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    Interestingly NHS hospitals will also have a floor dedicated to private patients. They get the same doctors and treatment that other patients get but they have better ward facilities, food and most likely get more one to one attention from ward hosts (nurses). I wonder if their operations also get scheduled priority. They shouldn't but I do wonder if this happens in which case that's an abuse of the NHS. Backdoor privatisation for those that can afford it.

    Perhaps it would be better to limit who has access to the NHS and what services are offered free of charge. There is a lot of treatment in the NHS for conditions which are not really the reason why the NHS was set up i.e. Cosmetic Surgery, Fertility Treatments, elective non-urgent/critical procedures etc, as well as the myriad of Mental Health and Psychiatric treatments most of which are maladies of modern living rather than protection of the public from dangerous people. If the NHS was only available to UK citizens and outsiders were excluded from the free service the NHS would not be over run and there would be enough cash. Wasting resources on boob jobs and anxiety and freeloaders from overseas is where the money goes.

    Nail on head. The mental health thing is difficult as it's still relatively new and very little is understood about the brain from a psychiatric point of view, but it has gone to far and labelling things for the sake of labelling and experimentation.

    No we should treat them all if their life is in danger if neglected. Clearly poor lifestyle choices are one of the things the NHS is trying to educate us about. Surely everyone can see the elderly are becoming a burden to society because they are living too long because of not smoking and eating shite. The outcome is instead of treating obesity and lung cancer they are nursing geriatric people who block beds rather than popping their clogs as they used to. No money has been saved, we now live in a nanny state that tells us what we can do so live long miserable lives. Especially with the squeeze on pensions as well as the NHS.

    This too. Sometimes to save life's you have to kill first. A growing population for example is killing us all as more of earths resources are used up. Medical technology and keeping people alive for longer is not good for the population in general. If we took medical advancement back a few decades we would all be better off. Instead the way things are going we will have to use warfare to cull the human race and 'it will' end up as that as we all live like sardines in a can competing and fighting against each other. If warfare does not do it then disease and viruses will do it 'natural biological warfare' but even then we will try and resist with vaccines so nature then has to hit back twice as hard with a new stronger virus.

    What a wast of money when we can just let those who live to live and those who die to die. Survival of fittest...Darwinism and stop fucking with nature which is trying to put some balance back to life on earth. 'Life is Death and Death is Life'. I would also argue it's extremely cruel, selfish and uncompassionate to keep some people alive and the same applies to giving birth to a child into this world as it stands.

    It's probably relevant to distinguish the difference between a general nurse and a nurse practitioner that they are employing here. We are just told nurses which is meaningless really. A general nurse is not much more than a HCA who go around taking bloods assisting general nurses helping with rolling patients, even porters now help with moving and rolling patients in bed now. Then there's helping with DVT socks and general keeping an eye and doing obs every so often, checking drips, inserting lines etc. Making sure patients are eating and getting the relevant nutrients, changing bandages and irrigating wounds, making sure they have clean cardboard piss pots and bed pans, making sure bed sheets are changed etc. It's not rocket science.

    Some of the Philippino nurses I have had have been superb, really nice polite and hard working and just get on with the job, they are hard workers but there can be a language barrier, not that they don't speak English but more a problem of accents and their pronunciation. More importantly they don't have the same compassion and wont get into any small talk because they can't relate to the more cultural things here and the problems of day to day living. The Africans are the worst, they are rude obnoxious and patronising. I have also had an Iraqi house doctor and he was the most loveliest person ever and full of compassion and understanding and would give you the time to vent and explain your issues and he would do his best to help whether that was changing your med's or getting someone to help take you out in a wheelchair for a smoke.

    Former RAF Linton-on-Ouse to become asylum centre
    The centre at Linton-on-Ouse will cut the cost of housing migrants in hotels, the government says.

    Residents up in arms over 1500 men sent to camp where they are allowed to walk around freely in town. So it's like an open prison with day release. I wonder how many will disappear into society and never come back. How many did they send to Rwanda.....was it 5 they advertised last week as the first to be sent. We are still have 100's everyday arriving and being sent or disappearing into the UK towns and villages. Rwanda is just a publicity stunt by the sounds of it to win votes and gain some support.

