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    Besides, for every example of cognitive decline in Biden there's at least one matching example of it on full display with Trump (who would himself become the oldest President ever sworn in if he wins come November - a minor detail brushed under the carpet when it suits)

    Are you serious Rusty?

    If could would be so kind as to demonstrate how Trump has cognitive decline that is on par with Biden I would be all ears.

    Dementia can set in from the age of 40 so age is not the determining factor in of itself. My Dad died age 94 and he was as sharp as a pin right up to hours before he died.

    Trying to throw Trump into the same dementia pond as Biden is laughable.

    Hang on Shanks.. this is starting to sound like Bully's Prize board.

    "Innnn 1" Dementia, physical frailty and general old age.

    "Innnn 2" Criminal mastermind that has managed to hide any evidence of wrong doing despite an ongoing investigation in congress by team projection...sorry I mean... the team MAGA Republicans who so far have only managed to conclude that he's Hunter's father and talks to him on the phone from time to time. (If being the dad of a drug user disqualified people from being President let's not exclude Don Jnr from scrutiny. He's clearly off his tits more times than not when being interviewed).

    "Innnn 3" he's a cognitively challenged willing puppet pretending to be President masking Obama's third term.

    Which is it? Can't be all 3. So why all the flip flopping?

    Those three issues are not mutually exclusive in any way whatsoever. It is entirely possible and probable that they are independent and concurrent issues.

    Item 1. Biden is cognitively deficient. Any suggestion that he simply has a stammer is laughable. He is displaying many symptoms of dementia or similar cognitive decline. Its horrible for him and I wish him no ill whatsoever but clearly he is not in good shape and it is impacting his performance.

    Item 2. I don't think there has been any obscuring of criminal wrongdoing, what we have is the lack of political will or stomach to investigate in any thorough manner. The Biden's have links to Ukraine and China which may or may not be legitimate. Biden's son Hunter has numerous indiscretions with drugs and firearms and a job role at executive level in Ukraine for fields of expertise he does not possess at a fantastic salary. All very suspicious and not thoroughly investigated.

    Item 3. If item 1 is true (and it is) then it begs the question who is running the USA? Rumours of Obama's cold hand steering things in the background have been around for ages, but clearly that is just unsubstantiated rumour and just imagine the shit storm if that turned out to be true. Unconstitutional is one word that springs to mind and the means by which the situation came about (insert conspiracy theory here) would make the plot of a great movie. Maybe we have lived through it and just don't know it yet...

    I should be dead then.

    I’ve eaten cereal virtually every day of my life. Still reasonably fit, good health, people tell me I don’t look my age (that means younger before anyone takes the piss) and I don’t particularly watch what I eat…although I hardly ever drink alcohol and I don’t smoke and never done drugs or paid for sex (irrelevant to the topic but hey-ho).

    I’m going to file this story in the let’s get people to stop eating cereal so we don’t grow so much grain which causes climate change category.

    What do you reckon?

    What’s that got to do with the price of eggs?

    Please keep to the subject.

    I’ll answer that one OB…

    The use of the phrase “According to reports” is a lazy journalism technique used to raise a talking point without there actually being any news to report, or without any evidence to directly support what is being “reported “, or without any direct quotes being provided.

    I could say for example…

    “According to reports, Nigel Farage is going to replace Rishi Sunak as leader of the Conservative Party”.

    We all know that is a talking point but it can be resurrected without there actually being any new news.

    If you can't accept that his words made it an 'open season' for ridicule (and justifiably so), please remind me not to invite you to a gig at a comedy club. :)

    Anyone can fall into that category. Somebody, somewhere will find something funny either because it was just simply funny or because what was said made the speaker seem like an idiot. Or it could be for other reasons that fall somewhere in between based on whether you like somebody or not. There is always a slug of personal bias in the equation whichever way you lean. Personally I find Trump's rallies entertaining and often laugh out loud funny, whereas bedwetting spiteful lefty comedians are about as funny as a cancer diagnosis. I expect you are quite opposite in your views Rusty.

    Of course we ridicule Biden although it feels totally wrong taking the piss out of a man that is clearly in some relatively advanced state of cognitive decline. Or is it just a stammer as the leftist media insist. All the while sleepy Joe displays all the tell tales of dementia. God only knows what they are pumping into him to get him to make sense for short periods of time but he is getting worse and quite noticeably so. If the Democrats have their election fortification plan updated for 2024 we could be looking at Obama's fourth term in office, the only fly in the ointment would be if old Joe pops his clogs but I guess that's why Cackling Kamala is sitting in the co-pilots seat, she is just as mad and probably even more useless.

    UV light can effect things sound on the surface of an object (same as disinfectant can) but a virus that travels around the inside of a body is a whole different kettle of fish.

    Are we supposed to assume that he was basically calling on the medical profession to do something they might not have considered if not for his words of "wisdom", ie get a vaccine out?

    Those comments were moronic regardless of whether he had to rein them in at a later date.

    I think what he said, exactly what he said, and to whom it was directed are totally clear.

    Any other talk on this is simply bluster because it has been done to death. He didn't say drink bleach, he didn't say inject Dettol, he didn't say stick a UV light up your arse. They are all lies, but repeatedly peddled lies, even in the face of incontrovertible proof.

    Only a moron would suggest medical experts look into it - hence why I cite it as an example as to why I think, for one thing, the guy's a grade A plank.

    But isn’t the vaccine a form of injectable disinfectant? It kills viruses that cause infections and it is injected…

    … is it not?

    The medical profession looked into it and that’s what we got.,,a vaccine.

    Trump never said drink Jeyes fluid or gargle Dettox did he?

    And as for Ultra Violet light, that’s used in food hygiene so not exactly unproven technology.

    I didn’t say he couldn’t do better. I said what would Trump do differently, since the US did not have any forewarning of the Houthi attacks, the Hamas massacre or Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. Simple question.

    Trump is unpredictable and Biden is weak, frail and cognitively deficient.

    Trump is equally likely to either launch an attack or fly out to personally threaten the Houthis himself. I think the latter more Trump like. He would try to avoid unnecessary losses whilst projecting US military power.

    Good points. Labels/names are just a part of it. Deep down it comes to basic principled beliefs the essence of Conservatism.

    I was a leftie, Labour to my bones. Kinnock and Blair showed me the hypocrisy of Labour and politics in general. I stand for core beliefs - Rule Of Law - Freedom of expression. taxpayers have an absolute stake in resources - above illegal immigrants, criminals, and cult groups.

    The Conservatives need to learn that they will be removed at the ballot box. It’s not for them to explain why we should vote for them. It’s for us to explain why they need to change fundamentally.

    You have it wrong, Americans are rotten, cruel, racist and corrupt for trying to stop illegals. That’s what is meant.

    The guilt tripping by this pathetic name calling really gets to some people. If it impacts say just 10% of the people accused of being rotten, cruel, racist and corrupt that is a lot of new recruits to the cause. Now simply rinse and repeat over and over…