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    It does show Trump's mindset though, that he thinks he's above everyone else and until/unless Biden has been proven to have dementia, we're stuck with him. Don't forget folks, we never got a trade deal out of Trump either, so I don't think either of them were pro UK, in that sense.

    Trump was out of office before we left the EU. We couldn’t do a deal because of this. Biden reckons he’s Irish so we’re screwed.

    You've got to laugh! Electric cars are more of a problem than they are worth. Woe betide any of these delegates if they want to use their vehicles to get to London before, during or after the summit. The cars will conk out well before Preston!

    This is why I am advocating hydrogen cars. It will be far easier to simply go to a fuel station to top up than have to search for a charging point and hang around while it charges.

    Here’s a good video of a journey from Scotland to London using EVs with people who know what they are doing. Bloody hassle and new phrase to the language “range anxiety”.

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    It has been stated that Russia definitely interfered with the Brexit vote. I hope this does not mean that 'Remainers' will now declare that the result of the referendum is null and void and we must re-join!

    The way that the EU leaders have behaved since we left, shows what petty, spiteful individuals they are. Surely no-one with any self-respect would want their country to be dictated to by such people? The current migrant crisis and the handling of the Covid virus also shows just how incompetent they are.

    They were only interested in two things from the UK. Firstly they liked taking our money and second they liked having political control over us. They really wanted us in the Eurozone as well but fortunately that never happened. It would have been almost impossible to Brexit if we had been in the Euro. Lucky escape I think.

    I remember the Leah Betts story and just did a Google to remind me of the facts - this comes up from the search...

    "Leah Sarah Betts was a young woman from Latchingdon, Essex, United Kingdom, who died shortly after her 18th birthday after taking an ecstasy tablet, and then drinking approximately 7 litres of water in a 90 minute period. Four hours later, she collapsed into a coma, from which she did not recover."

    Just for clarification 7 litres is 12.3 pints or 1.54 gallons. Clearly the Ecstacy drug had a devastating impact on the girls system but I would contend that anyone drinking that volume of water in 90 minutes is likely to be in trouble, that is not far off the same as drowning.

    People have aright to peaceful protest.

    A protest that has no impact will receive no publicity. What are you not seeing on these protests? Let me tell you - people of colour, minorities etc. This is all middle aged/elderly white people - why? Because this is the socially acceptable face of protest, but they are clever, they are well organised, they know the law and they are waiting for the right opportunity to strike out legally against somebody who will eventually lose it and seriously assault one of their kind. The chances are they are good friends with the judiciary and are well connected. Apparently one of the road blockers is the wife of the chairman of TfL...these are not random well meaning idiots.

    Throwing money we haven't got at it won't work either. The population is far to large and far to old. The NHS was never designed to cope with todays needs,

    That's what you get when you tell people to stop smoking and drinking, eat healthily, take exercise and get monitored regularly for illnesses that traditionally kill people. They live longer, take bigger dips out of their pension pot and eventually become a burden to society when they have lived much longer than they should. Who could possibly have seen this coming down the tracks? Three score years and ten is what we are supposed to do but many people are living well beyond that now, blocking housing stock, burning inheritances in social care costs and equity release schemes and clogging hospitals. Whatever the NHS saved in not having to treat smoking related illness has been lost elsewhere in looking after the elderly with age related illness and associated decline.

    That isn't true. A private company would be far more likely to reduce management. For a start, they wouldn't have a diversity manager, or a manager in charge of equal opportunities etc etc. I spent my life in management, and believe me, the directors were looking at ways to cut us back. I don't believe in a fully privatised NHS, but what we have at present doesn't work, so possibly a combination of the two may help. Going back to what I said prior, the NHS could manage better if there wasn't so many people using it

    It won’t be a private company running the NHS it will be a for profit contractor winning a management contract, the old government owned contractor operated model. This means much more management as that is what is being paid for. Lots of service level agreements, lots of monitoring and reporting, mainly into how to cut front line staff to maximise profits.

    Not to mention the fact they have too many managers all tripping over each other. A privatised service would sort that out pretty quickly, creating huge savings, part of which could go into improving services and part to be retained as profit. The apportionment of that should be agreed as part of the contract, so it would be legally enforceable.

    Privatisation means more management not less. Plus a government side compliance office to monitor everything plus the regulator.

    Even worse most of the cash pumped in will leave the UK and go to the home nation of whoever gets the contract which for sure won’t be a British company.

    We already subsidise the French energy market with our inflated prices for EdF or the Germans for nPower or trains with Arriva. Why would we want to do the same for the NHS? It is poor value for money and just plain stupid.

    I disagree. Privatisation is the answer, but it needs to be managed properly.

    The competition can be provided by awarding contracts in geographical areas or for individual hospitals, GP surgeries, etc and selection of companies through a tendering process.

    The NHS is not working in its present form. It is too big, unwieldy, inefficient and bureaucratic and customer satisfaction is declining.

    Regions, areas etc. all sounds like the franchise model. Or maybe these entities could be called NHS Trusts 😉

    This also runs the risk of the individual franchises not offering a universal service forcing postcode lottery medical care just like we have now.

    The NHS is a public service, not a business and it is adequately funded. The problem is the people that manage the NHS do not spend the money sensibly. Perhaps it is time to let the doctors run the NHS again and ditch the professional managers?

    Ah Ron, You have to remember that this country is polluted by Loony left Snowflakes. They kick up a stink if anybody suggests that other countries actually produce more polution than we do. We, as a country, are not hard enough on people who disrupt the lives of decent people going about their lawful business. Would China or Russia put up with those climate activists ? No Way, they would come down hard.

    We would expect the law to be on the side of the law abiding citizen. The trouble is, it isn't or doesn't appear to be.

    I suspect she has landed herself in hot water and will be arrested and charged in due course. Various motoring offences have been committed and all caught on camera. The woman is toast. Probably 3 year ban and 6 months jail time I would guess plus a huge fine. Taking the law into your own hands is not allowed. Much different from breaking the law.

    It is a fact that non state run businesses are much more efficient as the amount of bureaucracy is much less. A more efficient NHS would be able to treat more patients for the same amount of expenditure.

    This isn't really true for public bodies that are put into private management. A private organisation thrives (or dies) on competition. An NHS placed into private management would not function as a private organisation, it would operate as a public body with a for profit management system and shareholders to satisfy. The costs would escalate, the diversity of services would diminish to only those that were profitable and with time the parent company would extract more and more profit whilst providing the contractually acceptable bare minimum service. The principle point being that there is no competition for customers so there is no drive to be efficient or offer a great service. The service would be what was specified by the contract and the fees for providing it would be fixed including the profit element, the management company would drive efficiency by cutting costs (staff) to the bare minimum and then paying the least they could get away with for those that remain. The service would crumble but we the tax payer would still pay for it from our taxes, probably more than we are paying now.

    The same model was applied to the railways with the letting of franchises, the companies just screwed all the profit they could out of the system and the service went to pot and was taken back into government management in a few cases and eventually they all will be now.

    Privatisation is not the answer.

    The NHS needs to sort out it's Wokery and wastefulness. The Diversity and Inclusion Hires are a clear example that the NHS has wandered far from its mission. The video below gives lots of interesting and amusing examples...

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    Well said Jeremy. We stopped watching it several years ago as it was going wokey. It really lost it when the introduction said it was from (insert place) and then failed to feature anything from that place in the entire programme!

    Clarksons Farm was brilliant. Yes there was some typical Clarkson pissing about thrown in but in the main it was a serious look at the daily struggles of farming in Britain done in Clarksons style which I find entertaining and irreverent.

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    The other side of the coin is that instead of putting all our money and effort into prisoners and prisons is to put that money and effort into society and clean up society so nobody has to commit the crime in the first place.

    They are doing in this in parts of the USA at the moment. They have just stopped arresting and prosecuting and as a result nobody goes to prison but I don't think you would call it cleaning up society. This is what you get when you are stupid enough to defund the Police. Of course, they are calling it organised retail theft to give it a veneer of something bigger but in reality it is a bunch of independent scumbags just helping themselves because they know that things have degenerated so far they can please themselves. As a result the companies impacted are just closing their stores and moving elsewhere. In this instance it is Walgreens a large pharmacy chain, a company on which many locals desperately rely for their medications etc.

    Walgreens San Francisco

    Despite Jenny's resignation from this forum her posts on this subject from about a year ago and the ensuing conversations might be useful to include if the mods have the super powers to retrieve them and possibly include them in this thread. As you can imagine Jenny was not a fan of incarceration and I was more of a throw away the key and give them punishment beatings kind of guy.

    My view on prison is that I have no interest in rehabilitation. Prison should be about punishment and if hardened and persistent criminals keep returning to prison they should be broken until they get the message. Prison is about hard time, wasted time, time to regret, time to reflect....lots of time. I don't give a flying f*ck about their boohoo sob story, right is right and wrong is wrong, we all know the difference but some just take advantage and hope to get off lightly and most do.

    We need to build more prisons, the government is sitting on lots of surplus land. We need to introduce hard labour and forced labour especially so for nonces who should have to survive in general population. Also, all cultural and religious rights should be suspended and a single regime and diet for all inmates should be introduced. All inmates should have to survive in the same environment, they will soon level themselves out and a natural order will be found and any socially unacceptables will be doubtless found dead and weeded out of the system via natural justice. In short prison should be a terrible place that nobody would want to go to.

    Clearly there needs to be something for released prisoners to do and as most employers won't touch an ex-con the government will need to provide work so external work houses with board and lodging in exchange for vital work such a roads and drains and groundworking could be provided. As most released prisoners will be old anyway after serving their full sentences without parole they probably won't be able to work for long anyway but they are not likely to cause trouble either and that is all that matters in the end.

    I would be particularly keen to see jail time introduced for drug users and addicts as we need to clean this sh*t out of society. If there is no demand the dealers will go out of business. Even possession of a splif should get a mandatory 6 months inside. I really have no tolerance for the drugs thing, it is one of the prime drivers for our societal degeneration that we see going on at the moment.

    We have a current population of 66 million and rising fast, life is tough enough without having to deal with criminal scumbags. We need to be much tougher than we are right now, much tougher.

    I know, I'm just a big softy :)