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    Because white ,ology graduates who read the Guardian seem to wish it , makes them feel better about our shameful history.

    Self flagellation over past events doesn't really help. Perhaps you should consider instead some of the advantages we gave to these people with our inventions, medical knowledge, schools, and the fact that after independence we left them with democracies based on our own and copied by the rest of the civilised world.

    Where would these people be today if we hadn't had our empire? I'll tell you, running through the jungle with spears trying to catch their supper, dying from curable diseases and fighting wars with each other just as they were 300 years ago and many are still doing today. They hadn't advanced in the thousands of previous years, why would they have progressed in the othr 300?

    Personally I'm proud of our great history. The world could not function today without the things we invented and dicovered in all fields of science,medicine, engineering, agriculture. And the world would have none of them if we hadn't had an empire to recompense us for the cost of giving them to the millions of people we then ruled.

    Boris Johnson calls for amnesty for illegal immigrants who have been in UK for 10 years


    Boris Johnson has challenged Theresa May in Cabinet to introduce an amnesty for illegal immigrants in the wake of the Windrush scandal.

    The Foreign Secretary told Cabinet that there needs to be a "broader" amnesty for those from Commonwealth nations and elsewhere, provided they are "squeaky clean" and do not have criminal records.

    It comes amid a growing debate in Government over the treatment of migrants in the wake of the Windrush immigration scandal, with Mr Johnson among several Cabinet ministers urging a more liberal approach.…ntroduce-migrant-amnesty/

    Even discounting Windrush, we all know what's going to happen if any lunatic in government decides to grant such an amnesty. There will be 100s of thousands, possibly even a million or more illegals crawling out of the woodwork claiming they've been living here under the radar for 10 years even though they may have arrived a few months ago. We all know that dozens, even hundreds, come ashore every week in lorries, small boats, and on dodgy passports. Hundreds overstay their visas too.

    Since Blair threw the doors open in 1997 no one in government dares to even hazard a guess at how many legal immigrants are here, never mind illegals. Blair estimated 750,000 illegals when he was in power, by now with all the cuts in our border force it has to be at least 2 million.

    Those who receive amnesty and then qualify for housing and welfare etc. alone will cost the country billions.

    Johnson must be totally insane to suggest this when he should be suggesting tighter controls instead.

    You're missing the point: there is nothing wrong with the system or policy; it's the inhuman implementation

    I'm more inclined to think that it's the unstated policy which is inhumane - the policy of trying to save money at all costs, even if it's the sick, disabled and unemployed and their families who are being denied help. How can any organisation get so many decisions wrong? These assessors are supposed to be trained, to have some medical knowledge. Why are 2/3 of the people who appeal their decisions being proved to have a genuine claim? How is it that terminally ill people have been told they are fit for work despite having medical evidence to prove their condition?

    "Decisions by the DWP not to award PIP were being overturned at 68 per cent of appeal hearings, the data showed, with 14,188 cases found in favour of the claimant between July and September this year.

    Successful appeals brought against the DWP over ESA had also soared, with the proportion of cases found in favour of the claimant at 67 per cent in the last quarter, compared with 62 per cent in the same period last year and 58 per cent the year before."…e-state-mps-a8316746.html

    There's something about civil servants that is neither civil nor serving. I think it's because they see their role as being to decide whether a member of the public, most probably a bona fide citizen, is eligible to receive a favour and, if so, it is given grudgingly, almost as a special dispensation, or the decision is delayed for an indefinite period. The initial default attitude of the civil servant is that an applicant or enquirer is ineligible for whatever it is they seek.

    Short of a head transplant, what is required is proper training, to create a major attitude change , coupled with regular mystery enquirer checks (like mystery shoppers), leading to rewards for those civil servants who perform well and, for the bad performance, a penalty or transfer to a job which excludes any form of communication with real people.

    All anybody really wants is a fair system, fair to the taxpayer and fair to the claimant.

    Has Trump pulled a blinder here and brought peace to the Korean peninsula, or is rocketman just playing for time as he secretly continues his nuclear weapons programme?

    I think it's Kim who has pulled the blinder. Now he can get the sanctions imposed on NK lifted. Secondly Kim wants to unify north and south Korea. He has been very successful in proving his initial argument, that he wanted nuclear weapons because no one is going to invade a nuclear power. He is now safe from any USA ambitions to get more influence in the area. There are about 24,000 US service personnel in South Korea. They are now emasculated, not needed for defence or attack and not serving any useful purpose. So he has already has removed a lot of US influence. Now with friendly overtures to South Korea and a better relationship with China, Russia and the USA on the cards, he is well on the way to ensuring NK becomes a real power in the world.

    Meanwhile Donald and USA can pat themselves on the back and convince themselves that it is they who have brought about the change of heart.

    Kim is a genius.

    I think you're right, that the welfare state is not nearly as much of a soft touch as it used to be. I'm thinking more about the sense of state entitlements or "rights" which sap an enterprise culture.

    Obviously as a taxpayer I don't want to keep the layabouts either but I do want the genuinely sick and unemployed looked after and not, as has happened, the DWP denying them the help they need and sometimes lying and committing fraud to justify doing so. Sending people to food banks so they can feed their kids shouldn't be the answer in a civilised country.

