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    A world beating system...?

    Yep. Beating the world in the number of deaths.

    The apologists for Boris Johnson's maladministration of the British response to the pandemic try all sorts of things to prevent the truth coming out, but they fail. The country is no longer taken in. Britain has suffered disproportionately compared to other countries. The apologists can talk about populations and densities but at the end of the day, a number is a number is a number. And Britain's is higher than almost everybody elses.

    The bald number, on its own, doesn't lie. It is what it is. It's a mark of the government's failure.

    Johnson can splutter and burble and dribble down his fat chin as much as he likes. He has been badly damaged by the Cummings Scandal and the scales have fallen from many people's eyes.

    But we are now coming out of the other side of the pandemic. As long as a second spike is avoided we can all breathe a sigh of relief and hope the residual effect as the crisis passes is as low as possible. The last thing I - or any other sane person - would want is another wave of deaths. If one happens for whatever reason, the government will be held to account for that. They are the ones making the decision to phase out the lockdown. There will be no place for them to run or hide if they get it wrong.

    The financial cost of the pandemic will have to be dealt with. How that pans out is yet to be seen. No doubt it will be the poorest who suffer. They always do. At least the NHS has been saved from being broken up and sold off........ for now. Even Johnson wouldn't dare to hand it over to the Americans after all that happened during the pandemic. The sale will still be on the agenda for the future, but for now, it's safe. That's something to be thankful for.

    And how many extra lives will be lost if the economy is totally trashed?

    People die every day in their millions.

    Yes they do. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't do all we can to keep the effects of COVID-19 to an absolute minimum.

    Achieving that costs money. The day the economy becomes more important than saving lives is the day we completely lose our humanity.

    I would rather a trashed economy than a runaway death rate.

    If anything is going to trash the economy, it will be Brexit. But of course, that's alright. Blue passports and all that, eh..?

    I think it's time we had a thread that we can all relate to on a non-partisan basis. One that will be of great importance to all good Britons, male and female. I think this is a subject that deserves discussion.

    When it comes to the full English breakfast.... this breakfast of kings..... the contents are pretty consistent.

    Bacon (indispensable), sausage, egg (fried, poached or scrambled), beans, mushrooms, tomatoes (grilled or fried) possibly black pudding and maybe a hash brown or two

    However, I have read that a woman on Twitter has produced a picture of her full English, which includes garden peas..!! =O

    Some respondents have commented that peas have no place in a full English breakfast. I know that I would never add peas.

    Some were more forgiving and said we should give peas a chance (pun intended). ^^

    The only rogue (rogue??) item I would add to the above list is fried bread, although I personally don't have it. I can feel my arteries clogging at the mere thought of it, but I accept that for some people it is a necessary addition.

    Who is with me on this matter..? And do any of you indulge in 'rogue items' in your full English...?

    Also, in this important, great debate we should also decide which beverage should be used to wash this early morning feast. Tea or coffee...?

    I am aware of the gravity of this thread and and it's importance to our national culture. I believe that due deference should be afforded to this prince of British traditions.

    Your thoughts please, ladies and gentlemen. :)

    I'd much rather the extreme right on here backed up their arguments with something tangible. A supporting document from a reliable source....... a well written, probitive analysis..... examples of fact..... something. Anything.

    But they don't. It's just "You're talking rubbish" and "We won the referendum / election, so ner, ner, ner." It's the relentless rote response of "I'm right and you're wrong, so there." Any chimp can do that.

    There is nothing of any substance from these people.

    I know that some of the mocking and taunting I indulge in isn't big or clever. I know I shouldn't do it. They're dragging me down to their level. But it does show that when I descend to their level, I'm better at mockery and taunting than they are. They can't even make a case when they play to their strengths.

    Dominic Cummings was wrong to do what he did on every level and no coherent case to the contrary has appeared on these pages. Just parroting the Johnson line, which has been torn apart even by members of his own party and the usually slavish right wing press.

    I would so love to be challenged by a contrary argument with some substance. I'm constantly being disappointed.

    Apparently the Mail is today reporting that Cummings will step down in six months

    Remember Gove's wife Sarah Vine is part of the Mail heirarchy

    Sarah Vine's husband..? That would be the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, right..? I wonder if she has an official title too, off the back of that, despite her comments in various articles during the Brexit campaign along the lines of "We've had enough of elites." A sentiment echoed by the of the Duchy of Lancaster. Elites eh..? What are they like..?

    But she does love to criticise people out of hand. Her article condemning Jack Monroe for having a child, as "Contributing to her own poverty" was condemned by Monroe as "Homophobic, transphobic, deadnaming, ignorant and generally a lot of ghastly lies." That sounds about right.

