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    ITV and Sky News both covered those virus briefings, and there have been half-hour documentaries on the subject on ITV, Channel 4 and I think Channel 5 as well.

    Sorry, but I don't buy the idea that the Beeb is indispensible. I have no problem with the channels continuing to exist, as long as you can opt out of paying if you don't want to use its services.

    It's not only the political bias that gets to people. Not everyone likes their programmes, and the increasing political correctness being deployed by the Corporation is very off-putting for many. Maybe there should be a new channel designed to cater for the snowflakes and all that annoying stuff could be put on there. BBC Woke?

    BBC before 9 pm isn’t worth watching and is less appealing now after then than it used to be.

    I think most people will comply, but the kind of people that crammed the beaches a few weeks ago, might have a different opinion.

    I think you will find this ends up in the courts. There is a lot of resistance to social conditioning of which this pathetic and futile gesture forms a part. Compulsory mask wearing announced on the same day that the UK declared death rate was lower than the 5 year average for the third week on the bounce. Talk about mixed messages.

    How long until we have to wear name tags because facial recognition software has been rendered useless by mask wearing?

    Apparently they want mandatory mask wearing until a vaccine is available so that means masks are a permanent addition to everyone’s wardrobe.

    The problem we have is that we stopped people eating, drinking and smoking themselves to death. What did they think would happen? At the same time we made it too expensive for people to start families and or took away the social stigma for women being single and childless. We therefore have an ageing population and an overfilled segment of middle aged baron women who hate men that are influencing public policy. It’s a toxic combination.

    Breaking Forum etiquette by quoting myself and going off topic.

    Well, well, the day after I posted the above this very issue is now featuring across all major news outlets. See link below. Coincidence?

    Nah, they are all waiting for my next posting for inspiration 😁

    If we are going to intervene we need to go all in and pick a side. Trying to split up two drunks brawling in street is likely to end with them both turning on you. Better to pick a side then defeat the opposition and then hang around to rebuild and install a government that isn’t made up of nutters.

    I think the prevention of the flee of refugees is vital. There are some like yourself who welcome unlimited numbers but there are many more who see our own way of life being eroded by the increasingly diverse population and demographic shift.

    Sticking around to stabilise countries and regions is basically invasion and colonisation even if temporarily. This will not go down well with everyone. It is easy to see the issues of the past, accusations of colonialism and bullying starting to emerge or the other end of the scale which we are at now which is save refugees by moving them here. That isn’t a favourite with the natives either.

    Why does this happen why do we need to get involved at all? Religion, tribalism, poor education and over population are starters here. Maybe if we sort the basics the whole world might be more stable.

    In general it only kills the old and vulnerable. I don't wish to sound uncaring, but from societies point of you that isn't a bad thing. The world population is far to big, and in the western world it is far to old. To put things into proportion, more people in the UK died of flu in 2018 than have died of covid up to now. The world population grows by 220,000 every day, whilst the total amount of people who have died of covid world wide is 572K. In brief, we will replenish all those who have died in two and a half days. I believe if we manage to look at things logically, rather than emotively, the situation isn't as bad as we may think.

    The problem we have is that we stopped people eating, drinking and smoking themselves to death. What did they think would happen? At the same time we made it too expensive for people to start families and or took away the social stigma for women being single and childless. We therefore have an ageing population and an overfilled segment of middle aged baron women who hate men that are influencing public policy. It’s a toxic combination.

    I think the Royal Family will survive and apart from some trimming it will remain at its core much as it is. The motto for Royals has always been to have an “heir and a spare”. Of course there is no restriction on how many children the King or Queen can have but once you have hit the target of a heir and spare anything else is a waste. We end up paying for much more than we need. If you ordered two loaves of bread but received four you would refuse to pay for the other two. Then you get their wives and families and the cousins etc.

    Yep the whole thing needs a trim but by natural wastage rather than culled. Retire the titles and aristocracy as the current incumbent dies.

