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    Started clearing out the ivy and the nest is completely empty. I think I'll keep it clear from now on so they won't be tempted to try again. Can't see that a cat could have got to it so I still think magpies, especially as they were hanging about first thing and I could hear a blackbird giving its alarm call.

    Keep the cats and foxes away from them Heero, if you can. You're lucky having them in your garden.

    Looks like somethings had them. There's lots of downy feathers on the patio together with some adult feathers. Probably the magpies.:(

    No sign of the adults at the nest.

    Oh well at least I can now cut back the ivy.

    If you look at the product information in the link it actually says freezer and microwave proof. (I didn't know that before)

    Going to griddle some Lidl's rump steaks later, (Currently on promotion: Two 28 day aged extra trimmed steaks 454g for £4.69) lightly seasoned with sweet smoked paprika. (La Chinata) I'll make some quick green peppercorn sauce: Ultra light mayo (You could use low fat Greek yogurt), onion granules, seasoning and of course freshly ground green peppercorns with the mortar and pestle.

    Traditionally this sauce is made with double cream but I find that too heavy and I make it using a white sauce base instead if I'm doing it "properly": Gently fry some finely chopped shallot and the ground peppercorns in a tsp oil, season, add 2 tsp flour and cook down a bit. Then slowly add milk until the desired consistency is achieved

    I'll also griddle some closed cup mushrooms and sliced onion. Served with oven chips, beer battered onion rings and peas.

    Story and pictures on link above. I wonder if the earth mooved for the bovines.^^

    In Europe the most common house numbering scheme, in this article referred to as the "European" scheme, is to number each plot on one side of the road with ascending odd numbers, from 1, and those on the other with ascending even numbers, from 2 (or sometimes 0). The odd numbers are usually on the left side of the road, looking in the direction in which the numbers increase.

    Looks like there is some convention to this.

    Full story, Video and pictures on link above.

    On the dishonesty, I said I never wanted to believe that she was dishonest, but it is hard to ignore the fact that she said multiple times we would leave on 29th March and we didn't.

    Just a serial liar. You can't believe a word she says. Failed Home Scretary and failed PM. That will be her "legacy"

    If A50 get revoked look to Nigel Farage's Brexit party for salvation since none of the others actually want to leave the EU.

    Something I noticed recently and wondered if it's true across the land:

    On streets that run East / West the even numbered houses are on the South side. For streets that run North / South the even numbered houses are on the East side. Every where round me that seems to be true.

    Is that the case in your neighbourhood?

    That's one way of detering the in-laws. ^^

    Story and pictures on link above.

    Transcoded file plays fine so I'll process the others. TV seems happiest with the mkv container. It can play mp4 and avi but it's somewhat inconsistent as codec support in these containers is not full. The mkv container handles subtitles better than others, useful with the animé shows and films I like, often the speech is only Japanese with English subs available.

    Full story on link. If it's as well made as GOT and big budget should be a belter.

    I didn't get round to starting off some seedlings this year so I've directly planted some parsley and corriander in my herb planter. Covered with bubblewrap to help them germinate. I've also planted the remaining Impatiens seeds in a tray and also covered with bubble wrap. Both placed in a sheletered position outside. Garlic chives and tarragon have overwintered so have a head start.

    Blackbird male is still bringing food to their nest in the ivy. Looked at me most suspiciously.:)

    We were going to start on GOT season 7 yesterday but the files are not in the correct format for the TV and the media server was transcoding on the fly from MP4 to M2TS (BluRay MPEG2). Unfortunately the poor old PC couldn't keep up so they kept stuttering.

    I'm running the first one through Handbrake today and putting it in an mkv holder: x264 video and AAC sound. I'm sure the TV plays this native. When you're short of processor power the old maxim: "Do not do at run time what you can do at compile time" rings true. Handbrake reports that it will take about 7 hours to re-code it. If that's OK I'll queue the rest up in Handbrake and just leave the PC on.

    Started to get a error message on my boiler a few weeks ago which has showed up a few more times since, so there is a problem with it, but London plumbers have a standard answer to any problem, "you need a new boiler." At £2000 plus, it's no cheap option, but every plumber that's come to my house so far has said this.

    Have you tried googling the code together with the make of the boiler?

    I'm no expert but if the core is sound (no leaks) then other parts should be available to make a repair if the manufacturer is still in business. No doubt it's one of these modern condensing units. There are very few moving parts, mainly the gas control valve, water pump and the fan.

    Defrosted a couple of steak-in-ale pies for our evening meal. I freeze these in their ceramic dishes. Some ready rolled puff pastry lids to complete. Served with oven chips, beer battered onion rings and peas. Pub grub.:)

    I take every individual as I see them, but I still think we're all tribal at heart and prefer that what's most familiar to us. That maybe wrong now and illegal, but human nature won't change.

    I think many people feel the same. However I would be more concerned if devout Muslims moved in next door than non-whites.

    If she'd just let the clock run out on the 29th of March, shrugged her shoulders and said "I tried". We wouldn't be in this stupid mess and neither would she.

    This debacle is totally of her own making and will be her legacy as Cameron's is of his.

    Looks like justice has caught up with our David:

    Only banned under the totting up preceedure. Still with his money he can afford a chauffeur 24/7.:rolleyes:

    I still think using a mobile while driving should be an automatic 6 month ban.