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    I've already come up with a fair system. Get rid of the parties and everyone that is registered to vote has their name put in a hat and we play lucky dip that makes one party that stays in power for a set term. Then we go back to the hat. The royal family can have ultimate power to remove any psychos and then we draw another name out of the hat to replace that person or persons.

    The crazy thing is that even if we all gave up meat the animals would still be killed so the ingredients can go into making other things like clothes, soap, make-up, food additives, pet food etc. I don't believe that becoming a vegetarian or even vegan should be forced upon others. The problem goes a lot deeper than the meat we eat. We should be thankful that the meat and kill does not go to waste like sharks killed only for their fins and rest chucked back in the Sea for others to eat.

    The City of London was built with it's own laws in place to protect corporatism and enable money laundering. That is the sole purpose of the City of London to protect and hide the operations of corporatism. The City of London is a Corporation. But what is really interesting is the ties between the Bank of England and the Government i.e the chancellor of exchequer. This is how capitalism ties in with corporatism. It's a corrupt system where money can then get stashed into trusts and offshore accounts.…2/london-corporation-city

    I thought the NHS where abandoning the whole BMI nonsense. High carb diets are not good for weight loss. As someone that I class as semi-vegi, only ever eaten Chicken and the odd bacon butty for the long I can't remember. I have recently got into to eating liver and bacon. I listened to my body as it was crying out for Iron. I used to enjoy eating liver and bacon as a kid and I suddenly after all these years started craving it again.

    Interesting that you bring up the NHS because some of the few people that do have to make some of those awful decisions are doctors but they don't make those decisions lightly and it is always with the patients best interest at heart. The only exception of course is when they they are no longer allowed to act like a doctor and have pressure put on them from the department of health and trust managers.

    I don't understand what the issue is here with the flat

    The flat is a good distraction from other issues.

    As for the bodies comment. We have all said things in the heat of the moment but the fact that it passed through his mind I find concerning. It's an insight into his mentality. I bet Hitler had the same thoughts.

    I thought we were being guided by the data!

    There's one big problem with data. Data will only output according to what's input. If you don't like the result you input something else until you get the result you want. It's a bit like having multiple referendums LOL

    I can't disagree with any that but it wont happen unless we have another civil war and revolution. It's possible there could be major change if the Royal family collapsed but I doubt that would change anything for the better and would make us more like the US.

    mountain of waste these are generating

    This really pisses me off. Very few are considering the destruction of the environment for all these dumped disposable masks. In hospital theatres I can understand it but that is the only exception where extreme sterile environments are required. And to try a create one own sterile environment to protect themselves is more damaging than good. We need to take on germs to build up immunity. Germs can also be our friend if we learn to live with them.

    I understand that although some white people are racists, not all white people are

    The problem is this works both ways no matter what colour your skin is. There are genuine racists among the BLM who have a chip on their shoulder and grudge against the Whites. People should have the intelligence and control to remove any emotions when in battle. Deal with those feelings when you bring them to the surface and deal with them in private or with fellow people that are in the same boat like group therapy to teach and help you deal with emotions. One should be able to switch them on and off like switch. It's called self control.

    It has always been the case that herd immunity is the way to go and just accept the deaths. Darwin's way of dealing with a problem which makes things better in the long run. Those that survive will have a strong immune system to deal with any new strains or breeds of virus. Those people then breed and have kids and pass that naturally strong immune system on. That's how you build a stronger human race that moves along at the same pace as nature 'what's left of it' due to our destruction and greed. I can honestly say I have only ever put a face covering (snood) over my face a few times and that's only for the more strict places like supermarkets. Sometimes when I have forgotten I have just pull my t-shirt over my face. I don't even wear one for corner shops now and shop owners are not bothered. They are just happy for the business. I have never worn one outside and all those people wandering around with a mask on outside are complete paranoid and scared out of their wits loons from the propaganda and putting their life at risk by not building up a stronger immune system by taking onboard some germs like a child playing in the dirt. A strong immune system starts with genetics as a foundation and then as a child building on that by playing in dirt. It's the same propaganda that the scientists are up against now.

    The jury could have been paid off. ER have a fair sum of money and backers behind them. I wonder if it would have been the same result if they only had to face a magistrate. I doubt any of them would have got the max 2 year stretch but there would have been some hefty fines and court costs to pay depending on the mood of the magistrate on the day.

    But then the gov wanted to make an example out of them so it went to the crown. That's the risk they run as it's down to a jury then and the jury being made up of common people will often side with the people rather than law unless it's some heinous crime. People are not stupid they know prisons are overcrowded and sending someone down is going to cost them more in tax and not so much the person being sent down most of the time. They might as well have donated to ER instead if they where to give them a stretch as sending them down would have made the group stronger by giving them something to fight for.

    At worst the only thing they could have been found guilty of is criminal damage and trespass, that's a mr meaner for crown court and waste of their time. It's not like they are rapists and murders or armed robbers. It's shouldn't have even got that far except the gov thought they would try to make an example out of them and pull a political publicity stunt....and it backfired on them. All things considered I think the jury made the right decision. I don't understand this no defence thing. There is always a defence even if that is just a pretty face that has a sub conscious effect on a member of the jury. Cheeky chappies with a bit of charm can get away with loads of things more so than say your average Black gang member. Why do you think people wear suits to court. It effects the decision making by making you look more respectable.