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    Help. I've been on Planet Mars for several weeks, so what's all this talk about butter?

    It's what's known as a "Brexiter Deflection."

    When an argument is going badly, and the British position is being shown up for the ridiculous catalogue of mismanagement, bad faith negotiation and ineffectual attempts at "looking strong", then Brexiters do the equivalent of throwing a dead cat on the table so that everybody's attention is suddenly focused on the dead cat rather than the real issues.

    Britain negotiated a rotten deal, but they told everybody it was a great deal, signed it, ratified it and now that the stupidity of what they did has shown them up for the bungling amateurs that they are, they attempt to weasel out of it.

    Apologists for their ineptitude then come up with fatuous arguments such as spreading butter on sandwiches as some sort of defence of the British government's position.

    Honestly......... I'm not making this up.

    Oh....... and the apologists try to tell us that the British are being really reasonable, but when challenged to come up with examples of this reasoning, go strangely quiet.

    RNLI Donations Increase After Refugee Rescue Criticism

    Frankly, I was stunned when Nigel Farage condemned the Royal National Lifeboat Institution for rescuing refugees that had gotten into difficulties at sea.

    The RNLI however, have responded to Farages' criticisms by thanking him for being responsible for the sudden upsurge in donations by members of the public eager to express their loathing of the miserable slug and his comments.

    Captain Jack Navyrum of the White Cliffs Lifeboat Service told the CPDK: "We get some money from those little boxes that we put in seaside gift shops and from chuggers who stand outside supermarkets when they can get a licence from the council. We also get a few bequests from people who have passed on, but remembered that we once saved their lives in their wills."

    "But we're not a rich organisation and all our staff are volunteers so it's been great for somebody like Nigel Farage, who is so detested by normal human beings, to remind everybody that we will go out in a storm to save anybody who is in trouble at sea regardless of who they are or why they're in that trouble in the first place."

    "We will risk our own lives to save people regardless of whether their skin is white or brown or black. To us, they're humans in difficulty and we have the skills and resources to save them. It's a task we embrace with dedication and self-sacrifice for the good of others."

    "Attacks by people such as Nigel Farage have also resulted in RNLI volunteers being threatened and having beer cans thrown at them by his illiterate, knuckle-dragging followers who claim they are "patrolling our shores" while what they're actually doing is getting drunk in a car park near dover".

    Captain Navyrum said that the abuse and attacks would not deter RNLI volunteers.

    "Even if we got a call from Nigel Farage himself during one of his dickhead boat trips where he looks at the water and gets all gammon-faced angry because brown people exist, we would STILL go out..... Yes.... we'd save even him..!!"

    "We would do our level best to save his life because - and I know this is a difficult concept for people who listen to him or the rare few who watch him on, er, what's that telly channel called...? That one that nobody watches...? Oh yeah, GB News - well, we'd save him too because we're not racist twats."

    So....... If you're a human being yourself, and you'd like to help wipe that repugnant smirk off the frog-faced fascist's ugly mug, then please consider Donating To The RNLI

    Point...... totally missed by you.

    What this fiasco proves is that the British are complete amateurs at negotiating trade deals.

    For more than 40 years, the EU has negotiated every trade deal Britain has been involved with. British governments - especially Tory ones - have left them to it, not wanting to have anything to do with the process and contributing nothing meaningful. The British hostility towards Europe writ large.

    Now that we are outside the club, we are displaying our amateurism for all to see. Other countries looking to trade with Britain will know what a shower of amateurs we are and will look to take advantage of that. Liz Truss is utterly useless and Lord Frost is a bumbling fool.

    When you factor in that this episode over Northern Ireland is displaying to the whole world that Britain can't be trusted to honour a legally binding agreement it doesn't bode well for the future.

    And you're STILL not listing any of these "reasonable proposals". That's because there aren't any. And you know it. That's why you don't respond.

    I honoured my part of the deal by telling you what I thought of the butter fiasco.

    You're a typical Tory. Doesn't honour his side of the bargain.

    Are you sure you're not Lord Frost..?

    And you, Jenny, haven’t told us what you think about the butter scandal I alluded to earlier.

