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    I don't understand this either, Bryan. We need a step-by-step guide which explains what 'editor box' and the like actually are!

    If you work in IT all the time, it can be easy to forget that many technical words you use are not understood by non-IT types like us!

    If you had read all my posts (and I wouldn't expect you to have) I have repeatedly said this won't happen, it's just a perfect answer to a problem. You see, to me there is no difference between humanely euthanizing a human being or an animal. The problem with death is the process we have to go through to get there. The majority of us will contract some horrible disease (cancer is quite popular) become extremely ill, suffer for a few years, loose our dignity, then die. Sorry, but how can that be better than a painless injection?

    Euthanasia is fine in my book if used to ease suffering at the end of life, although a lot of people don't even agree with that.

    But to kill off people who still have useful years left in their lives - no way! Did you ever tell your parents that you held such abhorrent views?

    For hundreds of years we have tried it your way, and it has failed miserably. It's now time to try something else, but I know we won't. We will continue to head down the same path, and in fact our recently found politically correct woke culture will undoubtedly make things worse. In reality we may not be that far apart, but you see death as a negative part of existence, I don't !

    I am dead against the 'woke' culture, which is incredibly self indulgent in my view, but putting down human beings as if they were animals is a pretty nasty genocidal approach. If you seriously think that any democratic government would entertain such a barbaric idea, think again. It's not going to happen. Time to move on.

    I don't worship him, and he certainly isn't a thug. Yes, he was brought up in an area I know well, and you have to pretty hard to survive there. He has matured, separated himself from the thugs, and is doing a good job of attempting to enlighten the country regarding the evils of Islam. Like I said, the people who deride him should spend a little more time condemning the radical Muslims for their atrocities, but I suspect that isn't very WOKE

    Sounds to me like he's a violent racist, but hey, what do I know?

    The EU provided annual subsidies of around £3 billion to British farmers and not only will they lose that under Brexit, but they are now facing cuts under the new regime that will probably force hundreds of small farmers either into retirement or on the dole.

    It's all speculation, Jenny. As far as the annual subsidies are concerned, for example, you forget that these were paid for from the money we put into the EU as a net contributor. The government may choose to continue the subsidies, paid for out of the money we save from not being part of the EU.

    There is a lot of fear-mongering going on out there, as there has been throughout the Brexit saga. Each time the Project Fear gang are proved wrong, they ignore that and just rake up the next scare story.

    So forgive me if I don't sound convinced.

    The statement is from Downing St about his condition and to me raises the question as to why, if the statement is correct does he need an ICU bed

    I can view these things objectively as I am not blinded by political bias :)

    It's the way you tell'um, Bryan! :D

    "Boris Johnson is 'breathing unassisted' and does NOT have pneumonia: Downing Street say PM is 'stable' and in 'good spirits' in intensive care as he battles coronavirus "…le-truly-frightening.html

    If this is correct, and it's a big if, then what the hell is he doing occupying a desperately needed ICU bed that an actually very ill person needs?

    Stop it, Bryan. Whoever is the PM needs the best treatment to get them back on their feet fit and healthy so they can run the country. And yes, if it was my prospective bed that the PM of whichever political persuation, I would understand from the start who would get priority, and as important as I am, it would not be me!

    Usually, the first sign of a new streaming service being added is VM adding an EPG linked promo slate. So, the scans have usually been the first indication of a new streaming service. As happened with prime Video, hayu and the Desi streamers.

    Removal of these services is another matter, VM simply change the image on the video slate to announce the closure. Nothing will show up on the scans until the video slate and encryption pack codes are removed. Don't hold your breath for the removal of the encryption pack codes, VM can take a while with that sort of thing.

    Is it a good sign that, with new streamers popping up all the time, VM is actually removing existing streamers such as hayu? The new ones just don't seem to be getting added.

    Ah, thanks, JJ. Disney has been in talks with Virgin Media and of course they have already made a deal to get Pluto, MTV Music, etc, although they may crop up on demand rather than as separate streamers. I doubt that we will get the Roku streamer channel on Virgin given Sky's parnership with Roku, but you never know - this might be a deal for the future..

    The overnight scan showed that VM has corrected the spelling error noted yesterday, not by actually using the correct spelling but by changing the service name of SID 1222 back to "Channel Update".

    It is worth noting that the "hayu" app was removed on Monday (April 6th). As far as the scans are concerned, there hasn't been a change recorded for this. The static video "promo" slate has been updated to reflect the closure, as has the EPG data.

    Which probably means we will not find any signs of Disney + or any other streaming service launched in the future by this method.

    It seems to me (but correct me if I'm wrong) that the real value of the scans is to indicate possible channel changes coming. It's all very vague though, and VM seem to play games with us to throw us off the scent!

    agreed but you're still subscribing and unsubscribing to a monthly subscription rather than an individual streaming piece of entertainment

    True, but that doesn't take away from the fact that pay per view services without subscriptions already exist.

