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    Theresa May is due to meet her "Brexit cabinet" - about a dozen of her most senior ministers - to discuss for the first time what the UK's future relationship with the EU should be.

    Brilliant. So we've spent all this time not knowing what we want, how to get it or what to do with it. Now she's virtually surrendered to the EU, May et al are going to decide what they want, what they really, really want presumably.

    Shouldn't this have been discussed and decided as soon as May became PM?

    Rather partial to Australian Chardonnay, particulaly the range of wines from Hardy's, though South Africa, California and Chile are making some very decent wines for not too many pennys.

    I'm trying some Chilean Merlot at the moment. 3 litre box from Tescos at about £16. It's a bit rough around the edges but drinkable if you get it down fast enough. A bit like some cough mixtures. ;)

    As a regular wine drinker I found that my consumption at home was increasing gradually over a period of time and decided to limit it. At one time one could be buy glasses of 125 ml but these don't appear to be available in the shops so we bought some off the internet.

    Pubs and restaurants have stopped selling wine in 125 ml glasses too despite the fact that there is a law obliging them to do so. Which is why now we almost always use cabs if we are going out to a restaurant. On the rare occasions we don't use cabs, I limit my wine to one 175 ml glass, the smallest available. 250 ml seems to be the size that most people order which is a third of a normal bottle.

    So I think size does matter, the bigger the glass the more inclined one is to put more wine in.


    Conservative MPs believe they have the numbers to defeat Theresa May’s government on Wednesday and secure a “meaningful vote” on the final Brexit deal, in a move that would represent the first major rebellion over the EU withdrawal bill.…ngful-vote-on-brexit-deal

    The way things are going it's going to be goodbye to any meaningful Brexit anyway. This lot will be still fluffing about and disagreeing until the next election and beyond.

    We simply cannot have vote after vote after vote on the final deal. It has to be the best deal possible and that will always be a matter of opinions. Someone has to make the decision in the end.


    No British citizen who has fought for so-called Islamic State should be allowed back into the country, the defence secretary has said.

    In an interview with the Daily Mail, Gavin Williamson said: "Quite simply, my view is a dead terrorist can't cause any harm to Britain."

    He said everything should be done "to destroy and eliminate that threat."

    At least 800 Britons have gone to Syria and Iraq to fight for IS and 130 of those have been killed in conflict.

    Mr Williamson, who took over as defence secretary last month, told the newspaper: "I do not believe that any terrorist, whether they come from this country or any other, should ever be allowed back into this country."

    It's a pity we haven't got a few more ministers like him. If we did have, instead of all this pussyfooting around about terrorists' rights we would all be a lot safer.

    This whole business has now become a total fiasco. If May hadn't called the last election she wouldn't have to be relying on the support of DUP at all. Now as it is, Barnier and Juncker et al must be laughing their heads off thinking all their Christmasses have come at once. Keir Starmer was right when he said it was embarrassing. We must look complete fools to the rest of the world, never mind the EU.

    How on earth can anyone negotiate for the UK with so many divisions? How can we even think about negotiating trade deals if all this in fighting is going on? The EU will walk all over us.

    It's beginning to look as if we don't know what we want and won't be happy until we get it.


    The decade-long feud between Damian Green and Bob Quick, now coming to a head with a Cabinet Office investigation into Green, can be traced back to a day in 2006 when a young civil servant working in Jacqui Smith’s Home Office was allegedly told by the now first secretary of state to get “as much dirt on the Labour party, the Labour government as possible”.…eud-met-officer-bob-quick

    The complete saga is here. If Green is forced out then May can't possibly be far behind especially as it seems there are stories circulating that if Green goes Davis will resign too.

    Jeremy Corbyn may not be PM by Christmas but he might not have to wait long after.


    Christians should pray for Prince George to be gay to force support for same-sex marriage in the Church of England, a senior Anglican minister and LGBTQ campaigner has said.

    The Very Rev Kelvin Holdsworth, provost of St Mary’s Cathedral in Glasgow, made the comments in a blog he reposted about LGBTQ inclusion in the Church of England following the announcement of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s engagement.

    In the post, he writes that Christians should pray “for the Lord to bless Prince George with a love, when he grows up, of a fine young gentleman”.…-gay-says-c-of-e-minister

    And so off go another few thousand would be Christians out of the church. One has to wonder how the established religions can claim to believe the Bible is the word of God and then do the opposite of what is says. The Bible is emphatically opposed to homosexual acts so is it any wonder that as someone once said, "Every day people are leaving the church and going back to God." ?


    In the UK it can appear that there is only one political issue being discussed - Brexit. But research suggesting the existence of six European "tribes" points towards the benefits a more varied debate could bring across the EU.

    The refugee crisis, the rise of populist parties across Europe and the UK's vote for Brexit have all sparked intense debate about the future of the EU in recent years.

    Often, people are considered to be on one side of an argument or the other: Leave or Remain, for example.

    But our analysis of a poll of more than 10,000 people across 10 European countries, carried out in December 2016 and January 2017 for Chatham House, suggests far greater diversity - and the existence of six distinct political "tribes".

    Here's an interactive quiz so you can check which "tribe" you belong to.

    I'm all for strictly controlled immigration and the deportation of illegals of every sort but this is a ridiculous case of overkill in my opinion.


    Paulette Wilson had been in Britain for 50 years when she received a letter informing her that she was an illegal immigrant and was going to be removed and sent back to Jamaica, the country she left when she was 10 and has never visited since.…after-50-years-in-britain

    Mercedes 'relay' box thieves caught on CCTV in Solihull

    CCTV footage has been released showing thieves using a "relay" device, which receives a signal from the victim's key inside their home, to steal a car.

    West Midlands Police believe it is the first time the high-tech crime has been caught on camera.

    Relay boxes can receive signals through walls, doors and windows but not metal.

    The theft took just one minute and the Mercedes car, stolen from the Elmdon area of Solihull on 24 September, has not been recovered.

    ...........Mark Silvester, from West Midlands Police's crime reduction team, advised using a Thatcham-approved steering lock to cover the entire steering wheel.

    So despite the hundreds of pounds we pay for security when we buy a new car, it's now all back to the Krooklock of years ago.

    ( I couldn't get the quote thing to work.)

    No incident at all: Two blokes had a fight on the platform and the snowflakes went into meltdown on social media. :rolleyes:

    I can understand being alert to danger but one wonders whatever happened to the stoicism of the British people. At this rate someone is only going to have to shout ' Boom.' and there will be mass panic in the streets and people trampling all over each other trying to get away. 16 injured, central London bought to a halt over a fight. Whatever happened to staying calm in a crisis?

    Exploratory talks to form Germany’s next coalition government collapsed shortly before midnight on Sunday when the pro-business Free Democratic Party (FDP) walked out of marathon negotiations.

    “The four discussion partners have no common vision for modernisation of the country or common basis of trust,” the FDP leader, Christian Lindner, announced after the four parties involved missed several self-prescribed deadlines to resolve differences on migration and energy policy. “It is better not to govern than to govern badly.”

    The euro slid in Asian trade overnight thanks to the uncertainty in Europe’s powerhouse nation. Against the yen, the euro was down 0.6% on the day to a two-month low and slipped 0.5% against the US dollar. It was down 0.43% against the pound at €1.125.

    This may have ramifications for the EU negotiations if Merkel cannot form a government. Although we are technically negotiating with the EU we all know that Germany has the largest say and what Merkel wants Merkel gets. But if another election is called and Merkel isn't there who knows what the demands will be.

    Paying compensation? The b------s ought to pay the medical fees for stress counselling too.

    I've had my Sky Broadband up and running for few weeks and it seems fine.(Touch wood.) BT have taken the last month's bill out of my account and send me e mails about my having to pay the £288 which includes £60 for the router I sent back. ( Another final chapter. When I got my Amazon Echo I discovered belatedly it was impossible to set up with my the BT router I had then, a Hub 4. So they sent me a Hub 6. During the last fiasco, a female asked me ......

    'What Hub have you got" -

    "A Hub 6" -

    'That's no good on your line. I'll send you a Hub 4."

    - "We don't want it. We had one. The Amazon Echo won't work with it." -

    " Oh well. I've ordered it now. You'll just have to make do."

    That's the one we sent straight back. I'm waiting to see if they take any out of my account at the end of this month.

    I'll be glad if Mugabe has gone, he's totally wrecked the country from what I can see of it. The only problem of course is the hundreds or thousands likely to die if rival factions decide, as usually happens in Africa, that any democratic vote result doesn't suit them and decide to take power by force which usually means killing off all and any opposition deemed to support the other side.


    Ministers have seen off challenges to their authority on the first of eight days of scrutiny of a key Brexit bill.

    MPs backed plans to repeal the 1972 European Communities Act, which will end the supremacy of EU law in the UK, by 318 votes to 68.

    It seems the Remainers et al can't seem to be bothered to turn up at the House in large numbers to vote for their case. As at the referendum after which it was claimed that so many were convinced they would win they didn't bother to vote so that meant the result was invalid. I wonder what their excuses will be if this goes on. ;)

    As I understand it's a take the 'best possible deal' that's been negotiated or leave with ' no deal' which is the only way to do it. We've already voted Leave. The negotiators and their advisors should settle for what they consider to be the best possible deal and once they've got that present it to parliament for a take it or leave it vote and then we should leave regardless since the voters have already decided that's what they want.

    It's all very well parliament being sovereign but surely if it comes down to an individual vote, it is the wishes of the people which should be sovereign as in other countries which hold frequent referendums.


    I do enjoy reading these kind of posts of yours.:thumbup:

    Integrity is a word sadly lacking from many people these days and as you listed, those in power throughout the ages tended to lack this basic human trait.

