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    That's what ten years of Tory government will do

    A government that has invested more in the NHS over the decade than Labour promised to. (So had it been a Labour administration the situation would have been even worse)

    The fact is that too many people make too many trivial demands on the NHS and that devalues the service for those that really need it.

    I guess the unexpected success of the Mandalorian has caught the producers on the hop.

    Full story and pictures on link above.

    Dan Wootton's piece in the Sun today hits the nail on the head:

    Worth reading for his comments on Monday's Newsnight.

    He's not against the BBC per se but it needs to refocus and downsize to be more relevent.

    Warning! Graphic video and pictures

    This looks much more serious than the Chinese are admitting to.


    Seven million people in Huanggang, which is 45 miles away, have been told not to leave after there were confirmed cases.

    Suspended transport services have been put into effect in the smaller cities of Chibi, Xiantao, Zhijiang, Qianjiang, Xianning, Huangshi and Enshi.

    In Zhijiang city, all public venues have been shut down except hospitals, supermarkets, farmers' market, gas stations and drug stores, Hubei Daily reported.

    Indoor entertainment venues in Enshi city have also been shut down, it said.


    So they landed in London and have been who knows where and ended up in a Glasgow hospital.

    If they have the virus it'll be running rampant soon.

    Time to get those surgical masks on.=O

    Sounds like the right man to do the review.:thumbup:

    Don't really need the speed that FTTP would give. The home network is only made with 100T components so the free upgrade that VM are rolling out to 50 and 70mbs customers to 100mbs is all we can use unless we upgrade the whole network. 1080p streams without buffering even now and I can't see us getting a 4K TV until the Sony Bravia goes belly up. If it's like the other Sony kit it'll probably last for ever.

    My poor sister says that she can't even watch Youtube without it buffering and stuttering.

    It's the trans-Pennine routes that need investment. Not shaving a few minutes of the commute to London for the rich.

    Back to topic:

    Full story and pictures on link.

    Looks like a lovely place Heero.

    She lives just outside the main village, right in the country though at times she says she would like to move back to Worthing. Her internet is total crap as she's on the end of miles of overhead lines. She was quite envious of our (lowly) 70mbs service.

    Took a timeout today to go and visit my sister in Blackboys (East Sussex) and have a very nice roast chicken lunch. She needed some advice on some plumbing issues with a DS washbasin in the DS toilet.

    No real problems. I just need to take some pipe bits and bobs up there and reconnect the stuff the "plumber" disconnected. Looks like he was making some "work":rolleyes:

    Never understand why you leave it so late to fleece it up Heero, but entirely your business of course. If it were me, I would've covered it up by October at the latest.

    Because fleecing up runs the risk of damp getting in the crown and rotting the whole thing. I wait and monitor the outside temperature and the forecasts. I also know that they can take a -2C (short) frost so until that happens they stay unwrapped. So far we've not had anything below zero. They're still pushing out new leaves in the crowns at the moment.

    The seats are comfy but too squashed together

    On our electric Southern region trains there's plenty of room as pairs of seats face each-other on each side of the central aisle often with a small table in-between. The train doors are big double sliding units four per coach ( two each side) and user operated by a push button inside and out.

    Some pictures: Class 377

    But I've been on GWR trains (Sprinters) where they're like being on a coach. Horrid. Mind you that's better than the Pacers up North: A shotgun marriage between a time expired Leyland coach and a couple of coal wagons.

    Don't forget there are legit reasons for owning a gun over there other than defending oneself against other humans. They have bears, mountain lions and other animals that can attack and maul a human.

    Quite right for those that live in wild regions where a hunting rifle or hand gun are probably a necessity.

    I think the main issue is the possession by normal individuals of high powered automatic weapons designed to kill as fast as possible as many targets as possible.

    Fortunately it's their problem not ours.