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    Do they still do the the various dumbed down degrees in rather flakey subjects just so anyone can go to university I believe there was one i David Beckham studies or something like that, :/:rolleyes:

    How abut pizza making :D…ee-in-pizza-a3131631.html

    The thing is Uni is more about business and partytime, social interaction and the rest of it. Anything apart from the subject advertised. You can even buy yourself a degree online and if one is lucky enough to get a job they are going to want to change what you learnt to how they do they things. The best eductation is the school of hard knocks. Apprenticeships are of more value in the real world.

    I don't think culture even comes into the education side of things unless your doing a degree course on the travel and tourism industry. Culture has nothing to do with education and is a completely separate issue. If someone wants to experience the culture of another country they can take year off or go on holiday.

    One thing the Queen is not and that is senile .

    She knows exactly what he’s done and probaby couldn’t care less if he wishes her happy birthday or not .

    She is a very smart and mentally strong woman. I do believe she is capable of separating work from family life. Family members especially grandparents can be terribly forgiving. But at the end of the day we don't now what goes on behind closed doors.

    Which begs the question of why we follow and copy everything they do minus the right to bare arms. The world would be a better place if every country in the world shunned the the USA including all their tech, media and other trade. We would better if we all grouped together including China and Russia.

    No mention of three 3 mil spent for this new Whitehouse style briefings that have been u turned then. Where's all that money gone.

    And now the muppet thinks he can make money out of global warming by raising prices on air travel and other stuff. Tackle global warming :rolleyes: I bet he and the US end up blaming China. Maybe the US should deal with their own coal supplies from West Virginia feeding the big tech data centres first. We are all guilty of using that but most users don't consider what powers the the Internet and the big tech only advertise loads of solar panels which cover a very small percentage of the power required. They are basically only there for show.

    Starmer is raising questions again on the news this morning. Boris has shares in a company that got one of the PPE contracts or something. It's non stop and more and more things keep getting put on that corruption evidence pile.

    Oh I'm well aware of that. Sabotage is the right term for it too. But Ron is right the NHS is major political score card to win elections by making promises. This is not limited to Tories, they are all at it. It has gone so far now that I'm not even sure that any party can pull it back. I'm not even sure any of them have will either. The NHS needs completely restructuring from the top down. The first thing that needs doing is to remove the targets as these are not helping matters and making it worse. Every manager should have worked on the shop floor as a medic or nurse etc at some stage and worked their way up the ladder. No pulling folk out of business school. They need to understand the operations from a medical operations perspective not a book.

    It always makes me wonder how all this what seems insider knowledge come to light and appears in the media about who said what to who, is there some blabber mouth within the royal staff ear wagging conversations between the royals and then running to the media, I mean are they allowed to do that, seems highly unlikely they are. 🤔

    Don't forget they have their own press release. It is always possible for leaks which could come from numerous places. How many people knew about Harry's flight. Security services, Police, British Airways to name a few. It could have even been leaked from the other side of the pond. Meghan may have posted something on social media or to friends on Facebook about hubby coming home. Facebook is insecure and there all the Facebook staff that can read posts and hackers and intelligence services. She may have even told the house cleaner or gardener or someone in passing conversation.

    The NHS has been slowly getting sold off and privatised for the last 20 years if not more if you take hospital food production and other ancillary services into account. I have had three operations across three different major London Hospitals in that time. One I spent three weeks on a orthopaedic ward including spending Christmas day there. Another I spent two weeks on an orthopaedic ward and the other was day surgery. You can also include the numerous visits to outpatient appointments and Hydrotherapy / Physio etc. I have have witnessed for myself the changes over the years.

    I have finally lost any trust in the NHS after my last day surgery and now it's all about cutting costs and cutting corners and getting patients through the lists as fast as they possibly can, even if that means cutting down on a preferred treatment from a medical perspective because it's cheaper. It's very much a lottery number now on how one gets treated. Different departments will also throw patents around from department to department because each department is competing against each for resources and meeting set targets and trying to cut down on patient lists. They may even pass you over to another appointment in another department just to bide them some time and get those list numbers down for that month. It could be something as simple as sending you for an X-Ray or sending you back to see your surgeon in outpatients so it could mean waiting for a letter and sometimes months before you get your appointment to see them before being sent back to the other department. Sometimes they have to contact your GP first and get them to send the letter so it takes even longer. It's a crazy messed up system in many of these trusts and much of the blame can be put on management who of course are all on a nice hefty wage and have ties with the Department of Health.

    I feel really sorry for the Doctors and Nurses and all those that work on the shop floor so to speak and I have nothing but respect for them but their hands are tied. They have even become well trained....mmm trained is not the right word. They have become conditioned to misleading patients so can no longer be trusted.

    There's also the other side with GP practises that are selling out our health records to US companies.

    We can't blame the current government for it but Boris is most definitely doing his bit to help it on the same merry path. Any decent PM would try to reverse what is happening. But worse still is that he lies about it and covers it up. We have a liar and narcissist for a PM right now and to be fair most MP's are it goes with territory. The only difference it the level of lies, narcissism and cover up's.

    It's the Queens Birthday today but Harry flew back to the States Yesterday. Either something has gone down in conversation there between him and his dad and / or brother or he's just a selfish little prick. The Queen is 95 years old today and has only just lost her husband of over 70 years. Surly one more day in the UK to spend some time with his elderly grandmother wouldn't be much to ask. It could be the last time she gets to see him, and in all seriousness the situation must be deeply upsetting for her as elderly old woman so if he could just put on a brave face and make it look like all is OK between him and his dad / brother then it could prolong her life. One less worry.

    The last thing anybody wants to see is the clubs being punished as a result of this

    It's not a case of punishment but a case of how business works. At the end of the day it's a business not a sport and those investors are going to want to see a return one way or another. They could easily use COVID as the excuse for ticket prices and make the fans feel like they are doing it for the benefit and survival of the club. The majority of the fans would go along with that as they are loyal fans to support the business and prop it up. As long as the business remains on home turf so they can go and meet up with their mates, watch the match and get pissed up.

    I don't think there's any doubt that the officer ended up killing Floyd and the court agreed. That he was not charged with murder one meant it was not intentional AFAIK.

    It probably also means he wont face death row.

    I don’t rate his chances in a US jail. Which is another thing the Americans need to clean up. Absolute anarchy in those places where you never know if you will live to see another day.

    Yep they make our prisons look like first class hotels but then if you compare a US prison to San Pedro then US prisons are like first class hotels by comparison or even some of the Thai prisons. Go the other way and then Swedish prisons are like first class hotels compared to ours.