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    I use that utility Heero. My cores are running at around 48C which is only a tad more raised than before. Just wish the lap top casing, charging socket and PSU were not hot enough to fry eggs when I charge the external battery.

    Some parents have always needed to stand back and really think before they land their poor kids into a whole load of torment. One of my childhood friends had his life made a misery by giving him the forename Russell. Not a bad name I hear you comment.

    Well it was when you consider his surname was Sprout.

    I am having some problems with my laptop linked to charging and it looks as though it is on it's way out as replacing the dodgy bits won't be cost effective as there is no guarantee that my charging problems will be resolved so, rather than buy a new laptop, I am considering going over to a Chromebook and saving £400 - £500.

    Getting my head around the different way in which these cloud based machines operate has me a tad jittery. So far I seem to have found ways to solve most of my concerns but having soooooo little memory is asking me to take a leap of faith into a completely different world. I do manage to do almost everything I need using just my Smartphone so I guess the Chromebook, plus a very big SD card, is doable.

    The big plus would be no more Microsoft!!!!!!! :)

    I have just started to play catch-up with my recordings and forums so I haven't watched episode 4 yet. I can't believe how much stuff I have to get through. It looks as though I will be home most days for the next couple of weeks so look forward to catching up with what you have all been up to. My next stint in hospital is at the beginning of December and fingers crossed the ward I am due to end up on has decent wifi so I can keep up with some of my series using Netflix and keep an eye on what all my virtual friends and acquaintances are up to on line. :)

    I find the idea of a total Nanny State very scary. A minority of people have compulsive disorders/illnesses, gamblers, alcoholics etc, but to attempt to remove temptation by censoring the adverts they see will never get rid of the problem. Look how extensive the legislation has had to be in order to make people stop smoking.

    Maybe the State should stop Banks advertising and lets not forget shops!!!!!!!!! after all these businesses may encourage the 'poor' to spend their money.

    I have fond memories of a young female called Little Weed :D

    I suspect that a fair few of these exotically named children may well opt to change their forenames once they have to live in the real world. Others may well enjoy the uniqueness of a name that reflects the attempts of their parent's to either be less common than the proletariat masses or to impart a name that has a special meaning.

    Some names, however, are just cruel and will undoubtedly force a child into conflict with anyone the come into contact with. Even after many years it would take a very strong, saintly and thick skinned adult to be happy to have been named Adolf or Judas. Whether the Law should be involved .... I don't know.

    When my parents registered my birth names they had great difficultly getting the Registrar to accept the forenames they wanted to use. My first name is a hyphenated combination of my Paternal Grandparent's names and my middle name was my Maternal Grandfather's name. My parents made up a more feminine spelling for my second name but refused to budge over my first name and only consented to the removal of one of the hyphens. I must admit it caused me a few problems as a young girl and later with some employers but no one seems to even blink an eye when I tell them my given name now. I have never used my real world name on the internet, only because my name is so unique and I value my privacy, but in the real world at least there is no doubt who I am and I have never tried to use a shortened version.

    There has to be a reason why the new Spore Drive wasn't used in the previous series set in the future. I guess coercing the Alien will prove to be ethically unacceptable to Michael making future friction between her and the Captain an on going feature.

    I have always considered myself as a Respectable Heathen and the older I get the more I find that I respect members of any Religion only where it's followers lead caring, considerate and moral lives. We do have a great time at Halloween, and having lived in our home for nearly 50 years, we now welcome the Grand children of some of the young children who used to appear on our doorstep to be given very modest treats. The older children still dress up but tend to enjoy lurking at a distance together with the parents watching over the younger ones. My father died on 31st October. He came come to live with us when he was no longer confident to live on his own and my husband and I remember his absolute glee each year at slowly opening our front door and doing his Lurch impersonation. Much to the children's enjoyment John does his best to keep up my Dad's antics.

    Christmas is not a religious festival in either my, or my husband's families but we do have decorations and a tree and enjoy the chance to meet up and enjoy being all together.

    So in answer to the question. I love the winter months and the fun times they bring. I love the dark cozy nights but I hate the cold and wet days.

    Cheers H I must admit to wondering if my memory was playing tricks and making up links to other Star Trek characters. I did let the programme roll on after the first episode and caught a short look at the aftershow and quickly switched it off, not my cup of tea at all.

    I hate it when things are examined to death, taken to pieces and over explained. A hang over from doing English Lit, totally ruined my enjoyment of Shakespeare's use of the English language.

    Just watched episode 3 and I'm hooked.

    My TV viewing is a matter of feast or famine at the moment but I have managed to watch the first two episodes and felt that they were an introduction to the series and I am looking forward to watching how the story unfolds.

    We bought our 3 bed semi nearly 50 years ago for just a tad over £3,000 at a time when gazumping was rampant. Worst in the road we worked hard to bring it up to a good standard and have since added a conservatory, downstairs cloakroom and small utility room.

