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    Don't spoil Shetland. I like the idea of a prison ship floating out in the middle of the Ocean like that film, but then why waste money on them. Might as well shoot them now that the UK is becoming like North Korea living under a dictatorship through manipulation and forced persuasion. I'm sure the fish that are left will appreciate a bit of meat instead of eating plastic for change. Then we can catch and eat the nicely fattened fish. :P

    Harry's best move is to "Ditch the Bitch" and get on with his own life

    The problem is she has him by the short and curly's now with the kid's. Somebody should have sterilised her before she had the chance. I'm sure the Royals could had something slipped in her drink. She's a nasty manipulative cow, one of those kind of woman that will go out and hunt a man that benefits her the most and is easiest to manipulate. Anyone that gets in the way of that or questions her gets trashed. She's the kind of woman one could imagine being a husband beater. I dread to think what goes on behind closed doors with them two and bet she is boss always with no compromise. What she says goes and he does.

    I honestly don't know what he sees in her. All I can think of is that she must be a good shag. Why else would he stay with her before the kids arrived. Or is he blinded by what he thinks is love. Maybe she mothers him. Yeh...I bet that's it. She is his new mother telling him what to do. He's used to that with the Army where the Army becomes the Mother telling the troops what to do. What did he have before that. University, drugs and a Nazi uniform as fancy dress. He's never grown up. A spoilt brat born into a privileged lifestyle which he has abused.

    As I expected. The scientists are trying their absolute best to thwart the PM’s efforts to ease Covid restrictions. What the hell are the playing at? I think they must be enjoying all this attention.

    And who is sounding like a conspiracy theorist now. Your not prepared to listen to science but will side with the government. Derrrrr......maybe you would like to hear one of the worlds experts rather than some Eton bum chum.

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    Through the activation of external content, you agree that personal data may be transferred to third party platforms. We have provided more information on this in our privacy policy.'s ls easier to just let it rot into the Sea so we there's another artificial reef and wreck dive. Let the fish eat the food, we catch the fish and then eat them. Free tofu via the fish along with the plastic. :thumbup:

    You really think they are going to spend the money we give them on trying to do the job they should have been doing in the first place. The naivety to try and make your government out to be the good boys. I actually think Mike maybe not to far off the truth with the French authorities colluding with the people smugglers and making money from them so the French are getting money form us on top of that now. Have we got mugs tattooed across our forehead. I wouldn't be surprised if Boris is getting a deal out this like a large supply of smelly cheese, foie gras and bottles of Rothschild Champagne for his personal collection at the UK tax payers expense. I don't think Boris cares less whether we take migrants or not. All he cares about is the image and how the picture looks on the surface to his supporters. What will we do once the global warming migration starts to head for cooler parts of the world like the UK. This is just a taster of what's to come. The equator will be so hot it will be uninhabitable by humans unless we tilt over a bit more once the ice caps melt.

    It's a bit sad that the RNLI are getting pulled into a political situation. If anyone deserves a bollocking it's the UK border force. Did anything happen to that UK border force boat that went against not so pretty patells orders a couple of months back. Apparently we are flying thousands of migrants or immigrants, whatever you want to call them in on planes now so there is a lot of smoke and mirrors going on. I have a horrible feeling the government are playing like they are doing something about immigration to appease their voters on the surface of things but are bringing them in behind our backs.

    Hope so. It's been a very worrying time.

    Don't be fooled. Numbers are bound to drop when they do less testing and tell people to ignore pings. It's blatant manipulation of data. They want everyone out and about spreading and catching it. We are back to the herd immunity days of early last year. Even those who are vaccinated will catch it. In fact they are going to be the main spreaders as they are given a free pass at airports etc. Never mind the many that may end up with long COVID and /or possible organ damage but we have to sacrifice some people I guess if we go the herd immunity route. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed the virus does not escape and mutate into something stronger. Boris has been warned by 111 international scientists that he is taking a huge gamble and playing with peoples life's and not just a threat to the UK but the world.

