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    We have just had Fibre optics laid in our estate with grey distribution boxes dotted around.. It's supposed to be for Virgin Media. Is it worth considering?. I read about numerous outages on the Virgin network. How reliable is it really ?.

    We're in one of the new fibre areas (Dunfermline) and have been connected for three years now. In that time we've had one outage for broadband (and that was the national one a few months back). I've been working from home for about a year and a half now and VM has been rock solid in that time (other than the aforementioned national outage). TV and phone have been fine also.

    My parents live in Dundee and are on the old style HFC network there. They've been connected since it went live there under Telewest/United Artists in the 90's and very few issues in that time (and believe me I'd know if something went wrong as I'm their "IT support desk" ^^ ).

    The only issue I have with VM is customer services on the rare occasions that I need to call (and if I do now I go through retentions for everything as they're UK based and do more than just retentions!)

    I can't remember what was on the V6 but the apps currently on 360 are (I'm in Scotland so don't have ITV Hub but I believe it's available south of the border):

    Al Jazeera

    BBC iPlayer

    BBC Sounds


    Deutsche Welle

    France 24



    Prime Video


    STV Player

    TV Upgrades


    VM Store

    Wall Street Journal

    You Tube

    Apart from All4 the only other streamers that seem to be missing, from memory, are PlutoTV (although some of its content is avaialble via My5) and MTV Play.

    Apparently they couldn't do cloud recording in the UK and RoI because of "rights issues" hence the rollout of boxes with HDDs.

    A lot of stuff is in the cloud though - you can scroll back through a lot of channels and start programs from the guide (C4 for example). It's definitely a cloud recording as you get the programme complete with the ads and the beginning of the following programme if you leave it running. It's not on all channels and the methods differ e.g. on C4 (and other C4 channels) you need to wait until a programme has finished broadcasting before you can watch it by scrolling back in the guide. On most others where the service is available you can choose to watch live or watch from the start (Ch5 for example).

    It's definitely not just another means of accessing the catch up services (except for BBC channels which push you to iPlayer) - it seems to be recorded content accessible from the guide.

    The recordings issue has been partly fixed since firmware version 4.29. You can now choose to recrord:

    • This episode only
    • From this episode onwards
    • All from series x only
    • All available episodes

    Can't say it's double recorded for us since the change.

    As for integration that you mentioned earlier - Prime is now fully integrated and has been since before Christmas. Netfix won't be as they (Netflix) now choose not to integrate into other platforms (it's documented somewhere in VM's forum but I can't find the thread at the moment).

    My5 is now on the platform as an app and a lot of All4 content is there just not the app yet (you can get the content from catch up and using the drop down to select All4).

    Edit: Found the thread https://community.virginmedia.…-Search/m-p/4483457#M1126

    You can only customise the channel order in a profile - the "shared" profile maintains the VM order. You can keep the VM order and numbering in your own profile if you wish by selecting "use default channels".

    As soon as you pick your own channels and channel order however it starts at channel 1 - you cannot renumber this to 101 etc. even if you keep all the channels in your profile (e.g. if you move C4HD to slot 4 from 141 the numbers will realign starting from 1)

    The system will wait for around a second when you input numbers (and yes, pressing OK will speed it up although it's pretty quick anyway). If you enter a number that isn't there it will tune to the next number that is (this applies to the shared profile too) so say you enter 60 and that's above the last in your favourite list the box will tune to BBC1 (assuming that's no. 1 in your list)

    Yes - you can set up profiles with your own list of channels. These are numbered in the order you put them (starting from 1) so, for example the start of my profile list is:

    1 BBC1 Scot HD

    2 BBC Two HD

    3 STV HD

    4 Channel 4 HD

    5 Channel 5 HD

    6 SKy1HD

    7 Sky Arts HD

    8 Sky Witness HD

    9 BBC 4 HD

    10 BBC Scotland HD


    You can move channels about your list but the channel number will change accordingly so, for example, if I were to move Eden to 6th in the list it would become channel 6 with Sky 1 moving to 7 etc.

    You can set profiles to be whatever you want - favourites list for people in the house or genres (say, movies, for example where you could put all your favourite movie channels)

    I don't know how this affects things but, on the new 360 boxes, the SD variants of all channels (except C4 but I assume this is outside London area only) that have an HD version have already been removed (no SD version at all if the HD version exists with the exception of C4) and the HD vesrion occupies the former SD slot. For example, here's the first part of the 360 EPG taken from my box:

    100. Virgin Media Showcase
    101. BBC ONE Scotland HD
    102. BBC TWO HD
    103. STV HD
    104. Channel 4

    105. Channel 5 HD106. E4 HD

    107. BBC FOUR HD108. BBC Scotland HD

    109. Sky One HD111. Sky Witness HD

    114. STV+1

    115. ITV2 HD

    116. ITV2 +1
    117. ITV3 HD
    118. ITV4 HD
    119. ITVBe HD
    120. ITVBe +1
    121. Sky Comedy HD

    123. Sky Arts HD

    The ITV Hub/STV Player app changes must be for the V6/TiVo platforms only just now as there have been no changes to the TV360 app line up - still only STV Player and no ITV Hub.