    Yugoslavia has broken into its component nations since 1995. Before then Yugoslavia was a sort of United Kingdom but much more forced together than the willing collaboration as we are in the UK (still just about). I don’t think many here knew what was behind the war and why it started. I always assumed it was an inevitable aftershock of the break up of the soviet block and the region was laden with pent up racial tensions. The genocide was horrific and from memory was the master plan of a nasty bastard called Radovan Karadic or something like that. He was the founder of the Serb Democrat party (left wingers note that everyone). He has been convicted of genocide and war crimes since. Apart from the genocide there were also the concentration camps which were liberated and hundreds of skeletal figures were saved. The whole thing was bloody horrific. It is difficult to understand the level of barbarism and cruelty that was used.

    I make my wife wear indoors, not because of covid, just because she's so bloody ugly.

    Seriously though, I really don't see the problem with them, and IF it helps, why not?

    The flip flopping of advice really undermines the strength of the message. I’ll wear one if I have to but only if I have to by law. If it’s a matter of discretion then I won’t.

    Showing my age I guess.^^

    Not keen on the suggestions from El Gov that making the wearing of face masks in shops will be mandatory. Perhaps if they're issued FOC at the door.:/

    Not keen on face coverings at all except for fugly bastards who should wear them at all times even after Covid has disappeared. I don’t wear one anywhere and don’t possess one. Talk of making them mandatory over all media outlets today like a coordinated attack to bring people on board. Dr Hilary on GMB this morning was suggesting that people who didn’t wear a face covering would become social pariahs. I don’t like the idea of public policy being dictated by snowflakes.

    The legislation makes it clear that to mention somebody’s skin colour in a derogatory comment is a Hate Crime. The question of racism is harder to pin down hence they invented Hate Crime. The question of racism is now a moot point.

    This type of language and it’s casual usage undermines arguments that the law has gone too far. Years ago this was common place enough but in the modern age of social media it isn’t acceptable.

    Years ago if that kid had wanted to say that to the footballer he would’ve had to say it to his face and take his chances or write him a letter which meant knowing his address.

    With instagram you can insult anyone anywhere and they can prove it was you as it is there for all to see forever.

    I think the kid is bang out of order and deserves a good bollocking. Trouble is his punishment will probably be too harsh and last a lifetime even though his opinion and behaviour will change as he grows up. He’s probably facing a lifetime ban from all football grounds and some unwanted notoriety. He is basically screwed for life now. He would’ve been better off beating up an old lady and knicking her hand bag. A bit of borstal time and then a reformed character. What he has done will haunt him forever.

    When I left school university was for the academic elite the top 10% or less. You got a grant to cover some/most of your costs and you didn’t have to pay it back.

    I didn’t go to university and nobody I knew at the time did either. Nobody from my school year did to my knowledge. We all got apprenticeships or other vocational training and worked our way up.

    There is a glass ceiling in large organisations for those without a degree. It eventually becomes an issue that will hold you back but for most that never becomes a real problem.

    As you get older you work smarter not harder. Working for your personal needs and comfort create a better work/life balance than trying to climb the corporate ladder.

    This always makes me smile, it's ok for Tories like Johnson to borrow more than the economy is worth without any clue as to how to pay it back but if Labour borrow a trivial amount by comparison that is criticised

    It’s all to do with interest rates Bryan. Money is very cheap to borrow so it makes sense. When Labour were doing it the interest rate was a lot higher. Don’t you remember George Osbourne saying how much we had to pay just to stand still each month. I think you spend too much time sucking in those leftie liars in The Guardian.

    From mediaBiasfactcheck re: The Guardian

    • Overall, we rate The Guardian Left-Center biased based on story selection that moderately favors the left and Mixed for factual reporting due to numerous failed fact checks over the last 5 years.

    Note numerous failed fact checks...

    Newspaper circulation is small and diminishing. I believe their power to influence is doing likewise.

    Freedom of speech is definitely a privilege of the left. If you dare to hold conservative views online you are more likely to be dogpiled and cancelled. Lefties like yourself can express the most outrageous views without issue because the big tech companies are all quite left leaning.

    Not true

    How many can go to Eton?

    Eton is very inclusive. Anyone from anywhere in the world who can afford it can send their kids there. To qualify for a state school you must live in the catchment area. That isn’t very inclusive or diverse is it?

    Seriously you are looking at this upside down. Eton is the reward for hard work or legacy wealth. It is the end game for equality not the starting point.