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    Electric vehicles is a con to make us spend more money. The oil industry is moving towards dredging the oceans for the resources to make batteries and what is going to power all the charging sockets. What would be good is if we could extract the methane from Siberia and use that as an energy source. The power of farts. Any old fart will do. LOL

    The Pope makes a good point but where his suggestion of removing materialism and leading a more simplistic life falls down is where capitalism is still in place. By simplistic life I think he is suggesting a more religious way of life, simplistic like a monastic lifestyle which TBH would not be a bad thing if we could remove the god and worshipping stuff out of it. Become more self sufficient and only produce what is required to live. What else do we need. Hey...some monasteries even produce their own Ale. It can't be all bad.

    What it all boils down to is a case of one rule for us and one rule for them kind of thing. We rarely get see the police held accountable over here and if they are it is often lenient compared to an equal charge if it was brought upon a citizen. It's how they retain their power over others but it's wrong that it should be that way and legal systems whether here or in the US should treat law enforcement equally even when they break the law themselves to put a stop to a criminal. They can't be left to roam free without any enforcement upon them as this then breeds corruption and cover up's. In this case the legally system is corrupt. It all a show to make it look like the legal system has done it's job. What will happen now who knows. But I have no doubt it will breed even more outrage from the BLM movement and lead to even more arrests. This then feeds even more power into BLMs hands as they cry out for justice and things carry on as they have done. Police enforcement with impunity.

    I'm not black and I would join them because justice needs to be served and if he walks justice has not been served. He is guilty. We have already heard what the doctors have had to say. End of. I suspect if he walks he will get a bullet in the head so one way or another justice will be served. I would prefer him to go to a predominately Black prison though. Maybe some prisoners could lean on his neck until he starts coughing and spluttering away then suffocates and finally spasms from the reflex like hanging without the neck break.

    As said earlier, the main culprits for failing to re-invest the money from the sale of council houses was the councils themselves

    And they are still doing it today when they want to turn rubbish removal into a business and charge extra on top of council tax either in fees or fines. I bet that money wont get reinvested back to the services.

    Unless it's human :whistling: One of the best things about lockdown is the increase in nature. Even in the cities there are more birds and urban fox's. I've been really enjoying the story's and pictures of sheep in Wales and that's before we got to the four legged ones. LOL

    I'm still trying to wok out how it flies with no atmosphere. It can't create it's own air so how is it getting lift. That's how planes and helicopters fly, even small drones and birds. Without any atmosphere to hold it up under the power of propulsion it would just fall to the ground.


    So would dividing up the wealth in countries like the US and UK with the rest of the world and I bet the combined wealth of all the western countries adds up to way more. I agree the church do have too much wealth and secrets stashed away but we need to put things in context. At the end of the day the worlds biggest problem is money and greed. You cant roll money into flour and make bread.Think about that for a moment

    I can't wait until the next Wall Street crash and worlds financial crisis. It will far worse than anything COVID has created. It will be shit that many will lose stuff including lives and life will get tougher to begin with but 'what goes down must come up' great sacrifices need to be made. I'm willing to make sacrifices myself if needs be, back to basics if society allowed that way of life to save all those up and coming, the children. Sometimes we need to reach rock bottom before we can repair ourselves and some people need to be forced into that position so they can awaken and realise what is important in life. Prisoners can have a great life once they learn to live with basics. It could be compared to a Monastic way of life which tries to instil the same ways or as we love the military so much. how about a military life that tries to instil order and live with the bare necessities. The key word there is 'order' because the world is in disorder. All we have to do is realise that goods and appliances mean nothing. Some of us choose the military or prison as a way of life because it offers far more than what general life has in many ways.

    Another option is a world war as that can be just as cleansing, destructiveness with a means to an end to rebuild better and there is a good chance we are heading that way if nature does not get us first. Right now we have the ingredients brewing in the world that Hitler had accept that power and control is the rise of google and other tech giants. Then there are the splinter groups and wars in places and that will grow as governments try to regain control that more often than not punish the people instead of the tech giants. The US are on the verge of a another civil war. We can see it all panning out around us now. Russia back on the rise, our interference in the middle east and divide with the EU. The rise of groups like Woke and BLM to cause a smokescreen and division amongst the people. Geez we even have human genocide if you want to consider China and Muslims over there or Boris / HCock and the old peoples homes. We could even consider COVID as a form of genocide but there's not enough proof of that right now. But for any rise in power it requires to be built on top of a disaster to get away with it like the fire in Germany that helped bring Hitler to the rise.

