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    Nice one, thank you cheeky.

    My pleasure.

    Just put on my new(ish) Roku an it turns out it updated 9 days ago. Oddly that blog post is dated in September, but all the articles complaining it broke something seem to have come in the last few days. I wonder if they wrote it a while back but only made the post "live" when the update launched. Or the more obvious reason, that they've been rolling it out for a while now and it's only some older models that have a problem with it.

    Just found this as I was composing this.

    [OS 10.5] Some older Roku TVs and Roku Ultra players are experiencing playback issues after update
    Update 11/22/21 5:35PM PST We are continuing to investigate reported performance and stability issues, although we can confirm that this is only affecting a…


    I looked into the Live Channels a bit more and it doesn't seem available to me. Reading between lines, I get the impression it's only available in US at the moment.

    Ah. It looks like Live TV Channel Guide has been available inside the Roku Channel app since June 2020 in US. See here

    So this probably means they've expanded the functionality in Roku OS 10.5 so that you can see the channels outside of the Roku Channel app on the Home screen that you first see when you start-up your Roku. That certainly sounds worthwhile, I hope this becomes available in other countries.

    Roku OS 10.5 is now out.

    "Roku OS 10.5 introduces new features putting Live TV front and center on Roku streaming players, tips to help you get the most out of Roku Voice, new speaker configurations for Roku audio products, more voice control options, and updates to Roku mobile app features."

    I've had a quick scan read, and the Live Channel thing sounds interesting, aa does the podcast and music search thing that has Spotify as a launch partner.

    I've updated my old Roku already, so it'll interesting to see if all new features are available, past updates have only had limited changes on older devices e.g. casting from Apple didn't work, just on newer models.

    The only one that i'm interested in considering (apart from Now TV for Sky Atlantic) is HBO. Do we know if this is definitely coming to the UK or when?

    The delay in HBO Max has been linked to Sky's long deal for some of their shows for Sky Atlantic (and lesser extent on other Sky channels). Many have speculated HBO Max will arrive with the end of that contract.

    The fast changing world of technology is leading, as this article says, to equipment barely 5 or 10 years becoming obsolete.

    Add into the mix the fact that it's often better value to replace than to repair and you have a ton of waste. Not good for our new found love of the environment.

    The smaller the format/platform install base the faster it goes obsolete. That's partially why some platforms can never catch up, vicious circle of not fast enough early uptake meaning you don't get the later support that if it had been achieved may have broke the cycle. Often results in market leader remaining market leader even when the new entrants are better just because they continue to attract software/apps. App development costs are easier to justify for a platform witn a larger install base = virtuous circle.

    It refocussed on showing programmes as opposed to music videos and I was just wondering if it actually still showed any music videos at all.

    I've since been told that it does still show music videos, but only in the mornings.

    Sorry about that Richard, I reread it just now and it just shows I wasn't mentally awake enough when I read it.

    Bad coffee, naughty coffee. :sleeping:

    I read yesterday that Now80s is going to show Fame (remember that from C4 in the 80s?) and I think one of the Trace music channels shows non-music programming.

    According to a reliable poster on DS, Channel 4 HD and most of their associated music channels are set to return to Freesat. As 4Music is FTV encrypted, I imagine that this will also return upon the expiration of encryption & pan European capacity contracts:

    4Music is categorised as Entertainment on Sky EPG, so I wouldn't be surprised if it were classed as such on any Freesat return. It may well have been previously, there's a gap in C4's section of Entertainment section, probably been there since 4Music last was last on the platform. It's only VM that currently has it in Music.

    Lovinthetelly is indeed a reliable poster.

    I agree, they will likely be waiting for contract to expire.

    I wonder if 4Seven HD will be present. I can't even remember if it's on Satellite.


    I didn't take onboard the channel numbering in what you quoted. The gap I mentioned is clearly being used by C4HD. Given HD regions are coming to Satellite, you'd think they'd just HD Swap that to the SD position, unless Sky's got an exclusivity period. STV HD only has one HD version on Freesat because of this.

    Another thing strikes me, the music channel numbering suggests if 4Music is planned to come to Freesat eventually it won't be in Music as they would surely leave a gap to accommodate it, just in case.

    If my memory serves me right, wern't these V+ boxes just rebadged Telewest tv drives?

    The original boxes were, but the Samsung model in the picture wasn't. They didn't work differently though, it was the same OS. The Samsung was much smaller and quieter to my recollection.

    Ok, got it. :thumbup:

    Yep, the restart feature works on the 360. What a shame that feature cannot be integrated into the 360 software without having to use this bridge.

    And I can confirm that the restart feature works on all BBC channels.

    I think it can be integrated, the press release for the new VM/ITV deal mentions Live Restart and unless there is going to be a Bridge coming from ITV, it'll likely just be a something like a Press Green prompt that's part of the Horizon/TV360 software.

    The BBC have offered Live Restart for ages and on multiple platforms, and werr able to do so because they were handling it themselves rather than the platform provider. It worked on the Old Connected Bridge to my recollection though.

    I can confirm that works fine on my 360 box too.

    Not sure I understand here. What's not working?

    If, say, I came home and Bargain Hunt was on, and I wanted to watch from the start, in theory I would select Restart from the New Bridge's menu and it would take me to the beginning of the the show on the live stream on iPlayer.

    In reality, for me, it goes to iPlayer and brings up the live stream for BBC Scotland channel, which obviously has different programming, and doesn't show proper programming at this time of day in this particular example.

    It occurred to me I've not actually tried this Restart feature on anything other than BBC1. I don't know how widespread it is. I makes more sense if it's just BBC1 Scotland and BBC Scotland channel due to naming similarities. I'll have to investigate further later.

    I meant all those documentaries they do like the history of parliament etc. Albeit there aren't that many of them, but I hope that kind of stuff does pop up elsewhere. It's very important for those that want to learn about this stuff, that there are programmes that teach how parliament works, its history and traditions.

    I thought they'd been repeating those for years. I'd have thought they'd just continue doing so.

    The issues I was having on my V6 box eith the New Bridge Interface were twofold.

    1) If you launched BBC Sounds from the New Bridge it wouldn't play anything, and would either stall the app and crash back to the channel you were watching, or crash the box completely.

    2) Restart would live restart the BBC Scotland channel rather then BBC1 Scotland.

    Issue 1) has been resolved, there was a new build of the Sounds TV app yesterday afternoon and either that and/or a change to the New Bridge code has fixed it for me.

    Issue 2) still is a problem. This could be a regional problem only given what it does. It could be a simple mistake due to similar channel names that the coder(s) didn't pick up on.

    I've no idea if either of these were ever issues on the TV360 version, or any other versions of the New Bridge that have launched as I don't have access to them.

    They did those extra little programmes though beyond all the main parliamentary coverage and I guess its that kind of stuff that won't get done in the future

    I didn't just mean the 2 Houses, I meant the "sideroom" stuff. Even their limited studio stuff can be done without moving cameras. But yeah, they said there would be less programming. I'm assuming this to be the studio interviews as the "sideroom" coverage would be higher priority.