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    I have too many to list, currently averaging around 30 very carefully selected add-ons for various things. I only use the Extended Support Release of Firefox as my main browser which borderlines on being it's own fork. I use four layers of security all set up as fallback solutions and to prevent any access by Mozilla and others, blocks auto updates, disables Experimental Features, Studies, Pocket, Firefox Accounts etc.

    Security starts with (1) enterprise policies.json file followed by (2) mozilla.cfg file both at application root level to cover all profiles including new ones created. Then I have a heavily modified (3) user.js in my profile folders which takes care of the bulk of about:config preferences. Then I have layer (4) add-on extensions for more user level control on a site by site basis.

    I also have a heavily modified userChrome.css so styled how I like it.

    When I hover over the top address toolbar it animates so the URL toolbar enlarges, gets some colour and some of my add-ons show but others are in the drop down where I removed the Hamburger menu on the far right or on the bottom toolbar. Then when I mouse out it animates back to small and turns B/W and dims so distraction free and makes it difficult for over the shoulder peeping toms.

    I do not use or have the main Firefox URL drop down activated or have any suggestions, history and autofill etc. This is setup very much like a much older version of Firefox. At it's default settings Firefox is not a very secure browser at all. Saying that it's still better than all the others. What makes it the best (only option really) is it's open source and available user customisation.

    It looks good in the dark style too

    My homepage defaults to my chosen search engine which is Quant at the moment. I have others to choose from under the search. No Google. New tab (+ sign) goes to Speed Dial 2 which I have setup as local only and no outgoing connections to the add-on developer. It's really handy as all I have to do is click on the button next to my search bar that looks like a little thunderbolt icon and it adds the site to the Speed Dial 2 page without leaving the page I'm currently on and does not include those in my Firefox bookmarks manager so independent. I can then throw what I want to throw once I have finished with them or permanently put away in my bookmarks manager if I want to keep anything. It works a bit like the older Pocket before Mozilla purchased it or a scrapbook.

    I don't have any of that Firefox home content rubbish. I don't even allow Mozilla to give me advertisements and add-on recommendations or add-on store under about:addons page as all that stuff allows Mozilla in and sends data back to google analytics. I also don't allow any auto updates or check for available add-ons so manually do that as and when I please. Same for browser updates.

    This is the entrance to my castle so I don't leave the door unlocked and open for anyone and only allow in who I want in....

    Quote from about:mozilla

    The Beast continued its studies with renewed Focus, building great Reference works and contemplating new Realities. The Beast brought forth its followers and acolytes to create a renewed smaller form of itself and, through Mischievous means, sent it out across the world.

    from The Book of Mozilla, 6:27

    Talking about climate nutter have you seen this Mike :D

    Cop26: World leaders’ electric cars could be powered up by vegetable oil-fed generators because of charger shortage

    Cop26: World leaders’ electric cars could be powered up by vegetable oil-fed generators because of charger shortage
    A fleet of luxury electric cars carrying world leaders to the Cop26 conference could be re-charged using cooking oil-powered generators because of a lack of…

    No doughnuts for those cops as they will have run out of oil.

    With the exception of tobacco and out of all the different drugs, legal and illegal, I have taken over the years, the one that has caused the most damage is Codeine. 12.5mg in every Nurofen Plus tablet. I now have to be very careful with Codeine unless coated in Phosphate because of the damage to my stomach lining and risk of stomach ulcers. So Codeine Phosphate I'm alright with but can no longer can take Dihydrocodeine or equivalent. These days I try to not take anything for pain so have to live with it unless I have some Tramadol laying around but even then I wont take them unless absolutely necessary as they will eventually cause damage. I live with severe Osteoarthritis from previously broken bones, a completely dislocated and tethered ankle, half the Tallus bone missing and calcium build up, I also have no fluid under the patella in my knee so it's bone against bone grinding and one leg slightly shorter than the other so puts pressure on my lower back. I would have been better off if they chopped my leg off and gave me a false one. Oh and I have four broken toes that have heeled in the broken position as they where never fixed so a couple of the the tops of my toes rub on the inside of my shoes or trainers and takes the skin off until red raw which then scabs over until I pick them off.

    The government brought this on with the vaccine passports. Add the bad pay and treatment of workers and there is no reason to stay. They had staff shortages before COVID and everything that has happened since is like the nail in the coffin. First the gov kill off large amounts of the elderly and now they are doing whatever else they can do to bring the industry to it's knees and kill off more. In the governments mind they are probably seen as a drain on resources and the government purse string. Pensions and other benefits and they are no longer paying into the system.

    I agree with every word of that. In an attempt to save a few quid in the short term, it has cost us a fortune in the long term. The government should be subsidising cigarettes and encouraging people to drink as much as they can. Heaven knows what will happen if we can up with a cure to cancer?

    LOL Love it. :thumbup: At the end of the day nobody has the right to tell anyone else what they can or cannot do to their own body and how they lead their own life so I am in agreement with you. I would rather live short happy life than long boring drawn out one.

    Leah Betts

    You have hit home mentioning her ;( and I remember it well as it was at the centre of my scene at the time. She basically drank to much water and died from internal drowning and at the time it was being pushed by the media the importance of keeping fluid intakes up while on Ecstasy. Yes it was important to keep fluid intakes up but it had to be an even balance of knowing when to drink water and when to not drink so much that you overdose and internally drown so tissues become flooded and organs start to shut down Uncontrolled sweating and body temperature regulating. The kidney's are put under an immense amount of stress while on E in the same way the liver is for someone that drinks alcohol.