    3 years ago, and 47 years later, our son bought an identically designed house in good order on our estate for £159,000.

    To- day houses on my estate change hands for £245,000+ and our neighbours across the road, without any additions, have just accepted an offer for £252,000 so I guess our area is still one that has rising prices. Urmston is a leafy suburb with open spaces and grassy verges 3 miles outside Manchester. With excellent transport links and, being in Trafford, our schools attain some of the highest rankings in the country so where we live is very sought after by families wanting to live in our school's catchment area. I guess demand for housing where we live is still high with houses rarely staying unsold for more that a couple of weeks at the most so prices are still rising.

    I know lots of good people and most of them are too busy trying to keep their heads above water to try to change the trajectory of those that seem hell-bent in destroying everything worth protecting.

    I always thought that Edmund Burke was spot on when he said "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."

    If I had time I would go to a place called Alderley Edge and sit on Castle Rock looking out over the Cheshire Plain. It's a wonderful, tranquil place steeped in myths and legends. If I could also have all my family with me then I would die sharing with them the beauty of nature rather than burying myself away to emerge and have to survive in a world wrecked by humankind's overwhelming greed.

    I already have the yellow version, it is growing at the base of the Crab Apple tree on the patio. We used to have 8ft high Private hedges and vowed we would never, ever have anything that needed clipping again. I can no longer climb ladders and try my best not to plant things that John would have to struggle with on his own. After he had to deal with our rampant Ivy and destroyed fencing mainly on his own I think he would divorce me if I even tried. :D

    We seem to be going through a prolonged period of low clouds and showers during the day. The saving grace are the beautiful pink skies as the sun goes down and the clouds break up letting the last rays of the sun paint the sky.

    Not too much so far H as I seem to be spending as much time at the hospital as at home these last few months. I have planted a common Passion Flower which so far has reached the top of a wire obelisk and hopefully I will be able to train it along the top part of the fence behind the new bench next year. I have also experimented with a variegated leaf Nasturtium which I hope will self seed and then scramble along the bed at the base of the fence filling in the gaps between all my planters.

    Fully agree about manners, Jo. Lot more to say on this subject in the future. But the other thing that springs to mind here, is that when she was taking those photos of people then sticking them on the internet, did it occur to her to seek their permission to post their photos to all and sundry?

    The fact that people find it so easy to spew every thought, comment and observation on to the net seems to give them the idea that the laws regarding libel are something they can disregard at will. Multiply the misguided postings a million fold and even those who would not dare utter their comments in person become convinced that they have the right to write what ever they want without having to face the consequences.

    It appears that Hetty's father is less than impressed by his daughter's crass comment. Considering that he is a builder I am not surprised at his response when interviewed

    Speaking from his cottage in a pretty fishing port in Cornwall covered in rubble dust and with his shorts and T-shirt flecked with dry cement,Mr Douglas said......


    'She would be very angry with me if I was to speak to you.

    I'd love to defend my daughter but the less anyone says the sooner it will hopefully all blow over.'

    I would also hope that even though she is now a grown woman her Father can take the time to give her a lesson in manners so that she will realise her attempt to be clever failed and that the men she tried to belittle deserve a public apology

    We are well within the area of every Supermarket but the area I live in seems to be inhabited by people who appreciate the extra services that local businesses can offer and, apart from the M.E.N delivery all the other deliveries are linked, in the main, to local businesses that have been family owned for 2 and 3 generations. Even our Fish guy lives locally and drives to New Smithfield Market, the UK's biggest inland fish market, and chooses us the best fresh fish going.

    We have a Milkman who along with a full range of dairy products delivers potatoes and other seasonal vegetables.

    3 paperboys. A couple are pensioners who deliver our 2 free weekly papers and a guy on a bike who delivers the Manchester Evening News direct from the printers.

    A Fish Man who comes once a week and always stops in the same place at roughly the same time so there is usually a queue waiting for him.

    A Scrap Metal dealer who drives along watching out for anything left out for him, he's actually licensed so it's reassuring to know the stuff he collects is disposed of correctly.

    A Coal man who delivers coal, charcoal, wood and, if you give him a call, he will also sort out Calor Gas.

    All these guys have been coming for years and considering we only live 3 miles from the centre of Manchester they seem to be thriving despite the competition they must face.

    As long as there is free choice by the applicant I see no reason why any job should be gender specific. As far as working in life threatening situations? Fathers have been putting their lives at risk for a long time so I can't understand why Mothers should be treated any differently.

    Well, next weekend, if I feel better, I'm going to Currys to order a new fridge freezer. After my last experiences, I have a feeling I will have a few things to say here upon my return.;)

    I don't know if you feel it's OK to advertise H but have a look at They have fast delivery, will dispose of your old appliance and we have found them to have competitive prices. We have used them several times and so have friends and relatives.