My Garden as was

This is a picture of my garden from about 12 years ago before the neighbours obliterated the trees!...:(

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  • Lovely. I have a big conifer like the one on the left in my front garden. I have two bird baths and a pond and lots of ivy. Oh, look, nasturtiums! I love those. Also rather piquant on crackers with butter or on fresh bread. Natural antiseptic.

    • Thanks LW. But as said, that pic is 12 years out of date now.

      This was my first pic in the gardening forum and as you may recall (well, you should it was only 4 months ago...! :P ) my neighbours had a African tree (still can't remember it's name) it's the large tree in the top centre ish, a bit on the right. My new (not new, now) neighbours destroyed it. :(

    • I'm trying to see if I can recognise it but the image is too indistinct to see the species. Looks like a type of acacia or a tipuana.

    • I will find the name of it. I still have the note from my old neighbour. He planted that tree in celebration of his daughter's birth. He planted another tree (not in shot) for his other daughter and another two trees (also not in shot) were planted for me and my brother. All gone now....

    • Oh no, how bloody dreadful! :(

    • Unfortunately, I added to the carnage... The big conifer at the top of the garden (top central-ish in the pic) has gone too. The stump is still there, but we had very heavy winds about 2-3 years ago, one winter and it became unsafe, so it had to go.

      Do you see what I mean about seeing into other people's windows now...? The front of my house, facing the street is far worse than the back, it make uploading pics difficult as I have to mask the houses so as not to identify me or them. Would rather trees everywhere.