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    Harmandsworth has to go. Brexit Britain cannot get stuck in the old school 50 year decision making process. If we do not expand Heathrow it will soon lose its "Hub" status and become a regional airport. The judges need to keep out of this by greenlighting the proposals. I think the judiciary need to see this decision as being of existential importance to themselves. If they step in the way, they are likely to be crushed.

    That's it, Johnson all bluster and repeating the same stuff he trotted out at the election. Talk but no action

    Noticeably the seats beside and behind him were subdued

    He doesn't have to personally get his feet wet to help. As we discussed before the left wants him to be there offering support in person, which is the emotional but unproductive approach, alternatively he sends along people that can actually help and also allocates funding which is the pragmatic approach. I know which I would rather have in a crisis.

    They talked the talk for the election bit that seems to be it

    Blair hit the ground running when he became PM, Johnson seems to think it's ok to bugger off to his country pile

    Blair had his hands full trying to stop his cabinet launching a revolution.

    Fortunately for him Diana was killed and it turned into the distraction that was required to take the wind out of the comrades sails. Blair wasn't really running the country, his Mrs was.

    I never thought I would say this but I am warming to Jeremy Corbyn

    Today he landed punch after punch on Johnson exposing him for the blustering buffoon he is, he was like Tyson Fury - the comeback kid

    Perhaps Labour should stick with him

    Is this what you were referring to Bryan?

    Not sure your description lives up to the reality.

    I'll let others decide for themselves.

    I thought I’d start a thread to contain a compendium of the ways in which the crazy left are trying to turn the world on its head. As a starter take a look at this video summarising a few choice nuggets of leftist madness. It would be funny if these were not true. Please feel free to post your own examples, the more the merrier, let’s make it a reference thread for warning of the perils of leftism.

    If chicken is cooked properly there isn't a problem, not sure what the fuss is about unless you under cook your food. US food is generally better than you can get in the UK, especially restaurant food. Even their McDonalds are better than ours. And they don't have the sugar Nazis spoiling everything .

    However...they also have a lot of incredibly overweight people who are truly enormous, but that is about education rather than the food itself. It's not like the whole USA are morbidly obese, I would say that overall they are fitter and leaner than us, but they have greater extremes - that's the USA for you.

    Furthermore, the foodborne illnesses rate you quote is down to how the food is cooked rather than the food itself, if food is handled correctly and cooked properly there isn't a problem. I assume the US food standards you fear are related to the way the food is prepared for sale and not the way it is cooked, because I will not be changing the way I roast a Chicken. So, I still see no real problem.

    Perfidious Albion, very apt

    The problem is that Brexiteers imagine that alone out of the EU the globe will be painted red again

    No we don't. How could we possibly achieve that or want to?

    Were you thinking that we should set sail for the Asian sub-continent and start sticking it to the natives again? Maybe deploy a few thousand troops to keep everything quiet whilst the new Governor had Tiffin in his grand house with the ambassador? Perhaps we could just rock up in some Central African Republic and start mining precious metals in return for some rifles? Why not go the whole hog and start renaming some countries or cities in our own memorial, how about Boriswana or Johnsonberg?

    Or maybe we just want to be an independent nation that has decided democratically to withdraw from the anti-democratic supra-national state that is the EU.

    I know you hold a dim view of Brexiteers but really...

    The key matter is how much access will our City get to EU markets. It's financial services which is the backbone of the country and if the EU cut off the City, they will be harming themselves as much as us.

    The trade talks start Monday.

    Euro trades make up 20% of the Cities activities. The chances of these surviving the trade talks is as a good as zero. Some banks have already moved the relevant departments into the EU to protect their interests, in some cases as much as two years ago. My understanding of the situation is that a lot of the work to mitigate the impact of losing the Euro trades has already been done. London will remain a top financial centre.

    Well, the EU know what they can do with all that! What part of 'no' do they not understand?

    We might be able to agree on chlorinated chicken, though. The US has already substantially reduced that practice and now use lactic acid instead. But shhh! Don't tell the EU, who really need to keep up!

    Incidentally, we need to remember that chlorinated chicken is much safer than EU chicken, which is heavily infected with salmonella.

    I have eaten a lot of food in the US, it is one of the finest places in the world for food lovers, one of the key differentiators is the quality of their meat, it is simply superb. I have never for even a second taken any notice of this patent panic-mongering by remainers regarding US food standards. The blind and baseless belief that EU standards are better is simply untrue.

    WTO here we come...

    Hi Jennyanydots,

    Good debate embraces all points of view. The only problem I think you have is that, once upon a time, you would've been considered edgy with your views, a bit like Ben Elton and his kind were in their heyday of the 1980's. That was when they they were the outsiders hurling abuse via their comedy against the door of the establishment. The problem now is that your views are the mainstream and to a large degree still embody the views of the establishment as it is today. Ben Elton shrank away when his ideas and political satire was no longer the outsiders view, it became the widely held view. You only have to look at the Labour Party, SNP, Plaid Cymru, Lib Dems, Greens, Far Right Watch, Greenpeace, Extinction Rebellion and The US Democratic Party to name but a few to realise that there is nothing edgy, original or unconventional about your views. The rare birds all nest here on Forumbox, exiles from other forums no longer welcome elsewhere in many instances because they do not share your point of view, which is the point of view of the mainstream media and wider establishment, including the current UK Civil Service apparently....but not apparently the UK general electorate.

    That said, I welcome debate with you safe in the knowledge that you cannot get me cancelled from here (as I long as I behave myself) and you can call me all the names under the sun. I hope you find the debate as refreshing and honest as the rest of us do. You obviously didn't sign up for Forumbox because you wanted the dopamine hit from lots of likes so robust discussion must be your thing.

    I do enjoy your posts by the way, anybody who bothers to write as well as you do deserves some respect :)


    Our little isolated island making threats !!!

    You've swallowed the Foreign Office delusion that we are still some sort of power

    Typical language of a fifth columnist desperate to undermine confidence and esteem by any means. Notice the absence of any recognition of international law that is on our side with regard to territorial waters. Any straying into UK territorial waters is simply breaking the law and will be measurable by modern radar systems. I would imagine the first and second instances of straying into our waters would be met with gentle diplomatic representations but after that probably more direct action. Perhaps the French would prefer to fish our waters from the migrant dinghy's that they seen to turn a blind eye to, they know that everyone on board will be well taken care of.

    I think this is a excellent idea.:thumbup::)

    But why not stick all your comments in one thread and call it something like, Jenny's ironic take on politics this week, or something like that? I could pin that thread and then, so you wouldn't have to hunt around for it.

    If you want me to merge your existing threads together, let me know and what name you want to call the thread.

    I agree, you can see a lot of effort goes into the post, I look forward to the next :thumbup:

    Brother in law came for a visit and because he was nervous of using the ferry he put his car on the Eurostar at Calais. Fine

    On the way back he bought a bottle of whisky at the duty free at Folkestone and settled down for the swift journey back to Calais

    Sadly there was some sot of incident the Calais end, and the train was stopped for a couple of hours three quarters of the way in. He had pretty well finished the whisky by the time they got going again :(

    Clearly he didn't fancy using the buffet car :)