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    Looks like they've hung him out to dry.

    The warmer weather has finally reached us down here on the coast: 15°C at the moment and rising. Up 'til now it's barely managed 12°C and there's been a searching wind. First frost free morning for quite a while.

    No rain in the forecast but they're saying it'll get colder towards the end of the week. Hope that's just up North.

    Rescuers win a desperate two-hour fight against rising tides to free nosy dog Broady, who got stuck looking for crabs.

    Lifeguards spotted the retriever on Towan Beach in Cornwall and, after failing with the owner to free the pet, alerted the local Newquay Community Fire Station.

    Story and pictures on link. Lucky the FB had the right bit of kit to rescue the dog.

    Story, video and pictures on link.

    This flight has to be under full computer control as the signals take over 9 minutes to go from Mars to Earth or vice versa so "real time" flight control isn't possible.

    Diana certainly knew how to play the simpering victim like a pro

    My late mother used to work as a welfare assistant at a special needs school. They had a visit by Diana and all the time the cameras were rolling she paid attention to the children but the moment the cameras stopped she ignored them. It really annoyed my mum.

    Her public image was carefully crafted.

    Seems to have been a lack of scrutiny over the civil servants and their moon-lighting.

    There's a rather delicious irony here:

    Any chance this can rope in that other chinless wonder Osborne? ^^

    Story and pictures on link.

    Been out earlier and taken the fleece off the very top leaves on the banana palms. One frond has got a kink in the end where the fleece was holding it back Still getting a white frost on surfaces but it's not sub-zero so they should be OK.

    Next week should see the back of the very cold weather, some forecasters are predicting a mini heat-wave and 20C.

    Grass in the side garden needs a hair-cut but I'm waiting for the celandines to finish flowering. I'll need to steer round the Spanish blue-bells (also a few white and a couple of pink ones) that are just coming out.

    One thing you can be sure of when her Maj. pops her clogs that the MSM will be completely useless for weeks.

    At least with CATV, Sky and Freeview there's plenty of alternative channels.

    With the relaxation of covid "rules" my sister is going to drop in on Tuesday after seeing her friend in Worthing who is in their bubble. I'll let her in the side way to the rear garden in-case any curtain twitchers are watching. The back door is secluded. She's bringing her dog Billy so we can see how he behaves in our house. I've agreed to dog sit for her to go away later if it works out OK.

    We've both been jabbed and also pretty well isolated.

    I have never been one to take pills to alleviate colds, headaches, etc, preferring my body to deal with these things as I am concerned that constantly taking pills makes your body weaker. Similarly, I have never taken a flu vaccine in my life. However, Covid is different and we need to balance the risks. We only have one sensible way out of this, and that is to take the vaccine.

    I too avoid taking pills etc unless absolutely necessary. The one exception is that I react very badly to certain insect bites and if bitten take an anti-histamine for two or three days.

    Now that's what I call a Smart TV ;) Well done you :thumbup:

    The downside is that we're stuck with the set of built in apps. It has a browser (Opera) but you can't use a keyboard or mouse. Plug one in and it comes up as "unsupported device". X(

    The Media Player works well with the Media Server (Serviio) on my desktop PC though the home network. The server "knows" what formats the TV understands and converts the rest on the fly to MPEG2 streams.