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    Achieving that costs money. The day the economy becomes more important than saving lives is the day we completely lose our humanity.

    What do you mean becomes more important. It already happened many years ago. As soon as the rich start losing money they want the economy back up and running so their workers can start slaving away again to fill their coffers.

    The Spanish Tercio; the French Foreign Legion; even the US military -- they all recognise the foreign recruit's extra contribution to the country and so give them automatic residency and eventually, citizenship, in recognition.

    I take it you haven't seen the problem in the US with them sending many of their ex military back home over the wall to Mexico. America's deported veterans. You should watch the following documentary where many veterans are being recruited by the cartels for their skills. Residency can always be promised but it does not mean your going to get it.

    here is a hospital/surgery down here that has perfected a reliable test that gives a result in 20 minutes

    Why is this not nationwide?

    Maybe that's not a proper test and akin to one of the many over the counter tests. From what I recall a proper test has to get posted off to the lab and the labs that do the test's here are not in hospitals but IIRC there's only a couple of companies in the UK that can do them and they are severely backlogged overrun with work. Even back when the gov where aiming for manipulating their imaginative figure of 100,000 tests there was a 2 week wait for the results. Many folk where complaining about the time scale then arguing that 2 weeks is isolation period time and how many people they could be spreading the virus to if positive within that time of waiting for the results so what's the point. I suspect with the backlog of getting results they have most likely done a business deal with the US to get them done in their labs.

    When they promised those 100,000 tests there was something like 2 weeks to the end date where they promised to have had them tests done. Come that last 2 weeks there where only something like 1/2 the number of tests done from roadside tests, etc so they rushed out a load of home testing kits to random chosen ones from the electrol register or something, not sure how they chose who got them. Once those folk swabbed themselves, put it in the envelope and posted it off. It was then marked as a test done without them even getting the results back. That's how they reached their 100,000 figure number and kept their promise. Tests done in the sense that someone has stuck a swab down the back of their throat and posted it off. I'm not even sure if everyone that done those home tests even got a result back. Wasn't there story or something afterwards about a load conveniently going missing by which time the media would have moved onto the next scandal so the past is forgotten.

    It's pretty serious stuff if they flip. It would be total chaos and could even bring about extinction depending on how outside forces in space affect the planet. And lets face it we are long overdue a major extinction on the planet if we look at previous timescales. But in the big scale of things it's nothing to worry about. We're just cells living inside a bigger body like a Russian doll and will simply move into another dimension like a time traveller. ;)

    Could trolls kill the NHS coronavirus app? Experts warn there's NOTHING to stop people filing fake symptoms and say foreign spies could shut down entire cities…navirus-tracking-app.html

    Time to start Bluejacking peoples phones. This could get interesting. Even if I used a smartphone I wouldn't enable Bluetooth because it's a security threat in itself. Even if people did fall for the contact and trace app nonsense and it got up and running they still need the tests and that is simply not happening. Plenty of NHS staff saying that the tests are still not happing and the few tests that do get done they they then have to wait like 4 weeks for the results to come back from the US for many of them. As one Nurse said the 'the government is lying to us'. Instead of listening to what ministers say and what celebrity doctors are saying as government spokespeople, folk need to start listening to what those on the front line and those who work in these industries are saying.

    I know...a crappy Daily Mail article but Bluejackng is a thing and one can easily send messages to strangers. It a bit of a game messing with people really while in the vicinity, sitting in the train station or somewhere, with potential for malicious activity.

    The porn industry might be able to make use of a Zoom in feature LOL It's getting silly now and all they are doing is introducing new things to keep sales going. One watches TV (The clue's is in the expression) to relax, sit back and watch. Not turning it into a job of switching angles, zooming in and anything else they can think up. What's next...choosing your actors like characters in a game and then a computer algorithm superimposes that character over what your watching. And what happens when more than one person is watching the TV, do we have family arguments over which camera angle to choose from and /or what to zoom into.

    The best one was 'going for a drive to test my eyesight' :whistling: Shame he didn't drive off the end of a cliff. The thing Boris has supported him over this issue could be the nail in the coffin for Boris. He's shot himself in the foot protecting him. I would love to know what dirt Cummings has on Boris, he obviously has something over him......a Trump card.

    It's an intentional move the government have made here and when people start dropping dead they can turn round and say we told you to stay home......if you can, but you can go out if you need to. LOL

    The whole app thing is a joke. Even the developers of Bluetooth have said the protocol is not up to the job. Combine that with trying to contact trace everyone on the beach on a sunny day, it's laughable. The app serves one purpose and one purpose only. It makes it look like the government are doing something and gives them something where they can manipulate numbers. They will manipulate the numbers with that as they did swab tests to suit whatever political goings on are happening at the time.…luetooth-contact-tracing/

    I happily live life without a mobile phone for the majority of the time. If someone wants to contact me then it has to be via a landline where I am or they can email me which I will then pick up when I get back home. And if it's anything official then I want it by letter, I don't want officials contacting me any other way and invading my private space. They don't get the house phone number. I still receive paper statements from my bank and as I get older I want to pull myself away from the digital world, particularly the internet and anything that requires internet access to work.

    TBH if I had the opportunity I would love to live in the middle of nowhere away from the human race in a log cabin in Alaska or somewhere with only few close neighbours. I really dislike the majority of the human species and particularly crowded westernised lifestyle. I should have been born in another country instead of entrapped in this hell hole and am most definitely more at one with nature than I am city life. If it wasn't for the religious cult type aspect to it then I would love to live like the Amish. They almost have the perfect lifestyle IMO.

    ...and yet more Guardian pish

    And notice how he places the same issue in the NHS thread only it's being made out to victimise NHS staff there rather than an immigration issue as a whole. It's discrimination to separate immigrant NHS workers from other industries where immigrants work. Immigrants are not here working for us out of the good of their heart. They are here to exploit our good will and quality educational systems along with experience in the field and better pay than back home. All resources benefiting them which they can then take home to better themselves there. They should pay higher Visa fees to try and deter them. For every job an immigrant takes it then takes a job away from a UK citizen. The UK and it's citizens are not a charity to prop up the rest of the world at a detriment to ourselves.

    If that is true it's a shocking revelation about modern society.

    It's 100% percent true and why they have one of the worst healthcare services in the world. It's only any good if you can pay extortionate health insurance fee's. Even medication, say for example you live with rheumatoid arthritis, if you don't have good health insurance then you could be paying $1000's each time you need a repeat prescription. There could be many Americans willing to inject Bleach to beat COVID simply because it a cheap and easily accessible product. If your poor and don't have health insurance then there is no chance of being able to afford an alternative genuine medicine. Not unless you turn to crime. Access to medical care should be a basic human right and not discriminate.

    As for the Priti Patel thing that is not an NHS issue. I believe it's a Visa fee issue and applies to all immigrants regardless of their job. It's being made out as something victimizing NHS staff and this is simply not true. Lets face it with the wages that some NHS staff get (doctors) an immigrant doctor can afford it more than an immigrant working in a hotel or out picking fruit. We need to move away from immigrants exploiting our systems and they should pay extra as do those that use out education system. For every immigrant working on a Visa they are taking a job away from UK citizen and don't tell me UK citizens wont do the job. Maybe if the medical college did not prioritise immigrant students because it's more money, a business move then there would be more available places for UK citizens. Like I said it's not an NHS issue, it's an immigration issue.

    London has recorded no new cases of coronavirus for a full 24 hour period, the latest official data shows.


    Officials put the steep decline down to a technical hitch in the patient notification system over the weekend, with NHS England confirming it "did not operate for a period of time" on Saturday.…decline-phe-a4446336.html

    In other words someone switched off the commuter system that records them. :faceslap

    Also how about contact tracing privacy :faceslap

    Coronavirus: Serco apologises for sharing contact tracers' email addresses

    All this social distancing thing is nonsense, it's not practical and wont work when people are either out and about or at work. Therefore the contact tracing app stuff (the few that will use it) will not work either with so many people put an about. Bloody planes are pissing me off this morning. They have been pretty much non stop since 5:30 am. One every minute or so right now.

    That's not funny as it's to close to the truth. All the big corporations are centralising everything. Facepoop have just acquired Giphy so that's another service down the pan. The way things are going the North Koreans will have more freedom of choice than us. With all the data held on us all it takes is for a rogue government (stasi) to come into power and we will all be sorry.

    Yep I know exactly what you mean. I do wonder how much of it is part of growing old. My Grandad used to moan about things but Nan was more optimistic and always tried to see the good in everything. I think I'm turning into my Grandad. Now all we need is a re-run of Love Thy Neighbour or maybe they can make a modern version that includes Brexit. :D We need more abuse and less political correctness on the box. 'power to the people' from the top of Tooting Bec tube station.

    Thank you. It's complicated then if the BBC have ownership of others under a different name. That's like a backdoor to bypass the restrictions that the BBC channels have. Drama has advertisements and they also play some old ITV soaps. So the BBC has their fingers in other pots.

    Beeb could simply give up the 7pm to 6am slot, but obviously not

    BBC shutdown for the night...who would have thought it ;) It wasn't that long ago. If the BBC don't make money from advertisements then they can make money from data. I bet they make a fair bit from catch up services, iPlayer.

    While the experts are here who owns the Drama channel on freeview, not the CBS Drama there's another that is currently running re-runs of classic EastEnders (4.3) at approx 3.30 am every week night (or is that morning :rolleyes:) at the moment. Somebody must be paying the BBC for that.