    Thankfully, the EU have finally admitted that a change in the protocol is necessary, although I still think that this would not have been an issue had there been co-operation on the EU side in the first place.

    Errrrrrrrrr...... who said that they had admitted that a change is needed...?

    What has actually happened is that they have stepped back from taking legal action against UK for breaches of the protocol in order to create the necessary space to consider UK proposals for reforming the deal.

    That is a lot different to saying that there is agreement that the deal needs to be changed. That is putting a pause on legal action as a favour to Britain. Yes....... the EU is being reasonable. Of course, they will LOOK AT WHAT BRITAIN PROPOSES, but that is a long way from agreeing that changes need to be made.

    I almost admire your chutzpah.... constantly attempting to twist things to make it look like Britain is getting some sort of "Victory". There can be no winners in this. Britain cannot win. The EU cannot win. The only thing that can happen is damage limitation.

    The whole charade is a lose-lose for both sides.

    As for the (alleged) "butter scandal". More deflection. Frankly, I couldn't give a pigs burp about butter in a sandwich, but if Britain agreed to do that, then the EU have every right to insist that Britain does what it agreed to. What this highlights is the stupidity and short sightedness, inexperience and naivety of the fools who didn't have the nous to understand what they were signing up to.

    Bottom line: It is irrelevant what I think about the butter in a sandwich. The issue is how Britain came to be in such a situation. It's their fault that this is arising at all, and it's not for the EU to sort it out. Question answered...? Good.

    Now....... you tell us some of these "reasonable proposals."

    The blaming of the EU is the central plank of everything that the British government does in its dealings with Europe. Boris Johnson knows that blaming the Europeans sits well with the British public. It's the entire basis of his popularity.

    All the time he - with the help of his toady press - can blame the EU for all Britain's ills, he has an unshakeable domestic power base.

    In a way, the current row over the NI Protocol is politically advantageous for him at home. A long running battle with Europe, where the British government attempts to portray itself as the "Strong Man" fighting for Britain against the Evil Empire, but is being screwed over by dastardly, moustache-twirling Germans (it never does a British politician any harm to portray the Germans as an enemy), is worth many thousands of votes.

    Britain has been a bad faith negotiator from the very start, and throughout all the negotiations ever since Article 50 was first invoked. There has been no real intention from Britain at any stage to find a middle ground. Britain's position throughout has been "We want cake and eat it and we will give nothing in return".

    Britain hasn't given any ground at all over the NI Protocol. Not an inch. There haven't been any suggestions put forward, reasonable or otherwise. There has been only one position. "Give us what we want."

    OB talks of British "reasonable" propositions, but he doesn't tell us what they are. I invite him to do so.

    I won't hold my breath.

    All this tit for tat petty squabbling is getting beyond tedious, UK left the EU so get over it and deal with it, time they all started acting like adults inside of petulant children who can't get their own way.

    Not so, apparently, Ron.

    It seems the EU voted for Britain to leave, according to Lord Frost.......


    You know....... I remember being told over and over that Brexit was going to make all our dreams come true instantly. There would be a seamless transition to getting everything we wanted. It would be the "Easiest Trade Deal In History" and all this "remoaner" talk about shortages and labour crises and lorry queues in Kent and customs declaration nightmares was all "Project Fear."

    I don't remember any talk about "Teething troubles" or "interpreting" treaties. Those sort of comments have only come AFTER we have left the EU...... since it became clear that the whole thing is unravelling.

    Now we have apologists like OB telling us that it is the EU who have to change their side of a (for them) favourable treaty, to make life easier for us at their disadvantage.

    Who in their right mind does that...?

    Precisely. Nobody.

    Brexit is turning into the monumental balls-up that was predicted, long and loud. There is no gravy train waiting to chug into the station. The fishing and farming industries have already been, or are in the process of being, decimated. Food shortages are starting to be seen in our supermarkets, the quality of fresh food in our shops is deteriorating because so much of it is spending days stuck at ferry ports awaiting customs clearance. Labour shortages are starting to bite. Prices are rising.

    ............. And good old OB continues to tell us that its all the EU's fault for not fulfilling the unrealistic and unachievable promises that the Tory government made to a gullible and easily beguiled British public.

