Large spotted genet

<p>This genet visits the garden at night from the reserve nearby. A lovely creature.<br></p>

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  • What a beautiful creature so much more exotic than our night visitor, a hedgehog.

    • It's a lovely creature. But I love hedgehogs too. We also have visiting bushbabies. These are the cutest things. Make cooing sounds as they search for insects at night in the trees. They used to nest in a piece of palm stump people put up in trees for woodpeckers. But the tree crushed the nest as it grew and the wire round the nest tightened so the bushbabies have gone elsewhere. They dance through the gardens every night, though, and run along the telephone wires. Eat stacks of insects and gum from thorn trees.

    • Never seen anything like it before. Kind of a cross between a cat and a squirrel.

    • Yes, it's beautiful. It's only up a tree in the garden because it was afraid of a cat that had threatened it. We found the cat strutting about on our roof and the poor genet up the tree. They mostly like to hunt on the ground and only climb like that when they're afraid.