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    Please learn facts before writing rubbish , our monarchy has NO POLITICAL POWER , it has ceremonial usage and attracts millions of tourists here every year , nobody is poor as you describe it , our unemployment levels are extremely low and mainly only the useless or lazy are out of work.How come we have boats full of young Iranian men , obviiusly as women are second class citizens in Iran, trying to get into Europe and the UK ?

    If the European countries love Iran so much , where are your new aircraft and vehicles?

    As for the USA not being the world power , now you really are being silly .

    Their styles are completely different, but at least Hunt answered the questions. Boris couldn't even be pinned down on Heathrow's expansion despite saying in the past he would everything he could to prevent it.

    You hate Boris and it shows in every post , I do not hate Hunt but he is a remainer , May the second , the EU will give him sweet FA as they know his heart!

    So your country is backwards after all , this is why the west dislikes Iran , your leaders are religious fanatics .

    Finished watching the debate and I think Boris was all over the place and evasive as ever and didn't answer questions and Hunt was clear and precise.

    I still think Boris will win, but what a contrast between the two men. One looked smart, was calm and prime ministerial, the other looked like he'd rolled out of bed and acted like a petulant child. Good job I don't have a vote, because I'm not sure my vote would be for Boris.

    Why couldn't Hunt be the leaver, it would be so much easier for those who are voting?

    You watched a different show to me then , Hunt was negative and like a bank manager, we just had one , no more !

    My mother wears no head scarf at home and my sisters dont wear as well. Outside they put a scarf losely around her head but hair visible.

    In Saudi Arabia...your best friend...that would be impossible. Women would get arrested there for walking around like they do in Iran.

    Also i have a question. Who do you mean by "you all". Do you not see me as individual or are iranians an anonymous mass for you without individuals?

    I have no idea why you think I and others love Saudi Arabia , we are talking about your country , the Islamic republic of Iran , let's keep it there !

    Do women walk down the street with uncovered hair and short skirts ?, do they wear bikins or one piece swimsuits on the beach or in swimming pools?

    Do gays live unhindered and free from persecution?

    None of these are difficult questions and prove how unfair and devisive your country is to 50% of its population.

    Do you wear a head scarf? , or is that a "treat " solely reserved for the women you all "respect"?

    Trump has done well for his country, despite his brashness. Whereas, we have May, who goes out of her way to sell our country short. I know which I prefer.

    You don't have to like a person to appreciate that they are doing a lot of good things for their country. I can't understand the criticism Trump gets in the UK, unless ... with Trump 'on our side' it reduces the effectiveness of the EU's blackmail.

    This diplomatic row is the machinations of the Remain contingent.

    Once again the criticism of Trump for being America first was being wielded out by the usual media yesterday , WTF do they expect him to be ?

    For those reading this in the future or are not aware of this story, the UK's ambassador to America sent messages back home saying that Trump was inept and his administration in chaos and Trump has been venting off on Twitter about it ever since. This story is the latest in the saga that's been going on over the last few days.

    Can anyone really take this man seriously? He is just a babyman. It's not as if he's just about to take the world into a conflict with Iran or anything, or has anything else better to do like run a country...:rolleyes:

    Will Trump kick out our ambassador for insulting the "great" man?

    On the other hand , keep your mouth shut and thoughts to yourself when trying to get a trade deal with the man , it almost stinks of a remainer stitch up , I hope they find the culprit .

    You are wrong.. Look at the history. EU was created after the falling of Hitler and the occupation of Germany from the USA force.. SO what do you think was their next move ?! What is UN ?! You really don't think celar. Do you think that Germany likes that there are too many escapers in their own country and many many other not right thinks. Was it not weird when Angela The Cancler of Germany take decisions that ware connected with the war created from the USA in reality in Iran and Iraqw etc ?!

    I think that the UE was a USA s touch and reserve in case they need the EU under their feet... Look out the countries in the EU most of them ware forced to retrieve their weapons. Money making machine and in case of trouble, they will use us. What is happening now in the UK is that mainly the USA does not want their blood relations ( if you don't remember who created the USA mainly people from English countries ), so the USA doesn't want you to be involved in what is coming next... The EU will fall it was told long before it was created, wars, etc are happening as also that was told long before it happens. Dear Iranian you are also not aware of your own truth. Most of your people are told and learned that radical Islam is the truth.. But making someone to believe in your own believes with force .... is making tall the things senseless.... Why ?! Not because of your god, but the methods of implementing your faith.. You may be are normal Islam I have no clue, but most of your people on those lands are not in my opinion.... And this is killing the freedom of mind in humanity, not that we are free of choice but at least we can believe in what we see.. I speak for soulful believes etc. Most religions are used to control people, but yet there is still truth and there is still a god up there.... Anyway... I think you will all understand the truth soon, but it will be too late for our entire species... We are killing ourselves and our planet too. We already achieved soul-killing, next thins is the US and the planet.... And PS what a better way after the war to be close to Russia and learn all the intel fas ?! ;) It everything so obvious but the brainwashing is in its full power to blind us... They make us robots so we wont complain or do anything against the ''Big Bosses"

    What part of my statement is wrong ? , we were asked to seize the ship and did so legally under law , if it is innocent we will release it , not attach limpet mines and blow it up , we'll leave that to your country!

    The rape gangs you talk of are Muslims , we do not run prostitution legally in the UK.There is no mention of gays and your treatment of them in your reply but that is not a surprise.

    why are you obsessed with Russia ?, their ships are behaving lawfully , if your one is it will be released .

    The reason your country gets treated as it does is because of the behaviour of your government and we do blame Saudi Arabia .

    Oh dear,

    1.Russian fighters do not leave from the UK .

    2. your ship was in EU nation waters when seized.

    3. As for the way your country behaves , it sponsors terrorists , treats women like second class citizens , hates Jews and Gays ,flouts international law at a whim , so behave like human beings!

    The bane for me with TV is advertising it has become far to intrusive and intense, and I certainly wont pay a subscription to a service that also shows adverts, as for the licence fee I watch enough BBC to mean I have no problem with paying for it and would quite happily pay a subscription for it should it ever go that way, as long as it's kept free of adverts.

    That is a choice we should all have , I would pay sweet FA for this biased, watch this week's Question time , leftie organisation .