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    We've have to agree to disagree on this. Trump, as America's head of state as well as head of government, should rise above everything, instead he's a thin skinned toddler who throws twitter tantrums every five seconds.

    We will , last point from me is that if the standard of official information going back worldwide is the same as in this instance , God help our government .

    No comment from me as last time I mentioned the G I was told to be nice or she would get someone to eat the forum.

    Have fun.

    If you all want a laugh , look up "we have a problem" on YouTube, VERY COLOURFUL but hilarious language from the narrator but daily views on the BBC , Brexit bias and the likes of Gina Miller and other shit houses.

    What evidence ?, photographs or video? , otherwise it is rumour at best .

    It's the dangerous precedent that it sets, that a foreign country can decide who represents us. Now that precedent is set, any foreign leader who has issues with anyone of our ambassadors, could do the same as Trump.

    When did the US say this ?, got a date?, they have said they would not deal with an ambassador that claimed the President was in league with dodgy Russians, why is that not an issue for the luvvies?

    They are shit houses.

    Why support an ambassador that the US administration would not deal with ? , what would that achieve?

    You dont have war ships all over the world. You have war ships where your master USA orders them. You are not an independend nation that can decide about such issues.

    And yes, having a ship in persian gulfs costs your tax payers several million each day.

    Your anti iranian rants are almost comical btw. Like a caricature.

    That is it , no more from me , i try and talk to you and tell the truth but you would obviously prefer to get your news from the maniacs ruining your country or press TV .

    We send ships where we want to , our ships are on station and being used wherever they happen to be , so cost us no more than if they in in English waters , we have no masters unlike you and your mad leaders.


    We have warships all over the world, this will cost us nothing as it is an asset we already have, please keep sending your lunatic republican guard , at least they are not persecuting women and Gays when at sea!

    Oh dear, let's see do we have rough sleepers , yes , most are drug or alcohol dependents if not both , just like most civilised countries , as for poor , nobody needs to be poor in the UK , I'll leave it there, as for the Queen and her family , I do not care less about them but at least she doesn't issue execution orders like your illustrious leaders do .