    Incidentally, you may be interested to know that the new Roku TV channel launched today in the UK. Not PPV but AVOD - no subscription and supported by advertisements.

    Surely with lockdowns worldwide the demand for something to watch will be higher

    True, and people will tire of the rubbish choice they face on terrestrial and pay TV scheduled channels, particularly in the daytime.

    The likes of Netflix, Amazon and Disney+ will be the winners because they have so much choice, and once those who have yet to make the switch to streaming finally realise this, conventional TV audiences will take a hit.

    Of course, not everyone is able to afford to subscribe, which is why I think the AVOD services that are coming will be popular.

    I agree with the rest of your post except for the above

    The only people who support border controls are racists who want to stop people of colour coming here, aka the Tory party.Look at the disgraceful way they have treated the Windrush people who they tried to kick out. Ironically the worst of the lot is Pritti Vacant, a real hard liner, who herself is of immigrant descent :rolleyes:

    I appreciate that is your view, Bryan, but it is simply wrong. Countries have to control their borders if there are more people trying to get in than are leaving, unless that country is underpopulated, as is Germany. That is surely common sense. It is not racist unless a particular race is discriminated against as a direct result of that policy. In the Britain after Brexit, black people will not find themselves disadvantaged unfairly, because they will be judged on the basis of their skills, not their race. It will not matter where they come from or what is the colour of their skin.

    I agree the Windrush people whose parents failed to get apply for their documentation as they should have done when they arrived were badly treated, although most of the failures were the fault of the Home Office. The Conservative Government has acknowledged this.

    I am starting to question the policy of banning visitors to those in hospital with the virus, especially for patients who are dying. I can imagine how awful that must be for the patient and their loved ones

    Those of us who have appreciated the hospital experience with recall the loss of control of your life, the boring days, the food, and so on. The monotony only relieved by the visit from your loved ones to provide glimpses of home and normal life

    The patient will have come in after being poorly at home and in constant contact with their significant other, and will be on a ward with similar others.

    By allowing the other half to visit is not putting them at any risk so why ban them?

    Not quite sure I get your point, Bryan. More visitors = more contracting the virus. Exactly what the NHS doesn't need right now.

    Not looking good for Boris and a warning to us all that this virus is not just like flu as we originally thought earlier in the thread.

    It is a form of flu, Horizon, as SARS and MERS was. Many have few symptoms or don't know they've had it at all.

    Some, however, like Boris, have much worse symptoms and some die, as is the case with the flu we normally fight against. The problem with this virus of course, is that currently we have no immunity, and no vaccine is available yet.

    I am concerned that Boris may have contracted pneumonia now, but he should be getting the best care at St Thomas's Hospital. It'll be a few weeks before we see him back in action, though.

    What I didn't hear - and wonder if it was in a patch I didn't listen to - and I wonder what you think of it - is the idea of paying per item streamed, just like an on-line Blockbusters or Sky movie rentals - but without all this crap about having to de-activate then re-activate your monthly membership on a monthly basis, which is clunky and inconvenient. Those who enter into my suggested flexible/ad hoc arrangement will pay up front a modest user membership, say £20 per annum and the streamed items rented would on average about, say, £4 for a movie (and something proportionate for a series (with a cheap escape/get-out after trying two boring episodes).

    We already have that, Casablanca. In fact pay per view is already available on a number of PPV content providers, including Sky Store and Virgin Store.

    You don't even have to pay a subscription on top for some of them such as Google Play.

    It's still the same, bigots never change

    Things have changed massively over the years, Bryan. There certainly wasn't much acceptance of people of colour when I was young and women were treated badly by men, although most men did not seem to recognise that at the time.

    Now, we accept black people as part of the community and indeed as members of the family as they integrate more over time. And if you treat women now the way men used to, you could be in trouble with the law.

    You are right that there will always be bigots (on both sides of every divide). However, it would be remiss not to acknowledge the huge strides that have been taken over the last 30 to 40 years, to a position where the vast majority of the population would look back in alarm at how minority groups and women were treated at the time.

    What I have noticed is that some woke-inclined people today want to continue the fight even though it has been won in this country, by politicising and over-interpreting words. An example of that is the very word 'racism'. Some confuse the desire to control borders as racism, when quite clearly, it is not. Racism is the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races. In particular, it is prejudice, discrimination or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one's own race is superior.

    Whereas border control as advocated for this country relates to the need to balance the numbers of those who leave with those who come in, regardless of race.

    What savings, there will be no money in the future and no work for us or the majority as the machines will do all the work. Machines will even make and control other machines. You will earn credits for following what your told to do, so maybe for example do so much exercise per day and have that recorded via smart app's or inbuilt under the skin implanted chips to a government body who will then score you some credit. The more we behave and follow the more credit we get. There will probably be restrictions on what we can say also which will all be monitored. Life will be like an open book and everything recorded and points scored accordingly.

    What an awful prospect!