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    No, I don't think its about political maneuvering, but people putting their hands where they shouldn't. Supposedly, Fallon has a history of such behaviour.

    I think in the case of politicians it's all about political maneuvering. I really can't believe that Leadsome is such a flower she was so traumatised so long after the event and she certainly didn't complain for the good of the party.

    Apparently Fallon wanted her removed because she was obstructive and she made a pre-emptive strike. Now it seems she's a victim of sexual harassment and obviously can't be sacked. Result - she's still in the running for any future leadership contest or at least a high ranking post.

    May's 'friend and colleague ' Andrea, who remember even tried to capitalise on the fact May didn't have children during the last leadership campaign, is going to need some watching I think.

    From all the news reports today Leadsom put in a formal complaint about Fallon ( A May supporter.) last week over an incident a few years ago. Fallon decided to go and May put Williamson, an ardent supporter of hers and ex chief whip who no doubt knows a lot of MPs dirty little secrets, into his place.

    This is beginning to look very House of Cards like. Leadsom getting rid of Fallon, thus eliminating a possible future leadership contender who could stand against her, and creating a problem which could affect May's leadership at the same time. May out maneuvering her and putting an even more ardent supporter and high flyer who's only been an MP since 2010, into his place.

    Now all May has to do is ensure Williamson is right behind her. Preferably without a dagger in his hand.

    Now Fallon has resigned I am beginning to think that May won't be able to hold on for much longer. She had enough problems before this over Brexit and she was slaughtered again in PMQs by Corbyn, this time over tax evasion.

    That is the problem I think. All this bewailing over patted knees or a saucy text belittles victims of real sex attacks in my opinion. Of course no one should be subjected to persistent unwanted advances but these minor events are just men trying it on and I would have thought that most women are perfectly capable of putting a man down and embarrassing him at the same time.

    It seems DS is on a Jihad at the moment with many more people getting banned.

    Do we think this is a sign that the owners are tiring of the forums and want rid of them, or are they being just uber politically correct?

    I think more and more forum owners are getting panicky about not offending minorities or breaking the law and accused of allowing racist or other offensive posts.

    The world's gone mad in my opinion. Everyone is so concerned about being accused of some sort of 'ism' or phobia they are not discussing the issues. It's the same in the real world. The whole world seems to want to take offence.

    I mean, look at this nonsense from the BBC site. ( I can't get the quote thingy to work properly.)

    "Prime Minister Theresa May's deputy, Damian Green, is to be investigated after an allegation of inappropriate behaviour towards a female activist.

    Kate Maltby wrote in the Times that he "fleetingly" touched her knee in a pub in 2015, and in 2016 sent her a "suggestive" text message.

    She said he offered her career advice "and in the same breath made it clear he was sexually interested".

    Mr Green has described the claims as "absolutely and completely untrue".

    Ms Maltby, a writer and academic some 30 years younger than Mr Green, said he sent her the text message after she posed in a corset for the Times.

    According to her article in the paper, it read: "Long time no see. But having admired you in a corset in my favourite tabloid I felt impelled to ask if you are free for a drink anytime?" '

    Fleetingly touched her knee 3 years ago then she posed in a corset? Now she wants to claim to be offended.

    If she'd been offended at the time she'd have slapped his face as women used to do to men who made unwanted advances.

    Jumping on bandwagons is what it is, mainly in the hope of getting some sort of benefit from it. And the same applies to many alleged cases of racism in my opinion.

    First rule of dictatorship, silence the truth by making people too frightened to tell it.


    A devout Christian who was thrown off a university social work course after branding homosexuality a sin on Facebook has lost a high court battle.

    Felix Ngole, from Barnsley in south Yorkshire, was removed from a two-year MA course at Sheffield University in February last year after writing what the university called “derogatory” comments about gay and bisexual people.

    Ngole, 39, wrote during a debate on Facebook that “the Bible and God identify homosexuality as a sin”, adding that “same-sex marriage is a sin whether we like it or not. It is God’s words and man’s sentiments would not change His words.”

