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    Darts will no longer use walk-on girls after pressure from broadcasters

    Women have accompanied players onto the stage for some years - something which has been regularly criticised - and the PDC has decided to act…ynes-tv-itv-a8180876.html

    This situation is becoming more ridiculous every day. It was reported on Ceefax that one girl complained that 60% of her income came from darts and that banning her from doing her job was a breach of her human rights and I entirely agree with her. If these girls want to earn a few pounds doing it what harm is there? I really don't know what is wrong with some of the mad army of feminists who seem to have arisen protesting about men admiring females who, at least in my experience, like to be told they look nice.

    The whole silliness of the matter is shown by the fact that many of the vociferous women are still dressing in short skirts and low cut dresses with their cleavage showing. If they were that bothered they'd all be wearing bloody burqas.

    Apart from his recent apocalyptic speech about the Russian threat, Gavin Williamson has said British troops should not be prosecuted for events that happened years ago, slammed the defence cuts and has said British jihadis should not be allowed to re-enter the country. All things that the man in the street , and no doubt many colleagues, want to hear.

    Now he's confessed to a dalliance with an ex work colleague and the incident cannot be used as the skeleton in his cupboard as it would have if it was exposed in the future.

    He seems to be a man clearing the ground, getting ready to charge forward towards higher office.…olleague-gavin-williamson

    Having seen this man in Have I Got News for You previously, I was beginning to think that overall he was a bit of an eccentric posh boy clown. But now he's beginning to say what a lot of Brexiteers have been saying for a long time, it's time we stopped agreeing to everything the EU wants and stood up to their threats and demands and "You'll get what we give you." attitude.

    This is a disgusting state of affairs and one has to wonder how many men are in prison having been convicted of crimes they didn't commit because the prosecutors and police have withheld evidence. It's time these people realised that they are there to prosecute and convict the guilty, not condemn the innocent to make the unsolved crime figures look better.

    A full investigation into each of these cases should be carried out and the police officers and prosecutors involved brought to account.


    Boris Johnson is to push for an extra £100m a week for the NHS in England after Brexit, the BBC understands.

    Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has given the cabinet a routine update on how the NHS is coping with winter pressures.

    The foreign secretary was expected to call for extra money and warn against "abandoning the territory".

    May is attending Davos this week and the headlines should be on her and that. But where are they? On Boris of course. Last week he stole the limelight with his bridge. This week it's the NHS. Is there any possible doubt as to what he's up to? As devious and cunning as ever.

    Basically our nominal border in France allows us to check any immigrants there instead of at Dover. The last thing we want is a camp full of would be immigrants and illegals in Kent. although I agree with what you say, they are the responsibility of the French not us.

    If we are going to fast track their applications, what happens when their applications fail? Is France going to leave them in the camps or elsewhere in Calais so they can make numerous attempts to smuggle themselves to here or take them back to the border of Spain or Austria where they came into France? My bet is that the French will do nothing. The only answer is to increase our border security here and send all illegals back to France immediately they are caught.

    What if they were unemployed, Morgan?

    Would that still fit into your "good citizens" bracket?

    I think it would depend on their circumstances, although I would also want to know the reason why somebody who has lived in the USA for years into adulthood has never applied for citizenship if they were able and qualified to do so. We have a relative in the USA who, although he has the right to reside has no intention of applying for US citizenship even though he wants to stay and his American wife and stepson live there.

    In my opinion this shows he doesn't have any allegiance to the country in which he wishes to live and make his career and future so I am left wondering why he should think the USA should have any allegiance to him if it's a choice between him and an American citizen when it comes to jobs etc.


    I'll all for border control but I'm also all for considering borderline (!) cases on individual merit . There has to be something between unlimited free movement and heartless close borders. I'm wondering if, in the next few years, the rise of Artificial Intelligence among officialdom could end up injecting more humanity into the decision.

    There has to be a lot of common sense applied first. We simply cannot accept every refugee/asylum seeker who wants to come here. And any we do take should be those we collect from safe areas or countries adjacent to war zones. Those countries, such as Turkey, should be given aid so they can cope and other countries should provide that aid and take a reasonable number of refugees on a purely temporary basis originally with a view to review later.

    In my opinion, so called refugees who cross Europe, passing through numerous safe countries and not applying for asylum until they reach the one where they think they will be better off are not refugees, they are economic immigrants. I can understand why they do it but if they leave the first safe country they reach under their own steam they are no longer refugees fleeing war and persecution, they are looking for the place were they think they will be better off. The immigrants at Calais are not the refugees the bleeding hearts try to convince us they are. They've travelled through numerous safe countries and not applied for asylum in any of them.

    Nor can we take people in on the basis that their families or relatives are here. There would simply be no end to the amount of people allowed in at that rate.

    I agree it's cruel to deport people who have been here ( Or in the USA.) for years, raised their families and been good citizens and that certainly needs sorting out.

    And a good job you do too Morgan and you've been doing it for a year now and you helped me with advice last year too, very Moderator like...;)

    (you know where I am)

    Thank you, it's nice to be appreciated but I think that being a moderator might cramp my style a bit if ever I fall out with another poster. I'd have to be polite. ;)

    As far as I am concerned I am with Trump all the way on this whatever his other rights and wrongs may be. From the very beginning the media, here and in the USA has done it's very best to assassinate him with lies, half truths and totally unsubstantiated stories from people writing books in order to make their own fortunes. Not one single shred of evidence has been produced about the original stories of prostitutes in his Moscow hotel room to the latest drivel about Stormy Daniels and her allegations. And yet still the media go on with one allegation after another.

    Thanks, Morgan. I'm still getting used to this forum. It seems quite civilised (which I am definitely not used to) with friendly debate and no ad hominems or vicious attacks if you dare to disagree with someone (mentioning no names)! I was beginning to think such forums didn't exist, but am very pleased to see I was wrong.

    Yes. It's probably a bit too upmarket for my usual style but I try to help a bit by finding news items and not starting arguments. It somewhat reminds me of a debating society we once joined when we lived in Sussex although I'm sure that there they used to count the teaspoons when we left. ;)

    Trump is like Farage, he simply says what the average man in the street is thinking. 'Why do we have these people in our country in the first place?"

    The PC Brigade and the unaffected can call it racism or whatever else they like but it's not their jobs, their communities, which are being affected.

    The rich aren't going to complain about it, it's not their communities being affected, it's not their job opportunities or wages at risk.

    Having read some of the shocking and very distressing details of this case I am coming to the conclusion that in such cases, and this is by no means the first, we really need a man with a gun to put Mr. Worthington where he deserves to be.


    European Union governments demanded yesterday that their citizens who come to Britain after Brexit be allowed to remain in the country indefinitely, in a move that threatens to derail delicate transition talks.…citizens-rights-bwbpd67b9

    We would have to be totally insane to agree to this. It's simply a continuation free movement. And the millions of 3rd world immigrants in EU countries who, in a few years will have gained EU citizenship, will have the right to come here and stay. It means even more unlimited immigration, not the less that many of us voted voted leave to get.

    It may not be the end of PFI but it is certainly as Heath said of another scandal, "the unpleasant and unacceptable face of capitalism".

    Grayling needs to face a Parliamentary committee as to why he approved of new contracts being entered into with a struggling company.It seems that Carillion had fingers in hundreds of pies from libraries , to hospitals, to prisons and school meals. Why were the government giving so much responsibility to one company? It strikes me that there is something rotten in the state of Britain. We need a full public inquiry and investigation into this. As to the management securing their own salaries and pensions while the workers may lose theirs , a policed investigation should be undertaken.

    I don't like this idea at all. The way I understand it is that businesses can be given access to bank customers financial details if they get the customer's permission. But how long is it going to be before businesses start adding a clause to their numerous terms and conditions of business ( Which very few people actually read or understand before agreeing to.) saying that your agreement to them includes your permission for them to access your financial details? As an example, below is the link to Apple's terms and conditions. A clause could easily be inserted saying you give them permission to access your financial details. ( I'm not suggesting that Apple would do such I thing of course. I'm just using that as an example.)…ices/itunes/us/terms.html

    You are totally wrong , I know absolutely nobody who wants to stay in , even Remainers I know are sick of the EU stance of we need to punish anyone who wants to leave .

    That's not my experience at least on the internet. There are still as many remainers as ever terrified that if we leave the EU the country will go into some sot of meltdown. Project Fear is still working.


    ...........“Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?” Trump said, after being presented with a proposal to restore protections for immigrants from those countries as part of a bipartisan immigration deal, the Washington Post reported, citing aides briefed on the meeting.

    The president demanded to know why the US would accept immigrants from these countries rather than places like Norway, whose prime minister he had met with the day before.…e-from-shithole-countries

    A sentiment which will gain a fair amount of agreement in this country in my opinion.

    He's obviously gone totally insane. This will boost the remain camp tremendously and could well cause the eventual death of any form of Brexit.

    What happens if it's 52% for remain and 48% for leave next time? Do we get a third referendum?

    Democracy itself will be at risk in that case. We need to stick to our guns.


    I am wholly against positive discrimination, full stop. Jobs should be gives to people based soley on their ability to do that job and not for to make "quotas" up

    I entirely agree. Unfortunately the mantra seems to be that if ethnic minorities or women are under represented in a particular role it must be due to discrimination rather than a lack of suitable applicants from that particular section of society.

    The biggest fuss, according to the Independent at least, seems to be about what is usually euphemistically called 'positive discrimination' to bring in more ethnic minorities and women to the cabinet.…sm-backlash-a8150551.html

    The Telegraph ( not premium.) has a report of the abuse aimed at Esther McVey. She is commonly known as Esther McVile among the sick and disabled for her ardent support of draconian policies denying welfare claimants the support they need. Apparently…ther-mcvey-faces-renewed/

    The Scottish Daily Record calls it May's Muppet Show. And that about sums up the whole useless lot of them in my opinion.

    If she's allowing ministers to 'persuade her' to leave them where they are she's either made the wrong choices in the first place or is wrong now.

    What's really happened is that they have said to her "If you move me, I'm going." She has no one suitable to replace leavers with so we have the ridiculous situation of the monkeys telling the organ grinder what tunes to play.

    She really will have to go. If she can't run a the cabinet she can't run the country.

    Every now and then when I'm looking through various news sites to find something interesting or controversial to put on, I come across a story from the past which interests me. A while ago I started saving the links to these articles in a file called 'A little bit of history.' in my bookmarks and have about half a dozen so far, some from the war and some from further back.

    Today I came across this fascinating little gem.

    The Tattooist of Auschwitz - and his secret love