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    I was trying to define racism. Your single-sentence definition is great as a general principle but only if you can define merit and I would contend you cannot. Irrespective of whether the relationship under consideration is social or commercial you cannot define merit in a way that is entirely free of subjectivity, measurability and estimated probability. It's the reasons and emotions that lie below such simple statetements that reveal the degree of racism,if any.

    It's a profoundly interesting and important subject and if, after my 600+ words trying to think it through and be as honest as possible with the subject and with myself, all I end up with is a 1-line wisecrack about being given the benefit of the doubt, I've wasted my time

    It goes far beyond merit though, do you not think?

    As I said right at the start of this thread, we're tribal. Like all other creatures on this planet, we prefer what is most familiar to us, whether that is someone who has the same physical characteristics, race, religion, education, hobbies and interests etc. I always keep reading that opposites attract, but I find the reality to be the exact opposite, they repel.

    What is termed racism, is simply a preference for that which is most familiar and comfortable to us. Like a good pair of shoes.

    May has just come back from her meeting with the Queen and announced she will form her next government with DUP assistance. But will this work? How will it work? What deal has she done with the DUP?

    May is weakened, perhaps fatally. As she said herself, she intends to go ahead with the Brexit negotiations, but how can that work when her "strong and stable leadership" position is so weakened. Junker has already made his "rubbish hands" statement this morning.

    Surely the Conservative backbenchers will knife at her every opportunity.

    Downing Street had already leaked that she intended to sack Hammond and others, but can she do that now in her weakened state? It won't make for happy cabinet meetings. If she does go ahead and sack Hammond she creates enemies at the point when she is weakest.

    What a mess.:!: