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    I don't like this idea at all. The way I understand it is that businesses can be given access to bank customers financial details if they get the customer's permission. But how long is it going to be before businesses start adding a clause to their numerous terms and conditions of business ( Which very few people actually read or understand before agreeing to.) saying that your agreement to them includes your permission for them to access your financial details? As an example, below is the link to Apple's terms and conditions. A clause could easily be inserted saying you give them permission to access your financial details. ( I'm not suggesting that Apple would do such I thing of course. I'm just using that as an example.)…ices/itunes/us/terms.html

    You are totally wrong , I know absolutely nobody who wants to stay in , even Remainers I know are sick of the EU stance of we need to punish anyone who wants to leave .

    That's not my experience at least on the internet. There are still as many remainers as ever terrified that if we leave the EU the country will go into some sot of meltdown. Project Fear is still working.


    ...........“Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?” Trump said, after being presented with a proposal to restore protections for immigrants from those countries as part of a bipartisan immigration deal, the Washington Post reported, citing aides briefed on the meeting.

    The president demanded to know why the US would accept immigrants from these countries rather than places like Norway, whose prime minister he had met with the day before.…e-from-shithole-countries

    A sentiment which will gain a fair amount of agreement in this country in my opinion.

    He's obviously gone totally insane. This will boost the remain camp tremendously and could well cause the eventual death of any form of Brexit.

    What happens if it's 52% for remain and 48% for leave next time? Do we get a third referendum?

    Democracy itself will be at risk in that case. We need to stick to our guns.


    I am wholly against positive discrimination, full stop. Jobs should be gives to people based soley on their ability to do that job and not for to make "quotas" up

    I entirely agree. Unfortunately the mantra seems to be that if ethnic minorities or women are under represented in a particular role it must be due to discrimination rather than a lack of suitable applicants from that particular section of society.

    The biggest fuss, according to the Independent at least, seems to be about what is usually euphemistically called 'positive discrimination' to bring in more ethnic minorities and women to the cabinet.…sm-backlash-a8150551.html

    The Telegraph ( not premium.) has a report of the abuse aimed at Esther McVey. She is commonly known as Esther McVile among the sick and disabled for her ardent support of draconian policies denying welfare claimants the support they need. Apparently…ther-mcvey-faces-renewed/

    The Scottish Daily Record calls it May's Muppet Show. And that about sums up the whole useless lot of them in my opinion.

    If she's allowing ministers to 'persuade her' to leave them where they are she's either made the wrong choices in the first place or is wrong now.

    What's really happened is that they have said to her "If you move me, I'm going." She has no one suitable to replace leavers with so we have the ridiculous situation of the monkeys telling the organ grinder what tunes to play.

    She really will have to go. If she can't run a the cabinet she can't run the country.

    Every now and then when I'm looking through various news sites to find something interesting or controversial to put on, I come across a story from the past which interests me. A while ago I started saving the links to these articles in a file called 'A little bit of history.' in my bookmarks and have about half a dozen so far, some from the war and some from further back.

    Today I came across this fascinating little gem.

    The Tattooist of Auschwitz - and his secret love

    The ban on selling knives doesn't seem to have made much difference with a growing number of attacks. To my mind the only solution as I've said before is really strong punishments and minimum sentences rather than maximum ones. The thought of a certain 25 years if convicted of throwing acid would deter most people.

    "BRIT SPY PROBE MI6 spy behind Donald Trump ‘dirty dossier’ should be criminally investigated, US politicians demand

    Christopher Steele has been referred to the Department of Justice by two Republican senators over the report, which accused Trump of asking prostitutes to urinate on a hotel bed where Obama once slept.

    US politicians are calling for a probe into the British former MI6 officer behind a ‘dirty dossier’ about Trump’s alleged links with Russia.