    TV's are really fussy on the containers and codecs they will playback and they don't transcode on the fly to suit. I get where you are coming from with the remote situation. I have four remotes LOL TV, DVR, Receiver and my Room Lights. My TV and DVR are both Panasonic and I have them Vera linked so some of the controls work on either remote. Oh I have one more remote but I don't use it often and that's for my Android based movie server so that's five in total and I refuse any form of phone app controls. I don't do phone app's. I very rarely charge the mobile up or even connect it online, in fact I could happily live without a mobile phone. I mostly do.

    They should introduce a charge to see a GP, say £10. That would clear the surgery waiting rooms

    Then they would just go to A&E as they do now to avoid the GP waiting times. Nope I'm sorry it's not about money, you can keep throwing money at it but it's a bottomless pit because of the way it is structured. It's a logistical problem with the NHS not financial. It's the equivalent of trying to surf the web today on a 56K dial up modem. It needs to move with the the times to deal with the increase in traffic. It's harsh but one of the first things I would do is stop the NHS tourism and we should all have to prove either we have paid into the NHS first or are a UK citizen. We then need to start merging departments and get rid of much of the middle management. How is it that one hospital can have NHS porters and another hospital can have private outsourced porters. The trusts need removing and have one NHS where everyone works under the same rules and pulls together as a team instead of competing against each other. The whole postcode lottery needs removing.

    The education system is about to become the new care home. Kids might not show symptoms but kids are some of the best carriers and spreaders of colds, flu and viruses. They will take it home to give to the parents who will then take it to work with them. If we don't go full on herd immunity and accept the increase in deaths then we will end up back in lockdown before Christmas. I think what they are planning on doing is to go back to the herd immunity method but at a sustained release. I think there's going to be a second wave and it's just a question of how quick and how big that second wave hits us. There's approx 160 flights a day coming into Heathrow and they are now talking about removing the quarantine....not that there was a proper quarantine in place anyway.

    I thoroughly enjoyed GOT's. Downloaded all seasons and binge watched the whole lot over a few weeks. If I had a decent 4K DTS blue ray player I would actually consider buying a box set and I can't say that for many things I watch.

    Hopefully Starmer

    Every time I hear this name It makes me think of the Nazis and WW2. Is Starmer a German name. :D

    I have taken a break from the news and COVID reports etc for last week. Can't be arsed following it now as everything changes from one minute to the next. Bored of it all and the bullshit, lies and manipulation. All I can see is more and more restrictions on people and extra expense. Fuck it lets get back to normal send the kids to school so we can send the parents back to work. Let the Schools become the next care home scenario as kids become the big carriers and spread it back to their parents who can then go out in public and back to work and spread it to others. I think all the crappy Blue Peter face masks will also help spread it with a false sense of security and more people touching their face etc. Wearing a mask seems to have made folk think that social distancing is no longer required in supermarkets and places. What's the worst than can happen. Even if 50% of population is wiped out it will improve life for everyone left behind. More space, more vacant homes, more jobs, less pollution, less food required and on it goes. Population numbers is still the country and the worlds biggest problem after money, greed and capitalism, and not just for us humans but all other life on Earth.

    In these instances, both parties should be grown up about it. When one person is offended the offender should apologise and take note not to repeat the error (at the very least, to that person) again. The offended party should accept the apology with good grace and then let that be an end to the matter.

    Not really no, it depends on the parties involved and the situation. Is one or the other a friend or foe, does one or the other even care what the other thinks or feels. And it comes down to a persons character and whether they are willing to back down and accept guilt when not guilty or accept guilt and own up if guilty. Pride and /or standing by ones own beliefs is also relevant.

    If both parties where to be grown up about it then then after one had apologised for offending someone else, instead of that being the end of it and walking away. The other should also apologise but they should apologise for getting offended and then both walk away as equals. It takes two to tango. One should walk away and consider how they offended that person and the other should walk away and consider why they took offence. Both have issues only they are opposite issues. It has to be a both agree to disagree situation and both apologise for sake of apologising and keeping the peace. It's either that or go back at it again for round two and see who comes out on top.

    There are times when someone is genuinely being offensive and there are times when someone is making an issue out of something by getting offended. Both are on the attack but in different forms or to put another way one is yin and one is yang. Believe it or not it's actually OK to offend someone especially if you dislike that person for whatever reason and there is nothing wrong with that. It's also OK to feel offended, neither parties are right or wrong.

    yet our soldiers, at their advanced ages, are still being subject to years of investigations and court appearances.

    Yes this is wrong. They where only following orders as where the IRA. It's like the scenario has reversed and now our own soldiers we sent out there are now the enemy. OK there is such a thing as rules of engagement but your train / drill it into people to be killers and then put them in a situation where they see their mates get killed and there is much hatred floating around and your in a life and death situation. What do you do. It's fu**ing war not a game of chess with rules. If anyone should be held accountable then is should be the government ministers at the time that sent them out there.