    Migrants sent to York­shire in weeks des­pite res­id­ents’ anger | The Times
    The Home Office is aim­ing to move at least 50 migrants into a recep­tion centre in a North York­shire vil­lage by the end of the month des­pite huge local…

    I don't care what the authorities do if it means me and mine are safer,

    That's where your wrong they are not making us safer. Why do think we have such high crime rates. If the authorities didn't s send us into Iraq we wouldn't have the terrorist problems we now have. If you have nothing to hide can I have your name, address and banking details please :P

    When it comes to Computer technology yes a late starter , but I have not been asleep

    Geez how behind the times are you was aimed at OB as the thread starter.

    It's not the job of an ISP to play police. That is the job for the Police otherwise why do we have a Police force. As for terrorist activity that can be done by GCHQ Bude who can break most encryption algorithms if they really need to as most have built in backdoors for those in the know with powerful enough supercomputers. What they are trying to do here will not only increase crime, not reduce it, but also feed more money into what we may consider enemy or criminal hands. Sharing your life and personal information with the world is not a good idea. Who do you think sells personal data to sites on the Dark Web. Nearly everyday we hear of some computer server being hacked and personal info sold on the Dark Web. Next thing we hear is that credit card fraud is on the increase or spam phishing email and attacks etc are on the increase.

    The ISP's are the criminals here as they can take you data and sell it to marketing companies who then sell it on around the world or worse still poorly paid workers may take data to sell and make some money on the side with it. The same way that it's those that work in the movie industry that leak and support piracy of films. Call system handlers, network administrators, maintenance engineers etc will all have access to data and if encrypted some of them may even have the keys. It all comes down to who you trust and I trust my data more with my VPN provider than I do a UK company. The UK gov and authorities don't even get a look in and are the last people I would trust to keep me and my data safe. FFS we have a NHS system with highly sensitive data on that got hacked because they where using Windows 7 LOL It will be great fun when heart monitors and pace makers are eventually connected to the net. They don't need more nurses...they need more pentesters.

    Geez how behind the times are you. This is nothing new and the snoopers charter has been around for years. The online safety bill is just an extension of that so it's already creeping. Why do you think so many people now use a VPN to bypass their ISP by encrypting traffic through a tunnel so ISP's only see that your connected to a VPN providers VPS server somewhere in the world. VPN are mainstream now hence why Nord advertise on UK TV. Some ISPs and websites are even punishing people for using a VPN so some VPN providers have found a way to to get around that now and camouflage the fact your connected to a VPN.

    Why should ISP's be legally forced into playing policeman or in reality ISP's throttling the bandwidth and keeping records for a service you pay for but are not getting if you view a site considered Illegal or not favoured politically. Even ISP's don't want to have to police things as that's not their job and it's bad for business and their customers. They are now losing out on the data harvested to sell to marketing companies etc to the more dodgy VPN providers including those in places China outside of 14 eyes so in effect we are funding places like China through the abuse of freedom and the right to privacy. Even the BVI is possibly soon to be within 5 eyes so all those VPN providers and users will move to places like China or Russia now.

    Britain to impose ‘direct rule’ on British Virgin Islands
    Britain is poised to impose direct rule over the British Virgin Islands after an inquiry found rampant corruption problems in the territory.

    And lets be clear about this using a VPN or other form of encryption does not mean you are a criminal or doing something illegal, it just means your bypassing censorship not to mention increasing your own security from the gov and other criminals. If you live in Spain why should you not be able to access the BBC iPlayer for example if you have a TV license registered at your other address back in the UK and why should you not be able to access Netflix and other streaming services abroad (including YouTube) from the UK etc. And why should you put yourself at risk and looked upon as a criminal and have your bandwidth throttled as punishment if you use P2P for sharing work content securely amongst collogues just because torrents are also used for piracy. Lets not forget that the workplace is also legally obliged to protect and secure their customers data especially where highly sensitive data is used. So in effect the taking away of our privacy has the side effect of making us all less secure therefore the crime rate will increase and we feed more money to territories outside of 5 or even more extreme outside of 14 eyes.

