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    They have to adapt or die. But I liked the squirrel story that Heero posted about recently. We have a "thing" for squirrels here. ^^

    I once owned a grey squirrel. I was on a building site when a terrible storm took place, hurricane force winds and heavy rain. As I left the site I saw something move in the grass. I picked it up to find it was a baby grey squirrel. I saw no sign of Mrs. Squirrel so I took him home and gave him milk by soaking crust until she was able to eat solid food. She came into season December 21 when I let her go in the local park where several other squirrels lived. Me and Mrs. V went out with food at least once a day and a few weeks later she appeared with three young. Though I could approach her, she wouldn't hop on to my shoulder as she'd previously done. She was a treasure and an experience.

    Whatever any religion does won't redeem it. Five years ago I sold a 16thC book Foxes Book of Martyrs. I hadn't read all of it but enough to well explain man's inhumanity to man. It's a huge book of some 500-600 pages. This one had lost its boards and a large part of its frontispiece but was otherwise in pretty good shape and with clear print, albeit in Gothic English script and Latin.

    A party doesn't necessarily need to be in power for there to be corruption within it, there could be for instance corruption within the party and how they run it and/or choose their leader or maybe how they obtain funding, there are many forms of corruption some obvious and some not so.

    You are right, corruption comes in many forms, not least of which is lobbying. Step forward the EU, where in excess of £100 million is spent on lobbying by numerous lobbying firms based in Brussels; I think it was Nigel who once saidthere was rarely a morning when his mail didn't include lobbying.

    A slight diversion but a survey popped on to my computer screen a couple of days ago from MSN. I don't remember the precise question but I know I replied asking them why a rich organisation with a filthy rich owner would want to plant cookies into my PC that I paid for and pay to run?

    "Undersirable activity"...? Oh that that was all it was. And even if it were that, it doesn't make it right. And in any case, we are not talking about telling a few porkies here. This is CORRUPTION. The deliberate, calculated and organised misappropriation of massive sums of public money being systematically distributed to cronies and party donors for no public benefit.

    Attempting to minimalise what is being done by laughing it off as "Oh, everybody does it. That Boris, what a lad he is, eh..?" does not address the issue.

    It is also apparent that these activities are being covered up by a similar systematic programme of perverting the parliamentary process and obstructing the course of justice. These would be criminal matters if the perpetrators weren't protected by Parliamentary privilege. If they were prosecuted under a legal process, convictions would result in lengthy prison sentences.

    Attempting to casually shrug it off as "Undesirable activity" doesn't wash.

    You may see a response from me that is nothing more than a full stop; I know you'll find something to object to. Now explain what I was trying to wash other than your own interpretation..

    No one really knows what goes on within the royal family but I think there should be some understanding regarding Meghan and Harry. Personally I think they're a youngish couple very much in love and I think and hope it will last. I doubt many people who would condemn them would even recognise the trauma that Harry and William went through as kids and I suspect that William, as a future king has had a considerable amount of help in overcoming his trauma. It can't have been easy to see their father's performance as a father and the mother seeking solace elsewhere but, at the same time, never showing any signs of abandoning the kids, quite the opposite in fact.

    I think Harry has been and is being hard done by people close to him, the press and other media, not to mention social networks.

    I've been watching politics for longer than most and I know of very few politicians who neither lie or gild the lily and it happens across all parties, none of which would survive if the lid was really lifted on what goes on. I've been to hustings where big names have been speaking and put one or two prominent politicians to the test, Labour, Liberal, Tory and even UKIP who I later came to support but only because I saw them as the means of rescuing us from the EU.

    Telling lies , making poor judgements, apportioning blame, there are very few who don't take part in some undesirable activity.

    If anybody wants to see real corruption in politics , come up to Scotland and delve into the murky world of the leadership cabal of the SNP. I doubt if there's anything like it in Wales or England.

    Quite. I can recall the highly regarded John Smith doing zero to combat the substantial local council corruption going on in his own constituency.

    It's fair to say the EU have cocked it up big time when it comes to the rollout of vaccinations.

    What with the third wave of covid infections within EU countries turning Europe into the plague continent, the UK has to be very wary and ensure proper precautions are taken with visitors from mainland Europe.

    Just as worrying is the return of Brits from holidays abroad.

    But in the case of my local council they complete sold off every last house to a housing association and are no longer responsible for providing social housing in the area so didn't start building any.

    Many local councils did that but the housing associations should be building social housing though with the influx of immigrants pressure is placed on all accommodation, public and private. Even back in the 50s, after a massive house building programme, there was still a queue for social housing which was ever going to be perpetuated by qualifying criteria of children count; there were only around a 50 million population, there's at least 30% more today. I'm not trying to excuse what's happened just there are a lot of factors involved.

    Well my local council has been tory run as long as I can remember and they haven't invested in building social housing with the money they made from the sell off, so it's not just labour run councils that don't. I don't think it makes much difference what party is in control as its all about what hey can get out of it for themselves regardless as it is in polotics in general.

    As I recall, councils couldn't build more housing until their debt was down to a certain level.

    That's as may be but many in the EU are looking at us and seeing Brexit was worth it, even a substantial element of Hungarians are advocating leaving or advocating substantial changes to the EU being run by what Nigel once referred to as like the Mafia.