    I think the whole world is watching the UK very closely now to see what happens. They don't want another mutation that escapes the vaccine. Each time it escapes the vaccine it builds up resistance requiring a stronger and /or adapted vaccine in return. Boris is playing a dangerous game. Look how much stronger Delta is compared to the first variant. Maybe he was right to go the herd immunity route back in the early days and accept whatever deaths there would have been back then. My guess it it would have been less than the total so far with all the messing about over the last 18 months. Saying that we don't know how many would be living with long COVID now but we didn't know about that back then.

    I mean, do people really believe this stuff?

    When we have tech like the following being developed it's not to far a stretch of the imagination. Sadly this is the direction we are moving in so it is only a matter of time before they really are putting it into things like vaccines. Even worse is that we would never know if it's kept secret enough. In the end it comes down to who do your trust which is why it's important that governments don't behave the way they do with their lies and deceit so then lose all creditability. TBH I'm surprised that so many people have accepted genetic modification and it is scientific fact that is technically what mRNA vaccines are doing to a degree and is new tech under development and live trials. Genetic modification in Sci-Fi was looked upon as a scary thing that nobody would accept for the future. We have no idea what effect these vaccines may have on the body in years to come as they have not been in existence long enough. It's a bit Frankenstein but it's amazing how far some will cave in when scared much like interrogation techniques to make someone cave in.

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    Nanotechnology has been in the pipeline and public knowledge for a few decades now and has been shown in Sci-Fi and in scientific research papers so we have been getting conditioned to the idea. Sci-Fi is like a looking glass into the future and when we are made aware of things they actually do have it makes one wonder what kind of tech they are hiding from us. What does the military and three letter agencies have as tools and weapons. Maybe what we claim to be UFOs is some secret military organisation. Don't forget the stealth bomber we now know was being tested back in the 80's. I read somewhere that it is estimated that we and all the tech that the consumer market has is about 20 years behind what the military and other organisations have but nobody truly knows except them. Not even the US presidents know everything that the CIA and parts of the US military have. Think about that for a minute and how far tech has advanced that we know of in the last 20 years.

    Think about what the consumer market now has that was once given to James Bond by Q. Pinhole cameras for example. I dread to think what tech is in use today that we don't know about. The Movie Firefox is another one. We now have fighter pilot helmets that can be controlled with thought. They have built in electrodes to read brainwaves and aid the computer in flying. Quite possibly some of it is based on the research the CIA done with remote viewers during the cold war. That in itself is far out and that was back in the 60's. Apache pilots also have to train to independently control each eye. One eye is followed by a retina scanner on a weapons control drop down screen over the eye to fight tanks while the other eye is watching instruments and flight control. The drop down is also used for night vision navigation so they can flick between the two.

    When all this stuff is going on it really isn't that far fetched to imagine how things can be put to use in a civilian environment. Think Black Mirror and that is what is in store for our future. Add the simple fact that we are flooded with vaccine stuff from both sides of the argument whether that is from government and the media or for want of a better term the conspiracy theorists. They are both using the same technique to indoctrinate people. In a few years you will be accepting and believe in woke culture simply because we are flooded with it day in, day out and sadly it will become the norm as society is indoctrinated. It's a form of brainwashing and control.

    Seriously.....what is one supposed to make of this shit.

    What a world we live in. We can no longer believe politicians or the MSM so folk go looking elsewhere for info in this digital age. We can't even believe science any more without any real scientific proof that either the so called scientist is a true scientist (not a label given to them at university) or are not being paid a healthy sum to tow the line or get a grant. I'm at a loss as to what the human race does now for any real factual information and to know what is going on in the world and around us. All we have left is what we see with our own two eyes out on the street (not screens as that can all be faked) and blindly go by our instincts.

    What we have now is what is known in the research world as perpetual lies. A lie built on lie on a lie and so on and on it spreads like Chinese rumours. When someone writes an article they don't always cite any proof of any legit and proper research. Even when one does cite their source of research if one traces back through it even their source maybe questionable and more often than not they wont even cite their source of research and expect us to believe them. Then we have the copy and paste generation spreading rumours and manipulating the masses. We're all guilty of that at some stage or another. Where has the intellect gone in this world and questioning of everything with some kind of logical and factual proof and I don't mean computer analysis where the output is only based on the human input. That is what is known as artificial intelligence and can also be manipulated depending on the data input. We're seeing that now with the COVID infection rates as they have cut down on testing and removing all ping alerts etc.

