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    Education is all about indoctrination, we are indoctrinated from birth by parents, teachers, media and anything else that is an influence in our life's. It's only when you get older after experiencing many things for yourself that you can start questioning things and using your brain to think through for oneself which most of the time comes from experience. Use your brain rather than a textbook or what someone else has told you. This is why teachers should be older and have had some experience. Elders or the wise ones as they used to be known as are supposed to be the teachers. Handing down the knowledge. The clue is in the word 'down' as you need to get 'up' first. You can't have kids teaching kids.

    Many teachers today can't even read and write properly and most likely use Mr google to write up lesson plans. Mr google is not well educated and makes many mistakes because he listens to everyone instead of only the wise ones with real knowledge. Society as a whole has been gradually dumbed down through the education system and the media. An A level years ago is the equivalent of what a GCSE is today and quite possibly on par with some lessor University degrees today. A degree years ago would wipe the floor with a degree today. There's no comparison. Standards have dropped drastically over the years. Our education system is getting more and more like the US system everyday and they are as thick as shit, half of them think the world is flat and the other half are more concerned about what Kim Kardashian is doing. It's run more like a business than an education system.

    There's a couple of last chance interesting documentary's on Demand 5 right now, Hanger 1: The UFO Files. The second episode S1 E4 (the other episodes have been removed) tell the story where Eisenhower disappeared for 12 hours and apparently signed a deal with Aliens at Edwards air force base.

    It's even worse than not applying because of minimum wage levels. I think many are actually applying for these minimum wage jobs and are simply not given them, especially in industries that are already full of the stereotype nationalities and / or colour. Just look at how many jobs now advertise for example Spanish speaking, French speaking, Italian speaking etc etc. Secretarial jobs, receptionist jobs. PA jobs. Just take a look through or on Gumtree jobs.

    If you have a Spanish director for, say a Spanish food store then they then they favour other Spanish and want you to be able to speak a language that is comfortable for them and you might have to communicate with other Spanish here and in Spain so they want someone that can speak Spanish. And to get around the discrimination laws they will slip in something like if you speak Spanish then this will be an added bonus. In other words they only want people that not only speak English but also Spanish. Nanny's is another area where many want someone that speaks another language. Russian speaking nanny or housekeeper required. Why would you need to be able to speak Russian to clean someone's house in the UK. Sadly it's a case of many foreign groups looking after their own inside another country. From housekeepers, people selling ice cream to making cups of coffee and pretty much anything else you can think off.

    There are many jobs out there now that are only available to foreigners and if your White British your out of luck. Not all jobs admittedly but then then you have areas like hospital domestics that are full of non British because they want to be seen as anti discrimination accept they now discriminate against White British. Even the managesr doing the hiring now and Non Brits so they favour their own kind. You are more than welcome to apply for the job but you have little chance of getting it because you don't fit in with staff they have already.

    I wouldn't mind betting that your average Britain has no idea where Pakistan is, and would probably say that it's part of the EU

    You mistake us for US citizens. :D

    Well it's all kicking off now over this wage level thing. I hope the gov stick to their guns on this one. The argument is saying it's going to affect health care and hospitality etc. Well al those businesses right now rely mostly on labour from those that have come from another country. They can employ more Brits instead, problem solved. Brits don't fall within that wage level and points system so I don't see what the problem is. Then there's the other argument over part time / bank workers workers. Business need to start giving people full time employment instead of spreading one job out amongst multiple workers on low pay with and less employment rights / benefits. It's not like they still can't employ part timers or bank workers if they want. They simply need to be employing Brits.

