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    A matador was gored in the BUM by a bull after he stabbed it during one of Spain's first bullfights following the coronavirus lockdown.

    Leading bullfighter Enrique Ponce had stabbed the animal in an attempt to kill it at El Puerto de Santa Maria's bullfighting ring in southern Spain.

    Matador Enrique Ponce was stabbed in the bum by a bull

    Only in Spain could you call somebody Ponce and get away with it. ^^

    When it's working you just navigate the PC's shared media folders/files and play them through the TV directly. If the format is not supported the server can transcode the content on the fly usually to mpeg2 streams. This allows the TV to play, for example, rmvb and flash files.

    The servers can also stream web content to the TV with transcoding if needed.

    Although the TV can play media from a USB drive the file system has to be FAT32. That puts a size limit of 4.3Gbyte. I have an increasing number of hi-def files (1080p) that are much bigger so playing them directly from the PC is handy.

    I will take a guess that your problem lays with SMB on the PC side.

    That's something I've not pursued so thanks for the suggestion. It's going to be something really daft.

    Can't tell on the wireless. The TV and PC are both wired connections. The point is nothing should have changed. That was the whole reason for getting the same mobo and also putting in the original BIOS chip ( Which holds the MAC ) and forcing the IP to be the same. I went through all the CMOS settings to ensure that they were also the same. Apart from things like the boot sequence I had left them as the defaults on the original mobo so I checked that these were also at default. There was an odd minor difference which I corrected.

    The router does not have MAC filtering enabled.

    Sharing etc are fine. That stuff is all on the HDDs so changing the mobo shouldn't change that data. The files I can see play fine, I just can't see them all.

    XP isn't really that obsolete as embeded XP systems are still supported by Microsoft. Bear in mind that W7 is actually XP with a different skin. M$ just didn't want the punters to know that. With that being the case it's quite likely that W8 is also XP derived.

    The hospital I am booked into is in Penzance which would involve a car journey through two very bad traffic jams (it is the main route to Lands End), I have to be there at 11.40am

    The West Cornwall hospital is quite some way, probably about a mile uphill, from the railway station so you'll need to factor in either the bus or a Taxi. Both the bus station and the taxi rank are just outside the railway station.

    Sunny and pretty warm here at 27°C. Not going to beat June 25th.

    Edit: I've just done a quick search of this thread and you've said before that you use Serviio and can't use things like Plex because it won't run under Win95. And perhaps that is the real issue here, the OS is simply too old now??:/

    ( I'm not dude111 H will know who I mean) It's actually XP SP3. Both servers I have installed (Serviio and UMS) use Java and the version is up to date and has XP SP3 shown as a supported OS.

    The weirdness is it was all working perfectly until the Mobo went down. As I said I've sourced an idential Mobo and even put the original BIOS chip in. What was different is that the IP changed so I've forced that back to the original one in the router by assigning a fixed IP. The MAC is now the same as the original (because of the BIOS chip). The PC runs fine as do the torrents up and down. Copying and playing files over the wired network also are fine.

    The TV has a Home Network Media Server discovery and test routine. When I run it, it says that both servers are working fine and correctly reports the IP address of the PC, MAC and IP ports in use.

    The Media Servers show the Bravia TV as the renderer and have the correct model and IP address shown and report the file types supported.

    The TV has a home network media summary screen and it shows the first 9 files ( I selected video) it can get from the USB (if present) and the two servers. Any of these files play fine if selected.

    I can also send a video file from the server (UMS) to the TV ( Renderer) known as pushing the media and that also plays fine under the TV control.

    The one thing I can't do is to browse the media files on the shared drives from the TV's Media Player. Normally this shows the folders and the contents as thunbnails with the folder or file names below them. It does for the USB drive. Very frustrating.

    I tried leaving both running for a long while just in case there was some slow updating process taking place to no avail.

    It's going to be something really stupid.

    Spent the afternoon at my sisters inland and it was touching 30C. Still it was nice having roast chicken in the garden. Even if I did have to try and tidy up some plumbing and fasten the bog seat down where it was loose.

    Much better back on the coast at 25C

    No shit Sherlock.:rolleyes:

    I never take cold calls, always leave it to the answer machine on my public line. If it's my private line without one then you know it's a cold call by the two second silence. Time to put the receiver down.

    Cold callers at the door? That doesn't get opened either.

    I wonder how much traction this will gain and hope that those who refuse to pay know their rights regarding TVL bozoe's:

    They have no statutary right of entry and if accidentally admitted must leave the moment you tell them to.

    They have no right to inspect any equipment that you may or may not have.

    You do not have to answer the door to them or take phone calls from them.

    They may not deviate from the path from the boundary to your front door. (Applies to any stranger)

    Ensure that your name(s) are only on the private electoral register, then they don't know who lives at your address and they cannot prosecute "The Legal Occupier" Only by name.

    Ensure that any TV etc cannot be seen from the street.

    TV detector vans are a myth. The van exixts but it's empty.

    Link has additional information and several pictures. Original creator Roger Law heads up the production team.

    Loved the original but as we don't intend to subscribe to Britbox I hope it comes to Youtube or other source in due time.

    The PC runs Media server(s) using DLNA. The TV runs its own Media Player which communicates with the server(s) using DLNA. (It also plays content from attached USB devices)

    As I said above the TV also can access a limited number of server / USB files without using the player.

    This is a standardised way that various unrelated media devices can use a home network.

    This all worked a treat until the PC went down.

    At the moment I can see the TV accessing the server on the router as it compiles the new content list.

    Sony Bravia KDL42W706 Content list problem. ( I've added this so search engines can pick it up to be of use to others with the same issue.)

    I think I've sussed out my media server issue and it's not the servers or PC at fault:

    It would appear that the TV compiles a local file list, presumably with the graphic tiles it uses, of all the files (video, audio and picture) on the server. When the Mobo changed the IP and MAC changed as well. As far as the TV was concerned the PC was a different machine and the file list it had was no longer valid and needed to be completely recompiled as opposed to incrementally tweaked.

    What I didn't realise is this is a VERY slow process because of the tens of thousands of files involved. There weren't that many when I originally installed the server so I didn't see the delay.

    There are two ways the TV shows remote content: One is a brief view of the first 9 files it can see and the second is the fully interractive Media Player with its directory navigation of the shared folders with thumbnails.

    This morning I left the TV on with the PC and after about 30 minutes of "please wait, accessing server" the short form screen was showing files that were playable.

    I'll now leave both on and hopefully, eventually, the Media Player will have recompiled its file list and show the remote content.

    but extending it to over-50s was a step too far

    I'm sure Bryan will be along shortly to assure us it was his Bête Noire's idea.

    Ross Clark has a more realistic scenario in his comment column:

    I don’t know whose brainwave it was to target the over-50s, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it came from a breakout session among “teenage scribblers”, as former Chancellor Ken Clarke used to call them — political aides fresh out of college and bursting with their own self-importance.

    Bloody stupid idea that.

    They should be clamping down on crowded bars, beaches and illegal raves. That's where the greatest risk of a second wave is coming from IMO.

    Sunday Times link left for those who subscribe.

    The Papers are calling for immediate action to be taken against the politician..

    "Taking action" would of course immediatly identify the individual against whom the allegation is being made. No doubt a baying mob of reporters and keyboard warriors will then call for his/her head before any charge are made.

    Note to members: Please do not mention any name(s) you may come across until charges have been laid. After charges use the word "alleged" until a trial is held.



    Fury as church plans to rip out pews to so fat people can walk down the aisle

    "Human form of today":rolleyes:

    The gut buckets.

    At least one chicken that's kept its head on.