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    I cant imagine the spraying being that accurate and not causing surface contamination.

    I have seen farmers spray, they are not that accurate.

    Spraying has NOT been sanctioned, only the pre-treatment of seed. Why do you deliberately not understand this?

    Its a pesticide that kills bees

    Yes I know, it's also a systemic one that gets into the sap of the plant. The seed is treated before planting so there's no surface contamination that bees could come into contact with. The specific crop is sugar beet which does not flower.

    Sounds like a godsend for those of us who need glasses, my correction is around -3D. Like the sound of the sunglasses. 8) Not silly prices either.

    Just been out tending to the banana palms. The frost had caused the exposed fronds to collapse so I've now cut them short (about 8") where they're still solid and put a thick layer of fleece over the crowns. The new leaves in the centres look fine but I still had to trim them to get the fleece on properly. Also put an extra layer around the trunks as well.

    Forecast is for a relatively mild week.

    TV this evening is the usual Saturday desert, a couple of films on CH4 but they don't appeal and most of the smaller channels are repeats so it's back to the library for content. We've been re-watching "Cowboy Beebop" during the week and are onto season 2.

    Slightly odd as the 4 main characters and the dog (Ein) die at the end of season 1 (Toys in the Attic) :/ I'm guessing that the originators were unsure whether it would be popular enough for a second season.

    We watch with the original Japanese sound track and English subs.

    Another cold day but no risk of rain so I've got some laundry done and out to dry. Next three days are rain free so hopefully I can get right up to date.

    Nasturtiums and begonias seem to have bought it. I fleeced up the geraniums. Fronds on the banana palms are beginning to turn brown as expected. Soon be time to trim them short and put fleece over the crowns.


    Story, pictures and video on link.

    I went back a bit here but can't remember whether I posted this:

    There was a young lady from Exeter,

    And all the young men wanted sex with her,

    Just to be rude,

    She lay in the nude,

    Whilst her parrot, a pervert, took pecks at her.

    By scaring everybody witless in the spring they were able to easily enforce a lockdown and people also kept their distance. Now they don't and the doom and gloom predictions have been shown to be worthless.

    It won't be so easy this time. Expect trouble.

    I've been learning some more bash but expressions are doing my head in. It's like algebra and that never made sense to me at school.

    I'm doing some embeded* C programming at the moment but it's been a while since I last did some so it's taking time to get back into it. Syntax is all.;)

    *Built into a product, actually an LED matrix sign that is used on public transport systems.

    According to my redtop there is a risk that the "Beast from the East" will rear it's head this week. Looking at the synoptic charts there's a strong flow developing from the East mid-week with high pressure over Scotland. Make sure anything delicate is protected or under cover.