    Christopher Steele has been referred to the Department of Justice by two Republican senators over the report, which accused Trump of asking prostitutes to urinate on a hotel bed where Obama once slept."…ed-us-politicians-demand/

    Despite all the allegations and gossip, there still doesn't appear to be any concrete evidence against Trump.

    P.S. Quote thing doesn't appear to working properly although i expect it's me. :huh:

    Emmanuel Macron has warned fellow European leaders to remain focused on their “collective interest” during Brexit negotiations lest an “unfavourable situation” befall the remaining 27 EU members.

    The French President said the continent could suffer if individual countries used Brexit to follow their own interests and that states must avoid the “prisoner’s dilemma”.

    In the famous game theory scenario, two people act for their own gain and both lose out even though they pursued an apparently rational course of action.

    Macron is worried that as various European countries might want different things from us after Brexit, the false front of unity within the EU will crumble as each one aims for the best deal for itself.

    He's frightened that if one country steps out of line on the claimed 'unified' approach others may follow and the whole of the EU will suffer.

    I don't recognise this golden age fior the NHS under Blier. The NHS has been struggling for decades as an outdated model of health care and as for the current crisis I'll just quote from a poster over at CF:

    And my post in the same thread:

    I can only speak from my own experience I'm afraid. The waiting time for tests for what could turn into a major problem took 2- 3 months under the Tories. Under Blair it reduced to 2 - 3 weeks.

    Which is just as well really otherwise the only way I'd be posting on here is through a medium. ;)


    The NHS is reeling under what doctors’ leaders and hospital chiefs say is the most intense strain it has faced in decades as a result of flu, bad weather and more patients suffering breathing problems.

    Hospitals’ inability to keep up with the demand for care on Tuesday night prompted NHS England to tell them to take unprecedented measures to try and stabilise the service.

    They included cancelling outpatient appointments and day case surgery, extending an existing ban on non-urgent surgery until the end of the month and deploying consultants in A&E units to assess if patients really are a medical emergency.…asures-amid-winter-crisis

    This chaos needs to end and I'm afraid the only solution is to reverse every single policy change the Tories have made to Blair's NHS. And get rid of the most useless and destructive NHS minister we have ever had.

    The end is nigh for the NHS and many people, including us, who may one day need it unless there are drastic changes made quickly.

    This story is perfectly true I assure you.

    Yesterday the new cafetiere arrived. Today she unpacked it and brought it in to show me. "Very nice." says I. Bamboo handle, chrome fittings, very smart. So I said to her. "Remind me every now and then to tighten the screw at the bottom up to stop it falling to bits."

    She said " Oh it's not for using. " - "Errrrrrrrr?????? I thought you said you needed a new one?" - "I do" she said but I'll use the display one." - "Display one???"

    "Well I always like a nice looking one to put on display in the kitchen and when I need a new one I buy another nice looking one and use the one I had on display for every day use."

    I might go and get counselling soon. For me, not her. I'll never be able to cure her.?(

    Our cafetiere fell to pieces as most of them seem to nowadays, so my beloved ordered a new one via Amazon and received the following somewhat amusing e mail from the company. I bet a lot of their customers give reviews.

    Message from 3rd party seller:

    Howdy Mrs :-)

    Your Ritual French Press has just completed the white glove packaging ceremony.

    Our 12 person inspection team gave their final approval,

    and our in house Tibetan monk blessed eternal happiness to its owner

    as we all waved goodbye to the mailman speedily bringing it to your doorstep.

    Countless people have been involved in the design,

    sourcing the raw materials, manufacturing, packaging,

    shipping, marketing, and support of this seat cushion.

    If it doesn't live up to your highest hopes let us know,

    and once we stop crying, we will make sure you are 100% satisfied.

    Assuming you love it, would you like to help

    someone else be just as happy?

    All you have to do is leave an honest review on You depend

    on reviews all the time to make wise decisions so be kind

    and pay it forward and help someone else be as smart as you ;-)

    When you are ready, please click on this link to leave your review.

