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    I realise many will see "FAR RIGHT" and therefore their minds will enter into automatic shut-down. I defy any rational person with the capacity to discern upon this video not to admire, respect, or even like Katie.

    If she was a daughter of mine I would be immensely proud. (I have daughters and I am immensely proud of them).

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    What a nice responsible woman. Full of common sense and honesty. Yes like everybody else she has flaws but her attitude to life sees her through the bad times. We need more people like her in this country to combat the Wokerati snowflakes who hate everything about the UK.

    Perhaps Sunak is finished . I don't know.. He has been pretty useless as a leader. BUT even if Labour wins the GE , Starmer won't last long as leader, There's too many Corbyn Marxists in the party who will shaft Starmer and install an ultra Looney Left leader in his place.. It's all looking very interesting....

    The rot has set in because of poor leadership.. Yes there are thousands of good police officers who want to do a good job, but they are hampered by Senior officers who put their own ambitions above that of the Police Force. They are more like politicians trying to outdo each other by appearing to go down the woke agenda and failing to support front line officers trying to uphold the law. The law of the land is applicable to all and by refusing to allow the front line cops to deal with certain minorities effectively, the Police leadership is fostering divisions and resentment and worst of all eroding public confidence in the police service..

    Well, if Harry divulges any information on the King’s health that is not in the public domain, that will be the last royal scoop he will ever get again.

    If Charles told him anything at all that the public is unaware of, and Harry reveals it, he and Meghan will be toast as far as The Firm is concerned.

    I thought they were Toast already. They are despicable and a disgrace. The King should cut them off completely, particularly out of his will.

    I think the local branches of the Conservative Party need to have an ideological clear out. How have we ended up with socialists and lid dems pretending to be conservatives in government?

    Added to that a series of weak and ineffectual leaders. The Conservatives are on a hiding to nothing now that they have stopped being a proper Conservative party.

    I agree with having legalized Brothels. They should be made to provide a pleasant experience in a clean well run building giving horizontal relief to passing business men. .........That way the women would be checked regularly for STI's. ........................... It's the irregular prostitutes who are 1- spreading diseases and 2- being controlled by criminals and people smugglers. ....

    I don't agree with having male prostitutes spreading all sorts of diseases and they should not be allowed in any legalized establishment.

    Have found out more on the new Homeland Political party in Scotland. They are an independence party who are Racist, Anti Semitic and with the same ideology as the National Front.. It will be very divisive and at a time when Scotland needs to heal from that Marxist Sturgeon's disastrous term in office, that's the last thing Scotland needs..

    I certainly won't be voting for them

    None of those things should justify physical attacks or worse on those elected to serve their constituencies....... I blame the spread of hatred on social media which encourages the intellectually challenged to act out the hatred by means of physical attacks.

    There are a good number of dedicated politicians who are doing their best under trying circumstances.

    There was no need to obliterate Dresden.

    Yes there was. It had a psychological effect on the German population and was retribution for Germany carpet bombing London, Liverpool, Coventry and Clydebank , to name but a few places that suffered the German bombing attacks..

    Why Dresden was destroyed so much was because many of the buildings were Gerry built with wood ....... NOT by the tonnage of the bomb load.

    It's a sad state of affairs when the IRA's political spokes person becomes the F/M of Stormont. People will be dubious about politically opposing Sinn Fein in Stormont . The IRA/PIRA terrorists who now call themselves the NEW IRA are just waiting to resume where they left off. They have not gone away. and are a great danger to the stability of the country. :(

    Shame because Ulster is a beautiful place full of decent and welcoming people. They don't need IRA bombings and violence.