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    My curiosity got the better of me so I put my photo on a bird forum for identification. I have been informed it is a juvenile Willow Tit, and they are in decline. I hope it sticks around and does well, and eventually rears it's own brood.

    Could be, never heard of them

    They are all falling over themselves to spend on the NHS

    IMO it is time to take a long hard look at how this, the most inefficient organisation, can be sorted out

    Free at the point of service does not mean that the endless stream of "oldies" queuing up at the surgery for free prescriptions of paracetamol tablets that can be bought at the supermarket for pennies, as one example

    I used to live next door to a family that had an elderly aunt living with them. When she died she left a chest of drawers filled with support stockings, she got them because she could

    Wonderful wildlife crossing bridges around the world :)

    Animal Bridges

    Thar's all very well so long as wherever the wildlife goes is totally protected. Simon Reeve is currently presenting his travel programme across the American continent on TV, and has arrived in S America. He included a visit to one of the countries with a visit to a vast protected area which contains creatures we have never seen before. That is fine except the neighbouring country is advancing into this protected area, felling and burning trees to provide farmland for their cattle and crop growing

    Similar things are happening in Indonesia where trees are being cropped to provide palm oil for the West, and farm land

    If the premise is .... the Queens son and others of high education and high status with direct immediate contact to lawyers at al. do NOT understand the law of the land and the standards for respect and decency then why do they impose their position upon the rest of us.

    I knew and still know how to assess and judge a person - especially a female in regard to how far you intrude into the inter relationship thing - you just dont abuse any person and in dirty Andrews position - he would 100% know what Epstein is/was and Clintons is famous for his dirty criminal behaviour - these are the people our Prince mixed with.

    I have never heard the MSM say, about the knife wielding black lads in London..... "of course they could not possibly be aware of the gangs and peer pressure in their chosen mix of groups".

    Its time to stop excusing vile, scum, billionaire people in the highest positions in our society. The fact is they also have the power to cover it up. and there is NO ONE - NOTHING on this planet with more power than Queen Elizabeth. !!! If she wants she could get rid of all the girls .... next we will be saying she killed Dianna... now that is a bridge too far.

    The rumours abound that alleged that the Queen had an affair with Lord Porchester, aka Porchie, her racing manager who lived at the house used as background in Downton Abbey

    Continually denied but then Andrew bears more than a striking resemblance to him. This "affair" is being widely portrayed in the forthcoming episodes of The Crown

    One of the Loose Women described being told by Betty Driver, a Coronation St actress, who had a property in London with a roof terrace, seeing a "senior member of the royal family having sex on the adjoining roof terrace. She was hurriedly urged to keep quiet by the other loose women

    There is no mention if it was a man or woman, so could have been Margaret or Anne both or whom had a voracious sexual appetite, or Charles & Camilla or Phillip. Whoever it was we will never know because they are all very capable of quashing such stories

    But drip by drip the truth will emerge

    Just read your profile. Actually clicked on your name instead of the thread link.... I hope you are well clear of the illnesses you suffered. You never know what life has in store.

    As the dog said to the constipated Cat - have a break have a shit Cat.

    Thank you

    The pictures look great, although in your earlier link I did see tourist boats, so it's just a case of how busy it gets. I guess you need to check it our in peak holiday season too, whenever that is for you, and see what it's like then. Personally, if the tourist numbers are tolerable, all the boats make everything more interesting and so it could be perfect for you. Being on the coast is nice, but it can get tedious seeing the same sea all the time, but constant boats and being surrounded by countryside and trees that change depending on the season, could be perfect.

    How safe is it, do you know? That could be a key factor, although I think the pictures give a clear indication that it looks a nice area.

    We live three miles from the sea to the North and nine miles from the sea to the South

    The novelty of seeing the sea wore off soon after moving here and now we don't even bother with it

    I wonder how much of this flooding is down to modern farming methods

    Years ago every field had a ditch and a farmworker would clear and clean those ditches over the winter when crops were safely gathered in. Rain water could thus be dispersed

    Now with massive size fields and ditches gone or abandoned the rain water has nowhere to go

    My last family holiday in 2012 was to Great Yarmouth to see the Olympic cycling in September and we visited the Broads and really enjoyed it. Had a little boat trip and it was fantastic to see all the millionaires houses right by the water front, but as a place to live, no thanks. One tourist boat after another, after another.

    Holidaying near GT Yarmouth we took the children to the Ken Dodd show in the end of pier theatre, they wanted to see the Diddymen

    It was the matinee performance, theatre packed with children and Dodd came on full pelt. Dirty did not do it justice, he made Roy Chubby Brown look like a vicar

    In the interval I complained to a theatre worker who was surprised but admitted that he wasn't watching the show, so he rushed off to investigate

    He returned to give me Dpdd's apologies, he head forgotten it was the afternoon show and launched into his evening show

    As if !!!!!!!!!!

    Whoever the hapless bloke from Labour was on TV this morning, struggling to explain how their 4 day working week would work in the struggling NHS

    After a lot of waffle he finally said that it is a 10 year project, and the NHS workers would be exempt

    I bet the medics were delighted to hear that

    Update, McDonnell has now denied this sating that the NHS would have the 4 day week. It's bad enough getting an appointment now

    Never heard of the Garden Route, but just checked and it looks stunning as does Port Alfred with its Californian-esqe temperatures. I'd say go for it, whichever place you choose.:)

    You wouldn't like the Broads as a place to live now as its too commercial and tourists everywhere.

    I always fancied a holiday chugging around the Broads but it was so expensive

    Wondering what I should have to eat, I called for some advice.

    "Waitress, can I ask you something about the menu please?"

    She replied sternly, "Listen mister, The men I please, is none of your business!"

    Excellent interview in that link, Cerbs. And especially because the interviewee was permitted to speak for once. One has become accustomed to BBC interviews conducted by rude, arrogant interrupters who refuse to allow anyone of an alternative opinion to get further than a few words before they climb into him or her with their boots on.

    A pleasure to see someone allowed to speak, apart from a pleasure listening to what he has to say.

    If you think that is peculiar to the BBC you obviously haven't watched Piers Morgan and Susannah Reid on GMB