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    In short; yes.

    I trained on the job for my HND by night school & day release.

    I suspect for many today that would be unacceptable..... working whilst studying?

    Everyone feels entitled to a University placement for some sort of low-grade ' ology' that means naff-all in the wide World.

    Because everyones got one!

    we still have milkmen round here! Always used them. Cotteswold Dairies have a big fleet of milk floats .

    I cant speak for london , but as well as the above, we also have a weekly scrapman route, he drives an open back Daf sherpa & will take any old metal, car batteries, scrap fencing etc.

    There are 2 different ice cream vans call daily , and the Grocer wagon. All traditional & current here...long may they continue too.

    I have a feeling we can expect lots more news on this over the next 4 or 5 weeks.

    A concerted effort from Russia, us, the Commonwealth, Japan & America etc .

    A dictatorship Nation now has both A bombs & H bombs & ballistic missiles to deliver them to 1/3rd of the World?

    He would use it. Do we wait until he builds & arms more? A messy War? Some let off?

    Millions suffering radiation sickness around the World?

    He has sealed his own fate & its inevitable now.

    Expect much news & action on this & fast.

    7c last night !!! ???

    Today its 19 & sunny. I want September into October to stay like this! ( 19c+) - 68f+ , in old money. I find at night I like a warm room overnight, with diabetes I feel the coolness/cold & it wakes me up usually around 5-6am. Ive been putting the central heating on set at 20-22c overnight & putting it back off in the morning. This way I sleep better, and I can lie on top of the bedclothes naked!

    it was 26c here yesterday ; the house thermometer upstairs was still registering 25c at midnight last night. V warm - though I do wake most mornings with cold legs around 5-6am , as I sleep on the top sheet of the bed. By then the thermometer in the bedrooms reading about 17c or so. I can feel the coolness between a few degrees quite keebly in the house I find

    I like it at 20c+!

    I think theres a load of old fanny talked over this 5 a day etc .

    None of us have rickets, or are suffering any malady ( At least I dont think so lol ) due to our deficiencies in our diet. ( We might be eating too much sugar etc , or over eating etc ).

    The human body gets fuel from almost anything we eat , its efficient like that.

    Have everything- but in moderation & you wont go far wrong. Im diabetic type 2 but still eat stuff I shouldnt. You know, you are a long time dead..........

    itll happen - and I for one will be happy. As to its terms- well.... a lot can happen between now & then.

    The eu will lose our payments- thatll mean their prices & taxes rising-

    If freedom of movement ends along with tighter immigration ; the eu court of human rights loses its power over UK courts ; and we can trade Worldwide then Im well happy. Im a Leave voter & never in my life have I felt SO strongly over withdrawing from the eu.

    I love Europe & European people.

    Its the eu I have a problem with.

    Mrs May has had her fingers burnt & shouldnt have called an election early. However, they still have a good majority & corbyn didnt come anywhere near.

    Get on with the bloody job in hand- do the job we pay you to do & bloody get on with it!

    As for the eu dictating to us what they want- theyll get what we give them & no more.

    The tories are in for another 5 years now, till 2022. By the time of the next election, Great Britain will no longer be an eu member state, and should have been so for a while.

    the best set weve ever had. The Philips we have now sounds good for a flatscreen but now we have a pair of wharfdale speakers hanging either side of it on the wall. These were wired up to the speaker terminals inside ( once the 2 year guarantee had ran out I unscrewed the back to do it ? ) and the sound is great with about the 5 watts a channel the tv puts out.

    heero ; I had a Philips 100hz matchline tv from 1999 until 2014 when I bought this flat one we watch now. The Philips sound & picture were awesome. It went to the tip fully working-I couldnt give it away!

    Chinas not stupid. China likes taking money off of the rest of the World in trade. North korea is tolerated as a buffer for them from the " western" complexity & technology of the Modern World, but theyve also got a modern technology Nation the size of Japan on their doorstep too, among others. Chinas modernising too, albeit slowly in the interior lands. The only thing holding China back from being a fully " Westernised" super-state is several billion peasants who cant afford to buy into the technology to improve. As the Nation gets richer off of all of us, then they can afford to kit out the peasants for free with stuff in the future, which will improve their productive capacity thus their earning potential.

    A village has oxen to plough its fields to grow food so they can eat.

    Give them a tractor & they can produce 30x the food.

    But the tractor needs to be able to get there in the first place, will need petrol, spares, tyres, brakes etc

    People need to be in place to work on it, repair it, supply petrol to it.....

    All logistics. Itll happen in China as in N Korea, given time & money. China is extremely rich.

    Shades of Germany & East Germany, but on a bigger scale?

    Lets hope the yanks dont make the same mistake as in the Middle east- after a coup, the water supply, hospitals & markets need to be trading again asap, to keep the people happy ; as do flights in & out full of supplies, medications etc to assist the populace & reassure them. The north has got the South to look after & unify them luckily. With World power assistance it should only be a question of logistic planning. However, during the coup, god knows what that loon has planned for his own populace- he may have nerve-gas weapons etc