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    Good, when someone resorts to daft attempts at personal abuse, like yourself, it means I've won the argument.

    Strange how you get away with it and I get told off just for highlighting another poster's comments. :)

    Haha, you took your time but eventually it had to come round to suggesting I wanted to change my gender. I almost thought my powers of prediction had failed me! I'm amazed how people find it so difficult to think beyond their own tiny little world.

    The compressor is cycling but not on the thermostat. Must be on the overload switch but it's only getting hand hot to the touch, probably about 50C.

    I'll need to dig deeper.

    Is it actually cooling? A leak can cause compressor overheating. If the compressor is running then your starter is ok. I'm used to very big compressors, 200kW motor plus, but the principle is the same.

    I think he already played for time and won. I think Trump knows Kim will keep his weapons but also knows he'll never be the first to use them. Of course he has no qualms killing anyone to stay in power but he's not suicidal, unless forced into it.

    Theres a nuclear threat from other parts of the world but as long as Kim stays firmly in charge there's none from NK. If the nation falls apart, then we should worry.

    Out of interest Hoxton, how much do you pay for Sky Movies?

    Im not sure - I have Virgin with max telly, broadband, phone, sky sport and movies. Total is about £100 a month, but I have to negotiate that, they always tell me it's going up. I did move to a BT based broadband phone supplier once. It was cheaper (slightly) but it was so poor I went back to Virgin with my tail between my legs.

    I could live without Netflix and hardly ever watch Amazon but we watch something from Sky movies almost every night.

    I need to find out why my smart TV cannot "see" my main PC on my network at the moment. I've torrented down some HD movies (:thumbup:Horizon) but they're too big to go on the 1TB USB drive that I normally use for external source as it has to be FAT32 for the TV and that sets a 4.3 GByte limit to file size. The TV is supposed to be able to play media from network devices. It's probably buried down in the menus somewhere but I haven't found the setting/setup yet.

    It's possible that the TV can recognise an EXT2 (UNIX) filing system as it uses Linux as it's OS. I need to do some tests as Windows can save in this format with a suitable app.

    Is it not just easier to buy the movies?? I used to download dodgy versions but can't be bothered any more. Although I'm fairly lucky - one daughter has Netflix, another has Amazon and we have Sky Movies. Not enough time for anything else!

    Classic deflection technique: Whilst he's being macho with a bogyman the popule will thank him and ignore the other things he's upto.

    There are countries, mainly in the Middle East, that seem to funtion better under a dictator than a democracy. Libya for example.

    As long as he doesn't mess up the economy too much and restrict too many of the freedoms Turks have got used to he'll be fine.

    Sometimes I wonder if most countries would work better with a dictator, it only seems to be the UK and US who really wouldn't get on with one.

    Well, the Kurds won't their own homeland, but that is only the south east portion of the country which is up for grabs, unless there is real tensions among the Turks themselves.

    Actually, thinking about it, having a Islamist leader gain power and keep power, despite decades of secular politics in the country, has caused a "few" tensions.

    Problem is, one half of the country wants to go down the Islamsit route and the other half doesn't.

    As Rob says I don't there's much desire to go down the Islamist route, until recently Turkey was a good example of well functioning state with a large majority of Muslims. Their main fear is Islamists or others destroying the stability of the country.

    The Kurdish problem was reignited by Erdogan. That seemed totally bizarre to me.

    Well, actually there aren't any general posting "rules" yet, it's on the to do list. We just have the main rules which are located at the bottom of each page called Terms and conditions. You helped to write them, Hoxton, if you remember.

    Anyway, I'm just about to spend the next six hours in hospital, so please cut out the backbiting while I'm away. Hopefully when I return, it will be harmonious everywhere.:)

    Back to topic.

    Did I??

    Very clear although I don't blame you for backtracking. Try to do it gracefully though.

    Nothing is unclear because you keep repeating this idea that all mental aberrations are the same. You also continue to ignore the fact that someone born what they consider to be in a body of a different sex to their perceived gender may or may not decide to change their body to suit. That part is a choice and it is only then when people start to care.

    FGS. I never said it was!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let's stick to what was said, instead of what you think was said.

    I said it's a mental aberration. Paedophiles don't 'choose' to be attracted to children. I think the same is true of transgenders. They don't 'choose' to be the opposite sex. They think they are the opposite sex, stuck in the wrong body.

    Sorry to have upset you but you're the one equating child rape and wanting to change the sexual features of your own body in line with your gender, perhaps with all other mental aberrations?

    I'll repeat - the gender is what they were born with and/or developed. They may choose to live in the body they have or to change it.

    Surprised you think there's little difference between adults making a personal decision and chil

    Do you really think that's good parallel? To put it another way, do you see a parallel between "mum/dad, I think I can only become a whole person comfortable in my skin once I've changed my sex" versus "mum/dad, I'm thinking of becoming a cripple because those wheelchair ramps are fun and I like a big loo"

    I guess the point I'm making here is that I don't think society should put itself out for a bunch of crazy mixed up kids, self-made deviants or tossers.

    Same here.

    I worked in Turkey for a bit and stay in touch with a couple of friends there. I was talking about this to them and their thinking was very similar to that of Putin "supporters" I've spoke to. They aren't really fans but fear the alternative to Erdogan more than Erdogan himself. They see what happened to nations around them and think someone strong will prevent it. Not sure I agree but I understand it and these guys aren't thick.

    No, the restaurant I went to seemed fine as a model. The rules for disability access are not onerous, we could probably use it as a model. However until people change their attitudes nothing will happen, it's only recently people accepted that the physically disabled should be allowed equal access to the world.

    My wife had a transgender woman working for her. Quite a bit more than just an effeminate man.