    As for Green specifically,I don't know whether he is stupid or careless (or both) but if he wants to wank off to porn, tha 's his business, but it shouldn't have been on a office computer. His tenure as Deputy PM (May never did make that official...) is coming to an end.

    I think we've always known that most of our politicians are complete and utter wankers.;)

    The whole bloody lot is going to pot if you ask me. Reports of Johnson and Gove making demands, 40 MPs ready to sign a motion of no confidence in May. May has simply got to get a grip or go. Her only choice to demand total loyalty and if she doesn't get it, to resign. The EU need to be told firmly either stop messing about and making demands and negotiate properly or we are out and will state trade negotiations immediately with other nations. They have a lot to lose as well and it's time we made them aware of the fact.

    Johnson has got to go, Gove and Leadsom told any more plotting and they are out. We are never going to make a success of this unless the remoaners stop their moaning, accept we are going to leave and get behind the rest of us instead of having nightmares and bedwetting about the prospect of our being an independent country again.

    Project Fear has never stopped and it's time the press and media did their bit in stopping it. The BBC may as well be renamed Barnier's Broadcasting Corporation, not a day goes by without some new prophecy of doom from them. Any remotely good news is countered in the same report with an "Oh yes, but .........." in the same report to neuter it.

    Just watched the John Lewis ad for this year, along with the Paddington bear ad we have the typical UK family now it seems, white woman with black husband , we have Muslims celebrating Christmas on the TESCO ad , others have families resembling the united nations , does anyone honestly relate to any of this ?

    Don't worry. By next year we are going to have adverts full of happy white British families all settling down to a Merry Ramadan and a trip to Mecca for their holidays afterwards. Obviously there won't be any alcohol and it won't be eggs and bacon for breakfast as they tuck into their halal snacks. We are all multicultural now you know. ;)

    Regrettably it is never likely to happen anyway. The PC Brigade are already lining up to call her suggestion 'racist.'

    Apparently if black youths are committing crimes and killing other black youths it's racist to lock them up for longer because they are black.


    Met Police Commissioner accused of calling for 'more black boys to be locked up' to combat knife crime epidemic

    Ms Dick had been invited as a guest speaker by the Howard League for Penal Reform, which campaigns for fewer people to be jailed and highlights poor conditions and failures within the criminal justice system.

    Frances Crook, the charity’s chief executive, said the Commissioner had “used the opportunity to call for more young children, in effect more black boys, to be sent to prison and for longer”.

    "Ms Dick said young black men and boys were statistically more likely to be the victims and perpetrators of knife crime, making up 21 of 24 teenagers murdered so far this year."…ial-profile-a8048546.html


    The worst teenage criminals should face tougher prison sentences to deter other youngsters from turning to crime in the first place, Britain's top police officer has suggested.

    Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick told prison reform campaigners to consider "harsher and more effective" jail terms for teenage thugs when other approaches do not work, the Daily Mail reported.

    The head of the UK's largest police force warned that trying to avoid sending young people to prison had left "an increasing number" of teenagers "simply not fearful of how the state will respond to their actions".

    In a speech to the Howard League for Penal Reform she is reported to have said: "They don't see imprisonment as particularly likely or a serious threat and it does not in any sense deter them from criminal activity.…entences-problem-teenage/

    Tougher sentences for repeat criminals? Good heavens what will they think of next? We'll have to be careful. The last thing we want is these young people thinking that they don't have the human right to shoplift, vandalise,burgle other people's homes, assault their neighburs and deal in drugs with impunity. They won't understand.

    After all, we've spent years teaching them they will only get a slap on the wrist for committing numerous offences. :rolleyes:

    I don't think there is any doubt that May is now in a lot of trouble. The EU have thrown their hat in the ring to add to her worries and there are press reports that they have refused to accept the proposals for EU citizens after Brexit and now they are threatening to force UK businesses to move to Europe.

    I think she's going to have to go but it looks like it's going to be very messy for a long time yet.

    So it would seem poor Andrea, so distraught at a saucy offer to warm her hands up, didn't consider a claim of rape by another female to be worth either comment or investigation? Double standards seem to be at work here. Of course, no one would ever think that Andrea was more concerned about her seat on the gravy train than the morals of her colleagues would they?

    I am beginning to think that a time limit really needs to be put on these sex abuse claims, 15 years before coming forward? , really?

    A woman claims rape but goes to her party for advice? , surely the police are the obvious choice after such a dreadful event?

    Apart from destroying the accused professionally , how can these claims be proved ?

    I think that's the terrible part about it for the accused. Their reputations in tatters, loss of job and status. In cases involving adults then there does need to be some sort of time limit to report these allegations. For a grown woman to now raise a complaint that she was 'offended ' or ' traumatised ' or whatever because a man who perhaps had had a few drinks at a party patted her backside 3 years ago is ridiculous.