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    Well , I hope all those overwhelmingly white luvvie Londoners had a nice walk in their hometown yesterday , at least the weather was nice .

    Reports today are that Mrs May is facing a coup and true to form , 2 of the 3 favourites to replace her are REMAINERS , yes , once again the Tories are hitting the stupid button.

    Gove , Livingston or Hunt , on a temporary basis if May walks in exchange for MP's supporting her appalling deal.

    I voted remain. And I'm glad that I did! You speak of remainer Jihadits which I find rather amusing. But while you think of them as Jihadists you'll be pleased to know that one of the main contributers to the Brexit lobby group was a Saudi Arabian intelligence agent. Hmmm... Remainer Jiadists indeed....

    With that attitude i never would of guessed , Lionheart ? , now that really is funny!^^

    Listen to LBC today if you can stomach it , all you will get if remainer jihadists , one after another spouting their crap , this latest disgrace will only egg them on even more.:evil:

    It's the Tory party just being the Tory party not wanting to rock the boat otherwise they may get pushed out it's all about self preservation, they know die hard Tory supporters will always support them when push comes to shove, come the next general election it will be the same parties topping the polls, because the die hard stick the muds will always remain faithful. :rolleyes:

    I disagree , we seem to have arrived at a crossroads for parliament , people are very, very angry , we need huge changes in our system or millions will never see a purpose in voting again .:cursing:

    Not quite true. If they make a change to the amendment then he will allow them back, but they aren't legally binding anyway. It just gives voters a detailed list of the undemocratic MP's.

    The amendment that was defeated was quite specific regarding the losers referendum so how can it return?

    Third Brexit vote must be different - Speaker

    Well that finger crossing and hoping has worked! May's deal is effectively dead.:)

    Never thought I'd say this, but I am warming to John Bercow a lot.^^

    And without a reason to extend Article 50 now, perhaps the EU might bring this nonsense to a end.

    Berkow cannot now allow the defeated Grieve, Cooper and Benn amendme back now can he , he has made a rod for his own back,!

    I don't think its the religion per se that's the problem, but those that misue religion for their own interests.

    Anybody that thinks an area with a high muslim content remains liberal is utterly deluded , this is what upsets the indigenous population , ask people in Luton, Peterborough and parts of the big English cities , our snowflake politicians are to blame for allowing it in the first place , they are not misusing Islam , it is the reality of it IMPO.

    I don't want May's deal, no matter what it costs. It has worse terms than those imposed on murderers. At least they are given hope of an earIy release. I hope the deal gets thrown out a third time.

    I wouldn't like to be an MP if the biggest electoral mandate in UK history is thwarted. There are plenty of nutters around, and one or more of them may well be angered enough to use violence against them. I hope not, as this would give them a further excuse that all Brexiters are violent thugs and/or extremists, but if they take away our vote and our voice, and completely demolish our trust ... what choice do we have left?

    I can see this happening , i will have no sympathy however for many of these traitors , i feel people are getting this angry now.

    It was a free vote, so they could so what they want. But lets face it, even if it wasn't a free vote, they would still do what they want.

    No , it was a three line whip vote and they still said up yours May! , we no longer have a functional parliament and government , this is the biggest national humiliation this country has suffered in ages.

    Please, please , please everyone , do not forget this ongoing treachery , now and forever,

    Shame our MP's will take no notice and still go for their little agenda of keeping us in !

    Dominic" shit house" Grieve was just on LBC , this piece of crap does not care about his electorate's wishes , he knows better , so many more like him now makes me actually want an election , a dirty , underhanded one too which targets these louses and gets them kicked out .

    I suspect she will allow MP's to take no-deal off the table and then call for another vote on her deal to try and push Brexiters into the never never land of vassalage. For the sake of the UK I hope she fails, again. I don't want to be in the EU, but it's better than May's deal. Anything is better than May's deal. We can vote out Remainers at the next GE.

    I really cannot fathom out her endgame anymore , all I know is I feel absolutely humiliated as a leaver by the 650 shit houses in the houses of parliament who will now all but stop Brexit and piss all over 17.4 million voters wishes.

    More PC bull shit, do not fall for it , a knife like Crocodile Dundee has no use in this country , any idiot that will carry a kitchen knife is also no use to our country , want to ban all cookery shows too?

    Listening this morning to all the WHITE , LEFTIE LIBERALS denouncing this woman , whoever she is? , reminds me nicely why I never , ever give to comic relief or assault my eyes watching it on luvvies BBC!

    Just caught a bit of President Trumps press conference , HOW REFRESHING to have a leader walk away from negotiations when he considered the north Koreans were asking for too much for too little in return,

    Mrs May , hold your head in shame !

    Blimey. Times that remark by 17+ million. Our poltiicans are treading a very thin line. Do they care? We'll see.

    No , they don't care , where are all the old fashioned journalists ? , something fundamentally stinks and they need to find out what it is that these traitors and that is what they are ,are bowing down to so subserviently!

    We don't need a second referendum, what is needed is a vote by the public to decide whether parliament is fit for purpose, because I don't believe they are.

    spot on sir.

    Ok, I'll accept the bait on this one.:)

    As one of the wailers, we are all participated in a democratic vote and a majority voted to leave the EU. It is as simple as that.

    It appears the general election cycle will now have to change to 2-3 years MAXIMUM ,as all decisions made or enacted that far after a vote are now seemingly null and void as people have died and others are eligible to vote .


    If we delay Brexit, then there'll be no Brexit. It is not a solution as it will just kick the can down the road and the arguing and fighting will continue, meanwhile the damaging uncertainty continues. It also removes any incentive for the EU to agree a reasonable deal so why should they bother?

    Time for a Remainer ministerial clear out Mrs May , preferably starting with your good self and Mr Hammond but if not , certainly start with Rudd and co !