    We could solve all the worlds problems tomorrow if the powers at be allowed it but they wont allow it as they will no longer sit on their throne in control and ordering everyone else around and prefer to see others suffer and have wars fighting over resources and everything else that helps them retain that power. It's that simple.


    There only two places left in the UK now where the Reds roam and are protected. There's the one small area on the Scottish borders and IIRC the other place is on one of the Islands. It;s not the SBS island off Poole but it's somewhere like that. I shall have to do a Google. They Greys are considered vermin.

    but went along with it because she thought she could change the system to suit herself from the inside.

    You've got to be kidding me. She was no Meghan. She was a young innocent virgin that had been wrapped in cotton wool by the Spencer family until she met Charles. A thoroughbred British lady but your right about Charles most probably felt a need to find someone that met the criteria so to speak. She had all the right credentials 'and some' an English rose. How can I explain it in a way you could understand! She cared about the people, I think she felt more comfortable living a life of a regular person, a mum with kids, the family life. But she never strayed away from the press and complain about it but was shy at first, she still realised she had a royal duty.

    She came out of her shell more when she got involved with land mines, AIDS patients and many other things. Anything to escape her husband really at that point I think. I suspect she felt trapped and I would not be surprised if Charles tried to groom her into something that did not come naturally to her. Possibly some similar creepy stuff to Andrew. She had a heart of gold and a caring side much like Stacey Dooley. That's why she was the peoples princess. Not many people back then would even go near an AIDS patient, let alone touch them with bare hands because of all the stigma and media spew. Yes the media where just as bad back then, and she done amazing work to reduce the use of land mines across the world. She was trapped and she had the kids to consider.

    Do an Internet search for the flowers laid outside Buckingham Palace for Diana. They speak for themselves and piled up 5ft deep.

    I was shocked to my bones, and my very first thought was - ‘my God, they’ve killed her!’

    Me too and I also had similar thoughts about things getting a bit risky for her around that time. She had the people on side and was more popular than some of the higher ranking royals. She was treated like a queen by the people. This is why I thought it was getting risky. I don't think Charles had anything to do with her death but I wouldn't be surprised if the Duke had a quiet word with someone. She was becoming too popular and taking the limelight away from others including the queen.

    My cousin went there years ago and stayed. He never came back and has made life for himself out there teaching English in a school. I think you would be surprised how many people are happy to visit a communist country, China, Russia. FFS my sister went to Moscow on a school trip and that was years ago. And what about places like Cambodia. I think many people when they go on holiday they want something different. I would love to go to St Petersburg as they have amazing architecture and good classical music and opera. Many parts of Russia have history like the UK. I would even go to North Korea given the chance. They have a beautiful countryside and even holiday resorts for the Koreans. Of course if I was travelling that far I would like to make the most of it and go and visit South Korea too. Now that is one seriously advanced country that makes us look prehistoric by comparison when it comes to tech but it not all good. They have a massive problem with hidden cameras taking pervy pics and putting on social media over there. You even get them in public toilets and hotel rooms.

    If it's televised it's entertainment. This is no ordinary funeral and all the kings horses and all the kings men is a show, it's a show of Britishness like Boris and his flags or China and their missiles on trucks parading down the street. I have to admit I enjoy a good funeral especially the piss up afterwards LOL It's no different from putting on a show for the Queens birthday. We could call it a show of strength and showing other countries. It's also used as a recruitment campaign to get folk into the armed forces. It looks cool with them all smart in their No 1's and working together. Throw a few guns into the mix and there's a chance of young children thinking they want to be one when older. Like buying a toy soldier to play with.

    Fantastic post Jenny and eloquently put.

