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    It won't happen old boy. It's a myth that if you give the deprived more money they will start acting in a responsible way, they won't. They will simply spend more money on things that don't matter, and continue to act in the way they have previously. I find it strange in a modern society you can't have what you want unless you can afford it, however, if you want children and can't afford it, someone else pays for them.

    I don't think we should give them money, Ron. What we should do is to provide suitable training and employment so they can earn better money and take pride in themselves. However, I recognise that some of them are beyond help!

    All this means is the TVs and equipment people now have will become "old" and those with more money than sense the so called "early adopters" will buy the latest "new thing" hyped by companies only interested in profit at exorbitant prices which within a few months or so be half the price or less, because the next "new thing" will be being hyped for the sheep to wet themselves over, rinse and repeat ad infinitum, "iPhone" need I say anymore. :rolleyes:

    You're right about that, but most of us will only update our TVs when these changes are significant. The difference between the TVs that were available 10 years ago and those available now, with their bigger screens, HDMIs and Ultra HD quality pictures is significant and is driving the current wave of TV purchases. However, what is there left to encourage more people to replace their sets? I am quite happy with mine now and I am unlikely to replace it until the built-in obsolescence kicks in.

    Holographic pictures might tempt me as long as they are good quality, but I can't see that happening for a few years yet.

    There will always be wackos in society and there always have been. The difference now is that they have the means to broadcast their ridiculous ideas. This ability to broadcast to all and sundry brings them together and they appear to be greater in number than they are. However, the sensible ones will always see through them.

    I see a lot of young people and listen to what they have to say. Pretty well all of them appear to be polite, well adjusted and intelligent, and so I have no fears for the future on that score.

    Of course, there are other areas which are deprived and where many young people are out of control, maybe violent and erratic, but they are like their parents. I like to think that as we become wealthier as a country, we can give these people hope, a better education, and reduce the number of people who behave this way. That's what I believe Boris means by 'levelling up', which will pay dividends for us all.

    It will take a true statesman to sort this mess out. There are solutions, but neither side will grasp them because both sides want to win outright. A hopeless situation, I fear.

    France has now lifted its ban on Jersey fishermen from landing their catch at French ports.

    This just shows why we have to be tough when dealing with the EU, particularly the French.

    It also demonstrates that the UK is trying to be reasonable by allowing the French fishermen more time to comply with the rules. Maybe we can expect the EU to do the same for us in relation to the EU/ Northern Ireland border? Nah, didn’t think so… ?(…anding-catch-three-ports/


    France has lifted a ban on Jersey fishermen landing their catch after the Channel Island granted a two-month delay to the controversial post-Brexit fishing licences.

    Last week the Council of La Manche, Normandy, prevented Jersey vessels from landing their catches in Granville, Barneville-Carteret and Dielette.

    The fleet was stopped from landing for around five days, fishermen told The Telegraph, with one actively prevented from landing in Carteret on Thursday.

    Welcoming the news, the Jersey government said the action was “not compliant” with the terms of the Brexit trade deal – the Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA).

    This is an interesting read on how 5G will improve video quality, reduce latency and so on.…oduction-and-contribution


    5G will significantly impact live production for sports and news applications, empowering broadcasters to deliver superior video quality, with improved reliability and lower latency.

    The low-latency capabilities of 5G will be a game changer for live sports production. Currently, with the 4G/LTE technology, there are a few seconds delay between the capture and the reception of the live videos which will be then edited. This makes it challenging to use 4G/LTE networks with multiple cameras for live sports production. 5G technology and the recent improvements AVIWEST made on video compression algorithms reduce the end-to-end transmission latency to 200 milliseconds or less. This reduced delay from the live source to the video production is a huge advancement.

    Major sports events are already using a combination of fixed and wireless cameras to deliver multiple camera views. These mixes of wired and wireless production solutions use different technologies (some of them are quite old and are not IP-based, such as OFDM/microwave transmitters, satellite transmission, etc.) and are very complex to manage. Typically, a large sports event requires a comprehensive architecture that must be managed and maintained during the live production. Replacing these complex architectures with full 5G mobile and wireless cameras drastically simplifies the live production and improves flexibility and scalability. In addition to that, it is also much cheaper than using traditional production solutions.

    The Germans during the 1940's committed those dreadful atrocities. That's within living memory.. I agree that their children had nothing to do with it. BUT we should learn from history.-----Ignore history at our peril, it has a habit of repeating itself.

    Oh, yes, we must certainly learn from history, of course we should. But we shouldn’t blame the current generation of any country for the misdeeds of their fathers and forefathers.

    The statue toppling brigade in this country seem to think we should all get down on our knees and apologise on their behalf. They are very much in the minority, and most of these misguided people, I believe, are either immature, off their heads, or a just vandals and rioters by nature.

    I think it’s pretty good, considering the time that’s been spent on the coronavirus this last 14 months. If Boris gets this lot through, he will become even more popular with the bulk of the population.

    All Sir Kier can do is splutter on about the PM’s wallpaper, holidays and why hasn’t he done anything about health and social care when Boris has had his work cut out with Brexit and the response to the pandemic.

    Sir Kier is going to have to do a lot better than that if he wants to get any of those ‘red wall seats’ back! He might start by offering to put forward his best people who know about health and social care matters to assist with putting together legislation designed to give the best help possible to the population within our means. Oh, yes, he will have trouble with that last bit…..

    BT say they will be bringing a ‘cinematic look’ to the FA Cup Final. I’m not sure whether this is just hype or whether those state of the art cameras will really make such a difference.…atic-look-to-fa-cup-final

    ‘The broadcaster will be employing specialist cameras at pitchside during the match.

    “The Sony Venice cameras we’ve been using in our Champions League coverage is something we’ll be using for the FA Cup Final,” BT Sport’s chief operating officer Jamie Hindhaugh tells TVBEurope. “We’ll also have Spidercam and Heli tele.

    “This is a big centrepiece game and we’re the host broadcaster, so we will do it justice. It will be available in 4K, HDR and Dolby Atmos. We’ll also be working remotely, as we did for last year’s final, which in itself is a huge achievement,” Hindhaugh adds.

    BT Sport is the latest broadcaster to bring a cinematic feel to its football coverage. Earlier this year LaLiga and its production partner Mediapro introduced new state-of-the-art pitchside cameras that take viewers right into the heart of goal celebrations.

    In March Sky Deutschland used the ARRI ALEXA Mini camera during its coverage of the UEFA Champions League between Bayern Munich and Lazio.’

    We need to get real about the transformed situation we are now in with the vaccine rollout. We are becoming so accustomed to these restrictions that many people are having difficulty bringing themselves to think about no longer being locked away, no longer adhering to social distancing, no longer needing to wear face masks.

    The emergency is over in this country and we need to change our way of thinking so that we can all start to enjoy life again (with the exception of foreign travel in the short term).

    Even the most pessimistic of scientists are having to admit that their dystopian vision of a massive third wave was wildly incorrect. Covid is no more likely to kill you in this country now than influenza. So the measures that will remain in place after 17 May are overkill.

    I guess we will have to put up with that, but I shall be livid if any restrictions at all (apart from foreign travel are still in place after 21 June.…-facing-third-covid-wave/


    After months of dire predictions, modellers have concluded that Britain is not facing a deadly third wave, and that deaths are likely to be five times fewer than previously suggested.

    On Monday, as Boris Johnson announced that Step 3 of easing lockdown will go ahead, the Government released new models which paint an uncharacteristically hopeful picture of the coming months.

    Gone are the mountains of infections, admissions and deaths that were predicted in February, replaced with the gentle hills of a slight upswing once full restrictions are lifted.

    Today’s Queen’s Speech outlined a raft of new legislation. According to the BBC news website:

    • A Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure Bill will extend 5G mobile coverage and introduce new safety standards for digital devices
    • A Subsidy Control Bill will set out post-Brexit regulations on how the government can support private companies, now the UK has left the EU's "state aid" regime
    • Another post-Brexit piece of legislation, the Procurement Bill, will replace EU rules on how the government buys services from the private sector
    • Tax breaks for employers based in eight freeports to be set up in England later this year will be included in a National Insurance Contributions Bill
    • A new UK agency to search for ground-breaking scientific discoveries will be established by the Advanced Research and Invention Agency Bill
    • New powers to build and operate the next stage of the HS2 high-speed rail line are contained in the High Speed Rail (Crewe-Manchester) Bill


    Armed forces

    Union jack badge on Army jacketIMAGE COPYRIGHTGETTY IMAGES

    • Legacy legislation will deal with legacy issues from the Troubles in Northern Ireland, including restrictions on future prosecutions of British soldiers
    • Government support for veterans will be outlined in a Armed Forces Bill, putting the so-called Armed Forces Covenant into law


    Borders and security


    • The speech referenced new legislation to overhaul the UK's post-Brexit asylum system and discourage migrants from crossing the English Channel
    • New powers for the police over protests, and new sentences for serious crimes, are in the controversial Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill
    • A draft Online Safety Bill will contain new requirements on tech giants to tackle harmful and illegal content online


    Constitutional reform

    Palace of Westminster

    • A Dissolution and Calling of Parliament Bill will get rid of the fixed five-year period between general elections and return the power to call early elections to the prime minister
    • Plans to force voters in Great Britain to to prove their identity when they vote at general elections will be introduced in an Electoral Integrity Bill
    • A Judicial Review Bill will set out the government's plans to change how its decisions can be challenged in the courts




    • A long-awaited Planning Bill will introduce changes to the planning system in England, including a controversial zoning system
    • A new system for regulating the safety of high-rise buildings, and inspecting construction sites, will be set out in the Building Safety Bill




    • A Skills and Post-16 Education Bill will introduce a new "flexible loan" system designed to promote wider participation in further education in England
    • A Higher Education (Freedom of Speech) Bill will place new legal duties on students' unions and universities in England to ensure free speech on campus

    line Testing the water at a lakeIMAGE COPYRIGHTPA MEDIA

    Environment and animal welfare

    • The Environment Bill, whose passage through Parliament has been repeatedly delayed, will introduce new post-Brexit rules on protecting nature
    • A trio of bills on animal welfare will ban the export of live animals for fattening and slaughter, and bring in mandatory microchipping for cats

    What else was referenced in the speech?

    The speech set out plans for a consultation on introducing a legal ban on so-called gay conversion therapy in England and Wales.

    A document accompanying the speech says this will ensure action taken to stamp out the practice does not have "unintended consequences".

    Ministers have pledged to ensure medical professionals and religious leaders can continue having "open and honest conversations with people".

    The speech also said the government would be introducing measures to reduce racial and ethnic disparities.

    It follows the publication of a government-commissioned race report earlier this year, which was heavily criticised by equality campaigner.

    What wasn't in the speech?

    The speech said the government would bring forward measures to reform the operation of the social care system in England.

    But it did not commit the government to introducing a specific bill to overhaul how the sector is funded.

    Reports suggest that discussions are ongoing within government about the potential cost of changes, which could run into the billions.

    The lack of a new bill in the speech has been criticised by opposition politicians and care groups.

    So Hitler was the person who, on his own, slaughtered six million innocent people, bombed British cities and shot prisoners of war and indulged is horrendous medical experiments on prisoners----. NO -- Millions of German people took part in those atrocities. They are as guilty as Hitler .

    The point I am making, Mike, is that it is not the present generation of Germans who were responsible for that. They are innocent of that.

    They didn’t ask to be born German and inherit all that nasty baggage.

    Something I have often wondered about, is how long must a nation of people be made to feel bad about what their ancestors did in the past, i mean we hear about how we or anyone shouldn't celebrate or honour the life of certain historical figures because now some of the things they did weren't quite "PC" by modern standards, should the present day citizens of a country be made to feel bad about it and feel like they are expected to apologise or make amends especially when the said historical figure has been dead for centuries, at what point should we draw the line and say well that was centuries ago so get over it.

    I don’t think we should feel bad about it at all - it wasn’t our fault!

    I don’t blame the German people for Hitler’s atrocities. It wasn’t their fault either.

    Nicola Sturgeon wants to rid herself of the English because she detests us and all we stand for. Her visible discomfort when greeting Boris Johnson says it all.

    Scotland joined with us back in 1707, and although there were several reasons for the two countries joining together, an important consideration was that Scotland was heavily in debt, and they wanted to belong to the new UK to pay off those debts and become economically viable.

    Clearly, many things have changed since then, but one important thing remains - there are important advantages of being together from Scotland's point of view, and the important factor is the wealth of the country as part of the UK.

    Economically, separation makes little sense. The SNP loves to draw attention to the fact that other small countries can survive by themselves, so, she says, why can't we?

    Nobody is claiming that Scotland couldn't survive, but its people would certainly become impoverished. None of the figures add up - as a result of independence, the figures would be sent in completely the wrong direction. The cost of government (those functions currently carried out by Westminster) and the taking away of the Barnett formula, the reduced ability to pay off the huge debts that have accrued, not least by the pandemic - how is all this to be reconciled? Furthermore, the declining revenues from North Sea oil resulting from reducing demand from fossil fuels do not give Scotland a way out of this.

    The Scottish Conservatives are not doing enough to point out the emptiness of the SNP's arguments in respect of the economy, and neither are the Scottish Labour Party. It's about time the unionist parties fought back and demonstrated that the economic case was nothing more than hot air.