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    It happy slappy clappy night for the UK. I'm going to clap for all the supermarket staff working in dangerous conditions for shit pay so we can still get some food. Actually I'm not going to clap for anyone as it would be discrimination. What a load of b***ox....stupid clown world. What's all this nonsense distracting us from. On the posotive side I have come up with a cure for the virus. Get a bakers in London to start a fire. :D

    The Prince Charles thing unfortunately is more internet fake news. There has also been story's going around that the Queen is dead.

    I have been calling for this for weeks when it would have prevented most of this

    With regard to masks and equipment, it is four months since the epidemic started in China - an epidemic certain to spread. The government could have started planning then

    The border should have been closed and all flights banned as soon as it went epidemic in China. nobody allowed in or out, any Brits stuck out then tough , stay where they are.

    I am bound to say even I could have done better than this shower

    Micky Mouse could have done better but this government have done no better than any other government around the world. Imagine if we had Trump.

    The French highjacked 130,000 masks that were being imported to the UK. They redirected them to their own health services because they were running out but they were our masks being delivered from the supplier. The Germans highjacked a load of medical supplies on their way the Switzerland. The orders were placed but the goods were pilfered en route.

    130,000 masks is a drop in the ocean consider everyone should be getting a new mask after every 24h or every couple of days. The filters can only last for so long with breathing in and out of them so they need throwing and changing on a regular basis as they do when working in building sites. But this does go to show how we should not being having to rely on imports and should be producing our own products and become a self sustainable society.

    The mask thing is a worldwide problem which is odd. The wanks are even looking to profit from it.…-walmart-ebay/4933920002/…uring-coronavirus-crisis/

    It not only supplies to the general public but to health services also. I can't find the link right now but I did read something where the cost was raised from 51c per a mask to something like $4 per mask. Capitalism at it's best.

    Te builders think is rubbish and I self employed blah blah blah. The building trades take huge breaks in-between jobs and different sites waiting for the next job. This is what I done when painting and decorating.


    NHS nurse ordered to pay £150,000 in fines to private firm for parking at hospital where she works…ices-150000-a7845126.html

    Parking wardens targeting ambulances parked outside London cancer hospital…-cancer-hospital-7930813/

    Parking cowboys hit cancer victims: Now scandal of 'disgraceful' fines spreads to NHS hospitals…wboy-parking-wardens.html

    These anti body tests they are spending money on and promising to test people with is bullshit. The only proper tests can be done via blood test in hospital and they are not even testing all the NHS staff on a regular basis, only those that show sign of the virus. I think they might be using this as an excuse to collect everyone's DNA. TBH they would be better off spending the money on masks and PPE. FFS there are medical staff having to wear clinical waste bags on their head and on channel 4 news earlier there was a nurse almost in tears and whisleblowing about how she has been asked to share masks at work. Her husband has given her his mask as he works in pesticides.…lastic-aprons-gloves.html

    It's down to mayor arsehole and there are not only key workers on the tube but many builders witnessed getting on there. Even if it was only key worker's, how many actually catch the tube. Lots of NHS staff cycle, supermarkets usually only employ locals so walking distance to work. I see parking wardens are still out and about. Sports Direct tried to stay open but got asked to close down. There are just as many irresponsible employers as there are employees who are trying to hold onto their jobs. I don't even have sympathy for the self employed builders. They earn £120 plus a day so can afford some time off whereas a pub worker earns min wage. I think it's more pressure from the employers more than anything else.

    The Union Jack is the new Nazi. I wouldn't call it racism I would call it political propaganda meme lets cause a stir and get everyone fighting and turn the internet into the pile of shit it is.

    Well when you mum looks like a Barbie doll from the next generation millennials what do you expect. Just wait until she grows up to be the third generation millennial and see what that breeds.

    Garages should all be closed as well has Halfords and all those kind of places

    If your car breaks down then tough luck, get out and catch a horse unless it has broken down where it will obstruct emergency services getting through or it's in some precarious dangerous situation in which case the Police will organise to tow it away into storage in the pound then charge you a hefty storage fee for storing it for three weeks or whenever we are allowed out so you can collect it or organise a garage to collect it when they are next allowed to open.

    Plumber I guess for emergency especially for things like gas, heating and essential services would be allowed.

    If you think that is a lockdown then your don't understand what a lockdown means and entails. He asked us politely to stay at home and limit our going out to the bare essentials. If people don't comply then we will see full lockdown in which case expect many police and army on the streets strictly enforcing this. Think Belfast and you will have an idea what lockdown looks like.

    but for those of us who have been in a sort of lock-down for years, 10+ for me, this is no big deal.

    :big grin Me too join the club. I pretty much live in a prison cell and don't go out often anyway. I hate London, the crowds of people, chaos and all of it so don't bother going out any more anyway. I'm pretty anti social and bit of a recluse, borderline agoraphobic.