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    Ignorance hatred and stupidity kills a lot of people everyday , you cannot stop it no matter what others do never mind the Government of the day may do or try to , we now have a blame culture its always somebody else's fault somebody should have saved me from myself

    So you agree with me then?

    It is personal choice we make personal choices all the time life itself is not without dangers, sometime you me make the wrong decisions hindsight is an exact science, nor can we predict the future

    Severe coercion was used to get people vaccinated. Vaccine passports, travel restrictions, track and trace, no entry without proof of vaccination, some shops segregated vaccinated and unvaccinated customers. People being accosted in the streets for not wearing a mask. Many people took the vaccine due to this pressure. Some are now dead. It was the vaccine that did it. The government should pay. Others who created the pressure should feel responsible.

    Wow! The implication of this is that we should have let people die in their tens of thousands rather than offer them a vaccine.

    We all knew that the vaccine would cause side effects or even death for a minority of people, as they all do, but this has to be balanced with the lives they save.

    Tragic though it is for those affected and their families, I don’t think compensation should be paid. There was no negligence involved and the vaccine was not forced on him - it was his own choice to have the inoculation.

    99.7% survival rate doesn’t correlate with letting tens of thousands die OB. As for the “it was his own choice” argument, do you really think the pressure, nudging, social stigma etc that was rampant at the time played any part whatsoever in influencing his decision? Just take a look back in this thread to some of the strong views expressed about anti Vaxxers or more accurately people who could critically think and were not convinced by the arguments put to them or the sincerity of the government’s intentions or their medical and scientific advisors.

    The vaccine was insufficiently tested and if the usual level of testing had been conducted it would probably not have been certified.

    As I said before, this is just the tip of the iceberg, there will be a lot more of this coming out in the next months. It is interesting to see how the mainstream media are ignoring this story like the obedient lapdogs they are.

    Here we go…

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    I know what is causing inflation our Government cannot do anything about it nor can others Governments thanks to the far left Putin who is causing the energy crisis, you have no idea what Johnson or our diplomats are or may be doing behind the scenes nor other Governments

    They could cut VAT and green taxes if they wanted to. The base cost rising as it has will increase the tax take significantly. The chancellor's budget assumes a certain amount of revenue from energy which must be being grossly exceeded by this windfall caused the global price increases. May they could cut the tax or impose a windfall tax on themselves ;)

    It would be the right thing to do. We must protect the rights of women ...

    Absolutely. Trans athletes are at a significant advantage. A very mediocre male athlete can claim to be trans and dominate womens sport. How this was ever allowed to happen I will never understand. Trans should be given it’s own category so they can come compete as what they truly are, neither man nor women. I don’t think many would argue with that. The problem being the trans people wouldn’t like it. Personally I think trans sport is just wrong, like me dressing as a pantomime horse and entering the Grand National…ing-connector-smartphones

    The biggest problem with GDPR is when the rules are broken and companies are fined the money goes to GDPR and not put into a general tax pot for the people. We see no benefits from the huge fines which many big companies can afford and will simply add those extra costs onto the product which we then pay for.

    Was the link posted in the wrong thread Norra?

    I don’t think usb-c is going to be a big deal for apple. Most of their new stuff has it anyway. They can introduce it onto the next gen of iPhone no problem, the iPads already have it.

    I think it is quite simple. There is a need for the NHS and Private healthcare systems. The NHS should have a strict mission of providing quality essential healthcare and emergency services and everything else goes to the private sector.

    Precisely what constitutes essential healthcare is going to be challenging to define. But I think the NHS is doing too much and is spread too thin.

    Also it has become politicised with all this diversity, inclusion and equality nonsense. All that Marxist shite needs to go as part of getting back on mission.

    It’s such a difficult decision and you’ve got to really feel for the boy’s family. I can’t even begin to imagine what they’re going through.

    However a decision unfortunately does have to be made by the judge on the basis of the MRI scan and the conclusion is the boy basically has no chance of survival, and even if he miraculously pulled through, we don’t even know what state he could be in. As tough as it is the humane thing here is to withdraw the life support and allow him to pass away peacefully.


    Of course he’s not! People are calling him that because he spent so much money on helping people during the pandemic, but what was he supposed to do? Allow his supporters and opponents go to the wall?

    The policy has paid off and the only thing dragging the economy down now is the Ukraine war.

    His views and direction are left wing.

    There is a lot to thank Margaret Thatcher for and just as many things that with the benefit of hindsight she should have left well alone. Overall a mixed bag looking back but it would be difficult to see the downsides at the time. The curse of unintended consequences and lack of vision now seem to be reasonable criticisms of her but having said that I liked her at the time, not so much now.