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    Massive facepalm

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    If your British then I see no reason that things should change. But if your family background is of the kind where arranged marriages are the norm then it brings up issues. But like you said that should be a separate issue. Anyway marriage is a religious act. Why does anyone bother apart form tax and legal reasons that mix with religion. If you want to live together then so be it. Live together, there is no reason for marriage. Marriage should be abolished and absolutely nothing to do with tax or rights. It's basically another institution that is discriminative.

    I see it like paying off criminals for a ransomware attack. It will encourage more of the same behaviour. A shop short changed me and refuses to give it back. Should I then go and hold that shop manager as ransom until they pay up. What we should have done is said, OK she was stupid enough to travel to your country, a country she supposedly left to escape your regimes. You can have her, do as you please with her now. Were not interested and your not a threat.

    I don’t want to be ruled by the rabble,

    You don't want to but we are. It's not about money it's about duty of care and having moral standards. Because of their privilege and already have more than the average person they are so far from reality that they can't govern.

    The Channel Islands fall under the control and jurisdiction of the Crown. That's why we are protective of them. It seems this all over fishing rights in the local waters there and considering the Islands are on the doorstep of France I do have some sympathy for the fishermen. It would be the equivalent of the French having Drake Island and telling us we could not fish there, well maybe not Drake Island but certainly the Isle of White. It's ridiculous that we own them and they should belong to the French. It's the same with the Falklands they should belong to the Argies but any excuse for a war and show of power over someone else by bullying by force. And lets not forget our history with the French so any excuse for a bit of banter of even full blown warfare.

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    A couple of unmanned RIB's purchased from a local seaside resort :P This could get interesting but I fail to understand how this will protect them if the switch is on land over in France. And why don't they have electricity lines run out to them from the UK if UK territory. Another interesting thing here is that Jersey is a Tax Haven so if there is no power how would this affect bank transfers.

    I wonder if they will accept ET as a gender. I think that could be fun.

    Dear Michael

    I feel I have no choice but to write to you directly and publicly to say how appalled I am by your part in the government’s response to the Covid-19 virus which, in six months, has destroyed the country’s economic prospects, and turned us from a democracy into a dictatorship. For what? For a non-cure that is far worse than the disease. I have known you long enough (about 10 years, I believe) and well enough to tell you the truth.

    Your friends in the mainstream press and at the Right-leaning think tanks may still be reluctant to do the same. I suspect they dare not offend you because they need to be under the establishment umbrella. Well, I do not. You once told me that you admired my website, The Conservative Woman. What follows is a reflection of thousands of our readers’ and contributors’ views. This is not about me or my family but about our country, the one I thought you valued as much as I do.

    You may not personally be responsible for every decision made in recent months, but you are at the heart of the Prime Minister’s inner circle and chief advocate of the government’s coercive and economically ruinous policy, as you were again this weekend. People ask me what happened to the Michael who I have known to be a highly intelligent, sensitive and attentive listener. I think you – and Sarah, who is herself admirably forthright – will be grateful for being made aware of what people are really thinking and saying about you and your Cabinet colleagues.

    It’s true that every government in the world was dealt a difficult hand when Covid emerged late last year. Following a precautionary principle, as many Asian countries did straight away when so much remained unknown, would have been wise. However, no such precautions – whether airport screening or test and trace – were deemed necessary. The Government’s policy could be summed up in three words: ‘Wash your hands’. By mid-March, when Neil Ferguson’s prophecy of doom prompted your government’s overnight U-turn from ‘herd immunity’ to total lockdown, the horse had already bolted. The NHS was culpably lax over this period in securing the necessary PPE and testing that would have protected medical staff, health and care workers.

    Since then the best evidence is that the policies of lockdown, Stay at Home/Save Lives/Protect the NHS and social distancing have cost at least as many lives as saved and with very cruel consequences, callously so for the most vulnerable elderly, denying hospital treatment to the group you were meant to be protecting, and, it transpires, for mothers-to-be.…ve-Covid-19-pandemic.html

    Despite the lack of evidence for it and though there is now much greater understanding of who is most at risk from this disease, you have extended lockdown again and again. Can you deny the basic facts that for anyone under 50 the chances of dying from Covid are negligible, or that the average age of death from Covid at 82.4 years is actually higher than the 81.16 years life expectancy for the UK as a whole, or that the vast majority of the population is at little or no risk?