    ADSL was a technology used on BT's lines, Cable in the UK (to my knowledge) went from Dial-Up to DOCSIS, they were certainly running both when I got broadband at home, and I've had Cable a long time now, and broadband was the main selling point, though Starter TV for £2.50 in an area without a Freeview Relay Transmitter at the time certainly helped.

    I remember getting cable in Edinburgh when it was rolled out first (my parents in Dundee got it around the same time). The operator was United Artists which rebranded to Telewest. At that time it was only CATV and phone (we had a Jerold Impulse cable box). Dial up came along in about 1997/8 and Telewest offered a free second line to accomodate it. Digital arrived in our area in around 1999 and we had a Pace digital box. We moved to "broadband" in the early naughties (with a Motorola Surfboard modem)


    Not long after that we moved house to a non-cabled area (and moved to ADSL).. We're now back on cable with an FTTP connection as part of the Project Lightning build. Things have moved on somewhat from 2003 when we moved!!

    Media Boy on another forum has reported that Love Nature is to cease broadcasting on Virgin Media on 4 December, attributing the source of the information as ‘TiVo’.

    I have not picked up any corroborating evidence to support this and I wondered whether any whispers were circulating out there about this.

    If true, it may simply be that the programming will be carried on Virgin Ultra HD channel on extended hours. What do you guys think? Does the information sound credible? I would have thought the programming was quite popular, so I would be surprised if we were losing the programming.

    Or could it turn into a 4K channel in its own right? It's carried on Ziggo (also Liberty Global) in The Netherlands as a 4K channel.

    Just to be clear, unless there has been a change by VM in recent months, the main hardware for 360 is the V6.

    At some point, VM will withdraw being able to record on the boxes and at that point, the V6 will be "cut" in half (it's already two separate boxes connected together) and anyone who orders 360 in the future will get the top box only which will not have the hard drive in it, which is currently in the lower box.

    The only new hardware is the mini boxes and new routers.

    Just a wee correction! The main 360 is the same box as a V6 but it's not cut in half - it is exactly the same size as it contains the hard drive. The minis are the top half only though as they don't contain a hard drive and stream recordings from the main 360. (I have a 360 system with one main and two minis)

    Not sure if they'll give you two main boxes. I had three V6's on "Ultimate Oomph" before migrating to the 360 pre release "trial". These were replaced by one main and two minis.

    The reduced recording space didn't really affect us as we hardly used the space on one box let alone all three (got most of what we needed from catch up and on demand and tended to delete as soon as something had been watched but everyone's requirements are different!!).

    To counter some of the complaints, my experience of the box so far has been fairly positive - the interface is cleaner and it responds really quickly. The voice facility is something we're getting used to but it seems to add a lot of funtionality that isn't directly available on the remote ("Go back twenty minutes" for example). Having the HD channels as standard if they're in your package is also good. I don't have to keep swapping to HD when my wife has gone to an SD version - the SD versions don't even appear in the EPG (that may bother some who record the SD variant to save disk space but I've always preferred to have the higher PQ) as is the ability to order the EPG any way you like!

    Still a few teething problems which will apparently be addressed in future firmware updates.

    However if you're happy with the V6 solution I don't think 360 is being forced on anyone yet (apart from new customers?).

    SID 1307 Welcome has been added as a new service. Not many clues about this one. The EPG Genre is "Entertainment" and the provisional EPG channel number is 360. Not really an EPG slot that suggests what the service could be. Currently it is SDT only, so no NIT entries and a minimal amount of SDT data (no conditional access sections etc).

    I would hazard a guess that it's a welcome channel for the new 360 service which is due to fully launch soon (akin to the "Welcome" channel that used to be there for the V6).

    Well, Sky have given out information about these changes to their customers. After I said to someone that VM hadn't, the reply was that they didn't think that VM would need to as the PID's wouldn't need to be changed on cable as they have to be on satellite.

    Aren't PID's what the receivers use for locating the picture and SID's to locate the audio??

    May help with the acronyms!!

    From here:

    PID = packet identifier, a tag to be able demultiplex multiple so-called elementary streams (audio, video, subs) from a transport stream.

    PCR = program clock reference, the master clock

    PMT = program management table, lists all of the elementrary streams for a service

    TXT = teletext

    TSID = transport stream id

    ONID = orignal network id

    SID = service id, the program or service within the transport stream

    and here:

    • PAT (Program Association Table)
    • CAT (Conditional Access Table)
    • PMT (Program Mapping Table)
    • NIT (Network Information Table)

    I've just noticed this URL in my router logs, so maybe suggestiive of an IP based EPG for the 360?

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