    In the past I have struggled trying to get a job in those industries and many times I wondered if my name was too English. Now I don't intend to sound racist or anything but how many Non foreign workers do you see mopping the floors or doing tea, coffee rounds on the wards in hospitals. It's the same in carehomes. Maybe not so much in the countryside and very Brit areas but it's certainly true in all the big cities. Try getting a job in an Italian restaurant if your not Italian or a job as a hospital / carehome domestic if your not Nigerian. I'm not sure it's strict enough actually. As it stands it wont affect most people that are already here and employed. It's all well and good preventing more, but what about the standing problem here right now. It's not like the Brits don't wont to work, we can't get the jobs because we are either the wrong nationality or colour. We also wont be walked over and treated like slaves so they will have to up the wages. Take some away form the managers pay packet and give it to those at the the other end of the scale. We always hear about gender pay gap but what about the pay gap between managers and workers. That's even bigger.

    What I have not heard about is the 100 of 1000's of foreigners that come over here to go to college or university as students on a work visa. Many illegally come in taking that route. They even have fake colleges and contacts setup for them to get through passport control. It's like organised crime.

    Last night I caught an excellent programme from a series on Chanel 5 called "Warship, Life At Sea"

    Filmed aboard HMS Duncan

    Don't tell Bibbles the ships Captain is a woman. He will have a fit LOL That's a really old series now. Well worth the watch. Have you seen the episode when they are in the Black sea and Russian helicopter fly's around them taking pictures.

    That really is the crux of the problem. We have either filled in or built on all the flood planes. Think how much tarmac and concrete is about too. The roads alone would have been dirt tracks years ago so they would have effectively been flood planes with drainage.

    I watched a documentary film earlier about the impact that humans have had and still having on the planet which made me think of this thread.

    Anthropocene: The Human Epoch (2018)

    Lithium and electric vehicles and other products we use lithium in is exchanging one environmental disaster for another

    The devastating environmental impact of technological progress…per-mining-atacama-desert

    What are we going to do about all these floods This is getting serious now as there are places one would next expect to flood like Leatherhead. I bet the Thames barrier has been working hard and the only thing that has saved London. I think we need to start building houses on stilts.

    She was mentally ill and suicidal before attacking her boyfriend. The courts should have taken this into consideration and she should have been sectioned. The case should not have even reached the courts and the police are partially to blame here for not recognizing mental health issues. It was a mental health case and not a criminal case. The fault here I believe is with the lack of support in this area and I also believe her employers are partially to blame for not recognising this and getting her some help and support beforehand but as they say 'the show mush go on'. All of this could have been prevented. Very sad. :(

    Exactly and not only that but it creates huge employment within the law instead of out. Not everyone is going to want to go and take heroin simply because it can be bought. But supply the medical equivalent as they do now for pain control and it would help many. It not only gets them away from the circles they are in now but they are getting something clean which they can function perfectly well on. You have Heroin addicts in places like Amsterdam that go along to the clinic or centre or whatever you want to call it in the morning, they get supplied clean needles in a clinical and safe environment where they can get their fix and 30 mins later they are off to work for the day. Many fully functioning Heroin addicts about and they don't all walk around totally off their face like some kind of media portrayed dirty drug addict looking for the next house to rob. It's all controlled not so much as way to make profit but to actually help people and give them support to try and reduce the addiction or at least get them away from the criminal environment.

    Then we have the likes of club drugs. Youngsters should be able to buy these in their cleanest form with regulated doses. Have a shop type place inside the clubs just as some other clubs will have a licensed bar. Most pill popping clubbers are not interested in alcohol, that would be a bad combination. Right now many are having to break into an old warehouse or something and organise their own events and their own dealers or it's some old waste land or field somewhere.

    Cocaine is a difficult one to deal with and categorise as it has so many users and is often associated with going out drinking as well as socialising and private parties or even sitting indoors with you partner in front of the TV. It's widespread just like Cannabis. My feeling here is that it should be sold but under some form of control and obviously clean and not mixed with other crap. This drug is the worst out of the lot because not only is it more subtle but is so widespread and brings in big profit margins for the dealers. It easy to mix with other substances to gain more profit and it's easy to hide. All you need is a little vile type thing on a necklace around you neck or something to keep it in and take a little snort like snuff as as when you feel. This drug is more dangerous than Heroin in some ways and certainly more widespread. Not amongst what you would call the druggie world so much but your middle class family and businessmen from bankers, stock exchange, MPs, JP's and chefs and many other businesses. This is a daily toot for many just to get their work done and keep them going as well as to go along with an after work drink down the city cocktail bar or private club.

