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    So you think these Lolitas throw themselves at middle aged Pakistani Muslims. They may be little tarts, but come on !

    You'd be surprised what they will do for some alcohol and fags ;)

    We've all got used to rain and no need to water

    We have applied our moss killer and feed on a forecast of rain this evening/overnight. If none arrives it will be get the hose out

    "I am speaking to you today as a mother, grandmother, and great grandmother. These are difficult times for us, we are all in this together and we have to take extreme measures if we are to survive. Philip and I have been living apart for the past couple of years but we have come together to live here in difficult isolation at Windsor castle. I pray to God that he will soon be able to return to Sandringham. To help our staff we have allowed them to use our private swimming pool here at the castle always providing that they disinfect themselves before diving in and only between the hours of 2 and 5 am.There is only so fr that one can go

    We are all suffering as I'm told you are, Camilla queued for 2 hours outside Tesco to get a packet of fags but we are doing our bit to help, I saw Charles on the TV addressing our people and opening a B&B, Anne went riding with that Parker Bowles chappie and risked getting infected, our beloved son Andrew despite being forced to step back from his royal duties by scurrilous tittle tattle has stepped up to the mark and is lending a hand in the paediatric ward of our local hospital, and Edward is playing with the pages in our swimming pool

    I wish you all a happy Easter

    BBC link does not work

    "Wayne Rooney says players face a no-win situation in wage debate

    In his Sunday Times column, the 34-year-old ex-England captain added: "For the Premier League to just announce the proposal, as it has done, increases the pressure on players and in my opinion it is now a no-win situation: if players come out and say they can't agree or are not willing to cut by 30%, even if the real reasons are that it will financially ruin some, it will be presented as 'Rich Players Refuse Pay Cut'."

    I didn't know he wrote a column for the Sunday Times. When did he progress from colouring in books?

    Wayne and all other overpaid prima donna football players - it is Joe Public who pays your wages, people who are hard hit financially. Any of you could forgo a years salary and not miss it

    I cannot provide any such reassurances" said Useless Eustace, who comes from a Cornish farming family, and has inherited the poisoned chalice that is the Defra job.

    He is our local MP is useless Eustace, never is someone so aptly named. He is now Environment Minister and recently carried the can during the flooding

    His farming business includes a large either pick your own or buy picked fruit area, and includes a number of Eastern European workers. He himself originally belonged to UKIP but switched to the Tories to get elected !!!

    Robinson is true English man he's concerned about his country I'm with him all the way. Bollocks to others that disapprove of him. With What kind of mentality refuses to accept the work Robinson as done to help aid the police and publicised the truth that later became came apparent in the courts, and of those being found guilty as charged. Good riddens to trash.

    Yes Mali :rolleyes:

    Yes Mali :rolleyes:

    "NHS ‘is being charged £2m-£3m a month’ to use the ExCel centre as the Nightingale Hospital to treat coronavirus patients by its Abu Dhabi-based owners - but Birmingham's NEC is offered for free"…Nightingale-Hospital.html

    Greedy buggers

    I see there are a couple of former Tory MPs on the board. no surprise there

    The NHS should refuse to pay and let the owners get an eviction order, full media coverage as the bailiffs turn up to evict desperately ill patients :evil:

    Yes Nora, and that's why it's very fake news that only the very gullible will believe

    Mali, have you seen the BBC News this morning, full of reports of packed public places

    "London park shuts after 3,000 people visit, police break up 18th birthday party and revellers face court over beach barbecue as Britons defy PM's coronavirus plea to stay at home as 708 people, including five-year-old, die on UK's worst day"…aster-holiday-period.html

    Because I understand the digital world. I have embraced it from the start, I have qualifications in it and it has been a large part of my career path so know the implications of it, both the pro' and the con's. The problem is when you get to know something so well it can become a love / hate relationship. To some degree it's better to be blind and ignorant to the in's and out's and play on surface with the rest of the herd. My interest with it these days is more on the security side of things. It's always going to be balance between security and usability / convenience but that balance has slipped way too far into the usability / convenience and of course max control and profit side of things and we're being forced down a rabbit hole at ours and humanity's expense.

    As the saying goes, "Just lie back and think of England"

    I find it strange he got banned, whilst another member protects the paedophile gangs. I help thinking there is some sort of left wing agenda going on here

    Come on Mali, you know that isn't correct

    No way do I protect these guys,I merely pointed out that these Lolitas are no angels.My brother in law was head of a secure juvenile unit for children where children who had been in a normal children home where there is no control whatsoever. At his unit they were locked in. When you saw some of these delights it would make you hair curl - all of them,boys and girls were more sexually experienced than the rest of us would have in our lifetime

    And of course you and your Robinson clique only jumped on this bandwagon because these particular assailants because they were Muslims ignoring all the white criminals

    I find it strange he got banned, whilst another member protects the paedophile gangs. I help thinking there is some sort of left wing agenda going on here

    God, I didn't realise or suspect

    Thanks for that :)

    And it should also be 'bleedingly obvious' that the virus will get 80% of us in the end. We are just slowing this down, not preventing it from spreading. Which of course is the government's strategy, so the NHS can cope.

    Did you know that the coronavirus has been around for sometime, certainly in the last four years. This is just it's latest version the end of the day we only have so much space and resources in this country. It's quite simple. If we want better life's and a better environment and surroundings then we need less numbers not more. A reduction in numbers is coming whether we like it or not. That could be a deadly virus, terrorism, higher crime or simply people staving to death or getting ill and dying from homelessness. It only a matter of time if we keep increasing instead of decreasing. It will happen naturally as a cause of the increase. Is what you want, is that the plan. Support mass immigration and then when it all goes tit up blame it on those that are/ where against immigration and call us all racists as you wiggle you sly ways out of the blame game. By welcoming all the immigrants we can get out hands on is a masochistic way of thinking. It's like adding fuel to the fire.

    This myth is put about by the Brexiteers like Farage, we are not full up, there is plenty of room

    Now I would agree that resources are stretched bur that is because of minimal or no investment


    No that's not my style. But as it seems we are going ahead with this the one benefit is that it will distance us from the US. 8)

    You do realise that our emergency services need G5 for effective communication

    So if you're desperately waiting for assistance that doesn't come because the request didn't get through - think on

    The other week someone had posted a picture of a crowded market a few miles from me. My wife happened to be in the area at the time the photo was meant to be taken, and it was closed. Ask yourself, do you really believe the landlord of that pub would risk his license, and do you really believe the people in the photo would have been brazen enough to sit outside in public view. Come on Bryan, stop being so naive, your cleverer than that !

    It was from our local news media

    The Council here are also responding to the fact that plenty of holiday makers are here occupying the ample self catering accommodation

    But you carry on in your naive beliefs

    Again, you need to read it. The Koran/Quran can only be interpreted by God (Allah). Despite the excuse some Muslims will give you, this is clearly specified. Example, if you suspect your wife of adultery, you she beat her in her bed or where she lies. Pray tell, how do you interpret that. If you chose to leave the word of Allah, you should have the leg and arm removed from opposing sides of the body. Again, tell me how you interpret that. These are just two examples of hundreds, that can NOT be interpreted. I am now guessing you are going to tell me how revolting the first testament is, to which I shall reply, who lives by it now ?

    You are quoting Sharia Law, if you offend then you pay the price in some cases very appropriately. Much more effective than our soft justice system

    Given your views on eugenics and women I would have thought it very appealing to you