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    Scary stuff, best to be sure and just blast it.

    The novelty of seeing the sea wore off soon after moving here and now we don't even bother with it

    Having lived in Worthing since I was 9 the novelty of being by the sea has paled. Can't even remember the last time we actually went down to sit on the beach or have a swim. I think if the shore was sandy rather than shingle we might go more often but parking on a good day is fraught.

    I wonder how much of this flooding is down to modern farming methods

    I would think a fair amount. When I was a schoolboy they taught us in Geography thet farmers would "contour plough" to prevent rain from washing down the hillsides. They don't seem to do this anymore round here: Just go straight up and down. It's causing quite a lot of soil erosion and exposing the underlying chalk.

    Another culprit is the mania for converting front gardens into parking lots. When it rains instead of the water soaking into the ground it runs straight into the street and thence the drains and rivers. You're supposed to put a grill drain leading to a soakaway but few seem to.

    On the rain radar today it looks like the Midlands is getting a respite. More rain is forecast for tomorrow, coming in from the south again. It'll depend where the fronts get stalled as to who gets a deluge.

    Doesn't look good, thursday 12:00

    BTW the black line with the dashes on is a convergeance line.

    Boris seems to be doing well now:

    Not surprising when Labour declare war on hard pressed motorists:

    Jeremy Corbyn plans a war on motorists — forcing them to slash 60 per cent of trips within ten years.

    An internal Labour party paper reveals punishing new measures to slash road use.

    They include huge hikes in fuel duty and company car tax, mandatory road pricing and charges to park your vehicle at work.

    Reducing motorway speed limits so cars go slower and pollute less is also proposed and all planned road improvements will also be binned.

    Another stab in the back for the economy.

    Rained all night and is still cool and overcast. Everything is turning green :).

    It's amazing how nature can bounce back with a bit of rain. Unfortunately in Yorkshire they've had rather too much and there are floods everywhere. A farmer on the radio this morning was saying that his 1,000 acres was inundated to between 6 and 10 feet all over and that although he has no crops in at the moment it will be at least a year for the ground to recover enough for tillage and planting.

    At least where we are it never floods as the water carries on downhill.

    Sunny and cold this morning.

    Dont they realise there is no oxygen, no air to breathe???!!!!

    With solar energy oxygen can be made from water (with hydrogen as by product) That's why the discovery of water *could* allow people to live on Mars. There are of course a myriad of other issues like solar and cosmic radiation to be addressed.

    So are all different techs set to the one channel (52 in your case) or do you have say 52 for Cable, 58 for DVD and Freeview just forwards on whatever frequencies are used in your local area?

    The DVD doesn't have a specific RF output, when in standby it re transmits the input SCART (from the Cisco box) to the output SCART. When a DVD or HDD recording is playing back it substitutes that for the cable channel. The DVD to TV is component video (RGB) and L+R sound. Ouputs 576p here whilst outputting interlaced 576i on the SCART. Don't you just love Sony kit.

    Nigel Farage has said the Brexit party will not field any candidates against the Conservatives in the 317 seats they won at the last general election, after Boris Johnson committed to leaving the EU by 2020 and pursuing a Canada-style trade deal.

    Farage said his party’s climbdown came after months of trying to create a leave alliance with the Tories, but it was time to put the country before the party and make a “unilateral” move.

    As he spelled out his general election strategy, Farage said he had concluded that if the Brexit party had stood a candidate in every seat it could split the vote and usher in dozens of Liberal Democrat MPs and, in turn, create the circumstances for a second referendum.

    That'll make Boris' day but must spell real trouble for Labour in leave voting constutuancies.

    RF stands for Radio Frequency doesn't it? What do they actually do and why would you want one?

    I've seen RF modulators mentioned for years, in a TV context, though less so recently, and I'm curious.

    RF is Radio frequency and ours is set to channel 52. This is commonly the one used by VCRs etc.

    Our house is wired in each room with a TV antenna outlet fed from a distibution amplifier/splitter. The modulator converts the SCART signal to one that feeds these sockets this is combined with the Freeview signals from a loft antenna and the DVD recorder output.

    Nowadays people tend to have multiple TIVO or V6 setups but historically you only had one STB.

    Looks like VM are starting de-commisioning the Cisco VHD boxes from the end of this month. Just had an offer through to upgrade to a TIVO FOC with the advice that the Cisco box will start to lose functions progressively.

    We don't really need the recording function, just not enough stuff that we want to watch, but at least the TIVO still has a SCART type output as well as the HDMI so we can continue with the DVD recorder and RF modulator setup.

    I never had any cassette problems but the secret was keeping the pinch-wheel clean and the heads de-magnetised. I recently refurbished my Akai Hi-Fi cassette deck, posted elsewhere here, this has Dolby so the sound is pretty good. Not as good as my Akai reel-to-reel with Dolby at 7 1/2 inches a second.

    So much for it being BritBox, more like censor box.:rolleyes::thumbdown: It Ain’t Half Hot Mum won't be on the service either and I don't think anyone could ever consider that offensive.

    Hardly a surprise with political correctness infesting every aspect of that broadcasters output. Even their interpretation of HG Welles War of the Worlds is stuffed full of it.

    I remember copying the top 40 off the radio, and stopping the recording before the announcer spoke, or rather trying to

    Oh how we thought we were so high tech savvy :D

    I remember the efforts we went to to get a "clean" recording without the DJ idiot blabbing over the start or finish. What we didn't know at the time was that the copyright holders insisted that they did that so we couldn't get a clean recording.:cursing: