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    A couple of unmanned RIB's purchased from a local seaside resort :P This could get interesting but I fail to understand how this will protect them if the switch is on land over in France. And why don't they have electricity lines run out to them from the UK if UK territory. Another interesting thing here is that Jersey is a Tax Haven so if there is no power how would this affect bank transfers.

    I thought that a good portion of the South of England received its energy from France. They could threaten to cut off the mainland if they really wanted to make a point. Another example of the feeble minded governments we have had to tolerate over the years allowing power supplies to fall under the control of other nations.

    I think it will be you who experiences their dying breath first so you will never see what transpires after that.

    As for "transition" to full blown conservatism, it's interesting to think that I should have done this by now, according to your beliefs.

    Approaching middle age..... property owner....... stable household.......... two graduate incomes.......... middle class upbringing..... privately educated........

    But as a member of the LBGT community you are overwhelmingly likely to be a rampant drooling fanatical lefty and that is exactly what you are.

    Also as a university graduate you are overwhelmingly likely to be a lefty as most are these days.

    Whilst there are a few Conservative LGBT types around they are few and far between and ostracised by the majority left wing LGBT types.

    So don’t be disingenuous with your false arguments.

    Right, if he chose to keep everything going (as I would) he would of received massive criticism. He is now being condemned from all corners for another lock down. If he had locked down when the Daft Party (Labour) had of suggested it, the economy would have been damaged even more, and he would have been criticized for bowing down to Sir Idiot. Let's face it Jenny, it didn't matter what he did, he would have been on to a loser.

    Let me get this straight, I am not a Tory, because as you well know my politics fall very right of that, however, regardless of who you vote for, or who the leader is, they would feel very punch drunk by now. Throughout all of this all you have manged to do is to condemn the government, but you still haven't told us what you would do?

    Lefties never tell you what they would do. They obtain their power through blaming others for messing things up. They then get power for a while and totally screw things up and then we get the right wingers back in to straighten out the mess during which time they receive endless criticism from lefties until they get power again and then the cycle repeats.

    If re-infection of this kind can occur, then the best way to ensure maximum levels of immunity is for an effective vaccine to be found.

    But since the second infection was significantly different from the first infection, there is no reason to think the vaccine would be effective for anything other than the specific infection it was devised to create immunity to.

    They say that you can only catch a cold once and each time you get a cold it is a different virus or strain from the previous. How many colds have you had in your life? Influenza deaths remain higher each week than for Covid but for some reason they are not a cause for concern even though there is an annual vaccine available for this. The logic for a lockdown for a disease which is less deadly than influenza is difficult to process. I wonder what the impact would be if we used track and trace and specific testing for influenza, we would find it everywhere all of the time with many people being asymptomatic or slightly unwell and some feeling quite unwell, much the same as with Covid, some will unfortunate expire due to being infected with either. As the virus continually changes no vaccine can be a one time shot, the influenza vaccine is only offered to vulnerable groups, others are expected to take their chances unprotected, for the overwhelming majority it isn't a problem. I don't see Covid as being significantly different. It's just another bug we have to deal with, keeping us all locked down is killing our immune system because we don't catch anything to keep the system topped up. Maybe this is the agenda? Make us all weak and then legislate to keep us permanently locked down to save us? What is this obsession with making life as long as possible?

    It's long known that the Democrats will scupper any US/UK trade deal. They could and would have done that anyway if the trade deal and brexit had happened and we had concluded a trade deal with the US. The deal would have gone to Congress for approval, a house that is currently Democrat majority. They have already stated they would reject any deal if brexit had impacted the GFA. So in all likelihood any deal we have with the US is reliant on one of two things happening. It either means we brexit without hurting GFA or Trump wins and takes control of Congress as well in which case it is game on.

    I think the US election is to close to call right now but if the Democrats win I cannot see Biden lasting much beyond the inauguration ceremony. I think Trump is far from out of it too so we'll just have to wait and see.

    You are probably right though in saying the final brexit deal will largely depend on who takes the Whitehouse. Who knew?

    Over to Armitage to tell us all how wonderful things are in Rainbows and Unicorns Land, and what do business leaders know about business anyway.......

    Why pick on me Jenny. I cannot see the future anymore than you. The piece you refer to is another opinion piece or actually a speculation piece because the people offering their views don't know the answer any more than me or you. Brexit is more than trade as you know but you only focus on that issue.

    As I've stated on here before, Brexiters would forgive Boris Johnson if he was caught with his hand down a schoolgirl's knickers.

    Actually no that would be unforgivable regardless of who may be doing the groping.

    I'm not the biggest Boris fan and it won't be the first time I have said as much in response to you. Clearly Boris has lost his mind slowly but surely as this year has passed, as has every other political leader.

    For me the biggest disappointment of the year if I can include the December General Election result in that is that I voted for a Conservative Government but didn't get one even though they won the election with a landslide. Clearly Labour remain unelectable but Boris needs to go anyway, I am sure you agree with that at least?

    I know you are married and have a daughter? Live and let live - if you are happy so am I.

