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    A close call today, no lucky breaks

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    WTO terms do not mean you can disregard the recipients regulations, tariffs, quotas and bans. They just mean that as a default the same terms must be offered to all 'most favoured' countries that are not part of a specific trade agreement.

    In short WTO trading is tough work

    And trading inside the single market means agreeing to equally huge amounts of red tape in terms of EU legislation.

    Thing is, the majority of people needing new hips and knees are probably long retired and probably haven't the disposable readies to even consider going private. IMHO it's the ever growing 'older' demographic that clogs the NHS (particularly in regard to beds and being allowed back out), but there's probably no other option for 99.9% of them.

    We have reached the point of needing to tackle the problem of elderly care that doesn't require an NHS bed.

    Some politicians, quite a long time ago now, failed to recognise the difference between being old and ill. There comes a time in peoples lives where its difficult to distinguish between old and ill because one becomes the other and vice versa nearing the end of life. Then they sat in hospital until they finally die, it happened to both my parents. They didn't need a hospital as such but they needed a lot of care which would likely have been better done outside of hospital but not at home either. Sounds like the case has been made for Old People's Homes...

    If they end up being treated by a doctor who would otherwise have been performing that procedure on a NHS patient then it's a shite idea.

    My understanding of the situation is that most doctors that achieve Consultant Status are allowed to undertake private work alongside their commitments to the NHS. The private lists are restricted by the obligation to work a certain number of hours in the NHS. I think the potential for doctors to work exclusively in private is already covered with perhaps the exception of the Harley Street types and TBH I think even they do NHS work.

    Most people are content that the NHS will cover their needs because they have generally good health and will take their chances. Its those with chronic illnesses that clog the NHS, especially now palliative care is so advanced. Private is not the place for palliative care, its where you go to get your hips and knees sorted out.

    If they were simply regulations why was bothered a need to enshrine them into law?

    It's not rocket science, if the customer expects a certain standard and the product fails to meet that standard the product gets rejected and you risk losing the contract and you may get penalties. Does that not apply to any business.

    Many of the regs are nothing to do with product quality. They are more likely to be associated with specific regs covering sourcing of raw materials, transportation and package labelling and associated documentation, environmental issues, social out reach and societal benefit programmes, health and safety law. employment law, diversity monitoring, demonstration of legal compliance, in fact all the stuff that was there pre-Brexit plus whatever the government has agreed to on top of that post Brexit to satisfy the EU we are still complying with their requirements which were previously taken on faith as we were member's but now we are not they want more checks and more evidence.

    ...which would be the definition of a politically weaponised judicial system.

    Can't see Trump getting any jail time over the Stormy case. Can't say the same about his other legal woes though, especially as all he does is double down on his BS claims

    I don't think the other cases are going anywhere until the Presidential Immunity question is answered.

    Not sure what the timetable for that decision is.

    So ... Reform are advocating private healthcare for 'those that can afford it' through Tax consessions ?

    Start of a slippery slope for Nationalised Health Care :(

    Paying for what you use when you use it seems sensible when paying for it just in case delivers such a shite service. It would mean that those who want private health care can have tax relief on the basis that they are not burdening the NHS. If I had a choice of what to do with my NI contributions they would be going into a private health plan for sure. As it is I have to pay NI and then pay for private on top. Currently private health care is VAT exempt but I wonder how long that will remain with the mainstream parties?

    A five for me today

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    I quite like that idea of a national certificate of service or exemption, no certificate no work, no future.

    If the idea is implemented there needs to be a gateway that has to be passed to exit the obligation. Not just a certificate of participation, but a certificate of satisfactory completion. So until the participants satisfactorily complete the duties assigned they are stuck in the national service system and need to return and revisit until they "pass".

    I still think its a crap idea but if you do it you need to give it teeth.

    Not sure what date has been set for Hunter Bidens sentencing, I assume it will be later than July 11th which is the date set for Trump’s sentencing.

    If Trump gets jail then it will be a dead cert that Hunter will get the same.

    I suspect a little quid pro quo might be done.

    Most people will opt for 12 weekends a year & if they don’t like what they’re doing they won’t turn up

    Enforcement would be expensive & pretty pointless

    Whatever the pros & cons this looks like an ill conceived plan

    This policy idea was allegedly aimed at appealing to the Boomer generation of which I am a part. I can say wholeheartedly that this is a truly terrible idea that, on its own, would move my vote elsewhere. How on earth did they conclude this was going to be a popular or even wanted policy.

    I wonder where people who thought we'd trade with the EU without being subject to said market's regulations got that idea from?


    Did anyone think that Rusty?

    The talk was about getting a new deal which by inference suggests a framework of conditions agreed to by both sides. We have a deal, not a very good deal and a deal with some problems that still need resolving. But, we have a deal.

    And we already are free to do deals with other nations as we please.

    The implementation of all the potential Brexit benefits in terms of removal of EU specific regulations has not progressed well and I am of the view that the bonfire of regulation that was spoken of will likely never happen as we live in a era of big government and that can only operate where they set the rules for everything and as said previously none of the big political parties, the civil service, the city or the establishment actually wanted Brexit so they keep all the regulations in place for when we re enter.