    He claimed that he was lawfully expressing a traditional Christian view and complained that university bosses unfairly stopped him completing a postgraduate degree. But after analysing rival claims at a trial in London this month, the deputy high court judge, Rowena Collins Rice, ruled against him.…-gay-remarks-loses-appeal

    Let me begin by saying I do not follow any religion but I do have a quite a good knowledge of what the Bible says. And what is says is that homosexual conduct is a sin.

    It's the same in many other religions whose holy books condemn homosexuality, and homosexuals face imprisonment and even death in other countries where other religions are practiced.

    So at the risk of stirring the pot a bit, only can only wonder what the result and the effect would have been had the student followed a different religion, also widely practiced in this country, which also condemns homosexuality.

    Would there be have been a national outcry over prejudice, racism, and free speech? Questions in the House about persecution and equal rights of ethnic minorities perhaps?

    Or is it only Christians who are to be damned?


    You've lost me there, Morgan.

    Are you in favour of the current system or would your prefer proportional representation? In your post, it appears you favour both, which is fair enough, but totally unworkable!

    Sorry. Brain dead morning. :rolleyes: .My opening words should have been "I would definitely prefer a proportional representation system."

    MPs to debate 'scrap first-past-the-post' call

    Another bid to scrap the UK's first-past-the-post voting system will be debated by MPs on Monday.

    More than 100,000 people signed a petition to adopt proportional representation for general elections.

    Campaigners argue that the current system is meant to deliver decisive results but the 2010 and 2017 general elections resulted in hung parliaments.

    The government says the 2011 AV referendum shows the public do not want to change first- past-the-post.

    Under first-past-the-post (FPTP), the candidate who receives the most votes in a local constituency wins a seat in the House of Commons.

    I would definitely prefer a first post the post system so we can a better balanced parliament more representative of the wishes of the people. I know it can lead to hold ups in getting some legislation through but with PR views are better balanced and we can stop the extremism from all sides. When alliances and compromises have to be made, we can get better balanced policies by agreement.

    The AV referendum was lost because people allowed themselves to be convinced that they themselves could not be trusted to count up to four.

    Definitely. I've generally found that at roundabouts and a lot of complicated junctions it pays to read the road signs and follow them rather than look at the satnav until one is safely on the right road.

    I use my satnav all the time except on local journeys. There's one fitted in the car but that doesn't have speed cameras or traffic alerts. I have a TomTom plugged in and not only has it saved me hours of sitting in jams but on the rare occasions I do speed a bit it's saved me getting a fine too.

    Another plus on the car is the speed limiter I can set so if I'm in a 30 mph or 40 mph zone it beeps if I go over that. I sometimes have to travel a long distance on a 40 mph limit road which has a lot of cameras on it and I don't have to keep checking my speed hasn't crept up.

    A similar thing happened to me when we were on a holiday near Bovey Tracey although my satnav is set to the quickest route. We wanted to go to a pub which had been recommended and the satnav took us down the narrowest road I've ever driven down with very few passing places, hedges scraping both sides of the car for miles. Murderous journey, constantly looking out for something coming the other way.

    When we finally got to the pub and ordered a drink and our meal the landlord said "Which way did you come?" So we told him and he said " I wouldn't have come that way if I'd been you."

    I didn't know whether to hit him or laugh.:)

    I use my satnav all the time except on local journeys. There's one fitted in the car but that doesn't have speed cameras or traffic alerts. I have a TomTom plugged in and not only has it saved me hours of sitting in jams but on the rare occasions I do speed a bit it's saved me getting a fine too.

    Another plus on the car is the speed limiter I can set so if I'm in a 30 mph or 40 mph zone it beeps if I go over that. I sometimes have to travel a long distance on a 40 mph limit road which has a lot of cameras on it and I don't have to keep checking my speed hasn't crept up.

    On a similar but slightly different aspect to the problem, today we have this from the Dept. of Silly Ideas.


    NHS may rent spare rooms to ease bed crisis

    Patients recovering from surgery could be discharged from hospital to recuperate in private houses nearby as part of an NHS trial that could earn those renting out the rooms up to £1,000 a month.

    The scheme, which is being piloted in Essex, aims to tackle bed shortages and save money but has been criticised by medical professionals and social workers who warn it would give too much responsibility to untrained members of the public.