    But onto Dominic Cummings calling it a day.....

    Roll on November, I say. I guess six months must be about how long Nosferatu now figures he can continue to jump the shark and it will also mean he is well clear of the shitstorm of no-deal Brexit if / when happens. It won't be his problem by then. Boris will be on his own with only the staggering intellects of Priti Patel, Dominic Raab and Matt Hancock to fall back on. This would be funny if it wasn't so tragic.

    Of course, what I've just written is bound to disagree with AS's opinion and therefore my comments are entirely worthless. But being the irritating, tree hugging, remoaner, politically correct, lentil eating, lesbo leftie that I am..... I just can't help myself.

    Separated at birth....?



    One of these is a remorseless, bloodsucking entity of the night, causing death and misery wherever it goes. It is the undead.... the dark force from hell, spreading pain and horror throughout the land.

    The other one is is a character from a Werner Herzog movie.

    Collins is a rabid remainer is lucky to still be an active MP and openly hates Cummings. His opinion is bias and worthless.

    His opinion is as valid as anybody else's. It just doesn't agree with yours and so according to you it's worthless.

    But I bet you expect everybody else to respect your opinion.

    Dominic Cummings has clearly made a lot of enemies but doesn't seem to care. Rather, he seems to enjoy it.

    But you can only ride your luck for so long. He's got away with this one, and the price of that will fall heavily on Boris Johnson's shoulders in the long term.

    If you think the public will forget all about it in a couple of weeks time, remember.... John Major carried the albatross of Black Wednesday around his shoulders for three years before his time came.

    I wouldn't be at all surprised if the knives have been sheathed...... he's ridden this storm out. But they haven't been locked away. And being the man he is, it won't be long before he'll want to push his luck again. He enjoys the buzz. Sooner or later, he'll get his come uppance. And the knives will be rammed in deep.

    Et tu, Collins.

    The Green Party has fine objectives but has no chance of ever gaining power. I think everybody agrees with what they say but do not want to waste a vote

    You're right... the Green Party will never be in government, but with more seats in a minority government that relies on them for support, our agenda can be pursued. Do you want our vote Mr Prime Minister...? Quid Pro Quo. Give something to get something.

    The Tories could never have kept their government going from 2017 to 2019 without the DUP.

    I've never noticed this thread before. I wish I had.

    With my Green Party hat on I'm only too aware of the world's conservation issues. The problem with populist conservation is that headline issues such as endangered species.... poaching for ivory and related issues are big news because of the risk to the big and 'popular' animals. Tigers... elephants... indeed, anything with ivory. These are important issues but the bigger picture brings many other issues to the fore which in their way are equally - and in some cases, more - important.

    The Green Party in UK has the most comprehensive conservation and environmental policy of all political parties. It is also the only one that is prepared to do more than pay lip service to the issues. We are prepared to back it up with manifesto commitments that actually mean something.

    Firstly the creation of an Environmental Protection Act that protects biodiversity and ensures animal rights by promoting sustainable farming.

    We want to protect the seas around Britain's coasts, including reducing plastic waste and new fisheries legislation that will prevent over-fishing (including writing this into any agreement with the EU) and ensuring that fish stocks recover. The "Blue New Deal" will protect and re-generate coastal communities.

    We will implement the plan to work with foreign governments to prevent the wholesale elimination of other species.

    We will introduce legislation to phase out factory farming and reduce the fear, pain and suffering of farm animals. Slaughtering practices will be changed to ensure that it is carried out humanely. The limiting of live transport of animals will ensure that animals only come from countries that have proven animal welfare standards. CCTV will be mandatory in abbatoirs and footage obtained will be subject to scrutiny by government inspectors. Harsh penalties will be handed down to offenders.

    Experimentation and research that harms animals will be banned.

    Puppy farming will be banned and a national register of those convicted of animal abuse created. The killing or harming of animals for 'sport' will be subjected to severe prison sentences. That includes fox hunting of any description.

    The use of animals in circuses will be banned and zoos will be reformed to ensure that they are only formed for a) the benefit of the animals in them and b) for educational purposes. The use of whips in horse racing will be banned.

    This is just our domestic policy on animal welfare. Of course, the party will be a prominent force for global collaboration to protect all animal species in all parts of the world.

    The environment is a whole different chapter. I'll deal with that another time.

    Meanwhile.......... at last: Britain is top at something...!!! Yaaaayyyyyyyyyy...!! Oh, hold on..... errrr.... Actually, it's something we'd rather not be top of.