    We are getting the Brexit that was predictable and predicted. And the apologists bleat and play the blame game..... point the finger..... Pass the buck. Play the victim. Not our fault guv, blame the Europeans for giving us what we voted for.

    When is the British government going to take responsibility for this fiasco...?

    Bottom line. Johnson should never have agreed to it in the first place.

    This is the stupidity of Brexit that we told you all would happen from the very start. Britain wants everything and is prepared to give nothing in return.

    The EU's position is, and always has been, to protect the single market and customs union. I've been repeating this for the two years I've been using this site. You should have gotten that message by now. That was always their negotiating position. It still is. They will not allow that to be damaged to give Boris Johnson a get out of jail free card from the mess he's made for himself.

    Britain had a choice over Brexit. Either stay in the Customs Union and Single Market, or pay the price of doing business from the outside. Many other options presented themselves along the way which might have precluded the current situation and all were put on the table. However, all of them meant that Britain would have to agree to certain conditions set by the EU. The Tory government however, had painted itself into a corner, firstly with the ERG within their own party, and secondly by selling itself to the voting public as being "tough on Europe" and "taking back control". Three word slogans that sounded great to white van man and were worth hundreds of thousands of votes at the election, but "Brexit Means Brexit" had a downside which - again - we told you would come home to roost eventually....... which is what is now happening.

    What is happening is not "artificial barriers". They are very real barriers and they are the consequences of your actions. BORIS JOHNSON SIGNED THE AGREEMENT. It was ratified - at great haste - by Parliament. The ratification was carried out very quickly so that it could be pushed through before anybody had a chance to read it properly and make detailed objections, although we all knew what it said in essence: There WILL be a border down the Irish Sea.

    Now, because there is a political price to pay in Northern Ireland that is potentially damaging to the Tories electorally if violence returns and troops have to go back in, they want that protocol removed.

    Basically, Britain wants the EU to get Boris Johnson out of the mess he's created.

    Why should they..? It's not the EU's problem. Northern Ireland.... as the Tories are so fond of telling us..... is a part of the United Kingdom (well, for now). OK.... let the British government sort it out. After all, they created this mess with their arrogance, dishonesty, and hubris.

    Britain should have known all along that their position of wanting free trade with Europe, taking everything it wanted, and yet not being beholden to any form of rules or regulation was always untenable. You should have known it........ we told you often enough.

    And now that you're not getting your own way, you're stamping your feet like petulant schoolchildren and whining.... "They're punishing us for Brexit."

    No......... they're giving you exactly what you voted for. They're giving you exactly what you negotiated. They're giving you exactly what you signed up for.

    I think you are the one who has left his brain somewhere.

    Firstly. Of course I've got an agenda. You don't think I do this for a laugh do you..? If i didn't have an agenda I wouldn't be doing it at all. You've clearly got an agenda. You're an apologist for Brexit. Of course we disagree. But that's alright. The last thing I'd want is to be in an echo chamber.

    Having an agenda is not a bad thing. The only bad things are spreading bullshit in the hope you can flannel you way out of having a crap argument , and / or outright dishonesty. I'm prepared to back my arguments up with facts and other supporting material from reliable (or at least, reputable) journalistic sources. I have done so on multiple occasions, something I've never seen you do.

    Please don't try to take me to task on "having an agenda" because I freely admit I have one, and I don't consider it a bad thing.

    The agreement between Britain and the EU is not an agreement between friends. It could have been but Britain's open hostility towards Europe has scuppered any notion that we (the British) desire a genuinely friendly relationship. Johnson now uses weasel words like "Our friends in Europe" but nobody believes he means it. Nobody believes anything that comes out of his mouth.

    What Britain has with Europe is a business transaction and if you think for one minute that business transactions are made according to some sort of "spirit of the word" chumocracy and can be discarded at a whim, , then I suggest you have never worked in business law. Actually, neither have I and I don't personally know anybody who has. But you try telling any businessman that you don't want to behave according to the terms of a contract between you because it no longer suits your purpose and see how far you get.