    ...Hosts would be asked to welcome patients recovering minor procedures, cook three microwave meals a day and offer conversation, according to CareRooms, in a scheme targeting people who do not have a family able to care for them.…s-recovering-from-surgery

    Note 'The people who do not have a family to care for them.' Obviously this group will consist of mainly elderly and infirm patients, many of whom may develop further health problems. We all know how anxious hospitals are to discharge patients and there are going to be all sorts of problems with this I think. CRB checks, can we be sure of the character of any 'carers ' who join the scheme? Could patients be exploited by those 'caring ' for them. Would you trust a complete stranger to look after your elderly parent if you were unable to do it?

    I can see the need to stop bed blocking but surely the answer lies in the old system of convalescent homes where trained staff look after patients as they recover.

    Brilliant sets, background and drama which the BBC usually does best but as you say, a bit too much blood and gore than was necessary.

    Gazumping could be banned as part of Government plans to make buying and selling a home "cheaper, faster and less stressful".

    Communities Secretary Sajid Javid has called for evidence from mortgage lenders, solicitors and estate agents as ministers consider proposals aimed at streamlining the process of buying a property.

    Although around one million homes are bought and sold in England every year, a quarter of sales fall through.

    About time too. The system of buying and selling houses in this country is ridiculous and always has been. Once an offer has been made ( Subject to survey.) and accepted by the seller it should be legally binding. Whole chains of sellers and buyers are inconvenienced and sometimes put to enormous expense because greedy people get a better offer at the last minute.

    When I was selling a house once, on the day the contracts were due to be exchanged the buyer rang me and said he couldn't afford to buy unless I dropped the price. I'd already agreed to buy another house and was left with no choice but to agree to the new offer and lose money or lose the chance to buy the home I wanted.

    This whole businesses should have been sorted years ago.

    I don't believe in 'ghosts ' as such. However I do believe that there are invisible beings - not spirits of dead people but separate entities. Of course it's virtually impossible to prove that any manifestations of such beings aren't imaginary and I don't think any concrete proof of them exists because any evidence there is of them is too easily dismissed. But I have lived in two adjacent terraces houses which I believe were homes to the same one.

    I can't say I ever saw a spirit but one knew it was there. There were frequent totally inexplicable noises, doors shutting when no one was upstairs, cupboard doors suddenly opening. Pets also experienced them I believe. They used to become alarmed for no apparent reason. Both our cat and our dog literally left home not long after we moved there.

    That was many years ago and I've had no such experiences since, I'm pleased to say.

    I don't believe these beings will actually harm anyone except perhaps psychologically but it can be a scary experience, literally knowing there is another 'being ' in the house when you know for certain that no other human or animal is.

    Yes, hurricane Ophelia. She looks quite strong at the moment in the synoptic chart image, a tight swirl. Hope she doesn't do any damage where you are.

    And today, BBC reporters all over Ireland and parts of the north are nervously hoping that the phone doesn't ring and it won't be they who will be ordered out into the howling gales to show a fallen tree, tiles off roofs and make inane comments " And this is what the storm did .........." ;)

    It's all very well saying they could and they might get longer sentences but it never seems to happen. Blunket increased the maximum sentence from 10 to 15 years and at that time no one had ever been sentenced to 10 years.

    One person got 15 years and it was reduced to six. I know they would be difficult to put into practice but I'm afraid I would prefer minimum sentences in many cases as opposed to maximum.…-killer-released-1-334725


    Speaking a day after the Brexit talks were described as “deadlocked” by the EU’s chief negotiator, Jean-Claude Juncker accused the UK being unwilling to compromise over the divorce bill.

    Juncker insisted the British “have to pay” if they want talks to begin on a future trade deal between the UK and the EU.…_59e0a587e4b03a7be57fd9c6

    Dear Mr.Juncker,

    The war cost Britain about £120 billion in 1945. In today's money that equates to about £4,200 billion. A considerable amount of this sum was spent initially trying to defend you and other now EU countries from the Germans which you failed to do yourselves. A further sum was spent freeing present EU countries from German occupation, again which you failed to do your yourselves.