    UK now has the highest death rate among countries producing comparable data, or is at least the only country in the top two.


    All this was predicted more than two months ago when Boris Johnson was dithering and yet, he continued to dither.

    I'm sure this will all come out in the inquiry.

    Just been reading an interesting blog written by Dominic Cummings in which he advocates secret agents breaking into foreign bio-labs to steal viruses to test their security. The pandemic could be some massive secret service cock up by the West.

    Wouldn't that be a tad, like, 'criminal'..? You know, going into a place we have no right to go and stealing the property of another country. And why would we do that anyway..? To test their security..? Oh, puh-lease.

    By the way, welcome to the forum. Nice screenie.

    No, I don't think we should indulge in such activity. Let's just leave that to the world of James Bond.

    It's also a bit dumb of a leading figure (and one who is exempt from the rules that apply to everybody else) to go putting a blog out into the public domain that suggests somebody somewhere in the government is thinking such a thing..?

    Nah. Dumb idea. Forget it.

    But there's the thing. Still in the lead!

    The majority of people still see through this hate campaign.

    I'd hardly call Coronavirus a hate campaign. But you see it through rheumy old eyes. No matter.

    The thing is, I said some weeks ago that the Tories were on a high Their popularity had never been higher. That they'd peaked. And when you reach the peak, the only way you can go from there is down. And so it is proving.

    Johnson's popularity rating fell by 20 points in 4 days, from +19 to -1, That sounds bad, and it is bad. There's no sugar coating that unless you happen to be OB and AS and as far as they're concerned, Boris Johnson could get get caught red handed with a computer full of kiddy porn and they'd still support him.

    But is -1 such a bad thing, bearing in mind that 0 means half the country likes you and half the country doesn't. 0 is the 'neither good nor bad' situation. In this situation, -1 means that only marginally more people dislike Boris Johnson than like him. To give that some sort of balance, after the 2017 election Theresa May's popularity stood at -37. Before the last general election, Jeremy Corbyn's rating stood at -50 so let's not get too excited about BJ standing at -1. In itself, it's not the end of the world for him.

    But it's a start.

    In less than six months, from gaining an 80 seat majority in the Commons to being -1 IS quite a fall. He should, by rights, be way up higher than that. He should be way above the +20 that he was enjoying this time last week. His popularity rating has been slipping before the Cummings scandal, little by little with every balls-up that has been revealed by Coronavirus. A point here, a couple of points there.... It all adds up.

    Of course, Coronavirus won't last forever and he would expect to bounce back. I'm quite sure there will be an upward rebound. Say, 10 points. Possibly a little more But he's going to have to pull some rabbits out of the hat to get back to that +20 again. The Dominic Cummings scandal has cost him dearly in terms of public trust and although Boris will still be popular on the golf courses of England, lots of people who aren't among the cushy well off and don't play golf are the ones who have had the scales fall from their eyes. And a lot of people don't play golf.

    Trust can take a very long time to build, but it can take only a minute to lose. And when it's thrown away in the manner that Johnson has betrayed the British people, that trust never comes back.

    Other mines lurk beneath the surface of the water for Boris Johnson. And a slowly but surely rehabilitating Labour Party are getting organised. Yvette Cooper savaged Boris Johnson during his televised briefing yesterday tea time. On other discussion sites I frequent, where the political split is more evenly divided and opinion is more balanced and varied, even the Tories on those sites are saying how badly Johnson performed, and how impressive, for example, Yvette Cooper was.

    "Why are you covering for Dominic Cummings, Prime Minister? Why are you defending this man instead of putting the interests of the country first?" All he could do was stammer. "Who is more important to you, Prime Minister? The British people or Dominic Cummings?" He couldn't answer that question either. He was so rattled he couldn't even put two coherent words together. She was brilliant. He was reduced to blubber-lipped "errm-ing and ahhhh-ing" and not two consecutive words coming out of his mouth that got anywhere near a cohesive reply.

    I'm not bothered what Tory supporters say. They'd forgive Boris Johnson for anything. But he's only in office now because a lot of previously Labour supporters switched their votes.

    Last December, Johnson managed to persuade them that he was a "Different kind of Tory". Well, now they're seeing that he isn't. He's no different to all those who have gone before. Indeed, many now think he's worse.

    It's worth keeping an eye on this "popularity" thingy. It'll be interesting to see how long it takes him to get back to +19.... if ever.... And even then, he'll need to get higher...... a lot higher....... before December 2024.

    Let's see how it goes. I may just start including the figures in the clippets on my weekly blog.

    It's nothing to do with right v left, remain v leave

    This is an unelected unaccountable man who is basically running this country. Johnson is a one trick policy, Brexit, and cannot make a cup of coffee without asking this guy. He demanded that Downing St aides, ie him, advise the Chancellor so Javid resigned

    He used to complain about the "elite" running Westminster, oh the irony

    Your fate is in his hands


    When the Daily Mail turns on the Tories, then they are in trouble.


    Of course, we all know how he'll survive. He'll do it with sheer arrogance, complete dismissal of all responsibility for anything and the sure and certain knowledge that he has enough dirt on Johnson to make sure the coward who laughably calls himself a Prime Minister doesn't dare sack him.

    The Conservative Party is in trouble over this but Cummings won't give a damn. "It's all about me, me, me, me, me."


    Hi everybody. I'm a little late this week and I know you've missed me (yer right.... lol), but here we are again. Let's go......

    Firstly, and before anything else, let's deal with the elephant in the room.


    The Dominic Cummings scandal has hit hard on a government that has been under fire all week for various aspects of its mismanagement of COVID-19. And when the news broke that, not only did Dominic Cummings travel to Durham during the lockdown, but also that the government attempted to cover it up, has put the Prime Minister is in serious, serious trouble.

    Johnson’s response has caused the Cummings incident to touch very sensitive spots with the public, that is suffering, misery and death. It is obvious that Cummings by-passed the government’s own requests and the law so why should anybody else not do the same? Johnson may have a majority in the house but it is in the streets that real power rests.

    Cumming’s weasel words to the press yesterday put on display a man who is utterly pitiless. Totally without shame, remorse or empathy. A man so callous and brutal he couldn’t even say sorry to the people he knows he has deeply hurt. There is not one shred of decency in the man.

    Like policing, democracy depends on the acceptance of authority by the majority. If that fails so does the government no matter how much they resort to denial. The Poll Tax fiasco proved that with Thatcher when it brought her down. Johnson is sinking ever deeper into a quicksand of his own making. The sooner he vanishes the better. It may take another 4.6 years, but every day the clock ticks on. Tick Tock.


    The EU are looking for a deal that is beneficial to them compared with not having a deal. There is a potential deal that they would be willing to go for, but they won't go for a deal at any price and in particular won't sacrifice the integrity of the Single Market to get it. They aren't trying to do anything to save us from ourselves. They no longer care about the UK, we are now a competitor in the world market. However, they take the view that you can agree a trade deal with competitors if the deal is beneficial to your side.

    So they are happy to continue to negotiate for a deal in the hope of one that is beneficial compared with where they'd be in Jan 2021 without such a deal. It's not rocket science.

    They see an opportunity for a beneficial (for them) deal and so will negotiate until that is realised or there is no longer any hope of it. What they won't do is give Britain a better - or as good a - deal as we had prior to leaving. Britain's position can only possibly worsen.

    In reality the EU won't walk away all the time they believe they may benefit because the effort put in to negotiating it is actually very minor compared with the potential reward (for them), but equally don't expect them to bend over backwards to try and secure a deal at any cost.


    Having been forced into a humiliating U turn by Keir Starmer, NHS fees for overseas staff and care workers have been scrapped. The Leader of the Opposition told Dominic Cummings' glove puppet that his U turn was the “Decent thing to do.” Very magnanimous, Sir Kier. He could have claimed the credit but has instead shown dignity and statesmanship.

    Perhaps Bonking Boris will get a warm and fuzzy feeling inside at doing “The decent thing” for once in his privileged life. Will it make a difference to his long term future plans for the NHS…? Time will tell.

    A MAN FOR HIS TIME. THE 1970’s

    The former wannabe comedian Jim “One Joke” Davidson, a man for whom the phrase “Different Times” was invented, flounced off Twitter last week: “There are some angry, jealous lefties on here. It’s doing my head in”. After his hopes for Boris Johnson’s big lockdown speech were ridiculed. “I hope Boris lets us be sensible………….. open the golf courses, the marinas. Let’s start living again.” Alas, the poor, downtrodden golfers and sailboat owners of Britain found their dreams in tatters. Poor things. My heart bleeds for them.


    Roger Helmer, the former MEP who was famously photographed 'resting his eyes' in the EU Parliament chamber fears his countrymen are sleepwalking into disaster. “I’m told that 75% of Brits favour continuing the lockdown and putting lives ahead of the economy. I fear they haven’t fully grasped the appalling consequences for jobs and prosperity” he tweeted. He should remember when the percentage in favour of making a serious change to the nation’s economic wellbeing was somewhat smaller. 23% smaller in fact and those opposed to it were told to shut up and accept the will of the people. Helmer later tweeted: “Actually, I think COVID-19 is a Remainer plot to kill off most of the old people who voted Leave.” If so, it was a pretty ballsy move by the conspirators to launch their cunning plan in Wuhan, some 5,500 miles from UK.


    Mark Francois posted a video on Twitter of him clapping the NHS while wearing a Barbarians rugby shirt. His neighbours probably thought “Blimey, Hamburglar has let himself go”. A reminder of how highly Corporal “I was in the Territorial Army, dontcha know” Francois values the NHS came when he was interviewed by Jeremy Vine. Vine pointed out the damage Brexit would do the NHS. Francois’ reply? “That’s an opinion and at the end of the day, there’s only one way to find out so let’s try it.”


    I was a bit confused by your maths when you made that rambling, incoherent address to the nation on May 10. You said that the new COVID Alert Level would be measured out of five. (OK so far) compared to R (rate of infection) + actual number of infections. Hmmm… Okaaaaaayyy. So….. Since the ‘R’ had already been revealed at 0.6 and the number of infections on that day was 219’183, then the Covid Alert Level was 219’183.6 out of 5, yeah..? That’s numberwang any way you look at it. It’s maths that even Priti Patel with her three hundred and seventy thousand and thirty four nine hundred and seventy four thousand coronavirus tests, knows doesn’t add up. With geniuses like you and Patel at the helm how could anybody possibly believe that we’re doing anything wrong..?


    The Party For Moderate Progress Within the Bounds of the Law (Austria)

    The brainchild of Czech writer Jaroslav Hasek and a few hard-drinking literary friends in 1911 might be the only frivolous political party in history with it's own hymn(of sorts)

    A million candidates rose up
    To hoodwink honest people.
    The electorate would give them votes
    And they would gladly take them.
    Let others call for violent progress,
    By force world order overturn.
    Moderate progress is our aim
    And Jaroslav Hašek is our man.

    But a less political motive to kickstarting a political party (and a great plot for a potential romantic comedy) was to help a close friend chase his love of the daughter of the proprietor of the inn where the party held election meetings. The party members hoped that increasing the innkeeper's custom would persuade him to take more kindly to his potential son-in-law. It didn't. The Innkeeper caught the couple in flagrante delicto and went to fetch his hunting rifle. The prospective son-in-law took the opportunity to scarper. Pronto.



    And finally.............

    My mate Lizzy Wizzy says.........

    According to the religious, God is perfect and created man in his own image. And yet, when humans wanted to invent something that could travel long distances quickly and easily, they invented the wheel. Which looks nothing like a leg.

    See y'all again soon. Lisa.jpg

    EXCELLENT....!!!! A DISCUSSION...!!!! I've finally managed to stimulate some discussion on a topical matter that hasn't featured the "R" word.

    First class, gentlemen. More of this please.

    This weeks's snippets are a little late due to me spending my time elsewhere having a good old rollicking "Have-it-all-out-in-the-open" on the subject of Dominic Cummings, in another place.

    But keep this up, people. Opinions of all shades are welcome, as is reasoned contrary opinions.

    Here's a novel, idea why not report Dominic Cummings to the Police and see what they do?

    Let the law take its course.

    Are you really stupid or is it just a good act...?

    I suggest you read the difference between regulations and laws.

    Regulation: a rule or directive made and maintained by an authority. (the authority in this case is the UK Government)

    Law: Law is a set of rules decided by a particular state meant for the purpose of keeping the peace and security of society. ... A legal code is a written code of laws that are enforced. This may deal with things like police, courts, or punishments.

    Laws have to be enacted by Parliament. Regulations can be imposed by the government. Breaking a regulation can lead to a fixed penalty, which is enforceable in law if not paid. The fixed penalty does not have to be handed down by a court and being given such a penalty doesn't constitute a criminal offence. However, if it is not paid then the court can enforce payment. It is the non-payment that is the offence, not the matter that led to it being issued.

    Here is some bedtime reading for you. It may help save you from making stoooooooooopid comments in the future.


    You found it. Well done you. To be honest, I didn't think you'd even try, but for once you've surprised me by actually making some effort.

    Which then begs the question: Why the attempted cover up..?

    If they were doing no wrong, why did they not just come forward and say that this public figure..... who is not elected but is a central part of the government of the country..... was travelling for valid reasons...? There was no reason to cover it up. if they had issued a statement telling the country what Cummings was doing there may have been some tut-tutting, but nothing like the level of what is happening now.

    London is a big city. There is a lot of provision for the care of children during the Coronavirus outbreak. Do you really.... REALLY.... think that there was nobody else he could possibly have turned to to care for his child while he and his wife self-isolated...?

    There is a helpline (0800 046 8687. It took me less than half a minute to find it) for concerned parents to ask for assistance when they are self isolating. Did Dominic Cummings call that line and ask for help...? It would be very interesting if it came out that he didn't. It would show a lack of good faith and if it then transpired that he could have gotten help with the care of his child, but didn't bother to find out if any was available, it would cast another shadow over the whole sorry episode.

    But No... I think that he CHOSE to travel up north and there would clearly have been a conversation beforehand where he made sure his backside was covered. They then chose to cover it up for whatever reason.

    This is where the issue of trust comes in, which you simply don't seem to understand. You just don't get it.

    Since the end of March, the entire country has been told "Stay at home under all circumstances. Do not travel."

    This clause has not been publicised. It hasn't been pointed out to anybody. The reason I set you the little test was to illustrate that it is hidden away in paragraph 6(2)b and has to be found...... even if anybody knew that such a thing might exist in the first place..... not stuck on the front of a podium that says "Stay At Home" and "Save Lives".

    I doubt anybody in the country had heard of this clause before yesterday. Didn't even know it existed. But it's pretty clear that Dominic Cummings did...... of course he would. He's right in the middle of government and if he wasn't in on the drafting of the regulations, then he had plenty of Civil Servants available to point it out.

    Every person who has been in a similar situation to Dominic Cummings....... and there must surely be a lot of them....... has conformed to the rules. Many in similar circumstances may have asked the question about what to do and you can bet your boots they weren't told "Well, as things are Mr and Mrs Jones, you can travel under Paragraph 6(2)b of the regulations. Good luck and take care."

    No........ of course they wouldn't have been told that. Instead, they will have been told not to travel and they'd have had to either avail themselves of whatever resources for caring for their children prevail in their local area, or taken the chance that he child doesn't get ill. What a dreadful thing to make a family do when the regulations exist for them to move closer to family.

    And if the allegation that he was seen in another place turns out to be true, then how are you going to blithely whistle that one away...? There could be mileage in that one yet. We shall see.

    Even some of Johnson's own backbenchers are turning on him. That would never have happened before this. He's pushing his luck with the British people and now his own MP's. As I've said before. His popularity has peaked and when you reach the top of a peak, the only way you can go is down.

    One rule for Downing Street, another rule for the rest of the country. That much is now clear to the whole nation.

    And then, of course, there is the cover up. The secrecy. The going behind the country's back. Johnson has betrayed the trust of the entire nation.

    Trust. The country trusted Boris Johnson and he has let the nation down. And does he care...? I doubt it.

    Nope, it was in the guidance. As has been explained several times now.

    It's interesting to consider what Boris Johnson said before the lockdown started:

    Announcing school closures at a Downing Street briefing on 18 March, Boris Johnson urged families not to turn to older relatives to look after children.

    He said: “Children should not be left with older grandparents or older relatives who may be particularly vulnerable. I know that’s going to be difficult too and I want to thank families for their sacrifice at this difficult time.”…said-about-lockdown-rules

    At a No 10 briefing on 27 April, the health secretary, Matt Hancock, said: We understand the impact of not being able to hug your closest family. It affects us all too." ....................“If you are showing coronavirus symptoms, or if you or any of your household are self-isolating, you should stay at home – this is critical to staying safe and saving lives.”

    But tonight he completely exonerated Dominic Cummings. He gave the most ridiculous explanation for his actions. He says that he looked into the matter thoroughly. Yeah, right.

    The truth of the matter is probably more along the lines of: Johnson knows that Cummings got him into power. Cummings was the brains behind Brexit. And in all probability, has so much dirt on Johnson that to sack him would risk Cummings.... known to be a bitter and vengeful man towards anybody who crosses him..... going public.

    Johnson was probably between the Devil and the deep blue sea, and being the coward he is, he buckled.


    To OB, who says the regulations were followed, here are a couple of links to the regulations. Seeing as he knows the regulations so well, would he please care to point out to us poor ignorant proles just where the specific regulation that allowed Cummings to do as he pleases are, and quote them so that the rest of the country can benefit from them should they find themselves in a similar situation. Good luck.…-what-you-can-and-cant-do

    I'll start, shall I...? Article 1.1 of the FAQ's says:

    At all times, you should continue to observe social distancing guidelines when you are outside your home, including ensuring you are 2 metres away from anyone outside your household. As with before, you cannot:

    • visit friends and family in their homes

    I've provided the links to the relevant documents. I'm making it easy for you. So, over to you to find the exemption to that rule.


    A Tweet appeared on the official Civil Service Twitter account after Johnson's appallingly awful daily update appearance tonight. It called the Prime Minister's explanation of Cumming's behaviour "Arrogant and offensive."

    Not surprisingly, the Tweet was quickly taken down, but not before it had hit the BBC news and gotten out on social media.

    The fact that Cummings travelled to Durham during the lockdown is not at issue. He did it. End of. But two aspects of this matter are causing such concern that even the rubber-stamp Tory MP's on the backbenches are now calling for Cummings resignation.

    Firstly, the justification for this journey, while it was 'technically' legal, was so spurious in nature and manipulative in action that it failed to be justification at all. He could have gotten care for his child in London. The same as many others undoubtedly will have done with their small children both in London and in other parts of the country.

    Secondly, The Tory Party attempted a cover up.

    If Downing Street had issued a statement saying that the journey was taking place there would have been criticism and it would undoubtedly have been (quite rightly) challenged by the opposition, but it would have caused nowhere near the storm it's causing now that the attempted cover up has been exposed. There would have been transparency and any questions could have been answered.

    The way in which it has all come out now has caused a, mahoosive loss of trust in the government.

    I think this could be a massive threat to Johnson, by defending Cummings he makes himself look extremely arrogant. He could even be being complacent about his popularity. The restrictions on movement have had a huge, appalling impact on society with people dying quite horribly with no loved ones to comfort them or even to say their goodbyes. Families having to live with the knowledge that they were unable to attend funerals of those they held dear. Fathers not being able to be present at the birth of their child.

    Our current government have pretty much turned round, stuck two fingers up and said "screw you" to the British public. If Cummings had released a statement today, saying "I acted rashly because I got a bit scared" then this story could have blown over in the space of a day. It may even have made him look human. But because of his and Boris Johnson's arrogance, the story is going far, far further. It will be scrutinised.

    Johnson and Cummings MUST be held to account for this.

    The vast majority of people that fail dust themselves off and try again. Most people who don't work have chosen not to work

    "The vast majority." To claim that, you would have to know how many fail, and then how many make a subsequent success of themselves. Then you have to do some simple maths and I'm not sure you'd be up to the task.

    It's easy to make a claim out of thin air but to make it stick you have to back it up with some facts. I don't think you're up to that either.

    I challenge you to back up your assertion with something more than bluster and hot air.

    I won't hold my breath.

    This thread is dedicated to all matters relating to paedophile sex offences and other related matters.

    Rochdale was a dreadful case and the horrible criminals who perpetrated those offences and are languishing in prison can expect to be there for a very long time. In no way do I or any other right thinking person condone their actions in any way, shape or form whatsoever. They deserve to feel the full weight of the law.

    I was quite curious this week as to where Mr Yaxley-Lennon and his followers were though when the following story broke. Given that they are so keen to take issue with awful stories such as these, there was a curious silence on the matter.

    John Tate died this week. Who? You say. His 13 year old daughter Gennette vanished in 1978 and the mystery has never been solved. In 1994, the prime (only) suspect in the case, white, Christian Scotsman Robert Black, was sentenced to 10 consecutive life sentences for abduction, sexual assault and murder of 4 young girls. He was questioned but never charged in relation to Gennette’s disappearance due to lack of evidence.

    Gennette’s father died, never knowing what happened to his little girl. If she was dead or alive, and if dead, his family was never able to give their child a decent burial.

    Mr Yaxley-Lennon seems to have had nothing to ever say about this case and to the best of my knowledge hasn’t taken any interest whatsoever in the plight of this family as have none of his supporters, including his lickspittle apologists on this forum.

    I wonder if Mr Yaxley-Lennon’s lack of interest in this case has anything to do with the suspect being white and non-muslim. Perhaps he doesn’t say anything about white paedophiles because there isn’t any money in it for him. His supporters won’t pay to read about white, non-muslim offenders

    I’m quite sure he and his cohorts would have had plenty to say if the prime suspect in the disappearance and possible rape and murder of 13 year old Gennette had been a Muslim from Rochdale.

    For sure……… They would have had PLENTY to say about that.

    As the fascists are clearly attempting to spam the thread to death as previously happened with the thread I started on Dance, I'll repeat my last.

    Back to the business of the thread.

    A special "Extra" set of clippets in the middle of the week.

    I wondered what might happen after the lockdown ends and life at Westminster returns to normal.

    After COVID-19 it's likely that Boris might reshuffle his cabinet as an exercise in blame shifting and trying to make it look like he knows what he's doing. In January he gave the then Cabinet marks out of ten before the reshuffle. Will he do the same next time around? I've had a little look at how he might mark the members of his current cabinet next time.


