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    I must say my opinion of terrestrial TV has never , ever been lower ,I would not pay for the BBC as I virtually boycott it , if it went subscription. ITV can show good stuff but is mostly absolute garbage with soaps and reality crap.

    BBC 2 and channel 4 , well , where do you start on those two gems ?

    The EU parliament is voting?? ;( on the nominations for the top posts today , great democracy when you have one candidate that none of us can vote for!

    Germany , France and Belgium to get the top jobs , NICE!

    All this talk of them being a crack Brexit squad is just that, talk, until they have actually done somthing they are no better than the rest in that they are saying what people want to hear, the proof as they say is what actually happens so far they talk a good game lets reserve judgment until, they have actually started playing and Brexit is done and dusted, until then I have no faith in that anything will change and that they will achieve anything.

    The real problem they face was aptly highlighted by Dominic Grieve , shit house in chief Tory MP on the Ian Dale show last night on LBC .

    This louse seems to think a deal to please him is impossible as we will actually leave and he is so democratic that he will never support it .

    I've long got passed the point of I couldn't give a fuck who the next PM is as long as its over and if I am honest the same goes for Brexit way passed the point where I give a fuck either way, all this has done is make even less interested in politics than I was before and I think a vast majority of the electorate will feel the same way too, certainly people I have spoke to are, people who had a passing interest in politics have now grown very bored with it and have no time at all for it and even people I know who were enthusiastic about it have grown weary too, the disenchantment with politics in the UK is spreading like wild fire and I expect the turnouts for even general elections to reflect that.

    Problem is Ron , we have a media that collectively detests one of the men attempting to become PM that also on the whole wants to remain , this makes me like fidget even more interested in both outcomes.

    But Ferrari isn't a lefty, he's just doing his job which is challenging Boris which is why he asked Boris that if his life is so personal, as Boris has claimed, then why is a picture of him and the g/f plastered all over today's papers which is clearly a plant. Fair point I thought.

    There was no need to ask multiple times about a photo , how petty and trivial are the over important media going to get ?

    Ask about things that actually matter to the electorate , plenty of topics to choose , defence , schools , industry , education and of course Brexit!

    Boris has done a lot of media today and is starting to sound like the old Boris , Nick Ferrari tried to make some point about the latest photo but Boris wouldn't bite , still LBC made this their news headline all day !

    The media really seem to have it in for him .

    No, just a load of leftie civil servants to report on everything!

    They want to give the Remainers a chance to destroy Boris and plant another remainer PM.

    Just listened to classic BBC bias on Radio5 , presenter asking a friend of Boris if Steve Bannon is behind Boris ?, why are his children not being talked about more and why are so many negatives about Boris not??? being mentioned , UNBELIEVABLE !

    Your scenario is our ultimate weapon , one side cannot stop us leaving , as long as we do not agree to anything , we will leave on the 31st.

    Emily Maitlis is a luvvie of the first order , look at her being taken apart time after time on YouTube and you have to wonder , was she a box ticking exercise?

    Dreadful show full of the usual BBC Bias , who thought we needed a contentious and radical imam to try and setup Mr Johnson?,with all the talking over each other and Mr Johnson being interrupted by the presenter continuously ,who the hell thought that would work ? , Rory Stewart must of destroyed himself with his no deal at any price revelation , he is Mrs May's little stooge , nothing else.

    No more of these shows please , a waste of time and Mr Johnson is fully vindicated in missing the Channel 4 and reporter events.