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    As I said, bias is in the mind of those of a different view

    Thatcher thought the BBC was biased against her and threatened to sort them

    Blair thought the same and threatened the same

    It's also in how they probe their questioning to force a response that meets their biased agenda. If it was questioning in court it could be called leading the witness like putting words in their mouth.

    Personally I think Question Time need completely scrapping. It's all faked with a prearranged audience that suits their agenda and questions already set out and ministers have time to prepare answers, not that they answer any and it all turns onto more of a bickering match. Fiona Bruce is no Angela Rippon.

    QT was at its best when Robin Day was in the chair. He wasn't at all biassed. He was rude to everyone!

    Nonsense, it is slowly but surely changing

    if you ever listened to your son I guess you would get an insight into what the young generation believe . The monarchy is the main obstacle bit look how they are changing, I suspect that the present Queen will be the last of the line and that will bring about change

    The young people are believing what the leftie teachers teach them.

    It will eventually burn itself out, they all run their course. There was no vaccine for the Spanish flu pandemic

    Lockdown until it does that, or a vaccine is discovered and save lives

    You are talking about years, Bryan. That is totally impractical. Viruses will burn themselves out when there are no more people to infect.

    Maybe they did bit that is all they were, just advisors

    TB and GB were very much in control and stuck to their election pledges

    Cummings is effectively running the show today

    That's just spin, Bryan. The PM could fire him if Cummings was no longer on message. He is doing the dirty work at Boris's bidding. It suits Boris to distance himself because he still has to come across as a cuddly bear to the sensitive souls in the population.

    As far as I know the common cold does not kill anyone, therefore no money in a vaccine

    They've been trying to find a cure for colds over many decades, and have never found a vaccine that works. It's the same for SARS and MERS.

    If you were PM we would have been in lockdown from an earlier date and people would still be told to keep hiding indoors for years to come. That isn't sensible or sustainable and would never be tolerated by the British public. In the end, you simply have to face the fact that the coronavirus must be allowed to do its worst, but you can protect the vulnerable so that the number of deaths and serious illnesses are kept to a minimum.


    Coronavirus R rate goes up again in England – hitting crucial 1 and rising in the South…p-england-1-rising-south/

    Here we go again, who stupidly allowed people to mix too soon

    Nothing to do with being 'too soon', Bryan. The R rate will go up whenever we stop the lockdown. The virus is still out there, and will be for years to come. You put all your money on finding a vaccine, but in all this time, we have not been able to find a vaccine for any coronavirus - including the common cold.

    I find the use of the expression BLM a racist expression. ...What about Brown lives, Yellow lives White lives, Mixed-race lives. ???? the implication is that BLM matters more. .... I personally don't like racism and where the BLM group got it wrong IMHO, was not to call their movement "All Lives Matter". That is all inclusive and would encourage everybody...

    No, that is not the implication. This all arose from that disturbing murder of a black man by a policeman in the US. What they are saying is that black lives matter as well.

    The police in the US treat the blacks appallingly, and one of these days there will be an uprising unless they stop this racist behaviour.

    The one thing you could say about the old British Rail days was that the trains ran on time, were never held up by weather or leaves on the line, and the trains were roomy and comfortable

    You may be confusing us with the Soviet Union - I think there's ran on time. Ours did not, Bryan, I don't know where you got that from!

    Roomy and comfortable? Well, they were often roomy because so few people used them! They were dirty and musty - horrible, actually, is the word I would use.

    Agreed. Simulcasting other minority interest channels like CBS Reality and Talking Pictures is not the answer. London Live black and whitefilm fillers was never going to impress a fickle audience.

    You would certainly think that there was enough British and American material available that they could use from the 1980s onwards that has not been shown in recent times and would be of interest to more people.

    Local TV was nothing more than Jeremy Hunts Vanity Project; brought in at the time of Cameron's austerity measures.

    I still think it could have worked, but only with a nationwide set of watchable programmes, with intervening local news and other local programmes of interest. A bit like the old ITV, but with more local programming.

    Even London Live didn't work, which really surprised me.…-news-to-15-minutes-a-day

    Surely it's time for Ofcom to take the licences back...

    I agree. What an unmitigated disaster!

    Maybe Sky would be prepared to take on board a new national channel with programmes worth watching which had regular (say every six hours) half-hourly local news bulletins split into regions, with headlines on the hour. Hell, they could give Pick TV a makeover!

    15 minutes a day can hardly be called a local news channel.

    Our civil service does just that

    Change of government with vastly different manifesto policies to introduce the CS buckles down to implement the wishes of their new masters

    The transformation from Callaghan to Thatcher is a perfect example

    It was different in the Callaghan/Thatcher era. We are talking about the bias that has crept in over the last 30 years or so.

    Our Civil Service is not working for the current government and that is plain to see. It's one of the reasons it proved so difficult to get the Brexit people wanted through, and the number of leaks at that time was unprecedented. That is why some of the mandarins need to be dislodged and a better sense of discipline introduced.

    There still is fines but they are very rarely enforced. Big time fly tipping maybe enforced as much as they can gather evidence and catch folk but as for the rest nothing happens. Anyway they are travellers so how can you impose a fine on someone with no fixed abode. Once your on that side of the fence homeless or no fixed abode you are removed from society, outcast and no longer have to behave as part of society or abide to any of societies ways. The rules that apply to us don't apply to them. If we want them to apply to them then we need to give them some land like an Indian reservation type deal but the greedy f***ers want them to pay taxes and everything else so it ends up with constantly moving them on from one place to the next and they continue to be treated as outcasts.

    Our laws are almost designed to help the travellers camp on public and private land illegally. hYou shouldn't have to go through a Court Order process to kick them out. You should be able to report it to the police and have them removed immediately.

    It's because the Irish government introduced laws to stop the travellers that they came here. We should do the same, and if they keep committing offences, deport them.

    It was an instruction from the Health minister to clear the NHS decks for the predicted virus related admissions, later switched to build Nightingale hospitals

    Johnson is now trying to blame care home workers. Disgraceful

    Maybe so, but don't you think the hospitals were reckless to send people back to the care homes without testing? He didn't tell them to do that!

    Let's hope it's a change for the better. I remember the old British Rail days, which were appallingly bad. Lack of investment, dirty trains, curled up, inedible sandwiches, late trains and run by the unions.

    The unions still have too much power to disrupt, so that needs sorting out.

    If he has done nothing wrong then why is he avoiding their questions? I know the Windsors policy is "Never apologise, never explain" but this is not going away

    What has he got to hide?

    We don't know if he is avoiding their questions, though. His legal team have been co-operative (according to them at least). I think the US legals want him over there to do a face-to-face. That's what they are trying to achieve, but they won't get it. They can jolly well make do with a video conference or emails and like it.

    I think the government maybe culpable of indirect homicide here and certainly many hospitals are for sending elderly patients with the virus into the care homes.

    We await to see if this all ends up in court. I guess Gina Miller is not interested in this one...:rolleyes:

    I thought it was an NHS decision to send people straight to the care homes from hospitals without doing checks first. I don't believe it was a ministerial decision.

    IMHO HS2 is a complete white elephant and a disastrous waste of money. The NHS, Homelessness, the UK military and Local authorities could all have benefited from that money.

    Better transport links throughout the country will increase prosperity. HS2 and Boris's grand plan to improve many other rail links will help the north tremendously.