    On Sunday Toby Young, a man whose advice you once followed, set out ten reasons why a second lockdown is a truly terrible idea. Please read them and reconsider your ill-advised threat of Sunday that the new lockdown in England could be extended beyond four weeks if the number of infections does not fall far enough.

    How can you continue to treat every British citizen as though they face a very high risk of being hospitalised or even dying as a result of exposure to Covid, when this patently is not true? And why pretend the NHS is overwhelmed when the Nightingale hospitals lie empty? And how, this weekend, could you have bought into and sold the public such a dodgy Covid deaths dossier, your so-called ‘realistic worst case’ scenarios that lack any credibility an excuse for lockdown?

    How can you justify failing to subject lockdown to a detailed cost benefits exercise? And yet you are going down the same un-costed route again.

    How can you justify outsourcing the entire educational, economic, mental and social wellbeing of the nation to ever more secretive and unaccountable NHS quangos with their own political and vested interests all supposedly under the control of Matt Hancock at the Department of Health?

    Lastly, how can you, an economic liberal, be part of a government which has needlessly wrecked Britain’s economy? You and colleagues may be shielded from the onslaught that the nation is about to experience thanks to your publicly-funded salary and pension, but most others – particularly the self-employed, the sole traders and those who run small businesses – face a very different future, one that is genuinely frightening. Irresponsible doesn’t begin to describe the national economic and political catastrophe your latest lockdown decision is leading us to.

    I hold no brief for Mr Johnson, who I long suspected to be a man with little principle, now seemingly a man who is also easily spooked and dominated. You, I thought, were different – not one to fall for Leftist authoritarianism or for NHS emoting claptrap. I thought you were honourable.

    That’s why I am so dismayed that you of all people have involved yourself in what amounts to deceit on an industrial scale and are party to such a deeply manipulative Covid Fear propaganda, splurging taxpayer billions and accruing vast debt on it along the way. It is my contention that many – perhaps most – people in Britain remain unaware of the level of figure fiddling and fanciful doomsday data presentation. This feeds into my own and my colleagues’ belief that you and your Cabinet colleagues have participated in pumping out state propaganda that would not be out of place in China, Russia or North Korea.

    As you have shown no moral courage by telling the truth about this in public, I can only conclude that you have been content to sit back and watch as liberties and livelihoods have been extinguished and medical expertise has been denied to thousands who need it urgently but whom the NHS refuses to treat. Either that or you no longer pretend to be a democrat. I really wonder how you sleep at night.

    I suspect that like your leader you are so far into this mess that every decision is now about covering your back rather than confessing your mistakes. But you need to understand that it is a common view that you and your Cabinet colleagues are not just crassly incompetent, but deliberately taking the country down a very bad route – and that you are doing so after every citizen has effectively been blindfolded, bound and gagged by various arms of the state. Are you now so immersed in groupthink that you do not see the damage that you have done and continue to do?

    You need to take a long look at yourself and ask if you are happy to leave this appalling damage as your political legacy. You of all people should show the basic courtesy of honesty.

    Copies of this letter are being sent to other MPs. It will also be posted on my website.





    So what do we make of this. The UK giving into terrorism....

    OMG watch the second video

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    Pay peanuts.....are you having a laugh. Do you know how much the average bar worker or shop worker earns in a year. If I had my way a I would put the PM in a council estate flat so at least they have some grasp on reality the majority. Anyway why should they even have a living quarters with the job. They could have their own pad and commute back and forth like the majority of people do. It's time they started living in the real world.

    What is the most worrisome part of all this is Parliament, and much of the medical profession’s hesitancy to discuss the subject of assisted suicide.

    Although in many cases they do this anyway. If someone is in pain they slowly increase the Morphine dose within strict controlled drug guidelines and the side effect of Morphine is respiratory depression so in effect they overdose like a Heroin addict. Note Morphine is the clinical equivalent to Heroin. Hospitals / Hospices have specialist teams for dealing with end of life cases and pain control.

    Boris Johnson’s ‘Downing Street Donor’was Allowed to Bid for£120 Million Public Contracts…million-public-contracts/

    A firm founded and owned by Lord David Brownlow, the man who reportedly helped to fund Boris Johnson’s Downing Street flat renovation, has been allowed access to public sector contracts worth up to £120 million in recent years.