    You don't "Own" anything any more. You simply purchase the right to use it

    And this is getting worse as software begins to move into the cloud and subscription based. Even with computers like Apple for example we own the hardware but we do not own the operating system which is provided free of charge. This is how they keep control to be able to manipulate. It's the same with an Internet connection you pay for the line but you don't own the line. Even many ISP's don't own the line and they have to piggy back off BT or Virgin. ISP's will provide a free router so you don't own that and they can provide a backdoor in it for them and Authorities to spy on you. Never use an ISP provided router and buy your own and install open source software on it. Business has mugged the human race of humanity which we are slaves too.

    Well I watched it but mainly because I like the show and the music. I have to admit us Brits do know how to put on a good ceremonial event, You can't beat an event like this to bring the people together and feel proud to be British. That is one thing we do get right and something else we are best in the world at. I would like to see another country armed forces time things so accurately and in step with each other. The spin to turn and face the side of the coffin was quite astonishing but I bet they have been practising all week.

    I wonder how many Migrants and others who are new to this country actually bothered to watch it and take onboard some British tradition. I loved the lone Scotts Piper in the church with his timed steps so the pipes faded into the distance as he walked off. I also liked seeing the end Royal Marine bugler turn his head to side to get the note to reverberate around the room while playing the Last Post. My uncle was a Royal Marine bandsman. And of course the Royal Navy pipers was a nice touch on the steps 'officer on deck' I have a Bosuns Pipe and can play that and the 'still'. The cannon fire was awesome with the church bell. Reminded me of Tchaikovsky 1812 Overture Cincinnati Pops. was a jolly good show. The Queen is looking very old and frail though. When she got out the car and walked into the church she was like the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

    I think there is a lot of resentment over the Diana thing and then running off with another woman. There's that whole issue of him having his bit on the side while with Diana too which could have aided in her illness and death. Don't forget she was the peoples princess and very much loved as is William and Harry not so much Harry now but he was. Plus Charles is an old fart. Surly we have had enough of old farts running the country. We need some fresh blood with fresh new idea's. Allow the younger generation to move things in a direction they are happy with as it's them that have to live it.

    What a breath of fresh air the Finnish PM is. We shouldn't have old farts in all positions of power throughout the world and things need to be more balanced. A younger King or Queen would be a nice balance against the old codgers in Parliament. Yeh it's Charles right as air to the throne but he can 'if he wished to do so' abdicate and retire to the sidelines with an advisory position. I guess it comes down to how much he cares for his son, the state of the Royal family's reputation and also the people.

    Well it seems the 'so called' conspiratists where not far of the beaten track.

    Pentagon scientists reveal a microchip that senses COVID-19 in your body BEFORE you show symptoms and a filter that extracts the virus from blood…VID-19-body-symptoms.html

    A DARPA-Funded Implantable Biochip to Detect COVID-19 Could Hit Markets by 2021

    Hidden viruses in the human genome  

    Prince Henry

    LOL Yeh even if Charles is not his dad, Phillip is still his Grandad, maybe not genetically but by association. It is weird though that he's ginger but I'm sure there is something in genetics that can randomly produce an oddball ginger in families and he is certainly an oddball.

    So who's going to bore themselves to death watching all this on the box tomorrow. I think they should have hired in those dancing Black guys from the covid funeral on tick toc to carry his coffin. That would be highly entertaining seeing as it's a TV show. Where they in a commonwealth country too, which kind of seems appropriate. Phillip would see the funny side of that and laugh from his coffin. LOL

    On a more serious note I wonder if we will see a tear from the Queen We've only ever seen that once and that was when they got rid of the Royal Yacht Britannia. I have to admit it would be nice to see her show some emotion but then again funerals should be a celebration of life and safe journey rather than doom and gloom.

    There are superb foreign language channels out there. I recently watched Arctic Circle with English subtitles as it's all in Finnish. It's a good series worth watching. Much better than the usual American rubbish.

    Arctic Circle (aka Ivalo) is set in the unforgiving polar region, amidst the icy landscapes of Finnish Lapland. After Nina Kautsalo, a Finnish police officer, finds a dying prostitute in an old cabin in the wilderness, the ensuing criminal investigation takes a surprise twist when a deadly virus is discovered in the prostitute's blood. However, when Thomas Lorenz, a German virologist, travels to Lapland to investigate the virus, he and Nina suddenly find themselves in the middle of an exceedingly unusual criminal investigation.