    I personally must have taken at least 500 pills over the period of 10 years raving from the late mid 80's to mid 90's so have first hand experience and knowledge on this subject. The dehydration came from the small amounts of strychnine (rodent poison) that was often mixed into pills. I say small but the amount would vary and the pills she took happened to be particularly strong. An experienced raver would never take a whole tablet in one go and would take half a tablet to begin with to test the waters so to speak. Then give it 30 - 40 mins to come on and see where your at. It was the strychnine that also caused the muscle spasms to make one dance and also cause jaw ache if you did not chew gum. The hallucinogens came from other ingredients whether that be MDMA, a small amount of smack, or something else or even a mix. E's where basically a cocktail of drugs. Energy would come from barbiturates like speed or even caffeine.

    I don't recall if Leah was drinking alcohol or not not but that is a major no no and should never be thrown in the mix as it adds to the dehydration. A sensible venue would not even sell alcohol in the club and would only provide bottles of water. One positive thing that came form Lea's death was the increase in test kits but many would be wary of approaching a team to test their pills in a club as you could be grassed up or have your pills confiscated and there there concerns over anonymity. There was also the other issue that having testing teams in a club is like an open admittance by the club owners as to what goes on there and it is illegal and if clubs are caught there are large fines or worse they could be closed down. Many clubs turned a blind eye to drug taking but not the dealers, though in some venues they would be in on it, whether that was for profit margins or external pressure and threats from the drug dealers and distribution enforcers.

    The problem here is not the drug taking per se as you will never stop that and it will just evolve as one thing is eradicated into a new possibly even more dangerous drug like legal highs became for example. The problem here is the cocktails of non standard measurements or ingredients used. They should be made legally and sold legally like tobacco and alcohol along with all the health warnings, risk assessments and education for those users as we do with tobacco and alcohol. Bloody hell the tax that could be made from it as long as they don't take the piss could replace the tax they will lose from petrol sales. I say take the piss because have you seen the prices of CBD vape juice and other CBD products on the market. It's cheaper to go and buy some weed and then get all the benefits of THC alongside the CBD and not be ripped off by some weak commercialised product with placebo effect. To much CBD is as bad as too much need an even balance of yin and yang to counteract each other and the strain can veer further to either side depending on the buzz or treatment your after.

    The buzz can also be a pain killer in itself as we experience when taking things like Codeine. If you want stronger you take Morphine (aka heroin) and if you want weaker you take Paracetamol etc. To much of a good thing in either direction is bad for you and every drug whether legal or illegal can have adverse effects and I include Tobacco, Caffeine and Alcohol in that. Jeez we could even go as far as adding non natural sugars in the foods we eat. We are surrounded by and take various chemicals daily. The human body is like a walking pharmacy and it's all about preventing, encouraging and re-routing electrical signals to the brain and other body parts.

    Of course the reason that many in prison are on drugs is they come from the "care" system. They have no families and no one gives a damn about them (a bit like the elderly) so until that is addressed, we'll get nowhere

    That is complete nonsense stereotyping but it's not your fault. It's how things are portrayed by the authorities and the media. Anyone from any background can be addicted to drugs. Look at the numbers of people addicted to what their doctor have prescribed to them. The doc stops prescribing and they then have to go elsewhere. It's a massive problem as instead of the doctor being their dealer they have to then go to other sources which could be less controlled like online pharmacies abroad or the black market. The majority of drug addicts will be 9-5 workers who like to take something after work or on the weekends. There are also many that will contently take drugs while at work and in some circumstances it may even aid their work. There will be bucket loads of Cocaine taken in the stock exchange toilets. The majority of drug addicts are those you would least expect to be a drug addict.

    LOL He worlds gone nuts and she stores most if them in her cheeks.

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    No they are not victims they are just people that have the right to protest which is a fundamental part of a democratic society and if we restrict that more than it is already or worse completely silence or eradicate it then we are heading down a very dangerous road indeed. But to be honest I think we are heading in the direction of dictatorship anyway with the many other things that are happening. Even the woke culture is promoting a political change on that level that is heading in that direction so a large proportion of society support dictatorship masked under another label. I don't think they can even see this and are being blindly led by the media and then the government who are happy to go along with it as it gives them more control. Add to this the increase in camera's, identity cards, tracking people and data collection on files then we are not far behind communist China. The Stasi would be proud of what we have achieved. All we need to do now is start segregating different groups of society. Divide and conquer, it's the oldest trick in the book.

    Privatisation means more management not less. Plus a government side compliance office to monitor everything plus the regulator.

    Which is what we have now and is at the core of the problems not to mention the micro mangers that are stealing. NHS fraud by employees is massive. Bloody Nigerian managers driving around in Mercedes and sending money back home from where they have fiddled the books. There was one guy on an NHS fraud TV programme where he was caught using an NHS credit card to buy himself cigarettes at a local petrol station and putting it down on the books as stationary. He also purchased stocks at inflated costs from a company that he owned under another name or owned by a family member or something so his name was not directly on documents. Government style tactics being used there. All this could easily be cut out if the NHS had a central stores and logistics department that covered all hospital trusts. Stick it right in the Midlands like a big Amazon type warehouse.