    Then we have history. We rewrite and manipulate history as we are seeing with many things now. It's has always gone on to a certain degree for example there is the famous incident during the US civil war where a Washington Post reporter moved two dead body's out of a trench to draw them and give a different impression of the reality and tell a story like an early version of photo manipulation. The digital age has only enhanced this to a greater degree. We are rewriting and manipulating history over the slave trade right now. How do we even know that history is factual. When this history (perpetual lies) is passed on down through the generations if the human race still exists in a century or two what are those people supposed to think. And then we go and base life on lies and use it to educate.

    What is truth and what is a lie and does it matter? What consequences does this have? should folk that decide to believe in and follow something else be punished for it? Maybe we should treat life like one big LSD trip and just go along with the flow in whatever direction it takes us in. One big hallucination. Personally I never follow anyone or do what anyone else tells me is right or wrong and what I should do and make my own mind up. I've always been like that and didn't do what my parents told me as a child. I can also be quite outspoken and rebellious against something I disagree with but who am I say I am ever right when all I have to base anything on is perpetual lies from all directions.

    It's not only the indoctrination of children but the indoctrination of society as a whole. It's shocking how disgusting this country has become and it's from the top down. We are not that far off on par with North Korea now. Dictatorship has taken over the UK through manipulation and re-education rather than physical force. Maybe we can build education camps like the Chinese it the great BBC experiment.

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    The UK is doing really well at this Olympics. Such a shame we can't do well at anything else that actually matters and makes a difference to peoples life. That aussie coach doing his little dance of excitement and thrusting gave me a good laugh. It has caused a bit of a wokie uproar. It's ridiculous how the media pick up on a bunch of idiots on Twitter and make it into news and manipulate something for their own personal gains of having something to talk about and blow it all out of proportion. I wonder what the news would consist of if a new law law was brought out that banned the media from reporting anything on social media. They pour fuel on the fire so surly that is considered as inciting violence. They generally make matters worse.…edecky-in-400m-freestyle/

    It gives both sides a chance to play with their toys. Maybe we can give the Chinese a bit of a jab. ;)

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    Business is bias and only wants easier access in the EU to maximise profits. It's that simple. We need to manufacturer and produce more within the UK. If we can't get the manufacturing ingredients from resources in the UK then change the product. Why import Pineapple when we can grow Potato. If we don't have it here then we can do without. We need to create and maximise employment and sales within the UK and minimize imports and maximise exports including people. Only then will this country begin to prosper.

    The reality is that it will never happen and this is only the beginning of our troubles. Other countries will soon become inhabitable due to global warming and more people are going to move here. We will also lose any current trading we have with these countries so the sooner we become more self sufficient the better. If I had my way I would build a giant acclimatised dome over the UK. No imports or exports including transport. The other side of the dome would be a no go area and we live like North Sentinel Island cut off from the rest of the world. Anyone that does not want this should be given the opportunity to leave but can never come back. :P

    He's so right...

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    Neither England or Scotland should have the levels of corruption going on that we would expect from South American and other countries. Corruption in government is at the highest level and leads the way for the rest of society. If we want to fight crime then it needs to start at the top.

    Government admits at least 4 Ministers used private emails for Government business

    Following the revelations that disgraced former Health Secretary Matt Hancock and Health Minister Lord Bethell used private email accounts for Government business, our lawyers wrote to Government lawyers asking them to confirm they had searched the private email accounts of Ministers for material relevant to our PPE procurement challenges.

    We received an extraordinary response from Government.

    In it Government admits for the first time that as well as Hancock and Bethell – Trade Minister Greg Hands and the PPE Tsar, Lord Deighton – the Tory Peer directly appointed by Boris Johnson and responsible for coordinating the multi-billion pound procurement process – were using private email accounts.

    But still, it refuses to search those accounts.

    Read More…hton-used-private-emails/

    Covering their tracks[%E2%80%A6]B48D-1373A055E3C9

    Former Tory councillor got £120m ‘VIP lane’ government contract for face shields now lying unused