    I agree Brexit is looking a bit of a pigs ear at the moment but I think it was always going to end up here at this time. Its where it finishes that matters not where it is right now. Still all in the air at the minute.

    No deal is almost a certainty which will have a massively detrimental effect on the economy

    Hundreds of thousands of jobs will be lost if no deal Brexit occurs

    The country is, in effect, being run by an unelected, sociopathic anarchist

    Cabinet appointments, and peerages, are handed out not on merit, but as favours to those loyal to the PM

    How about some supporting evidence?

    The government has a policy of letting children in poverty go hungry

    Can you point to the manifesto pledge or statute that mandates this?

    A footballer has become the conscience of the nation because our government is bereft of humanity

    People shouldn't have kids they cannot afford to feed. Maybe the parents could do something like, educate themselves, or divert their booze and fags money to food or maybe the women could keep their legs shut, that would be a good start. A little bit of personal responsibility goes a long way.

    Scotland is desperate to break away from the United Kingdom

    That has been the case made by the SNP since well before Brexit, you don't think they will ever cease their mission until they succeed do you?

    Northern Ireland is likely to follow suit and merge with the Republic

    The IRA will be pleased but the other paramilitary groups might start to kick off. I think the you are over-simplifying if you think the Unionists will accept that as a solutuion, especially as Ireland itself slips further into the woke mire.

    We have the worst record for Coronavirus deaths in Europe and the third largest in the world

    Well it all rather depends on the methodology used to report covid deaths and how honest you really are as a nation. I think it is fair to say that the UK has the most expansive covid death reprting methodology. It was stated in July when daily deaths were eprted as being around 420 that if we used the methodology that is operated in Spain we would only had had 28 deaths so trying to compare different nations death rates is a bit pointless. Even moreso since there was no EU wide reponse, they let each nation make their own arrangements.

    The government has no strategy for taking the country out of lockdown

    Nor does anyone else

    We are currently building lorry parks in Kent to deal with the prospect of queues of lorries many miles long

    We are turning the county of Kent into Europe's biggest public toilet due to the volume of stranded drivers

    It is unavoidable with a no deal - it works both ways. It takes mass inconvenience to drive change sometimes, the politicians both in the UK and EU will feel the heat of the annoyed public

    Test and trace is a failure... paid for by giving billions in public money for an excel spreadsheet that costs less than £100

    Maybe test and trace is a load of bollocks and we simply don't need it. The survival rate of covid very high, last week more people died of conventional influenza so I'm not entirely sure what the lockdown or test and trace is for other than as an excuse to control people for another unspoken agenda.

    The government awards contracts worth millions to its cronies in return for party donations

    And this has never happened before of course...

    Our government is run by criminals, deliberately acting illegally to break an international treaty

    Saying you will break the law and actually breaking it are not the same - keep your powder dry

    The House of Lords is having to intervene in Parliament to prevent Britain breaking the law

    But they can only send it back three times

    Our Prime Minister is a whoremaster who uses public money for his own sexual gratification

    You are just bitter he turned you down - maybe he doesn't like women with short hair who wear a suit and tie and flat shoes ;)

    I'd love you to fill in the details of his whores and the public money, you love a bit a gossip don't you?

    The fact is that the world population grows at the rate of Newcastle every day, yes, a city the size of Newcastle.

    It would be interesting to see a racial and geographic breakdown of the new births for each day. However I think it would only confirm what we already know, the world’s poor and starving are having their numbers increased disproportionately and advanced/developed nations are failing to hit replacement levels.

    Britain is becoming a basket case.

    It achieved that status long before Brexit Jenny. The rot started in May 1997 and the terrible train of events set in motion since then has been hard to halt. It will take a long time to restore the nation, not to some mythical former glory, but just to a decent place where reasonableness, moderation and common sense once again become the norm.

    I don’t see that as irony at all. Many people down here hope she gets independence for Scotland, which will almost certainly rid us of future Labour governments and end the colossal subsidies we give to Scotland which benefit Scots more than our own people.

    Be careful what you wish for, Jenny. Independence under the SNP will spell financial ruin and mass unemployment in Scotland.

    Have you calculated where all that extra money is coming from to preserve the existing standard of living when you eventually depart (assuming that the Scots are daft enough not to appreciate the folly of going down this route!)? I know you cannot have done this yet, because no sensible person would want independence for Scotland if they were resident there and they had done their sums.

    Hatred of Boris

    Hatred of Tories

    Hatred of Westminster based government

    That’s a lot of hatred for someone who preaches tolerance and accuses others of bigotry and xenophobia for voting to leave the EU.

    It’s also hatred of yourself when you are prepared to cut off your nose to spite your face.

    Not worthy of comment. This was obvious and known and importantly works both ways.

    It's easy, give them a hearing, if they entered the country illegally without the proper documentation, then ship them back to the last country they were in before coming to the UK --- Simples.. .................. If they entered the country Legally with the appropriate documentation then welcome them with open arms..

    Exactly. I would not try to enter a country illegally. As a Brit with skills and the capacity to support myself I would expect to be deported with short thrift once I had been rounded up purely because I had entered the country without permission. Rights start with being legal in that country, not before. How can you have rights when you have no right to be here? Madness.