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    She compared a person of black colour or heritage to a monkey - unacceptable and racist. End of story.

    She pretends to care about the 'little' people who may lose their jobs, but if she really meant it, she would have been more careful in the first place. But isn't that the way with racists, only ever sorry they've been caught.

    Most Wednesday and Friday market days, there's at least one stall on my local High Street will sell you a real leather passport cover and matching disability parking badge cover in any one of half a dozen co,ours. so I don't see the problem.

    Besides which, the Gateshead company which had held the passport contract - for less than 10 years - also prints passports and cash for 40 other countries. So, if they pressed the same nationalistic policy of home manufacture advocated by our tabloid press there would be an awful lot more jobs at stake than put at risk by losing this one contract,

    And anyway, when did the Tory party and press suddenly start caring about job losses in North East England?

    The report about the car came from American media, so clearly they were getting incorrect info.

    Just because America was the first to develop the atom bomb, and the only state to use it in anger, do we say they are to blame every time China, DPRK, India or Pakistan carry out a test firing?

    As the monarchy is now filling up with commoners, and Americans, the whole concept of Your Highness and Your Majesty has become a genuine farce. (My grandfather thought it had never been anything else, but he tended to be a realist when others were bowing so low they could smell the horse dung on their shoes.

    To quote the playground rhyme with which y mother was familiar as a child

    "Hark the herald angel sing

    Mrs Simpson's pinched our King"

    That's interesting, Heero. Perhaps Putin paid her to bump off her old man. Nothing would surprise me with the Russians.

    Edit: Ahh, I see that the story came from The Sun. It said that the daughter may have unknowingly unleashed the nerve agent in a restaurant after opening a present from "friends."

    Clever. Very clever. But it's still a nerve agent, so who else other than a State could produce such a thing?

    Likely to be a state, but which one? After all, he may have been a Russian intelligence officer, but he went on to spy for UK and was swapped via USA. They may all have had reasons to 'get rid'.

    In addition, I keep hearing it said that he would have been more likely to be left alone if he were no longer active. So, which of the three was he 'active' for? and what if it wasn't a state, but maybe international crime, connected to some drug empire, with a very powerful lab somewhere?

    All very much still up in the air.

    Welcome to reality. What took you so long to get there?!

    You think the BBC is bad? Try Channel Four News with Jon Snow or Cathy Newman - I'm drawn to it in a masochistic way, like to a lavatory bowl when I am about to be sick

    So what you're saying is that it's OK to randomly target the innocent majority, on the grounds that they basically have one or two factors in common [religion, skin colour] with self contained, self motivating criminal conspirators.

    That's basically the excuse - and it's nothing more - given by the terrorist who murdered an entirely innocent Muslim worshipper in Finsbury.

    As the monarchy is now filling up with commoners, and Americans, the whole concept of Your Highness and Your Majesty has become a genuine farce. (My grandfather thought it had never been anything else, but he tended to be a realist when others were bowing so low they could smell the horse dung on their shoes.)

    Not the first time the British aristocracy made a 'good marriage' with American 'new money'. This happened a lot in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. After all, wasn't the man so many conservatives call one of the greatest Britons, Winston Churchill, American on his mother Jenny Jerome's side?

    So the British Empire never celebrated British culture when outside Britain?

    What about all that "White man's burden" "Civilizing the heathen" stuff?

    In the words of Archbishop Desmond Tutu:

    "When the white man came to Africa, the white man had the Bible and the black man had the land.

    Then we closed out eyes in prayer.

    And when we opened our eyes, the black had the Bible and the white man had the land".

    With the gradual decline of the home fireworks party, the majority of trade went to larger, professional displays.

    Problem is, that means there's no market for the traditional, small sized rockets and bangers, so where they are still available to the public, it's mostly fireworks of the larger sizes which are being bought.

    Maybe the answer is to have a limit on firework size, with the larger ones only sold to licenced professionals, encouraging the production of more of the smaller types?

    In terms of what 'White' Britain could learn from 'Muslim' Britain, I'm not so sure, at their worst, that they are so far apart.

    just read or watch our tabloid media demonizing the young, single mothers, or those who simply enjoy the odd intoxicant/mindbender of a club night, then compare their attitudes with the stereotype of 'fundamentalist' Islam and I often cannot tell he difference.

    if the 'journalists' at the Mail or Express actually want to see in practise a regime where sobriety, the insistence on only marital sex, a belief in harsh punishment for contravention of social norms, the promotion of homophobia and such are insisted upon, they should realise they have more in common with 'radicalized' islam than they pretend.

    I have a foot in both camps, being of Durham parentage but born and raised just outside London and I certainly think the economy and politics are too slanted toward London and the south east.

    Look at the expansion of Heathrow, where every promise that no more would take place - going back decades - has proved to be worthless.

    Then consider the supposed attempt to build the 'Northern Powerhouse' via HS2. Why link it to London? this will undoubtedly make life slightly easier for business types based in the capital, but will be of no benefit to anyone trying to establish a northern business. And it completely ignores the norgth east, which is in dire need of reinvestment, given the death of heavy industry in the region since the 1980s.

    It is a schmaltz overload, it's true, but that is what the mob wants and what the mob wants, the mob gets.

    Or what the billionaires who own the media and the public school mafia at the BBC decides the public are going to get, to the exclusion of anything they

    think it might be too dangerous for us to know.

    When the two heirs of Prince Charles both went to Eton, I think the class connection to the likes of 'Boris' and 'Jacob' is pretty clear. As is the reason that such establishment figures get the same easy ride from the mainstream media.

    Moving on a little, am I the only one confused as to the real reason for all the publicity surrounding the Invictus Games?