    All those drugs above should be controlled and made safe as well as handing out education and support. Cannabis quite frankly is the most ridiculous one of the lot as we should simply have cafe's / coffee shop type places. Instead of Opium bars we can have Cannabis bars. Also everyone should legally be allowed to grow up to six plants at home if they so desired. IIRC six is the limit right now and classed as personal instead or supply. This drug should be accessible as alcohol. It can be smoked, vaped, eaten. It will get many away form the evil alcohol environment where they are mixing the now and is causing problems. We need to pull them away from the pub/bar type environments where they end up fighting in the streets and all kinds of other chaotic and anti social behaviour. Give people an alcohol free environment they can socialise in. Why are we so intent in trying to turn everyone towards alcohol, the most dangerous drug in the world and causes more problems than all the others put together, minus the criminal aspect.

    Is that genuinely Extinction Rebellion or some other group using the name I wonder. It could be someone trying to give Extinction Rebellion a bad name. Quite a nice way to disrupt their activities and put a black mark against their name.

    Try telling the two male penguins that are raising a chick. It is well documented that many species have same sex relationships.

    Chimps have been seen in same sex activities. It's a lot more common in the animal world than what Timarko10 realises. Though sometimes it can mistaken as a dominance thing like two dogs dry humping.

    Besides not every gay couple has to have sex. They can just be partners in a caring relationship without any sexual intentions. Like a father and son type of thing or mother and daughter. Cohabit and have similar interests, look after and care for each other and enjoy each others company. The perversion is all those that are bringing sex into it. I know I'm not perfect and have my faults and probably have some subconscious bigoted views due to lack of education, understanding and upbringing. I don't class myself as a bigot though because I'm wiling to listen so I can understand and get past those views along with acceptance. I'm more than happy to step into a gay bar or club for a drink or whatever. I have no issues with it. To me that's all part of the learning curve and acceptance and I'm comfortable with my own sexuality to not let it bother me.

    Babies and Obedience

    I can't believe this geezer. Absolutely shocking and old fashioned attitude that is older than old. Is Bibbles Victorian. But worse than that, set in his ways that he's not willing to hear and take onboard others opinions and view of things with an open mind. It's my way or the highway kind of attitude.

    So you think drugs don't fuel crime, Well, that's an opinion, but one that many would share

    No that's not what I said. I said the exact opposite and this is another reason why it need to be taken out of the hands of criminality.


    The fact of the matter is that crime and illegal drugs in particular which feeds many other crimes

    I think that the reduction in tobacco smoking is more to do with the sky high price increases

    Some of it is but most folk have now moved over to vaping. It's been cleaned up as should all the over drugs on the market.

    All those that are buying what they think are duty free are putting themselves in even more danger unless they have been abroad themselves to buy them. Many are fake cigarettes which (seems silly saying this) are bad for your health or should I say worse than genuine cigarettes. Hard to believe that something can be worse than a genuine cigarette but it's true. Many Eastern European gangs pushing this market as with any other drug. A black market the same as a fake Rolex watch or latest fashion item or indeed what we call illegal drugs. The people that buy these are feeding big crime in the exact same way. And you can guarantee the guy selling them to folk down the local pub will also be claiming benefits. Even the local corner shop that has them under the counter can't guarantee the source of where they came from. As with cannabis it's easier to make/grow on home turf than risk passing customs.

    Alcohol for most people is treated with respect and relatively harmless.

    You really are in cloud cuckoo land. You must be a drinker. You should stop taking that drug. Here lays the problem because alcohol has been an accepted drug for such a long time and many are addicted they can't see the similarities with alcohol and other drugs. Drug addicts are selfish and can never see the light through the trees and are stuck in their own ways. The bottom line is that alcoholics and junkies are one of the same except they choose different drugs.

