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    Biden has been the President since January. He has done nothing right during his term in office. He has bumbled and stumbled every day and made America the laughing stock of the world.

    In reality, it's not his fault, as his failing mind and lack of any form of cognicance renders him unfit for the job.. Why do the Democrats insist that the poor old man remains in the White House............. He should be looked after in a care home where he would be able to live out his remaining time in a safe secure environment.

    Could it be that someone else (unelected) is doing the job of president in the background and they are just keeping Biden as a figurehead ?. ( A past democratic President perhaps) ...... That would go against the American constitution and would not go down well with the American people.

    America is going downhill fast, a new President should be installed ASAP to stop this decline..

    IMHO This should not be Kamala Harris.

    I can work in both !mperial and Metric.. I always work out my mileage in MPG .. I buy my beer by the pint. My speed in MPH. I weigh myself in imperial. ............... I use metric when Woodworking and DIY . When cooking or baking I use whatever is on the recipe.

    They're worse than climate protesters, I suspect them to be Remoaners who, after losing the Brexit referendum, want the country to grind to a halt with nobody able to go to work, no emergency services vehicles to attend emergencies and no families able to go about their lawful business.

    Just so they can say it's down to Brexit.

    In fact they are useless scum and should be hosed by "Ze WasserKonone" to give them their first wash in months.

    The likes of Morgan just say things to be controversial he doesn't give a monkeys about any given subject, he will say anything just to get a reaction and attention he is essentially just a mouth on a stick.

    You're wrong on this one Ron.. This country needs people like Morgan who are unafraid to question and stand up to the growing epidemic of Marxism and Wokeness which is adversely infecting the fabric of our society.

    I am of the generation who suffered from German atrocities. IMHO they, as the former enemy, can be made allies of the UK in certain matters but they can not be trusted in many others. One important detail is in their military aspirations. Germany controls Europe Financially, it would be an easy step to also control Europe militarily. The 4th Reich is a strong possibility.... I do hope not but best to be on our guard.

    And talking of which, did anyone see Question Time last night?

    Andrew Neil was on the show and got asked about why he left and he said that he didn't agree with the direction that the channel was going in, but another very aggressive panellist ambushed him with a article from six months ago, which stated that GB News won't be woke and it was Neil that said that. So, what did he expect?

    Of course Neil said that........ Now that the show is sensibly "Non Woke" Neil is showing his true wokist colours. Good riddance.

    Whoever wins, Barnier or Le Pen, the result will be great for France as at last they will get rid of Macron. Frexit will happen but not soon.

    Polexit will be first. Poland have high values in morality and decency and the EU forcing them to abandon those values will be the catalyst in Polexit.

    • Selflessness: ministers should act entirely in the public interest.
    • Integrity: no financial obligations should be accepted if they could undermine the minister's position.
    • Objectivity: when making appointments, decisions should be based on merit.
    • Accountability: all public office-holders are accountable, and should co-operate with all scrutiny procedures.
    • Openness: all decisions should be justified, and information should be restricted only when necessary for the public interest.
    • Honesty: public office-holders are required, by duty, to be honest in all their dealings and business.
    • Leadership: the principles should be supported and upheld by leadership and example.

    OMG, If that's the rules for Ministers, ----- Why is Nasty Nic still in the post of First Minister. ?? ?(?(

    Germany, before the !st world war had an excellent military. They exibited the best in decency, morals and civility.

    Unfortunately during the late 20's and 30's the rise of Socialism corrupted that fine army and under their Socialist Chancellor ( Hitler ) they regressed to usual Socialist traits of murdering innocent civilians ( approx 6 million of them ) murdering prisoners of war and bombing cities all over Europe. Hitler's Socialist army ignored the decency and discipline which most other armies adopted and committed unspeakable atrocities. Germany should not to be trusted.

    Funny that this should crop up. Only the other day I was looking for a plug to attach to a cable where I had previously cut the plug off to run a cable through a hole drilled out in some woodwork.

    Indeed Norra. Practical life training is so important to the developing student. Something forgotten by the Marxist school teachers who try and fill the pupils heads with loony left ideology and over PC rubbish and ignore teaching money management, decency and morality.