    It's a myth that there is widespread fraud in the welfare system. Obviously the system needs tightening as far as some benefits, such as housing benefit, are concerned but the idea of a lifetime of luxury for claiming to have a bad back is a total myth perpetrated by the Daily Mail and the DWP itself in order to justify denying welfare to genuine claimants.

    There are numerous stories of genuine claimants and even the terminally ill being denied welfare. And it's the same with unemployment benefits. Everyone "knows" or "knows of " the legendary man in the next street who has been a builder for the last fifteen years but claims disability benefits and has a "free " car. Life for the sick and unemployed is not just turning up at the Jobcentre and signing on for the next fortnight. There are very strict checks now and medical evidence, even from consultants, has been questioned and disputed by DWP decision makers.…ud-error-universal-credit…ts-wrongly-barred-7699359

    Utter rubbish , not everybody needs to be a genius to get on but the expectations of the working class to be handed things for nothing is causing serious problems .This explains all the single mothers with three kids by different father's nicely.

    As for my brother in law, he has a council house , he is fit , he does not work , all truths .

    It strikes me that you have no idea of reality. If you think your brother in law is scamming the system then I suggest you report him. Of course there are the workshy and of course some people try to exploit the system but what makes you think that council house tenants don't want to get on in life and do better for themselves and their children is your arrogant belief in your own superiority and your arrogance that you are 'better ' than they are in some way. You aren't.

    One day, misfortune may come your way and your little apple cart in which you ride so arrogantly over what you see as the failings of others may collapse and leave you in the gutter too.

    Most of us are but one step from disaster in one way or another. Yours, should it come, may teach you to have a little more empathy for others less fortunate than you are at present.

    Who can't provide for themselves ?,minimum wage isn't for life as far as I know , cut your cloth, don't have kids you expect Nanny state to raise .Why should i subsidise the likes of my bother in law who refuses to work? , I also pay NI or should I die on the side of the street as I have Bupa too and must be punished.

    You're making a nonsense out of the argument. Not everybody has the same abilities or even the same chances to get on. All this rubbish about not having kids you can't afford is bollocks too. The cost of raising a child to the age of 21 has been estimated at over £200,000. How many prospective parents have that in the bank? Very few. They are just hoping on future earnings and if misfortune strikes through accident , ill health or redundancy they need help.

    Your " I'm alright Jack, let everyone else struggle." is great while you are alright. Come the day you have a serious accident or illness you'll be singing a different tune.

    And I'm not saying those who won't work should be supported. I'm saying that those who can't work should be. I very much doubt if your bro in law is able to get state help nowadays if he simply refuses to work. There is a strict system of sanctions in operation and hundreds of genuine claimants are being refused welfare and people are losing their homes. They aren't all feckless layabouts as you seem to think.

    I have Bupa, I pay for it , police on every street corner will not prevent the stabbings and you know it ,as for the homeless , yes what an industry it is .

    I have lost my job twice, each time I was told that as I am stupid enough to pay my bills and look after myself , I would get SWEET FA , what a country.

    If you are able to provide for yourself then there is no reason you should get anything from taxpayers. It's those who can't provide for themselves who should get the help. Unemployment, illness and disability can strike anyone and you can't save for a rainy day when you're on minimum wage and up to 70% of your income goes on the rent. Bupa is great until you get older. Then you'll find your premiums becoming less affordable and that they aren't quite so keen on paying out what you're paying in for.

    Thanks for the welcome back. I've been a Tory all my life but this lot are beyond the pale. It's the sheer injustices of the system that get me. I'm all for kicking the feckless into life but when people are literally being robbed by the government denying them help when they need and deserve it, when May does nothing but announce another "crackdown " on drugs, crime or terrorism when the only answer is zero tolerance and harsher prison sentences, for any member of this government to say "We stand for principles and civilised values." is sheer hypocrisy.

    You've not said what your argument is here, Morgan.

    This country is far from perfect, but what the hell does that have to do with stopping the proliferation of chemical weapons?

    It's not about chemical weapons. It's about the sheer hypocrisy of saying that "Airstrikes show we stand up for principle and civilised values" when it is so obvious from our numerous and unsolved domestic problems that " principles and civilised values " are so sadly lacking in our own society.

    What sort of principles means families have to live in B & Bs for months? What sort of civilised values means that people have to rely on charity and churches to feed their children because the self righteous " I'm alright jacks." want to believe that the unfortunate are all architects of their own misfortune?

    I really cannot blame the government for most of these topics except the first one , too many people using NHS as a cure all , many homeless have help but will not take it, black kids killing each other through ignorance in London is not anyone's fault but their own , are white kids doing it ?

