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    So are you implying that Scottish nationalism is a mental condition? 😂

    Being proud of your nation is proper and correct. The aberration that is Sturgeons mob is not. Hers is not loving the country. Hers is hatred for another country which she uses to gain the support of the unthinking intellectually challenged.

    Never trust Germany.. They want to rule Europe for their own economic advantage. They caused two world wars and murdered millions of innocent civilians in their death camps. They are definitely not trusted.

    Germany will never help any other country, Ukraine or anybody else.

    They have never forgiven the Allies for putting a stop to their evil plans.

    We still get wildcats here up in Scotland. They are probably around the same size as that cat. What is a big issue in this country now is the big increase in illegally imported animals for breeding purposes and selling as pets. Serval cats and wolf dogs are very fashionable because of social media and the allure of keeping an exotic pet accept these are not pets. It's at the point now where some escape and have started breeding in the wild hence the odd sightings of big cats on moors in places like Devon. Ban certain breeds of dogs because they are considered dangerous then people will go and buy a wolf dog instead.

    I live in Scotland and go hillwalking, I have seen many Scottish wildcats, none anywhere as big as the one in the photo. I have also seen a big cat similar to a Black Panther on the Island of Mull . It was beautiful, silhouetted on the top of a small hillock against the sky just as the daylight was fading.

    It moved away silently as I approached. I consider myself very lucky to have seen that magnificant animal in the wild.

    What about if we let them all in. After they have arrived they are bound to be hungry, so we could poison them ? Nobody would ever know !

    Sorry ...Wouldn't work Bibbles,...... It's a non starter............. Somebody would smell the rotting bodies and alert the police. It's very difficult to hide multiple corpses. ^^

    As long as the BBC is infested by Wokinistas and Lefty influencers, It will never survive.---- It's apparent need to promote "strange" lifestyles and for the placement of "Token" minorities as a box ticking exercise in every programme is insulting both to the people themselves and the Great British Public.

    It lives up to the name of The British Biased Corporation.

    No no no ---Don't prescribe junkies alternative addictive drugs, that's the wrong way to cure those people. They need to be completely free of addictive substances. They need to be made acutely aware of the effects of their volunteering to shoot up God knows what illegal substances into their blood stream. Awareness comes with realisation and the best realisation is to go Cold Turkey for a few weeks in a secure establishment. Not the most pleasant experience but the best way to bring home to the Junkies why their decision to take addictive illegal drugs was completely wrong.

    Barry Gardiner is also coming under scrutiny for taking thousands of pounds donations from Communist China. Looks like the communists are well embedded within the Labour party. And Labour have the nerve to be critical of the Conservative donations. Also Starmer was photographed drinking with others at a Labour office during the lockdown which makes him Two faced at the least for being critical of Boris.

    As I said before, Our Naval personnel are not trained to stop Scum from illegally entering our country. They are a fighting force and warships are waterborne weapons platforms. They are unsuitable for dealing with unarmed civilians.....The job of dealing with those undesirables trying to enter our country illegally is the responsibility of Border Force, and the Police Service.

    The best way to avoid addiction to drugs is to not take them in the first place, once you start its the slippery slope.

    Exactly, All those junkies were Volunteers..

    Sturgeon is doing nothing to stop Junkies volunteering.

    I suppose she thinks that if the whole population become Junkies , she will have no opposition to her dictatorship and everybody will vote for YES if there was to be Indyref 2/3/4/5. :D :D :D :D :D

    Pandering to Junkies and encouraging them to take class A drugs is counter productive, so is defending them. The aim should be to get them off illegal substances. This can be done by giving junkies a spell in isolation where there are no drugs available. A couple or so months of Cold Turkey would soon make them realize that their choosing to contaminate their bodies with those drugs was a terrible idea.

    The military are not allowed to use their weapons. They have been given a job which they are not qualified to do at the moment. If parliament gave them permission to put small holes at the rubber boats and turn them back into French Waters, that would be a step in the right direction. Otherwise don't use our military.

    I think the licence fee is good value for money. How many subscriber channels would give you all this for 43p a day?


    some people only want the bbc defunded for political reasons. the bbc is protected by a royal charter which means the hard right control it completely. they brand it as being biased when it isnt.

    Most people want the BBC defunded because it is inefficient, infested by the Wokerati and left leaning to the extreme. If they had lived up to the charter there would have been no reason to ask for it to be defunded, but the BBC had other ideas and have now burnt their boats.

    Just watched Starmer squirming on TV this morning about the photo of his Boozy meeting with party members in a Labour office. Two faced or what?. He came over as particularly shifty. He continually refused to answer questions being put to him by the interviewer and bumbled on and on about other people. I suspect he was clutching at straws and out of his depth.

    He has absolutely no chance of gaining public confidence and Labour has no chance of winning the next GE if Starmer is at the helm.

    Boris is in deep s**t but the Conservatives will find a way to redeem themselves. Boris or no Boris.