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    Went to open the fanlight in the kitchen and the hinge on one side fell to bits and jammed it. Eventually forced it open and unscrewed the hinges from the frame. A plasic slider that has a friction screw had split. Same thing happenend the other side a few years ago so the same fix: A pice of metal that fitted in the slide guide, drilled and then screwed with small locking screws to replace the rivets. There's enough sticktion in the pivots that the slider friction screw isn't needed.

    Lubricated and then refitted, not perfect but at least it opens and closes now.

    More importantly he has an almost 2/3 majority which will give him the authority to face down his detractors.

    Hordes of flying ants this morning. Just put some recyclables out and the ant nests in the side lawn are seething. Not surprising as it's very calm at the moment and getting warm.

    A couple of weeks ago it happened and the swarms were dense enough to appear on the rain radar. Looks like it's happening again as there's "rain" over Southampton but no clouds on the satellite picture.

    Pleasant 20C at the moment but there's no wind at all so it could be hot here until the sea breeeze kicks in this afternoon.

    Went to open the fanlight in the kitchen and the hinge has disintigrated. Something more that needs fixing.:rolleyes:

    <X They can have mine for free. ^^

    We have a thread here for general Iran revival. Please confine that discussion there. I shall consider moving the last few posts to that thread in due course once I get the sleep out of my eyes.

    Now back to the topic of this thread. Thank you.

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    I too bought into the housing market when property was still reasonably affordable. I now own my place outright and also having inherited I don't have to work that hard. I do things to keep my hand in as it were.

    It does seem unfair in a mixed development to have recreation areas that are for the exclusive use of the privately owned properties. A sort of income apartheid.

    A breath of fresh air compaired to the usual BBC nonsense.

    DOCSIS 3.1 opens up the possibility of operating at higher frequencies if the VM network is improved enough to allow it. A wider range of VHF frequencies for upstream DOCSIS channels could effectively cross the (currently) protected FM range of frequencies, pushing the broadcast and downstream DOCSIS channels onto higher frequencies.

    I still have the old diplexer/isolator in circuit with the VHF port terminated. If they start to use these frequencies I'll need to replace it with a standard isolator. Probably a good thing to do anyway.

    Must be quite a few out there from the legacy days when NTL used to output the VHF radio stations on analog. It was part of the install when our area was first cabled up together with the Jerrold impulse STB.