    Could you please let us have your proposals as to what you think is your and the other EU countries fair share of these costs? As an initial figure, we would put it at no less than £750 billion.

    Please inform us as to how and when you intend to repay this amount as soon as possible.

    Best Wishes from the UK. :)

    The number of elderly people becoming homeless in England has surged by 100 per cent in seven years, figures show.

    People over the age of 60 are now twice as likely to register with local councils as homeless than they were seven years ago, with the figure having risen from 1,210 in 2009 to 2,420 last year.

    While overall homelessness has increased in the same period, rising by 42 per cent from 41,790 to 59,260, government data shows the figure for elderly people has surged by more than double as much.

    Important as Brexit is, perhaps it's now time for Parliament to limit the time spent discussing it and to get on with some of the many and growing domestic problems, especially homelessness, the NHS and care for the elderly.

    I've always been a Tory but I really don't see how we can go on like this.

    I'm beginning to have serious doubts both about May's heartfelt commitment to Brexit and also her ability to stand up under questioning. She's fine on set pieces normally but once a bit of pressure is put on by the questioner she sometimes seems like a rabbit caught in the headlights. All she had to say very firmly to this was " Firstly, there is not going to be another referendum, secondly how I would vote is none of your business and thirdly, I was elected to carry out the will of the people not make personal choices and that is what I intend to do."

    I'd forgotten about this thread. Basically I eventually got my £130 back and things more or less settled down eventually after 2 different engineers found 2 different external faults. Yesterday there was a further development.

    Phone Conversation with BT Broadband.

    Me - Our internet has gone down again.

    BT. - OK. Can I have all your details?

    Me - Gives details.

    BT - I'll do some checks.

    Minutes tick by.

    BT - Have you tried ( Various opions given.)

    Me - Yes. We've been here many times before. We've tried everything.

    BT - I'll do some more checks.

    6 minutes of 'music' pass. Line goes dead.

    I wait 10 mninutes to see if BT call back. They don't.

    I ring BT.

    Explain saga so far to somewhat aggressive female.

    BT - Hold on I'll do some checks.

    Another 4-5 minutes pass.

    BT - No. There's no fault on the line. It must be your end.What kind of socket do you have?

    I explain socket was recently replaced by BT after previous saga which tooks weeks to resolve during which they charged me £130 for repairing a fault which didn't exist but I finally got back after they dicovered the fault was external.

    BT - Well you need to take off the front of the socket and -

    Me - No. I've already explained about that.

    BT - What kind of Hub do you have?

    Me - Hub 6

    BT - You shouldn't have that. It's too advanced for your area.

    Me - But they sent us that because they said the Hub 6 was the latest and best one.

    BT - I'll send you a Hub 4.

    Me - But my Amazon Echo won't work with that. That's another reason we got a Hub 6.

    BT - I can't help that. I'll send you a Hub 4. If you don't want it you'll have to return it unused or we'll charge you for it.


    Me - How much will it cost to terminate my contract early so I can get another ISP?

    BT - £288.71

    Me - I'll pay it. Send me the bill.

    Once it's all settled and I've got another ISP I'll get some advice about claiming my money back because they haven't provided a proper service.

    I don't know what will happen now. After her failure to show any strong leadership in her conference speech and get a grip, it seems more likely that she will go instead of just hanging around waiting to be humiliated further. She can't go on kidding herself that Johnson is ever going to support her. She should have sacked him.

    I think the whole thing is going to descend into chaos with the Tories fighting like rats in a sack over the leadership contest and Labour demanding a general election.

    ...........but I swear it's true.

    Locally there is a small block of self contained flats designed for elderly and disabled people, all living pretty independent lives. In the communal corridors on both floors there were about 6 fire extinguishers for obvious reasons, fire, extinguisher, put fire out.

    Some looney from either the fire authority or the council has now had all these extinguishers removed on the grounds of health and safety. You may need to read that twice. They've removed the fire extinguishers on the grounds of health and safety.

    Apparently the reason being that the residents haven't been trained to use the fire extinguishers, might not read the instructions and so use it on the wrong kind of fire. 8|