<p>Dragonfly zooming over the pond.<br></p>

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  • It's a lovely image. Well done you for catching it mid-flight on camera.

  • I miss our pond it was only small but I did like watching the wildlife it attracted. I never saw a Dragonfly but we had frogs, a toad, pond skaters and water snails plus all the birds that came down to bathe. We originally had a few goldfish but the Heron soon spotted them and the fish were no more.

    • We let our fish die off from old age and removed the net. Hated the net, it's ugly and the toads were getting stuck in it. But it kept the fish eating birds away. Well, they still came but they couldn't get anything. :D

      Did you have any "boatmen"? Cute little critters that hover and "row" with a paddle thingy on each side. Like little rowing water beetles. We have zillions. Also water striders. But we also have a spider that can walk on water and that has kept the water strider numbers down in summer. Now that winter's here and the spider is either dead or hibernating, the water striders are multiplying like mad.

      The wildlife that comes to a pond is marvellous. You create a small wetland when you have a pond. Bird word goes round fast. They soon find it.