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    Blimey. Gobzilla. ^^

    Just been up to B&Q and now have a nice pink hydrangea. I've also bought a couple of geraniums and dahlias to go into the tubs and brighten the patio up. Costs more for bigger plants but it is instant gratification. :)

    Also picked some more pot plant bases and finally a piece of 10x10mm square aluminium tube to repair my sisters table umbrella.


    Rotting tofu. Bet that really honks. <X

    As they approached the woods Pooh said "We must be careful, there may be jagulars up in the trees."

    "What do they do?" said Piglet

    "If you look up they drop on you"

    "I'm looking down" said Piglet loudly.

    Story, pictures and trailer video on link.

    I'll have to keep my eye out for this appearing through the usual channels. ;)

    As a famous comedian once said: Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

    My word you have been busy.

    I have a yew in my front garden that needs a good haircut as it's blocking the light into the front room. Fortunately, unlike Leylandii, yew will take a good mullering trim and come back.

    I seem to have lost the Weigela shrub next to the front gate. I think it just died of old age or something ate the roots. Still oportunity to put something else in, thinking of a hydrangea as they seem to grow well down here.

    Puzzles pages in the paper today had an interesting general knowledge question: In a standard pack of playing cards what are the queens holding in their hands?

    I didn't know that and had to get a pack out and take a look.

    So wear an extra mask Borat style and if somebody drops a huge colonophon near you get some distance.