    People need to accept that alcohol is one of the most addictive drugs on the planet but many can't do that because it then puts them in the same boat as what is labelled as a junkie so just stick to calling it alcohol as it sounds not as bad and makes it socially accepted. Not many want to admit they have an addiction and will use manipulative tactics to continue with their habits while having a go at those that take other drugs so can continue with their own. It's like a political diversion tactic. Take the pressure off one by making another look bad.

    I've worked in pubs before and have seen the same old regular customers in daily with their blotchy red face and shaky hands and desperate to get their daily fix. It wont be long before youngsters that are out on the piss most nights end up like that. Give them a few years and then eventually their will be taking up NHS resources with Liver problems or maybe they just fall over and bang their head or get into a fight. Drunk = high, changing you brainwaves and altering your perception along with a buzz. There's even a term for it; 'there's a buzzing atmosphere in this pub tonight'. Now that could be because people are on a natural high or they have had the helping hand of a drug. Pubs are drug dens, from opium bar to alcohol bar.

    The claim is that the fashion industry is the biggest contributor to climate change

    The Chinese factories spewing millions of tonnes of crap into the atmosphere is the largest cause, but of course they won't target China and go for the soft option.

    It's a bit more complicated than that. Have you seen how much water gets used to make a pair of jeans. Cotton is the killer, water used from the Aral Sea (yes you heard that right, Sea) in Central Asia had turned to dust and then the raw cotton is shipped abroad where the chemical processes that goes into making the material and dyes. The chemicals and other rubbish in places like Indonesia (Citarum River) runs off into streams where it even kills the rats in the river and then eventually makes it's way into the Sea. Then the material goes to sweat shops in places like India or factories in China.

    The fashion industry is number two on the list after greenhouse gases. If we keep going the way we are going we will run out of water believe or or not, or at least it will be so polluted that we can't drink it. Sea life is getting killed and going extinct too. The chemical run-offs from agriculture is nothing compared to this.…/post/fashion-waste-water

    So Extinction Rebellion might not be taking the right approach and it may even seem like a worthless effort but at least they are trying something. If nothing else they may help draw awareness to some of the stuff going on. It seems like you guys are not even aware to the extent of the fashion industry. People late for work or not being able to make it in is nothing, who cares about some stupid job when there are bigger issues in the world to deal with. So at least have a bit of respect for what they are trying to do. The poor f****rs are all marked as terrorists now for applying their right to protest.

    Maybe this is where we should be sending our prisoners. Get them cleaning up places like this as community service.<X Quite frankly we are all selfish scum in the West for allowing all this to go on for our own selfish means and I haven't even mentioned the damage the plastic is doing to the environment and our bodies. Living breathing plastic we are literally.







    Where do you think the tea she drank came from?

    Bone China :P

    lower prices for older people who don't have net access.

    This is discrimination. Many elderly have internet access and are quite happy having things like facebook etc to talk to their grandchildren and look at family pics and stuff. I feel like this new proposal is a con. They make money from peoples data online so those that use the iPlayer are paying them already. Just keep things as they are and decriminalise and noboby pay anything to them. Problem solved. :)

    There has never been national unity accept maybe after winning the world war and we where all on the same page. Do you think things would be any different if Boris was not in the seat. It does not matter if your labour, conservative, left, right or any other direction, it does not matter if your pro EU or not. It makes no difference whatsoever. The problem is the system. Politics at it's core and how it is brought about is not fit for purpose. The media and our technology have more power and decide who is going to be in the seat and what is done; more often than not fed by those arguing in Parliament. It's all mass corruption with the Queen as figurehead on the bow of the ship where the crew and all inside has gone rogue.

    Sadly that is true but it's always been there. Politics is built on slagging each other off. What do you think they do in Parliament by creating sides. Politics is as much of an ass as the law and both are full of shit. One could argue that we are all mentally ill....the human race is mentally ill. I certainly wouldn't call us a stable species mentally or physically.