    I wonder if Rishis wife's family business has any shares in one or more VPN providers. A very dubious marketing company with links to Israeli intelligence has not long taken over VPN Express in the BVI. She has shares in the Rwanda immigrants centre so this could be another move to grab some cash.

    The point is you don't need a degree. All you need is the right training along with the proper support which is where apprenticeship type schemes come in. But they have to be done properly and not only put in place to get numbers up and then have the bulk of work and responsibility thrown upon them as I explained above. Degrees are required less as technology advances and does most of the work for them which is the danger. No need to to look at you watch any more when taking blood pressure etc and there's more health care workers now that will inject medication with automatic needle type devices similar to what someone with diabetes will use at home. It's not rocket science. Anyone can learn to change a nappy and read a book on pharmaceuticals and the side effects, contraindications and the rest of it to prescribe. Technology can even help with this like Dr Google. As things stand many GP's mostly follow a screen of questions to ask and if answer A then go to question C question etc finally arriving at possible causes and treatment. In the time slot allocated there's not much else they can do accept pass you on to someone else, possibly at hospital so passing the buck so to speak so the patient is bounced back and forth.

    Fully automatic assault rifles are illegal but it's as Fred said there are so many guns there that laws are irrelevant. Plus gun ownership is written in their constitution. They have as much chance of getting rid of guns as we do smashing down Parliament and the system then rebuilding from the foundations upwards. No there is something else going on in the US and it's more about mindset than anything else. There's plenty of other countries around the world with gun ownership and they don't have the same number of problems the US has.

    What you have to remember is that guns don't kill, they are just a tool, it's the mind behind the gun and finger on the trigger that kills and we have to look at the reason for that, You would have to disarm the cops too as many of their weapons end up on the street as well as their military local equivalent of TA, even in their military academy type schools for kids, and why punish all those that have the right to protect their homes. I bet if we where given the option then many of us would own gun.

    The yanks have an attitude problem along with a society that has a lot of crazy drug use, crime and poverty. It a broken society in many area's including in places like Las Vegas and Hollywood. Could you imagine this country if we where allowed guns and people lived in underground water drainage systems and sewers like moles or inside the concrete foundations of motorway flyovers. etc. Add the cocktail of prescribed pharmaceuticals into the mix then there is bound to be trouble including an increase of mental health issues. This is the consequence of a rich and poor divide and a society that is ruled by capitalism. It's only a matter of time before we reach the levels of the states as we become more Americanised only minus the guns. It will be knifes, acid or something else instead for us. Banning things or making illegal never solves the cause of the issues. In fact it probably adds to it as a new industry of privatised prisons are built. Crime is an industry on one side of the fence that supports the non crime industry on the other side of the fence and visa-versa. The problem is the balance of the scales has fallen too far to one side.

    That's not really a fashion item that the everyday rich person or fashionistsa will buy but more a publicity stunt and something that maybe some really rich superstar will buy if they want the publicity and to wear something daring to something like an awards ceremony. Anything attention grabbing that gets them on camera.

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    IIRC he was also elected Maayor of the small town where he lived. Not sure if he still lives there but he doesn't like to be in the limelight and live like some superstar in a Beverly Hills palace.

    It's a new fad. Jacuzzis and fire pits. I'm still waiting for houses to start burning down from idiots with fire pits and the Fire Brigade having to give out public warnings or firepits being banned. This is a trend that started in pub gardens and now people want them at home. Maybe smoking should not have been banned indoors as this is the consequences of forcing everyone out into the cold. On the plus side people can burn their recycling rubbish to keep warm instead of paying for it's disposal or getting fined for putting the wrong item in the wrong coloured bin. For every action there's an opposite reaction.

    And lets not forget Lee Van Cleef. I also like both but I do pull more towards favouring John Wayne but I think that's more about the style of that era of films. I prefer Clint Eastwood in the non westerns films he's made. And not many people know this but he's also a very good jazz pianist. I have an album of his playing live in the Carnegie Hall.

    I thought that at first LW, but it's been going on continuously for about three hours now. Once the castle is filled up with air, that's it, but this is a continuou sound and besides, I can't hear any kids.

    A Jacuzzi fr wags. ^^ Is the Ukraine song Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. What a load of bollox it has absolutely nothing to do with singing this stupid contest.