    Until then we will just be checking our computers every 30 seconds,

    like geeky teenagers in love, desperately hoping you like us.

    As a preemptive thank you, in about 1 week

    I will send you a promo code for 10% off

    all of our other awesome products.

    Again, thank you so much for joining our customer hall of fame.

    I think for every £1 you donate to one of them, 40p goes on marketing....Why is that?

    I think there is a lot of misunderstanding about the costs of running a charity. For a start if it's a big one with a large budget you've got to have an executive and senior staff who know what they are doing as far as investments and marketing go just as one would with a large business.

    And of course people with the skills to do that want executive salaries.

    Obviously ideally costs should be kept as low as possible but full time workers for charities have to make a living and salaries have to be kept in line with any other jobs.

    It was chaos picking up the turkey etc. yesterday. Normally collection time start at 7.00 a.m. but Sunday trading hours meant they couldn't start until 10.a.m. There were queues just waiting for the shops to open. It was surprising how friendly and chatty people were though, you'd have thought there was a war on.

    This evening we have 'my' half of the family coming over and we get a Chinese meal delivered. ( Not that we're Chinese but it's become a bit of a tradition over the last 3 or 4 years now.) and then on Monday we go my beloved's half of the family for a traditional Christmas dinner.

    So my beloved doesn't have to do any extra cooking at all. :)

    I see it as becoming an essential way of life in the future. If it can do all that now, then future gadgets will only get better.

    When you say play music, do you mean your own, or the radio, or both? Do you have to set it up first to tell it where the your music files are located?

    I subscribe to Amazon music which gives access to 40 million songs ( Allegedly.) and you can make your own playlists so you can listen at any time or to one of their music stations of your choice such as easy listening, pop, jazz, whatever. And you can access virtually any radio station. To play my iTunes collection I can connect my iPad to the Amazon speaker via Bluetooth and that gives a lot better sound quality than the iPad.

    I think a sprout limit might be a good idea. I heard an article on Farming Today recently which said scientists are looking at different foodstuffs for cattle to try to prevent so much methane being produced by them and harming the environment. This could be part of the same initiative. It could be a limit on baked beans next ..................... We should all do our bit to prevent climate change ..........^^.

    I think with any incident where compensation payments may be involved it works to a formula. The greater the apparent loss or suffering the greater the compensation and the greater the compensation the higher the number of apparent sufferers becomes.

    If you see what I mean.;)

    I've been driving for years including to and from work and like most people had social domestic and pleasure insurance.Has anyone else heard of this? I looked up some details and found this site.…-insurance-classes-of-use

    ( The Times accessed via Google News.)

    I would prefer in my household that we just exchanged one small gift each and perhaps that may change in the future, but I was overruled on this a long time ago.

    I spent a load of time in Costco on Friday night buying presents which while nice to open on the day, are otherwise total rubbish, keeps the shops in business though....:rolleyes:

    How are you getting on with your Echo, I remember you saying here earlier in the year that you got one of those? Do you find it useful?

    I'm in love with it almost. ^^ With that and subscribing to Amazon music it's wonderful. General knowledge questions, If I'm doing a crossword and don't the capital of somewhere, Alexa will tell me. Any radio station, just ask. Ask for virtually song and it's played. I get the local weather and the news while I'm getting dressed in the morning. If an old car is parked outside for a day or two I can check it's taxed and MOTd , get the definition of words I don't know and check spellings and get phrases translated into other languages and play adventure games. I can even set it to bark like a dog every now and then if we go out to deter burglars.

    See? I'm just a big kid really.;)

    My beloved and I have decided it's tokens only this year between ourselves. I've got all the "toys " ( as she calls them) I want and it seems silly buying things which rarely or never get used after the novelty has worn off. What with iPads, iPods, and iPhones and Amazon Echo I can't even keep up with what they can all do now, never mind getting anything else. 8)