    Although the source of funding for the Prime Minister’s upgrade in furnishings at No. 11 Downing Street is unclear, reports over recent days suggest that Johnson received a loan from the Conservative Party to pay the up-front costs. Estimates for the total outlay, above and beyond the £30,000 annual allowance that can be claimed from the public purse for such work, range from anywhere between £58,000 and £200,000.

    It is believed that the loan was funded, at least in part, by Conservative peer and former party vice-chair Lord Brownlow. In correspondence leaked to the Daily Mail, Brownlow indicated that the financing arrangement would be made via a charitable ‘Downing Street Trust’ – of which he expected to be appointed chair. However, it does not appear as though any such organisation has been set up, and Johnson has not yet declared the loan in his register of interests.

    Finally, ADHD is an excuse for bad behaviour, and is an illness that only effects kids from bad families. Otherwise I get your point

    It is but it can also be linked with Autism which is an illness. ADHD is perfect example of pigeon holing.

    I do believe we should should a Dignitas type place like they do in Switzerland but only for the terminally ill and it would have to be tightly controlled.

    Don't bite jenny and take comfort in understanding that the Green party are no different from any other party and all MP's speak the same crap and shit the same shit which is why this topic is even a topic.

    Oh my...where to start. I worked as a tape op in a music studio many years ago and am a self confessed audiophile. By that I mean I don't buy into the stupidly high end audiophile equipment and expensive cables and all the other marketing hype but I do have a reasonably high end system (I wont think twice about spending two grand on speakers if they meet my demands and I have the cash at the time) and listening to MP3 files and online streaming services don't even come into the spectrum of my listening pleasure. That would damage my ears and take the enjoyment out of it and I also want all the music as originally intended and recorded by the artist.

    I only listen to lossless compression PCM FLAC files and 1 bit direct digital stream DSD (DSF) files. Many of my my FLAC files are considered as high-res, high bit depth and sampling rates up to 24bit / 96khz sourced from the original master as much as I can which is not always as simple as it sounds. Sometimes LP rips are the better option as one at least knows the time and where the LP came from and where it was cut. If I can find a first pressing or good rip (depending on equipment used and the engineers / persons skill level) from a first pressing from the non digital era then all the better. I have an eclectic mix of genres and an absurd sized music library from Classical and Opera, Folk, Jazz, Country to Dance, House, Techno and the many sub genre's. I also appreciate world music of all kinds. I have a soft spot for French, Icelandic, Norwegian and Arabic but I also have some Eastern European Folk music and Classical from Russia. I have even sourced some music originally recorded on Russian X-Rays, so called bone music.

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    What has most influenced you or impacted on your life?

    A good question. I have always been musically inclined and was in the school choir and such. But what influenced me the most is not the music itself but the drugs I took that opened up the gateway (in the brain) to appreciate music of all kinds on a higher level.

    Sadly I can't read music and don't play any musical instruments but I can kind of do things by ear on the keyboard / piano (MIDI) and I have had a go on a theremin.

    Who do you simply like listening to?

    I listen to whatever takes my fancy at the time depending on what mood I'm in.

    And now for your listening pleasure, turn up the volume, lay back and close your eyes and listen. If this does not bring a tear to your eye then you not feeling it.

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    If any good comes out of this pandemic it will be that more money is pumped into mental health services. Don't forget it wasn't that long ago that mental health wasn't even looked upon or treated as an illness. But it's so much more complicated than that because most of the work the Psychiatrists and Psychotherapists do is based on theory and lots of trial and error. Even something as simple as finding the right medication to treat someone with derepression can take years of experimenting with one drug over another or a combination of drugs and CBT or even lifestyle changes. They may even discover or diagnose as something more than clinical depression and it turns out to be ADHD, PTSD, Bipolar or even Schizophrenia or something.

    Finding a diagnosis can take years and many will go through life living with it and not even consider they have a problem. We also have a problem with labelling so many things, pigeon holing various ailments. Sometimes counselling is the easy way out for the doctor and it works for some but not everyone. They also prefer not to dish out drugs where they don't have to. We are still so far away from understanding the human brain and what makes it tick so mental health services is up there with alternative therapies. It's only recently that the NHS have accepted Acupuncture as a treatment. I'm sure there are some doctors out there that still don't accept mental health and it's a case of 'your just feeling a bit down, things will pick up again soon'. Brushed under the carpet.