    You seem to think that people prefer sleeping in cold streets to having a home for themselves and their families. Perhaps you can get a doctor's appointment within 3 weeks and aren't one of those waiting months for treatment. And the point is that it doesn't matter who's " doing it", it's going on and no one seems to be interested in doing anything about it. Still, you can console yourself with the thought that if ever you need urgent medical treatment you will be the only really genuine one in the queue, if ever you get stabbed it will the robber's ignorance which is to blame and not the lack of police on the streets and if ever you have the misfortune to lose your job and then your home because you can't pay the mortgage or rent it will be entirely your own fault and so won't accept any help from the state or charity.…ria-show-stand-principal/

    Family of OAP who stabbed burglar to death barred from speaking to him

    Richard Osborn-Brooks' calls are being monitored in fears of a revenge attack over his slaying of Henry Vincent.…-stabbed-burglar-12365211

    Deaths of UK homeless people more than double in five years…than-double-in-five-years

    NHS delays put thousands of bowel cancer patients at risk…wel-cancer-patients-risk/

    London murder rate overtakes New York's

    Quite Boris, quite. :rolleyes:

    I don't really know but I watched him being interviewed and claiming his innocence on t.v. yesterday and if he did cheat then he's a very convincing liar.

    The trouble with these stories is that mud sticks and there is no way you can prove your innocence.

    This must be one of the maddest ideas ever dreamed by insane politicians. It's obvious that multiculturalism,, if it ever works at all, take years to achieve but all this lunacy would do is create more and more divisions in society and encourage more extremism.

    As the article aks ‘If our schools aren’t inclusive, how can we expect our society to be?’


    .............The column by Richard Littlejohn, headlined “Please don’t pretend two dads is the new normal”, followed the news that Olympic diver Tom Daley and his husband, the film-maker and screenwriter Dustin Lance Black, are expecting their first child.

    “Before the usual suspects start bouncing up and down, squealing ‘homophobia’, don’t bother,” he wrote. “I’d rather children were fostered by loving gay couples than condemned to rot in state-run institutions, where they face a better-than-average chance of being abused. That said I still cling to the belief that children benefit most from being brought up by a man and a woman.”…-against-same-sex-parents

    So it now appears that stating a perfectly valid opinion ( And one with which I wholeheartedly agree.) it is now forbidden by the political correct Nazis who demand equality but oppose free speech. Despite the evidence of numerous studies showing that a child does best with two parents, a male and female, and thousands of years of evolution, the idea of two fathers is now not only equal but so preferable that to even express a different opinion is now to be villified.

    I wholeheartedly agree with Littlejohn.

    I think it's a silly idea. For a start we'd still need a welfare system because disabled people have extra costs so will need more than the average person. Secondly, the feckless who at least now are forced to make some effort to find a job won't bother at all. And surely inflation will rise making things more expensive.

    And what do they mean by "to every citizen " anyway? Does that include children? If not what about a family with 4 kids? Are they going to get more than a family with two kids? It seems to me that they would be far better off sorting out the problems with universal credit rather than starting a another scheme.

    It seems Barnier has now backed down. Now it's us that need to keep up the pressure.


    Boris Johnson will warn that the 17.4 million people who voted to leave the EU face a disastrous and irreversible betrayal if attempts to overturn the referendum vote succeed.

    The foreign secretary will say “we cannot and will not let it happen” in a major speech on Wednesday marking the start of a series of interventions by cabinet ministers laying out the government’s “road to Brexit”.

    The opening gambit from Johnson, who led the Vote Leave effort, has been billed as an attempt to reach out to remain voters, setting out the liberal argument for Brexit and why the decision should provide hope, not fear.…-vote-would-be-disastrous

    I agree with Boris. Whatever the remainers say about not getting a vote on this and that, the leavers all being old and stupid and the wild speculation about Brexit being a total disaster the majority who voted did vote to leave. It was a democratic vote and the will of the majority must be carried out.


    Brussels will have the power to punish the UK at will during the Brexit transition period by closing off parts of the single market to British companies, according to a leaked legal document drawn up by the EU.

    The 27 remaining member states want to be able to act against the UK without having to go through the potentially lengthy process of bringing cases to the European court of Justice, should Brussels come to the judgment that Britain has infringed EU law.


    The use of focused sanctions to “suspend certain benefits ... of the internal market”, would give the EU the freedom to punish the UK without prematurely terminating the transition period and risking damage to its economic interests.…ransition-period-sanction

    A little while ago, Remainers were complaining about our government getting "Henry VIII powers " enabling them to do as they wish. Will they have any comment to this blatant proposal by the EU to do as they and not the ECJ decide in the case of disputes? And yet it's the EU that want us to be subject to the ECJ when it suits them!! Sheer hypocrisy and double standards from the EU.


    US President Donald Trump has claimed the NHS is "going broke and not working" as he targeted rival Democrats pushing for a universal health system.

    In his tweet he also said "thousands of people are marching" about it.

    This was believed to be a reference to a Save the NHS march on Downing Street on Saturday demanding more funding for the health service.

    Well they certainly can't accuse him of lying this time can they.

    I'll just leave a link to the article because it's a bit too long to quote.

    Now you can call me paranoid but looking through this article, I get the distinct impression that the BBC are very reluctant to give Trump any credit for anything. When they can't deny the facts they refer to the greater successes of previous administrations or seem to try to claim "Oh it would have happened anyway. It's not down to Trump."

    Does anyone else get the same impression as I do about it?