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    Brexit: MPs put forward rival plans to May's deal

    On Newsnight last night, it was mentioned that Amber Rudd is pressing the PM to delay article 50. If that happens, then the MPs need to amend the withdrawal act. What a mess.

    I wouldn't call it a mess , it is continued betrayal , time to sack Rudd again !

    I love that EU propaganda, It kept the peace , not NATO !, BLOODY PRICELESS.🤣

    Why do the simpletons in the Labour and SNP parties as well as Saint Vince's little gang all want the ultimate card in our hand tore up and thrown away ? , have any of them ever, ever negotiated anything in their combined lives??

    You couldn't make it up , Barnier must be pissing himself with laughter at our politicians wanting to throw out no deal.

    OK, I'm pleased that Mays BRINO plan has been rejected. We will soon see whether democracy will be honoured, or denied.

    I will never understand why politicians believe that forcing us to remain in the EU will be successful. We'll end up with a bigger UK version of the SNP fighting for independence. It's over 300 years since Scotland joined the UK, and the fight still goes on!

    If Scotland had won an independence vote, would that have been overturned too? The undemocratic politicians are playing with fire.

    My MP Keith Simpson voted for May's turd of a deal , he has some explaining to do !

    Which is esentially Corbyn's position with staying in the customs unions and besides if the election happens now, that would still mean May as conservative leader. What a mess.

    All the MPs need to do now, is nothing and we leave with no deal, but I fear they will try and seek some kind of minimalist deal with the EU and the cost to us will be £39bn.

    Those shysters Berkow and Grieve will be doing their utmost to derail us leaving , even more so now . Until a brexiteer is put in charge nothing will change.

    I am not surprised. His leave voting constituency (the politically aware ones among them) must have felt grossly insulted and offended when he said that only 'intelligent' people voted for Remain. That type of hate speech is permitted though. I hope he loses his seat and his terror of being temporarily unemployed is realised.

    Along with several dozen others I hope!

    Superb post , cannot disagree with a word of it , send it to every MP .

    Well , there will be no reason to vote for a mainstream party full of liars and traitors to the people!

    The sooner people realise those arseholes coming from France are not actually so called Asylum seekers the better, they are not fleeing from a country where their life is at risk since they are coming from France and have already travelled across several countries where they could have sought asylum, the lazy French authorities are all to happy to let them continue on their way and don't give a fuck if they are having to cross one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world and that some scumbag is fleecing them for the privilege of using a not fit for purpose rubber dinghy.

    The amount of charities and do- gooders coming out of the shadows to support these criminals is truly embarrassing.

    Once again I see no interest in this for all bar the luvvies and Mr Trump haters , why the hell is US domestic politics of remote interest to us?

    Lol. But he is already a man with no othodox manner XD. The problem is not Juncker, the problem is the EU peoples that consider him and Brussels like gods. Where what they say couldn't be discussed... There is no counsciousness from peoples. It seems that the freedom of movement is more important and better than economic situation and the lack of sovregnity.

    It is only more important to simpletons , AKA Remainers.

    I wish somebody would let me know why I should give a shit? , daily , news of high street woe is released like the death of a national treasure on the media . Retail is a shit industry , what Christmas have the low paid staff had? , what public holidays do they enjoy ? , if the high street closes , I will not miss it.

    I shop online except for food as the prospect of running the speed cameras to Norwich , joining the ever congested roads as rat runs are turned into cycle lanes , getting shafted by parking and then joining the herd of the living dead in the city appalls me!

    It seems the people arrested are indeed innocent of this , shame they have been vilified by the media , I hope they sue them . Added to the fact the police now seem to be saying it might not of been a drone ? and it all seems to be going really , really well!

    Because it was never about trade, not that our country knew that when it signed up to it in the 70s, the people that is. This is purely about a political project to create a country called Europe and those who want that to happen, will try and stop Brexit anyway they can.

    Absolutely spot on , trade was the slight of hand trick hiding the real agenda and our politicians have been and still are complicit in this travesty .