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    This was discussed in the business section of the Today programme this morning on R4 and the main causes are the slump in diesel sales, especially large SUV's due to the emissions scandal and a significant fall in demand from China. Nothing to do with Brexit.

    There's also this:

    UK sales dropped by 14%, likely impacted by recent changes in Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) rates, which substantially increased rates due on cars costing more than £40,000. This sales decrease prevented an improvement on European sales compared with the first quarter of 2016.


    This cutesy toy will actually poop out glittery slime when you feed it special unicorn food.

    And if you are worried about getting unicorn glitter poo all over your carpet on Christmas day, the toy comes with it's own potty to keep the mess contained.

    Poopsie Unicorn Surprise comes in four colours and will be available for £49.99 from August.

    At Amazon now.

    Click link for full story.

    Just the ticket for prime time Saturday evening. :S

    Looks like my busy lizzies from seed have succumbed to whatever kills them. The leaves have gone yellow and started to fall off or go rotten. We had a couple of rather cool nights (~8C) but I can't believe it was that as my Mediterranean hibiscus is fine as are the red busy lizzies from B&Q.

    At least they did well while it was hot so I'll try some more next year.

    rear-lly silly

    Fashion Nova releases £33 ‘Nothing Left to the Imagination’ bum-flashing trousers – and people think they are hilarious

    People have claimed the model wearing the trousers even looks embarrassed.

    YOU can't deny these trousers do what they say on the tin...

    Called "Nothing Left To The Imagination Pants", they really do leave nothing to the imagination...

    What is it with women and the cult of the huge backside?:rolleyes:

    Click the link to see some really silly trousers.

    The media pages in my red top were speculating that as BB and CBB have such large although declining audiences that another commercial channel is bound to pick up the format. So I don't think you've got rid of it that easily.

    As for TOWIE I watched a few minutes once and thought how shallow they are.

    Britain doesn't even know if it can Remain, under the same terms as before.

    I think that would be pretty unlikely as the EU will want to punish the UK for even thinking about leaving as an example to any other EU country that might be thinking of leaving.

    Just look at the way the EU is bullying Hungary and the Greeks have already had a taste of it.

    What if the Scottish farmers complain again?

    Tough. Scotland wants all things EU they will have to "suck it up" as the phrase goes. Farming isn't regulated by the clock anyway: Cows don't suddenly want milking an hour earlier or later just because some device says so.

    El Gov could always devolve clock setting. :/

    This is truely appaling behaviour where children are being abused. It's typical of the radical left attack dogs though and they are in the ascendency with Labour under control of the Corbynistas. Can you imagine the chaos in the country if ever that rabble got into power?

    If there were police there arrests should have been made.

    I'm not a big fan of cats especially when I go out to the garden in the morning and see the damage.

    More of a dog person but I don't want the responsability.

    As Nigel suggests make sure it's not already got a keeper if you can. Cats do seem to vary from the tiny scrawny ones right up to candidates for the "Beast of Bodmin"

    Elsewhere it has been suggested that cats chose their keepers rather than the other way round.

    Maybot's plan would still need to get through parliament even IF the EU go for it after it's been further watered down. Labour will vote it down because they want to defeat the government and provoke a GE. Brexiteers will vote it down because it stays in the EU in all but name. She doesn't have the numbers to pass it as far as I can see.

    A defeat like that probably would cause her to resign.

    I quite like the idea of BST+1.

    That's my preferred option. I know it means very dark mornings in winter, especially if the clocks remain on CET, but the compensation of long summer evenings. Farmers and the building trade complain but they don't keep to the clock anyway.

    Silly money for a gadget made in a Chinese sweatshop. But like football fans there are people that are so addicted to their chosen fix that they'll pay any amount of money for it even to the detrement of their family. They're very sad people who really need help. Maybe there's an app for it.:rolleyes:

    I do have a mobile: Samsung Tocco lite, bought several years ago for £60 including £10 PAYG sim. It does all I need from a phone plus there's a decent camera. I have no desire to get a "better" one. It does have a browser, e-mailer, FM radio and can play music and videos but I hardly ever use these features.

    Afraid I can't help you there Horizon. I like to actually go to the supermarket and pick out what I want. Doesn't matter so much with prepacked product but I like to visit the reduced shelves to pick up bargains. I go when it's not busy though.

    Sainsbury's keep giving me vouchers for their delivery service but the catch is you need to spend over £60 (excluding spirits). I prefer to shop little and often, plus it's handy that the pub just happens to be on the way.:saint:

    It was a colourful metaphore if not in the best of taste. Serves to forcefully make the point about Maybot's plan, to stay in the EU in all but name, is a complete betrayal of the referendum vote.

    One wonders if this Damascene conversion has more to do with a leadership shot than an actual change of viewpoint. Time will tell I guess.

    I guess they're as much "tools of the trade" as a carpenter's chisels. ^^