Deloitte and Touche

<p>My Deloitte and Touche was a gift. It is low-growing and is a floribundia and sweet smelling.<img src="" alt=":)" class="smiley" srcset=" 2x" height="23"><br></p>

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  • Roses !!!! oh how I envy you. I would love to have some roses. My husband insists that they attack him and are to malicious to have anywhere near him. :(

    • Oh no! I love roses, and lilies. My all times faves.

  • What a lovely coloured flower and interesting name too...

    The firm I used to work for became known as Coopers & Lybrand Deloitte (now PwC) a merger of two different accountancy firms in the UK, US and a few other places. But for most of the world, the merger happened between Deloitte and another accountancy firm to create the firm Deloitte & Touche.

    • I think it's named after Deloitte and Touche but I can't remember where I read that and on what occasion the rose appeared and was named. It's a plucky little survivor in my garden that isn't rose friendly. Many of my bushes have since died and I love roses, so I especially admire little D and T for managing to survive.

    • It's very nice, reminds me of a rose here called Joseph's Coat, or something like that after the Biblical Joseph and his coat of many colours.

      Love it.