    Is it genuinely to promote sport among the disabled?

    Is it to promote the British armed forces?

    Or is it just good PR for 'prince' Harry and his latest sexual partner?

    Remember, this is not about being 'nice' or being a 'personality'. It's about having, as our constitutional Head of State someone who is entirely unelected, and in no way answerable to the democratic process.

    This sends out the message that to have political control - even political rights - in this country, one must be white, Christian and from an elite minority.

    So, whenever you praise the personality cult of a Diana, a William, a Harry or a Kate, you are opening the door to the selfish, ambitious creed of a Boris Johnson or a Jacob Rees-Mogg.

    One of the Caribbean islands has already been completed evacuated of all of its population after Hurricane Irma, now this is coming along. Even Richard Branson's house got destroyed, but unlike many who live on these islands, he's got the money to build himself another house.

    Do the Caribbean Islands have a future? So many homes destroyed and not everyone who lives on the islands are rich, many thousands are very poor. What happens to them?

    The very rich individuals and businesses who, actually or nominally, base themselves in those tax havens still flying the blue ensign must be made to pay their fair share, the loopholes should be closed and DFID, alongside the British Overseas Territories, should be among those who have first refusal on the first cheque. Permanent DFID offices should be established, with the power to command MOD/FCO resources as necessary.

    It's the Bill everyone has been waiting for and its coming today, but will not be debated until September, but hey ho, it's not as if its a complicated task to repeal thousands of EU and UK laws and incorporate them into one new law, is it...?

    The essential contradiction of Brexit, especially as represented by this Bill. The anti EU arguments are that decades of law have made 'our' lives so much more complicated over the period of our membership, and have been implemented so undemocratically, that "Something Must Be Done".

    The Tory / Brexiteer solution? That a Minority Government deal with the whole thing in one Act, with minimal debate, and the 'mere detail' of incorporating EU legislation into UK law should be left to Ministers and civil servants in the darkened corridors of Whitehall.

    Given the record of poor standards in some areas of UK farming [salmonella, BSE etc.] It seems to me more relevant to monitor how animals are cared for in their whole lifespan than just the few moments of death, I have also heard that ritual slaughter does not have to be quite so horrendous as some think, much depending on the sharpness of the knife. To me, if this comes off, it should be as part of a higher general standard of monitoring animal husbandry.

    I'm completely cynical about his charity 'work'. Attending veteran's sport events patronises both those who have been working in disability sport for years and those non-military disabled [such as myself] who are so often angrily stereotyped as 'spongers'.

    Likewise his 'work' with 3rd world charity would go down less badly without his previous history as 'Party Boy of the Western World' and as a member of a western military, which bombs the crud out of any passing 'native' who gets in the way of the interests of the White House.

    What a horribly churlish outlook to have! Yes, she was one of the privileged set, but so what? She clearly had a very caring nature and used her position to encourage the growth of humanity towards the less fortunate. Only an idiot would believe that there was a profession of 'victimhood',

    but at least the majority of people admired her for her good intentions - despite the flaws that she obviously had..... but then again, as well as being a drivel merchant yourself, you probably believe that you are perfect!!

    I'm less convinced by the 'caring' image of Diana. Remember, she was brought into the 'firm' during the riot hit year of 81, in order to provide a bit of glamour to distract the 'revolting peasants'. it was only later that she was pushed forward as some kind of 'Mother Theresa with cleavage' charity worker. Others have written about how well rewarded the family are for their charitable PR, so I won't re-tread any of that. But remember how many of 'her' charities she chose to move away from after the divorce damaged her 'status'.

    Now, of course, the current heir and his siblings are either discredited or irrelevant, so they are using the 20th anniversary of her death to bring up some folk memory of the days when her contradictory image of charity and consumption - as contradictory as Harry's image as simultaneous charity founder and member of our imperialist armed forces - was somehow popular.

    Funny how rich white people like the royal family get to keep all their free gifts and even make grand displays of them in their palaces, but when vital necessities are donated, specifically for people who have lost everything, the goods and money disappear into a pot governed by 'the great and the good' who react in a paternalistic, Victorian manner, deciding for the victims what is good for them and who are the 'deserving' poor.

    I'm glad for the kid that this is over. The parents were clearly led by their emotions, tied up in unwarranted feelings of guilt, and 'what if' questions. But they lost my sympathy some time ago, with their continuing outbursts at lawyers an doctors. In this they were encouraged by the religious and political right wing, taking advantage of the situation to put forward an anti scientific, anti abortion agenda. This also goes to the Trump/Pence intervention, angling for votes from the Tea Party, and attacking the NHS in their campaign against Obama Care. Social media trolls and the extreme religious lobby might now even end the chance of Charlie going home to die, given the odds on a howling mob gathering to disrupt and abuse the medical professionals involved in palliative care. The truth is, Charlie Gard was always going to die, he wild already be dead but for the efforts of GOSH and the interference of lobbyists and doctors with $ signs in their eyes has only gone to prolong his suffering.

    During the 80s, the two daughters in law were brought in to modernise a dying institution. Anne, in contrast, was portrayed as an unglamorous, out of touch aristo. When the 80s marriages fell apart, she was suddenly transformed into a selfless, humble, charity worker. Andy went from 'war hero' to useless freeloader. Now, with Anne an Andy's children frankly irrelevant, the 'talent pool' is too small. The media can't even make their minds up about Harry, lest Wills turns out to be a boob.

    After Theresa May's terrible interview howler about boys' jobs and girls' jobs, I just hope Jodie beats off her first Daleks with a crack about taking out the dustbins.