, which was the context of the post.

    I reread, and I think I need to point out I was talking about traditional TV platforms (e.g. Sky's satellite one) and broadcasters with various channels when I said TV Services.

    I was not referring to streaming services.

    Obviously that wasn't clear. Sorry.

    I'd like 8 tuners. Mainly because I could add padding to my recording defaults again. I was much more comfortable with the way the V+ handled padding than the Tivo software.

    Most of the time 6 is more than enough, usually there's only 4 simultaneous recordings.

    Sky/Comcast smell blood.... This is all to do with the expected "bashing" the BBC is likely to get from Whitehall and this seems to be positioning to me.

    Totally. All about perception. They don't even have to put much effort in, just make a token mention of possible things they could do, without any commitment.

    Spiderplant says that this isn't possible:

    He says "You could theoretically tune one of the tuners to a DOCSIS downstream (the V6 has two spare tuners anyway), but you'd still have no upstream".

    I wonder if we will ever get eight tuners on the V6 then.

    There are various instances of electronics having spare capacity purposely disabled. It isn't always with the intention of enabling it in the future. Sometimes it's just because it's cheaper to manufacture.

    For changes to channel names, pretty much everything has been identified other than the date that SID DL_SA4585_10068 became DL_Sam_TiVoBL_16MB_CM. I guess the date of that change isn't important. The most important thing to note about that change was the "16MB_CM" part of the name as "TiVoBL" streams are thought to support the V6. So maybe a configuration allowing the V6 to use one of the internal tuners as a cable modem - useful as a future path for TV customers without broadband. The date of the name change is, pretty much, irrelevant as we ignore the (sometimes confusing) service names anyway.

    That's fascinating. I had no idea you could repurpose a tuner like that. Cool. 8):thumbup:

    Vaguely reminds me of software modems from back in dialup era. Lower cost as they reduced hardware.

    I'm not a customer, but I was made aware of this earlier tonight, so I'll post it.

    Smithsonian Channel is moving from 195 to 160 on the Sky EPG from this Monday (9th).

    A quick search suggests this was the former VH1 slot, so this is ViacomCBS shuffling their own services again, like they did recently with Smithsonian and 5Spike on Freeview.

    If BBC3 returns, do Virgin Media have to give it 'due prominence' on their EPG? It can't go back onto 106 as VM flogged it to the highest bidder (E4).

    Yeah, but they left the old E4 slot free, so clearly they were planning ahead for if Channel 4 didn't want to continue to pay extra, and it happens to help in the scenario you mention too.

    The problem is actually on Freeview, not Cable. a) the channel number is used by Local TV in many areas of the country and b) in Scotland the HD version of BBC Scotland has its old stream.