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    that kid and the school strikes

    These same kids that expect to be driven everywhere in their parents gas guzzlers, be toasty warm in the winter and go flying away to foreign holidays. They don't seem to realise that they are part of the problem that they protest about.:rolleyes:

    I had no idea you get a keyboard with a smart one

    Mine if you hold it normaly you get the normal numeric "text" buttons, rotate it horizontally and you get a QWERTY keyboard when composing a text Then there's an alt keyboard of the numbers and other special characters. Really neat.

    I hate phones but for the business I had to have one so I went for a simple Samsung Tocco lite with a Vodafone PAYG card. The 3m camera is quite good and it can play music and videos. There is a browser and email client but I don't use them as PAYG data charges just eat up the credit. IIRC I only paid £60 odd with £10 PAYG credit loaded.

    It's small enough to slip in a back pocket. Unfortunately the display is starting to fail after many years of use so it looks like I'll need to look at a new one soon.

    Bibbles good advice there.:thumbup:

    Climate change may well drastically reduce the number of people on the planet directly. That's the Gaia Earth spirit acting to restore the natural balance.:)

    They never mention the elephant in the room: Too many people for the planet to support even if everybody stopped using fossil fuel and ate quinoa and beansprouts instead of meat and fish.

    I do hope they can get Laurence Fishburne as well as the others. Be interesting where they take the story.

    Apple also made a surprising admission, rather than spending a few billion dollars on content which they'd originally announced, they're actually spending several and could in time be a serious competitor to Netflix if that amount is sustained,

    Well they do have $squillions in the bank. Makes sense to invest some of that to ensure that their TV service gets off with flying colours.

    Gotta room for another Heero?

    Two bedrooms but one is my study and workshop.

    My sister liked the food. I did this dish as she and her then Moroccan boyfriend ran a Moroccan themed restaurant for a while. I wanted to impress.

    I'd done the rice dish a while ago and knew it was a goodie but the shanks was new. Meat was simply falling off the bone after 3 hours slow bubbling on the hob. Typical of North African and middle eastern dishes the flavours are quite subtle and fragrant.

    The recipe was for doing it in a low oven but I feel in better control with it on a diffuser on the hob. You can see what's going on through the glass lid of the pan. Probably uses less energy too.

    We were both pretty full after that and just had room for some Sainsbury's TTD lemon curd ice cream. Super.

    When I was a kid (I was once, honest) I used to rave over lemon curd sandwiches. Happy memories.:)

    My sister's coming for lunch today so special food: Slow cooked Harissa lamb shanks with Persian pilaf rice. The shank recipe suggests couscous but I don't like the texture hence the rice dish.

    Lamb shanks have shallots, garlic, harissa, dried apricots, chickpeas, cinnamon stick and stock. Recipe from a Sainsbury's slow cookbook.

    Persian pilaf has Basmati rice, tomatoes, onion, fresh ground cardamom pods, turmeric, raisins and pine nuts. Fresh coriander from my herb planter to garnish.

    Mine was well overdue but was fairly quick. I put a fan on the top to blow room air into the cabinet. Cleared in just over the hour. I did "peel" off the frost layers as they came loose.

    I put the contents in a large insulated box and wrapped the rest in blankets. Got it mostly back in the same places as it was originally placed so I know where things are. My inventory indicates roughly where things are to minimise the amount of digging. The more frequently I use things the higher up they are.

    Freezer was quite light when empty so it was easy to put it in the kitchen-diner where I want it to be. Conservatory is not the place to put a freezer.

    not seen those posts on CF.

    There were no mods on site for about an hour. Damien drew the short straw to clear up the mess.^^

    Defrosting the small chest freezer today in order to move it from the utility room to the kitchen-diner. Found quite a few ice cubes that had found their way down to the bottom. Nice touch on the unit is a drain plug in the base so no wet towels.

    When are you hoping to start, presumably soon before the weather turns??

    I said to the builder mid September to start to hopefully get things closed in before the bad weather sets in but the conservatory may have to wait until spring. Looking at the moment the Autumnal storms have arrived on cue.

    Are you going for a flat roof?

    Well, lean to with a fairly shallow slope. This is to allow for a future covering in with polycarbonate roofing round the side of the house and adjacent garage to allow access without actually going outside.

    I'll take plenty of pictures and create a thread as the works proceed.

    How far into your garden will the new conservatory come

    It's going to be as far out as the utility room is now, the only "loss" is to one side which is already down to concrete. As to why a conservatory: I like the way the light floods in, an ordinary extension would mean quite extensive ground works and would be too closed in for me.

    Just had my local builder in measuring up to get some estimates/quotes for some work I want done. Hopefully not too expensive. End point is a 3mtr wide full height bi-fold door in the rear of the property (South facing) leading into an almost full width conservatory which will open onto the patio garden. The space will be amazing as that will be from the kitchen-diner which is half the ground floor area of the house, conservatory which is about half that area and the garden which is about the same as the kitchen-diner.

    There's some prep work that we need to do first like removal of a (non-supporting) chimney breast that I had converted into an arched alcove a while ago, finding new homes for the small chest freezer and dishwasher. The washing machine will stay in the new conservatory. Disconnection of various plumbing and isolating electrical circuits.

    Some speculation now that the chemicals had escaped from a sunken ship or dumped container:

    This may have been the cause of the mystery cloud along the cast at Birling Gap. More details of the ships on the link.

    LONDON (Reuters) - A majority of Britons believe Prime Minister Boris Johnson must take Britain out of the European Union “by any means”, even if that involves suspending parliament, an opinion poll conducted for the Daily Telegraph said on Monday.

    Johnson has promised to lead Britain out of the EU on Oct. 31 regardless of whether he manages to secure an exit deal with Brussels, despite many in parliament being opposed to leaving without a deal.

    A ComRes opinion poll showed 54% of respondents said they agreed with the statement: “Boris (Johnson) needs to deliver Brexit by any means, including suspending parliament if necessary, in order to prevent MPs (Members of Parliament) from stopping it.”

    People want the politicians to get on and deliver the referendum result.

    Worst case scenarios rarely happen because action is taken to stop them.

    This from my redtop today:

    Worth reading the rest of this piece on the link above.