    Rishi Sunak, Chancellor8/10 After a tricky start during which he imagined he, and not Dom, was running the economy, Rishi has settled down and realised now is not the time for fiscal responsibility and that his job is merely to say yes and write cheques for any project I happen to dream up. Throwing money at COVID-19 in the pretence of giving a damn about the great unwashed has been a problem but he’ll learn. He has, however, made huge improvements in saying anything about Brexit that he thinks I want to hear, and there is little doubt he would be happy to change his mind again if it’s convenient for me to change mine. STAYS

    Michael Gove, chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster – 3/10 It goes without saying that the Gover is the most slippery, least trustworthy person in government, me excepted of course, but it’s probably better keeping him on the inside in a non-job rather than having him cause trouble from the backbenches. Has so far managed to keep his head down and do nothing. Let’s hope he stays that way. Things work so much more smoothly like this. Could still be a useful fall guy if Brexit goes tits up. STAYS

    Matt Hancock, health secretary – 2/10 Though it can be tremendously tiring to be around someone this needy (barely a day goes by without him sending a text message saying he’s always been 110% behind me and can I please guarantee he won’t be sacked?), Matt has been completely useless as health secretary. Primarily because he couldn’t get scrapping A&E targets to improve performance through before COVID-19 buggered up our plans for selling off the NHS. Instead, he’s had to spaff umpteen billion quid up the wall on keeping poor people alive. Not a good investment. On the plus side, nobody really important (like, for example, me) died from the virus so that’s alright then. 30’000+ proles have died though and even the Daily Mail haven’t been able to spin that one. The only person I can shift the blame onto for any of this is likely to be him. He’s going to be terribly disappointed when he works that out, but that’ll be his problem. GOES

    Dominic Raab, foreign secretary – 5/10 Although Dominic still has acute personality problems and is thicker than a navvies sandwich, I’ve forced him to appear in front of the cameras for the daily briefing, which isn’t his job but somebody has to do it and I’m not going to be the one to say something stupid every day. He’s far better at that than me. He did just about manage to prevent himself from propelling the UK into a third world war after the US took out Qassem Suleimani while I was necking cocktails with what’s-her-name… oh yes, Carrie, that’s her, in Mustique though. STAYS.

    Priti Patel, home secretary – 4/10. A round peg in a round hole. The ideal home secretary is someone who is both vicious and dim, and Priti Vacant is blessed with an abundance of both qualities. STAYS

    Thérèse Coffey, work and pensions secretary – 0/10 I have literally no idea who she is or if she has done anything. GOES

    Brandon Lewis, Northern Ireland secretary – 6/10 Replaced that jammy sod Julian Smith, who I only gave the job to because I thought it would be easy to sack him when he screwed up. Then I surprised myself by getting an 80-seat majority, meaning the DUP and Sinn Féin soon realised they were better off restoring the Stormont Assembly rather than continuing their squabbles, and Jules got all the credit. Branders hasn’t done anything that disloyal to me yet. He’s kept his head down and stayed shtum. STAYS

    Ben Wallace, defence secretary – 3/10 It hurts me to say this as Ben was so far ahead of the game that he was tipping me as the next prime minister even before I was. But he is an inveterate gossip; half the Sunday papers would have no stories to print without his help. He also made the schoolboy error of telling the truth about how we can no longer rely on the US and I’m not standing for that. Enough’s enough. GOES

    Oliver Dowden, digital, culture, media and sport secretary – 4/10 Ollie has taken to his new role like a duck to water. In cabinet meetings he now refuses to speak unless he is addressed by his full title. Expert snobbery and well worthy of a Conservative Cabinet post. Having finally obtained an audience with his lordship, I have to conclude that Ollie now believes the culture department is rather infra dig for his otherwise limited abilities. STAYS

    Robert Jenrick, housing, communities and local government secretary – 2/10 Poor chap rather embarrassed himself by not knowing the difference between a town and a city when he launched his Town in Bloom competition. But one doesn’t want to be too hard on a 12-year-old who is still only on work experience. STAYS

    Amanda Milling, minister without portfolio – 9/10 Every prime minister needs an Amanda. Someone who can be trusted to drop everything and go out on the Sunday politics shows at a time when everyone else is still tucked up in bed, to spout any old bollocks. Better still, she can do it convincingly because she doesn’t know it’s bollocks. As soon as she got the job she told the country we were thinking of moving the Lords to York. We aren’t, of course, but it makes northern peasants feel as if we care about them. STAYS

    So....... who will get what job in the next cabinet...? Over to you, dear constant reader.