    I don't like the bit in our mortgage agreement that says the interest rate is variable. The next time the interest rate goes up, shall I tell our lender that we didn't interpret that clause to mean we'd have to pay more money if that happened so we're not going to. How long do you think we'd get away with it...? How long do you think it'd be before the solicitors letters started dropping on our mat, the penalty clauses were invoked and the word "Repossession" came into our lives in an unpleasantly meaningful way.

    Do you think our mortgage lender will say "Oh alright, we'll change the contract to suit your interpretation"....? Do you REALLY think that would happen..?

    No. Neither do I.

    Frankly, this notion that Britain could sign a legally binding international treaty, milk it for all the political capital it was worth, and then tear it up seven months later because it no longer suits them is, frankly, ridiculous.

    The notion that Britain has come up with "brilliant" ways to "adjust" the agreement is a false supposition on your part. These ideas might sound good to you. But of course they would, because Britain's version of a "Brilliant idea" is for Brussels to capitulate to anything Britain wants. Unsurprisingly, the Europeans aren't too keen. Who'd have thunk it, eh..?

    Our country is run by dishonest, disreputable, dishonourable liars, cheats, charlatans and frauds. The EU spent the best part of five years attempting to negotiate fairly and honestly with the worst regime of the lowest form of scum ever to have run this country and found that they really were dealing with con-men and rip-off artists.

    If the Europeans are not our friends any more then it is a consequence of our actions. And I don't blame them for that.

    Not one little bit.

    Angela Merkel's Last Federal Conference Appearance

    This is a lesson in how to lead a nation. Regardless of her peerless work with the EU over many years, "Mutti" has been a great leader for Germany. Being born in East Germany and growing up in the Communist system taught her the value of freedom and she has been a relentless champion of that throughout her political career.

    Intelligent, modest and above all, compassionate. Germany is a greater country, and Europe is a greater continent for her contribution.

    She didn't mention Britain once in the 93 minute session, but perhaps the following snip was a subtle prompt that she hoped would be picked up in our beleaguered country:


    Merkel was also keen to stress the importance of cooperation in the society, of building political bridges that at the moment are missing. "I do have some concerns there," she says. Compromises are "constituent parts of any democracy."

    But eventually it was time to say goodbye for the last time. No tears, no regrets. Just the gratitude of her country to take away with the memories:


    Merkel does not want to comment on her personal future after the election. The time after her tenure "will come," she says. But until then, the challenges remain enormous. And she wants to "give a good handover to the next federal government."

    That sounds like sweeping the chancellor's office clean, taking coats to the checkroom and handing over the keys. But such is Merkel's sober view of politics.

    The 93 minutes come to an end. Host Corrina Buschow extends her gratitude for Merkel's 29 visits with appreciation, and points out that 30 would be a smoother number.

    "I'll also say thank you. It was a pleasure," Merkel answers. And, in just over two months, Germans will elect the next parliament — and with it, the next chancellor.

    Oh, that we had somebody with one tenth her ability and leadership.

    Well if they are using hacking to gain information for stories then they are spying.

    And what if they're not hacking..? Journalism is a legitimate profession, you know.

    Why is it that whenever your precious Tories come up with anything fascist (and there is plenty of it) the usual suspects on this forum rush to defend them with the most spurious whataboutery.

    These laws do not necessarily pertain to information obtained by criminal measures.... they pertain to ANY form of information that might reveal activity by the government that is.......... at the very least, in the public interest, and could reveal criminality BY them.

    Or is it that you don't want crime by politicians you favour to come to light...? As long as the crimes are committed by Johnson or people loyal to him, that makes it alright...? Anybody who reveals such activity should be criminalised and imprisoned...?

    We fought two world wars to prevent that sort of thing coming here. Now the people you favour are bringing it here by stealth.

    Well I'm still wearing my mask and socially distancing and from what I have seen a lot of others are doing the same.

    We are too. It's the right thing to do.

    I truly feel sorry for the man who died from Covid 19 that he contracted by going to the England v Croatia Euro 2020 match (according to reports). 51 year old Glenn Barratt of Cleethorpes refused to be vaccinated and did not wear a mask to the match.

    Cleethorpes Man Who Refused Vaccine Dies From Covid After Contracting The Illness At Euro 20 Match.

    Before he was put on ventilation, the last words he said were that he wished he'd had the jabs.

