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    My banana palm that had the flower is rotting inside. I've had to cut it down to almost ground level to get a core that is solid. Hopefully it can now regrow from there as the other pup did.

    On a positive note there are still three others growing away now, one about 10 ft tall, then 3ft and finally 2ft. At least I have some stems despite the beast from the East.

    Thought this might be worth a look. We spent half an hour with our sides splitting. It's SO funny. 6:30 on Saturday evening. ITV1.

    Bringing you the funniest moments from Japanese TV and game shows.:thumbup:

    They should junk the rest of the Saturday schedules and just show this.

    Trump just has a problem with women, or maybe vice versa :/

    Glad to hear him put in words what so many of us think.

    Interestingly on R4 Today programme their correspondant noted that Trump's press secretary wanted to stop the interview with the Sun's correspondant Ton Newton Dunn after the alotted 10 minutes but Trump overruled her and continued for another 20 odd minutes in which he made the Boris comment.

    Sun interview link

    Time to give this thread a bump. Here's a start to something I was toying with but have yet to develop. It's a cross-over. For those not familiar with this genre it's taking the characters from one situation and throwing them down in another.

    I've taken the Gundam Wing characters and dumped them in the Prince Peter chronicles space. This is all there is at the moment but I'm very happy with the opening:

    Some of their income is derived from the UK, so our law should apply to them.

    IANAL but I don't think that making money in a foreign country necessarilly makes you subject to their laws.

    There's also the subject of enforcement, unless facebook have some tangible assets in the UK there's no lever than can be applied. Even then they could decide to forfeit them to maintain their independence.

    I also remeber a recent case where an English court placed an injuction on English newspapers not to print a scandal story, yet Scottish and international newspapers were free to run the story and also on their websites and the English court had no power to stop them.

    I would't be at all surprised if Facebook refuses to pay the fine. Give regulators an inch and they'll take a yard

    Facebook is outside the regulators jurisdiction so it has no need to pay the fine and can thumb it's nose at the UK regulator.

    An analogy would be like the UK courts trying to fine the New York Times for a defamatory article on the UK.

    It's a different world to when we had one black and white TV channel, one state radio broadcaster and most news was in papers in the cornershops.

    Then the government could control what you knew, now they can't. The genie is out of the bottle but some people refuse to accept it.

    She says the 1st referendum was 'too complicated' for us peasants, but we should have a referendum on the final deal!

    If the first one was too complicated the second one will be even more so as May's plans have never been tried before whereas we already trade under WTO rules with many other countries.

    Article 50 has been invoked so remaining in the EU is not an option, therefore the only question that could be put in a second referendum would be May's plan, potentially watered down by the EU, or leave and trade under WTO rules or any special agreement(s) that can be made with theird parties which is the much simpler option IMHO

    I've finally got the temperature controller correctly configured to run the fridge. I went to the manufacturers web site and downloaded the concise comissioning manual for the product. I designed large chunks of it: Most of the hardware and chunks of the firmware a few years ago but funnily I've never comissioned one and the only manuals I have are for it's predecessor and the set-up screens were changed on the revised product as extra features were added and some setups automated.

    I have the controller set for on/off operation with +/-0.4C hysteresis around a set point of 5.0C with the sensor on the middle shelf of the fridge. Seems to be working a treat.

    I've got a load of stuff to cut up, bag and get down the dump. My composters are full to overflowing. Penalty of not doing much over the last couple of years as other things have been needed doing.

    4 big sacks to go this morning plus some larger branches. We have to empty the sacks at the dump as no plastic is allowed in the garden waste dumpsters. Still I've reduced one pile to some small dregs. One other pile to chop up and some order maight be achieved.

    Found a new use for my bug gun: Shooting cabbage whites that are intent on laying eggs on my nasturtiums. They're pests anyway so I don't feel that guilty about shooting a butterfly.

    Been running a while now and the inside is down to about 6C. Compressor body has settled around 58C which is no great temperature.

    Fishing about to get the bits together for a jury rig.

    My small chest freezer struggles in this sort of weather and I have added a small fan that helps keep the compressor cool. It doesn't have an external radiator but uses the whole body to get the heat away so the outside is quite hot at the moment. It's just holding -18C inside but I don't think the compressor is getting much slack.

    I've sussed the fridge: I tried cleaning up the starter relay and shorting out the thermal switch but it still only ran a short while. I've now bridged the thermostat connection and it run continuously and is getting nice and cold inside.

    I've got a 1/16th DIN size (48x48mm bezel) digital temperature controller that can be configured as a simple thermostat so I'll press that into service for the moment. I need to find the manual for it though. :/ There's a lot of settings.

    I doubt that I can get an exact replacement for the thermostat so it'll probably have to be either a generic part or something that can be persuaded to fit.