    This is a heart rending story and we can only feel for his family. Nobody....... even the most determined non-vaxxer deserves that.

    All we can do is continue to show discipline and stick to doing what we know is the right thing. Not just for ourselves, but for the safety of everybody we come into contact with.

    Proposed Secrecy Laws - The Guardian

    Simply put, the government wants to make it illegal for journalists to protect their sources.

    This is the latest move towards a British fascist state, where ministers and government become immune to investigative reporting and transparency, holding politicians to account and whistleblowing when these things are made criminal offences.

    We are heading towards a state where journalists can be made into political prisoners for revealing the truth.

    Democracy itself is in danger.

    83% of Labour Party Members Support A Move To PR

    It's an interesting little article. Record levels of support for PR within the Labour Party. Of course, the leadership are still not on board, but there seems to be a general sense around that the idea of PR is starting to gain some traction.

    The message that 43% of the vote can cause the 100% abuse of power that we are witnessing in Britain under the Tory regime is a part of that, and that too is being better received.

    Early days....... early days..... but if this trend continues we could see acceptance of PR by Labour if Starmer's leadership (or lack of it) is challenged at some point in the future.

    We know the unions are still against it, but one thing Starmer is doing well, is starting to diversify Labour's financial base, which shifting the emphasis of their funding away from total reliance on powerful, doctrinaire unions.

    Constituency Labour Parties are making formal commitments to PR. Salisbury came out in favour of PR last night and Brentford and Isleworth (Ruth Cadbury, a Labour Shadow Minister) have thrown their hat into the PR ring today. If this comes up at Conference in the Autumn it could be a debate worth tuning in for.

    PR could be the issue that finally unites the Labour Party over something that could be very attractive to voters.

    Common sense reigns in the end!…ews-bulletins_456406.html


    GB News will introduce separate news bulletins in the near future, the broadcaster has confirmed.

    It's a pretty poor show when they had to be forced into "introducing" NEWS onto a channel that calls itself GB NEWS.

    It will also be interesting to see what items of 'news' are selected for broadcast..... how that news is presented..... the slant put on it...... the comment that follows it.

    Perhaps we can imagine headlines like:

    A. "Heroic people's champion Boris Johnson awards a magnificent pay rise to NHS medical staff"

    (no mention will be made of medical staff calling the pay award pathetic and demanding 15%)

    B. "Communist, Woke Labour Leader Starmer criticises NHS heroes being given a pay award".

    (distortion. Starmer doesn't criticise a pay award, just the paltry amount.)

    News needs to be factual, balanced, proportionate and responsible. We shall see how this pans out.

    It's not disintegrating, OB. Dream on. The only thing that is likely to disintegrate is the United Kingdom. But hey-ho. Time will tell on that score.

    Getting on topic. This:

    EU Rejects UK Demands To Overhaul ....... NI Protocol

    Lord Frost's language says more about UK's difficulties than the EU's. He said: "we cannot go on as we are"

    What's all this "we", your Lordship...? Surely you mean "The UK cannot go on like this."

    The EU has the treaty in its pocket. It has the better half of the deal and is under no obligation to change anything. To give in to UK demands would mean a border between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, in other words, Britain would get what it wanted and the EU would be blamed for breaking the Good Friday Agreement.

    Of course Britain would love that scenario to come to pass, but be honest..... why should the EU hand Britain a propaganda coup on a plate....? The EU would get nothing out of a re-negotiation. All doing such a thing would achieve would be to see Johnson standing on the steps of Downing Street, beaming smirk on his fat ugly mug, shaking his fists above his head and claiming victory. Do you really think the EU want to hand him that on a plate..?

    You always have to remember that Britain started this. Britain got what it wanted by leaving the EU in accordance with the mandate given by the 2016 referendum. There was nothing in that referendum question that said the Brexit had to be as hard as possible. But Britain pursued that line, not Europe. The Europeans wanted a softer Brexit but it was Britain that held out for the hardline Brexit and they got what they wanted.

    But with that come consequences.

    Firstly, if there is civil unrest in Northern Ireland, that will be Britain's problem, not the EU's. If Britain has to send troops back to Northern Ireland, Boris Johnson will have to explain that to President Biden, not Ursula van der Leyen.

    The EU are prepared to discuss the NI Protocol issues. Maros Sefcovic said the EU is "Ready to continue to seek creative solutions, within the framework of the protocol, in the interest of all communities in Northern Ireland. However, we will not agree to a renegotiation of the protocol."

    The EU is in a position of strength. They have a lawful, binding treaty, freely and willingly signed by the Prime Minister and ratified by Parliament. If the EU says "No" to British demands, then No it is.

    So........ what can Britain do...? Well, it can break international law by refusing to implement the treaty but that could lead to even bigger consequences for Britain if the EU retaliates by imposing punitive tariffs and quotas on goods........ including food....... coming from the continent.

    Sure, Britain could acquire food from elsewhere, but you just see the delays..... the lack of fresh foods..... the massively increased prices. There are already grumblings about shortages in English supermarkets. Multiply that exponentially and let's see where that takes us. It could be interesting.

    Breaking the treaty would send out a message to every country that Britain wants to negotiate a trade deal with. They might reasonably ask: "Britain can't be trusted to honour a treaty. They will break their word with us just the same as they did with the EU if they decide later on that they don't like what they're getting. Why should we deal with people like that..?"

    YOU voted for this. Now, you can mock and ridicule the EU all you like and you can predict its future downfall until you're blue (or more likely salmon pink) in the face. But as of 22 July 2021, the EU is alive and kicking and its patience with Britain is wearing thinner by the day.

    The EU does not have to agree to any British demands. And that appears to be the case at this time.

    Boris Johnson got us into this mess. He will have to be the one to get us out of it.

    I'm not confident.

    Well time permitting I will try to watch some of the events as they happen, I hope team GB do well too.

    Have you got any particular sport you enjoy, Ron..? Please don't tell me it's Beach Volleyball..... ^^^^^^

    I watch it all. My older sister once said that I get so engrossed in The Games that if they were to introduce sheep dog trials as an Olympic sport, I'd watch it.

    Actually.... I rather like Border Collies.

    Not everybody views their elderly parents like that. :(

    Very true. However, there are plenty who do and I suggest those who fit that category are most likely to be among the few who would dip their toe into the septic tank that is GB News (the 'news' bit being a misnomer of risible proportions).

    Of course, that's just an opinion of mine. Make of it what you will.

    Yes.... finally they're here. The Olympic Games of 2020 are finally going ahead and started last night with the early stages of the Women's Football tournament.

    Summer Olympics 2020 - Official Schedule, Results and News

    It is a shame that the Games have been delayed by Covid 19 but what else could the IOC do..? The global response to the pandemic put sport in its place in the greater scheme of things and even now that they're going ahead, the spectacle of cheering crowds and all the colour and excitement will not be there in the way that we are used to. This is a tragedy for the people of Japan who, only a couple of years ago, enjoyed welcoming the world to their country for the Rugby World Cup that they hosted magnificently, with enthusiasm, humour and wonderful excitement, bringing great joy to all who took part in the process.

    I'm sure Japan will do all it can to ensure the Games go as well as possible and I for one - an avid Olympics junkie ever since the first Games I ever watched in Barcelona in 1992 - will be glued to the TV at any and all hours I can.

    We all want Team GBR to do well. Our athletes have worked so hard to be prepared to the peak of their physical fitness and I'm sure they will compete with determination to succeed. Recent Games have seen Great Britain do very well. Fingers crossed that continues.

    I'm licking my lips at the thought of watching the opening ceremony. London put on a fantastic show in 2012 and Rio de Janeiro wowed the world with its focus on ecology and the importance of the Amazon rain forest in 2016.

    Let the Games.......... COMMENCE...!!

    A very sad case and one that seems could have been avoided had it been handled better.

    Broken families litter the world all over and each is a tragedy in its own right. Unfortunately in this instance, the whole terrible business is being conducted in the media spotlight for all to see and chew over.

    I kinda prefer to avoid these sort of topics so will offer no opinion on the grounds that it's none of my business and I don't want to be a part - even in a infinitesimally small way - of the problem by contributing to the circus.

    Wish her well and say no more.